Meanwhile, Ganim Petition Drive Presses On, “Lamont Ticket Insensitive To Diversity”

News release from Ganim campaign:

Bridgeport mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim wasted no time after the Democratic convention pressing forward with the campaign, hitting the streets of Bridgeport Sunday to continue the signature-gathering effort. Ganim also says the Democratic Party-endorsed ticket of Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz is “not inclusive and insensitive to the diversity of Connecticut.”

“With close to 12,000 signatures, our signature drive to petition onto the ballot is surging forward. The signature drive continues because Connecticut Democratic voters deserve a choice,” said Ganim. “The fact that we almost made it onto the primary ballot with delegate support, despite a strong effort by party insiders aligned against us, shows that support is growing for our grassroots campaign. I look forward to a healthy debate on the issues with Ned Lamont so Democratic voters of Connecticut can choose for themselves who is the right person to lead them into the future.”

The campaign expects to collect well over the 15,458 signatures required to be on the ballot before the June 12 deadline.

On Sunday, Ganim also continued his criticism of Ned Lamont’s decision to select Susan Bysiewicz as his running mate. In an interview on News 12, Ganim said, “The endorsed candidates (Lamont and Bysiewicz) missed and frankly were insensitive to the diversity of Connecticut and failed to have a top of the ticket that was inclusive.”



  1. I read an article prior to the convention where Eva Bermudez had spoken with Ganim about running as his Lieutenant Governor and declined.

    She has strong ties to organized labor where Ganim performed quite poorly in a straw poll. I know the WFP will not support Ganim.

    Ganim is trying to link himself to Eva Bermudez which I am confident she will not be pleased with. I doubt she will reciprocate.

  2. Look at who the hell is talking about “insensitive to diversity,” hey Joe, look at your own record like in the fire department and police department and your top staff. Ever since you Rev. Stallworth allowed you to speak at the IMA Emancipation Day celebration you have been pimping the black community, you have done nothing in comparison to what they did for Joe, the old Joe Ganim was much different than this G2 remix.


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