Moore And Gomes Support A Third State Casino In East Windsor

Bridgeport State Senators Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes assert if there’s going to be a third casino operation in Connecticut it should be managed by the state’s two tribal nations that have selected a site in East Windsor to counter the $1 billion Springfield, Mass. gaming facility owned by MGM Resorts.

“I am in favor of the plan by Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes partners to build a casino in East Windsor,” said Moore in a statement. “This will protect gaming revenue paid to our state and keep casino jobs here in Connecticut when the Springfield casino opens next year. This plan will continue to benefit the state and our city in many ways. Revenues from the current casinos brought $6.2 million to Bridgeport in 2016 and are estimated to generate funds for our city for years to come.”

“The plan to open a third casino in East Windsor could save some of the nearly 6,000 jobs predicted to be lost in our state with the opening of a Springfield casino,” added Gomes. “This is about protecting good-paying jobs in Connecticut. While I have supported building a casino in Bridgeport in the past, I don’t think MGM’s offer is our best option right now.”

MGM officials assert, protecting its turf, that a third casino in southwestern Connecticut with its proximity to the New York market would be a larger economic driver than the one proposed for East Windsor on non-tribal land. Legislative leaders, weighing competing casino interests, say it’s possible nothing will be passed in the session that ends in June.

If something is passed, it could end up in court. State Attorney General Jepsen has cautioned that a third casino on non-tribal land could break a revenue compact with the state even if it’s operated by the tribal nations. Under the compact executed by then Governor Lowell Weicker the state receives 25 percent of the slot take in exchange for granting an Indian gaming monopoly.

Supporters of a casino for Bridgeport argue the state would generate a mightier economic jolt through an open, competitive process for a third casino. For instance, the following bill proposal was referred to the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee:

Not later than January 1, 2018, the Commissioners of Consumer Protection and Economic and Community Development shall jointly develop and issue a request for proposals to select an individual, a business organization or an Indian tribe to develop, manage, operate and maintain a possible casino gaming facility in the state. The request for proposals shall require a responder to:

Full bill here.



  1. This is good scheduling. Jesus had Judas, Bridgeport has Gomes and Moore. I suspect that more than 30 pieces of silver were involved. How many 100 dollar bills only Satan knows. Next election period the citizens of Bridgeport should never forget or forgive these two fools.

    MGM has Ct. in the second circuit court of appeals. Their suit is sound violation of due process, discrimination and violation of fair and equal treatment under the law. This dumb ass state has violated all of these if they don’t approve both bills.

  2. Good job Senator Moore and Senator Gomes. Anyone that imagined Bridgeport could house a casino was insane. when we stop wasting decades on pipe dreams we can accomplish much. Yes, we need the jobs. No, we do not need the social ills that come with Casino’s in an urban welfare city. DRUGS , PROSTITUTION,OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE GAMBLING ADDICTION ETC. MOVING ON……

  3. I like Moore and Gomes as our state senators. am against a casino in Bridgeport. I am really not sure the types of jobs it will brng to people in Bridgeport. My thing they will be a lot of service jobs and a few actual casino jobs. Is it worth it I don’t thing so. Leave the casinos up state where the belong and let Bridgeport keep receiving the money from the state from the Indian casinos. remember we had Jai ali here and its gone, we had a restaurant on the water that sailed away in the early morning hours.

  4. SAD
    A. What jobs are going to be lost for Connecticut residents because of MGM’s casino in Springfield? It’s a 10 minute drive from Ct to Springfield. If anything the MGM casino will create Jobs of CT residents, willing to drive ten minute and apply of employment at MGM’s Resort Casino.

    B. An East Windsor satellite casino will not compete with MGM’s resort casino and will not attract tourists from out of state.

    C. What about the 10 thousand jobs a Bridgeport casino would bring to your constituents here in Bridgeport and the needed tax revenue for the city?

    D. This goes to the heart to what I’ve been saying, Bridgeport has always been sold out of any meaningful development by those elected and in charge.

    E. Thanks Gomes and Moore for showing Bridgeport how this city has been sold out by it elected officials. While I supported both of you in your recent election, you have demonstrated that the sins and negative impact of gaming might have is not a concern of yours. Which I can see as a valid opposite of gaming in general, although I do not agree with it. I can no longer support you as Bridgeport elected officials that put other town’s welfare before Bridgeport’s.

    F. Please remember It is not just Bridgeport that lost by your lack of support of meaningful development that creates decent paying job with benefits. It’s also your constituents you’re supposed to be representing, helping, and uplifting them out of poverty.

    G. #WhoelseissellingBridgeportout?

  5. Glad Marilyn Moore is my State Senator and not Gomes. She at least says this will’keep casino jobs her in CT.”
    BUT Gomes says: ““This is about protecting good-paying jobs in Connecticut.” Sorry, most casino jobs are NOT good paying, they were substantial steps down for the displaced workers from Electric Boat and asst. defense contractors in SE CT.

  6. “cut that baby in half”

    What is the different between Moore saying she wants to keep Casino jobs in CT and Gomes saying he wants to protect good paying jobs in CT from Springfield’s casino by opening a CT casino in East Windor. If casinos are NOT good paying Jobs? They both are not representing Bridgeport and Bridgeport constituents in their best interest. At least Moore represents all of Trumbull and good portion of Monroe were as Gomes represents a small portion of Stratford. Either way both sold out Bridgeport and it residents.


    1. Moore, as State Senator wants to retain existing jobs in CT. She recognizes that most casino jobs are NOT good paying jobs and doesn’t falsely portray them as such.

      I don’t want a casino in Bridgeport, History has shown that gambling in not the answer to the city’s financial woes. Jai Alai…gone, Greyhound Racing…gone.

      I grew up in New Haven, watched it fall apart and be rebuilt. I had to drive through today to take an exchange student for a tour of Yale. Impressed with the positive rebuilding/change in the past 10 years. I’ve been here 12 years, Bridgeport still looks like a bombed out WWII wreck. And, we own property and pay taxes in Bridgeport and I’m in Bridgeport 5-6 days each week. A casino near I-95 will do nothing to rehab the rest of the city. It’ll be just like the one block stretch near the shore in Atlantic City with a wasteland stretching inland.

        1. I did not say a casino will create a wasteland, I talked about a wasteland, already in existence, inland from the shoreline spaces appealing to a casino. Please don’t put words in my mouth, I’m capable of speaking for myself.

          1. Not to parse words. You did say Bridgeport is a bombed out WWII wreck. Was that including the shoreline? If so do you think a casino would improve it and if the inland is already a wasteland and casinos don’t create a wasteland what is your opposition for it in Bridgeport?

          2. More importantly how can the two State Senators, who represent Bridgeport, think a casino that will create jobs and revenue for East Windsor is a good idea but bring those jobs and revenue to Bridgeport in a bad idea? If they want to try to keep the slot fund can’t they ask the tribes to build it in Bridgeport? PS I thought Monopolies are unconstitutional?

      1. Bridgeport needs a Yale University. If anyone can provide the hundreds of millions of dollars that Yale has re-invested into Yale and the billions of dollars of financial endowment that Yale has and bring that to Bridgeport,let’s have a discussion. Yet,the City of New Haven discussed the possibility of extending some type of city sales tax on Yale and Yale had a hissy fit and threatened to move to Florida. So,now we can add Yale University INC. as being another corporate welfare queen.

  7. At least Atlantic has that stretch. Moore and Gomes are not saying casinos create a wasteland. They are support casinos in CT. Do you live in Bridgeport or just own property here and come down 5 -6 days a week?

    1. Robert..don’t throw that BS at me. I was born in Bridgeport and have live all my 55 years in Bridgeport. I own property in Bridgeport since 1997(a house) and it is owner occupied. That’s right, I actually live in Bridgeport as well. And it’s a fight. But don’t give me that stuff about where I live etc.

        1. I don’t hide the fact that I don’t live in Bridgeport. 12 years ago I moved into my current wife’s home in Fairfield County after selling my home in New Haven County. We weren’t going to move her children from where they lived and I did not have any children to be affected by my move.
          Taxpayers have a right to voice their opinion about the economic direction and management of any municipality where they own property and pay taxes, they just don’t get to elect the local government.
          Some municipalities even let taxpayers vote in annual budget referendums and get things such as beach parking stickers. Others restrict these perks to residents, even those who pay no taxes.

          If Bridgeport improves, my property values increase. That’s why I’m in favor of better public education, eliminating blight and economic growth that doesn’t give away the house in tax abatements and deals.

          I don’t think a gambling venue is the answer, that’s my opinion, you have yours. We both get to voice them..their is no right or wrong opinion

          1. I never said you tried to hide where you lived. I also won’t say you were forthcoming either.

            Fairfield County has many towns and cities. Since you said you are glad Moore was your senator and not Gomes, and you don’t live in Bridgeport. So you either live in Trumbull or Monroe. I will bet Trumbull. Since Monroe is further remove from the impact of a Major transformation development such as resort Casinos in Bridgeport.

            I know you think Resort Casinos are not the answer and opinion can be right or wrong, better or worse. However like where you live you never really gave an answer to your opinion as to why you think resort casinos are not the answers to Bridgeport’s WWII bombed out wasteland?

            You reference the Jai Alia and track but those venues are no different than a Bob’s store closing or some other type of business, and it’s the same as Mario wanting a slot machine facility than an a Bob’s store opening up. Resort casinos in Bridgeport are total different deployments that are transformative for Bridgeport and the region.

            Both Bridgeport State Senators support a third State casino in East Windsor but not in Bridgeport. You said you were “glad Moore was your Senator BUT not Gomes because she at least says ‘this will keep casino jobs in Connecticut” but Gomes says “this is about protecting good-paying jobs in Connecticut” You went on to attack Gomes by saying casinos are not good paying jobs, which is an oxymoron statement in itself.

            I pressed you on it and your response came back as a 180 in Moore’s position to Gomes’, who, Moore, you were glad to have as your senator yet not Gomes.

            What you are not being forthcoming and hiding is why you think resort casinos are not the answer? Obviously Moor, the senator, you are glad is your senator, and Gomes, who you are glad is not your senator. They both think it is an answer for East Windsor but not Bridgeport, or at least not a problem or they would be against it, again Thanks Bridgeport Senators Moore and Gomes, Good looking out for Bridgeport and it residents, your CONstituents

  8. Check you post and answer my question.

    “A casino near I-95 will do nothing to rehab the rest of the city. It’ll be just like the one block stretch near the shore in Atlantic City with a wasteland stretching inland.”

    1. The wasteland of abandoned factories, retail, restaurants. hotels/theatres already exists. It does not have to be created. They finally plowed down the long empty GE buildings on Boston Ave.

      Building a casino adjacent to I-95 on the shoreline will allow out of town customers to quickly access the casino, spend their dollars and get out of town. It will also make for an easy commute for employees who don’t have to live in Bridgeport.

      As for your comment about monopolies being illegal, the 2 current Indian casinos in CT are not a monopoly, but a duopoly. However, being located on sovereign Indian nation land they are not subject to our Anti-Trust Laws. the State of Connecticut cut a deal to allow these casinos and not fight them in court in exchange for 25% of the slot take and not licensing other casinos.

      The East Windsor casino really isn’t about creating new jobs in CT, it’s about keeping CT gamblers and their money from patronizing a Massachusetts casino.

      Whether a 3rd CT casino gets built in Windsor or Bridgeport is purely an academic exercise to me. I’m not a likely patron. I haven’t been in Atlantic City in 30+ years, Foxwoods in 15 and don’t remember the last time I was at Mohegan Sun. I’d just as soon see a concert at the Webster Bank Arena and eat at one of the many great Bridgeport restaurants than deal with casino parking and crowds.

      1. A. Again, if a waste land already exist in Bridgeport and has been for over a quarter of a century. How would a casino impair it?

        B. That’s what I hope a Bridgeport Casino will do bring in out of towners into the city to spend their discretionary money and leave satisfied.

        C. What is better having local residents support a casino in East Windsor or New Yorkers and Long Islanders support a Bridgeport casino?

        D. Monopoly or duopoly once the two tribes join in a joint venture as a single entity and build a casino off their own reservation, and the state says they are the only ones who can operate a casino might constitute a monopoly and subject to US anti-trust laws. (The courts will decide)

        E. I’m Glad a Bridgeport casino is just an academic exercise to you, however for many living in poverty without the hope of any decent job in the horizon. A casino is a hope to the end of their impoverish life. What is just an academic to you is the dreams and hope of a road from poverty.

        While you visit this Bombed out WWII waste land call Bridgeport a few times a week many are living in this bombed out WWII waste land looking for something better. Again thanks Senator Gomes and Moore for your support for those whose only hope is a Bridgeport casino out of poverty. I’m sure East Windsor appreciates it.

      2. Marshall, you are right on point when you said, “Building a casino adjacent to I-95 on the shoreline will allow out of town customers to quickly access the casino, spend their dollars and get out of town. It will also make for an easy commute for employees who don’t have to live in Bridgeport.” I remember very clearly what Steve Wynn said when he spoke at the Jai alai answering a question about how would those coming to his casino, if he got the rights to build one was, how would he gets those at his casino to go downtown Bridgeport to support those businesses? Wynn said that was not his problem, he said he could probably get between 15 to 20 thousand people into the casino every day. These casinos are self contained with everything for visitors to purchase right thereon site so there is no need to go downtown, it’s right off exit into the casino and straight out and on their way.

  9. THE TWEEDELES HAVE LANDED!! Helluva a job our delegation is doing ON Bridgeport up in Hartford!… Marilyn can run for mayor of Stamford (or East Windsor) now and probably get elected… And I’m sure that all of the POTENTIAL workers/POTENTIAL union members among Ed’s constituents — not to mention all of the happy Bridgeport real-estate tax payers in the 22nd and 23rd districts — are just enthralled by the logic and sense of responsibility that went into that vote. (Yeah! Well, Marilyn does feel obligated to accede to the wishes of Trumbull and Monroe; her new, “regional” sewer- plant gift for Trumbull and Monroe can go where the casino might have gone…).

    That vote just might be able to get Dan Malloy to change his mind about running for re-election!

    Great job guys! And the casino poll/questionnaire that you sent out to your constituents; how did that tilt?…

  10. Casino’s in Bridgeport only work if you have been imbibing some mind-altering substances. Look at Atlantic City.A complete and thorough disaster. Build it and no one will come. Harboryard Park(baseball) is failing. The arena does not draw the crowds or the acts that need it to make it successful. The Bass store is going to close. just a question of timing. There are cracks in the rest of Steeleponte. What good is Steelepoint if the rest of Bridgeport is rotting away?

  11. Why does everybody who is opposed of a casino in Bridgeport reference Atlantic City? That’s like say we can’t have Ford Build a car plant because, look at Detroit. or any other failing city. New flash Bridgeport is a failing city. Frank It’s not the casino. It’s how the city is run. I don’t hear either tribe complaining or Springfield.

    1. Robert terms of’s called having a “reference point.” It means we can look at a similar situation,extrapolate the variables and possibly come up with the odds of success or failure. Atlantic City and Bridgeport are both East Coast cities. There are some comparables when you look at transportation access. However,Atlantic City has had a much greater reputation(economic foundation) as a “play” city. The failure of Atlantic City on the East Coast(versus Los Vegas) bodes negatively on any attempt to replicate the supposed “success” of AC. I would have to reseearch it but I believe that the municipality of Atlantic City had actually had to be taken over by the State of New Jersey because Atlantic City became insolvent. The “romantic” notion of Atlantic City and the Boardwalk is about 100 years old and is outdated.

  12. It’s not similar that the point. It’s false comparison. AC hosted 12 plus casinos and it has a population of 40,000. It’s smaller in size than Bpt with a large stretch of beach and water. It’s how the city was run. It was the only gambling on the East Coast.

  13. Bass Pro won’t be going anywhere soon. They have a favorable tax abatement, and it would surprise me if they are paying “market rate” on their location while they are the only draw for now. With 2 locations in Conn. with their purchase of Cabelas, their cost of doing business in the state will drop.

    1. Eric do make one good point about calculating revenues and expenses.But sales still remain a main driver in dertermining the viability of a bricks-and-mortar store. The question is whether their tax abatements will cover the regular costs of retail. With the other new locations,would not Bass start cannibalizing their own market share. If I remember correctly,Basspro in Bridgeport was “supposed” to be a destination location. People from a 100 mile-plus radius would be coming to Bass to fulfill their outdoor sport needs. Every time I drive by the BassPro parking lot,it is mostly empty.

  14. The moral hypocrites in Hartford have no problem with casino gambling. They do have a problem legalizing marijuana. SMH. Colorado now has a budgetary surplus because of the reefer tax. That makes too much sense for CT. legislators. Wouldn’t want to offend the Bible thumpers in Podunk and East New Bum Fuck by legalizing the consumption of a plant that has documented medicinal uses.


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