Megan DeSombre Whacks Pelto

From Megan DeSombre, Education Bridgeport:

As if we needed any more evidence of the lack of support for Jon Pelto’s “campaign” for Governor, even the Connecticut Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers is supporting someone else.

In reaction to the devastating news, Pelto posted a press release on his personal blog admonishing the union for not picking him for their team.

Lashing out at the AFT with a bitter cry of “NO FAIR!!!!,” he said he was “deeply disturbed” by their decision to endorse the sitting Democratic governor over a third party vanity campaign, adding it was both “inappropriate and insulting,” because he really, really wants to run for office and no one ever lets him run for office anymore!

According to Pelto’s blog, the Connecticut Chapter of the American Federation of Teacher’s Legislative Political Action Committee voted on Tuesday to endorse Gov. Dannel Malloy. Their recommendation has been forwarded to the CT-AFT’s Executive Committee for approval.

Even Pelto’s core demographic, his campaign’s raison d’être, wants nothing to do with his long-shot candidacy.

Despite Pelto’s unrelenting attacks on Malloy’s supposed “anti-teacher” and “anti-education” record, perhaps the CT-AFT decided to endorse the governor because they know that Malloy, unlike Pelto, has actually done something to improve education for the children of Connecticut.

While Pelto was lobbing attacks against Malloy from his blog, Governor Malloy worked to expand the availability of early childhood education and worked with the unions to develop impactful education reforms.

So, what has Pelto done to improve education?





  1. Why would anyone be surprised the AFT is supporting the endorsed incumbent Democrat? It is not about education. It is about their agenda. Soon we will be seeing endorsements for Democrat party candidates from the state employee unions, the CEA and others who control the governor and state legislature.

  2. I heard this rumor: A union member can request any part of the union dues that are used as political contributions be returned to the union member and not withheld. Does anyone know for a fact if this is true?

    1. Seems so. The article is true to fact, insightful and accurate. We will not know if Malloy’s education reforms are helpful for years but at least he is doing something even if it is the only good thing to come out of his administration.


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