Minority Police Leader Calls For Special Master To Oversee Department

From Dan Tepfer, Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The head of the minority organization of city police officers is demanding Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration enter a voluntary agreement with federal authorities for a special master to again oversee the force following a new lawsuit by an ex-top ranking officer.

Among the allegations in the former captain’s lawsuit were claims that former Police Chief Armando Perez often used racist language and fantasized about eliminating Black officers.

At the time of his own resignation, Straubel, who is white, was under investigation by the Internal Affairs office for allegedly sending racist text messages that denigrated Black people, including fellow Capt. Roderick Porter. That internal probe ended when Straubel left the force.

“The Bridgeport Guardians are disgusted by the lawsuit filed by retired Capt. Mark Straubel. The content in his lawsuit is horrific for Black officers and officers of color within the department,” said the Guardians’ president, Officer Davon Polite, on Tuesday.

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  1. Better late than never, this is way over the head of just sitting down with Mayor Ganim and talking with the Guardians and the NAACP. Perez and Dunn are doing time at a “camp Med” federal prison while there’s absolutely no investigation into the entire civil service testing system that David Dunn ran for over 11 years as the “Acting” Personnel Director. How many other civil service test has Dunn has changed the outcome because I’m sure this isn’t the first time. Why has hiring and promotions for have declined in the past 11 years under Dunn, why hasn’t Mayor Ganim called for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director. Why is discrimination still not under control, simply because nobody is in control, in fact the issues that are in the police department are in the fire department. The things that are mentioned in the article are just a sample of the problems. The worse thing that the City did was to do away with the “Special Master.”

  2. Being fair-minded is anyone considering this “white supremacist” who made racist texts about African Americans, wished for a race war, who had an extramarital affair with a fellow officer who was the wife of another officer, and was caught up in a cheating scandal to rig the top cop position and forced to resign underexpression of minority groups such as the NAACP? Who is now making alleged accusations the orders came for a person of color, who he helps to cheat to win to the top position, to sleep with a wife of an officer to gain information. Even though there would be no relevant useful information to obtain from her. Notwithstanding the fact, the person of color, AJ, had received all the test questions in advance. Who is also making claims this person of color, AJ, is/was a racist and held seemly racist views as him, might not be telling the truth about this person of color?

    In any event, this case is going to be interesting to see if others will back up this white supremacist, not my discretion, an OIb poster’s, alleged accusation.

    By all accounts, this person of color, AJ, was a nice guy. Sure not the highest caliber gun in the holster. So I can understand the need to cheat. 🙂 As for the bar, it’s essential. 🙂

    BTY JML, who knows, enough wine and poor judgment, but you better bring your A-game, your gravitas, and suaveness, if you think you are going to deflower me into your liberalism. 🙂


    1. As my increasing age is recorded each year I have felt the need to note down wishes or desires that I harbor in my remaining years. I felt the need to assure you that DEFLOWERING you by any means is not on the list. And since I am a frequent writer, especially about the financial actions and facts, can you point to a source for “your liberalism”?

      The Superior Court Suit by former Captain Straubel is a civil suit as filed. There may be activities that are involved in these matters but have attorneys of any stripe yet made a case about them? Speaking of attorney viewpoints, why do we never hear comments from our current legal leader? It has always been a fact that he had an engaged relationship with Ganim, but his silence in the face of presiding over City grievance costs and ways to repair do not preclude comment, unless he feels that the way we have organized civil service, human relations and labor matters represents the highes level to be reached by a municipality in such affairs. No, Chris, we want no comments on a current case because we know you are prevented from commenting upon current cases, from years of TV viewing.) But what hope do we have for cleaning up the state of ‘municipal entropy” that exists day after day with no comment or direction coming from on high?
      Maybe the State or Feds will find the string that binds this endeavor? Maybe not? Perhaps the City Council will introduce an hearing and agenda? They have a public safety committee and public safety is at risk. What are they studying today that members of the public may wish to comment upon? Time will tell.

      1. The source of “My liberalism” will be when you Deflower me. 🙂

        I heard AJ, a person of color, had an engaged relationship with Ganim. Didn’t he stash cases of wine for Ganim? Maybe you can see if you can procure the source to that fine wine to aid in your deflowering of me. BAM! 🙂

        As I said, “In any event, this case is going to be interesting to see if others will back up this white supremacist, not my description, an OIb poster’s, alleged accusation.” of this person of color..

        To you closer, time will tell.

  3. Even if Mayor Joe’s only concern is turning over some control of the BPD to a special master, given all that we are hearing that is not enough of a concern to let this mess continue.
    But this goes further than that. The fact that we have all of these “acting” department directors is more troubling. It appears that the Civil Service Dept has been effectively abolished and no one seems to care.
    The fact that at times the mayor seems to be so disengaged that the city is on cruise control with no one really in charge.
    The Common Council is more concerned about how to deal with one out of control councilman than with an out of control city.

    1. Bob, Mayor Ganim is running the city the same way his friend Donald Trump was running the country by putting in people into “acting” positions instead of going through the proper process to make sure that there’s a qualified person serving to position. “Actors” owe their job to the boss and they do what ever they are told or they are fired. Joe Ganim has been a part time mayor for years. But the question remains, who told David Dunn to fix the testing system so that AJ Perez comes out in the top three? Why would Dunn risk his job to help Perez to become chief, somebody told Dunn but who would benefit of Perez became the police chief? The only way to get those answers is to have a class action lawsuit against the Mayor Ganim, the City, the BPD and the Civil Service commission, there’s NO WAY that the BPD, the mayor or anybody can get down to the bare facts.

  4. The Bridgeport Police Department has always been rooted in racism and discrimination and the only thing that preserved righteousness for police of color was the Special Master.
    Once the Special Master was removed nothing precluded the Police Department from returning to its past practices of racism and discrimination. How can Mayor Ganim not replace the Director of Civil Service which is one of the most important Departments of city government for its residents. The residents fully expect Civil Service to be open, transparent and honest and not guided by lies, deceit and political patronage, one that works for the benefit of the mayor and not the people! Why isn’t the City Council as well as the Civil Service Commission not beating a path to Mayor Ganim’s door to demand that this position be filled with a qualified, tested individual if the best interest of your residents is more important that the DTC and the Mayor?


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