Minority Business Association Endorses Foster

From the Foster campaign:

The Minority Business Association (MBA) has given its endorsement to Mary-Jane Foster for mayor. Foster appeared before members of the organization to share her vision for moving the city forward economically and creating a culture that includes the development and growth of small, minority, and women-owned business.

Howard Gardner, former President and CEO, expressed his frustration with the Finch administration for, “being more about form than substance, and for selecting a handful of minority business owners who have become their poster children of minority business success.” Gardner added, “The mayor has had four years to establish true structural or institutional changes that could have benefited not just a few chosen members of the minority business community, but the community at large.”

The MBA was a key force behind the City’s adoption of the July 7, 2007 Minority Business Ordinance. In the organization’s opinion, a genuine support of minority businesses by the mayor would have led to the implementation of four key components of the ordinance: (1) goals for goods and services; (2) Sheltered Market Program; (3) Prompt Payment Procedure; and (4) unbundling of City (and school construction) contract opportunities into small contracts. These are all part of an ordinance passed by the City Council over four years ago, but not yet fully implemented. Mary-Jane Foster’s commitment to minority business goes beyond the specifics of the ordinance.

“What we need, and what I commit to do as mayor, is to create a new culture in city government that embraces the success of small, minority, and women owned businesses,” stated Foster. “I am honored that MDA has endorsed my candidacy. I look forward to working together to truly reform how the City does business so that everyone benefits, not just the few who are politically connected.”



  1. Now that’s impressive. Bravo MBA, you truly know what we need to make all of the people of Bridgeport share in the forthcoming prosperity, promise and prominence. Your association will benefit immensely from your support of a Mayor who really knows the impact minority businesses have on restoring a trouble municipal economy.

    1. I understand there is a minority contractor who could use some help at Fairchild Wheeler School. He is being blackballed by Fusco trying to push their weight around by trying to restrict him from working on a public project. That is what elitism is about, the haves trying to control the have-nots.


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