Moonlighting Cops Suspended

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Two police officers, who were working as bouncers in a Main Street bar when police raided it and found more than 70 underage drinkers, have been suspended without pay.

Officer Chris Smith, who has been on the police force eight years and Officer Andrew Talavera, an 18-year veteran who taught at the police academy, were each suspended for 30 days without pay for violating department rules against working in bars, said Police Chief Armando Perez.

In addition, Perez said Talavara, who was third on the list for a promotion to sergeant, was passed over for promotion and has been removed from the department’s SWAT team.

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  1. The more we learn about our Police Department, the better off we can be in understanding the annual City budget that allocates over $103 Million in FY2017 from a $300 Million City-side budget (after removing the $258 Million BOE APPROPRIATION).
    Section 37 deals with EXTRA POLICE work that routinely causes overtime but also brings in some revenue from corporations and associations requesting such. More important in the above case is Section 38 dealing with OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT. “The City hereby gives permission to the employees to obtain part-time employment other than police work” but such permission is tied to the submission annually by October 1 of a statement identifying the nature of employment, the employer and contact info. Perhaps there are additional limitations such as work as ‘bouncers in a bar’ not necessarily in the contract but well understood. Perhaps the public safety officers felt the rules did not apply to them. Perhaps they were actually working for a manufacturer of whipped cream and looking for new markets in Bridgeport. In any case it would seem the activity reported runs counter to Section 38.3 “No employee shall accept employment which is in conflict with his position as a police officer as defined by state statute.” Service of alcohol? Underage drinking? Thought it was my Uber driver? Time will tell.

  2. I hope they are not going to tell us none of the ranking officers knew about what was going on. This was part of the blue wall of silence. LTs, Capts and upper officers including the chief knew what these two were doing. It really looks great when a police officer is spraying whipped cream on an underage girl.

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard about the whipped cream part of the statement. From what I remember there were some extra circumstances involving the rape victim. If I recall correctly, the victim called an Uber driver and the assailant was posing as an Uber driver. I don’t know how that investigation is moving along. The victim’s behavior in the bar is not exemplary but no one at all deserves to be a victim of rape. My question is why is Chuck Paris defending or disagreeing with the punishment for Officer Talavera. Paris’ defense may be pro forma but continuing this embarrassing escapade detracts from the credibility of the Bridgeport Police Union.

  4. The behavior of these officers is an affront to all the officers who do their jobs day in and day out. There is no defending what these cops did at the bar. So what they pay their union dues, what they did was embarrassing to say the least. I hope this newest class of recruits are well aware of the behavior of all the cops who are currently suspended. Let’s hope they learn these are examples of what not to do.


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