Meanwhile, East End City Council Battle Thickens

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Ernie Newton sought to “dispel some rumors” Wednesday as he pitched fellow East End Democrats on supporting his efforts to return to the City Council.

“Everybody have said Ernie Newton is going to jail,” the one-time council president told the small group gathered in the Move Yacht Club on Waterview Avenue, a quick walk under I-95 from the Bass Pro Shops store. “That’s a damn lie.”

Newton’s been to jail. A corruption conviction in 2005 ended a political career that had started on the City Council and continued in the state legislature, where Newton was serving as a Senator when sentenced to five years in federal prison.

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  1. What’s going on Joe? you oust McCarthy but not Holloway both city employees/city councilmen ?
    Holloway sits on the BBoE building commitee for decades, this is where the Big city BOE contract jobs are given out to those contractors that Mario deems worthy enough to recive those so called BoE bids.Now I don’t want to see anyone go to jail.
    But a grand jury will have a field day with Mario and Holloway for sure. (From the beaches of north wildwood NJ.)

    1. the newest feeding trough in BPT is the BPT, Public Works Department. Dan Roach gets a six-figure salary while doing nothing. There is also the situation where the Public Works DPT took over work from Enviro. More millions to play with. And Ricci…”I just do what I am told.”

  2. I’ve known James for almost 50 years and he was a very good friend to my dad and I voted for him numerous times in the decades that I lived on the East End. Having said that James Holloway has outlived his usefulness as a politician on the East End and the resident’s deserve better than James.

    Brother Holloway you haven’t done a damn thing for the East End in years. When they were planning to put an asphalt plant there you did or said nothing and if it hadn’t been for Chris Caruso and his people it would be there now. Brother Holloway you’ve been a much more loyal friend to the DTC than you ever have been to the resident’s and the community of the East End. Ralph, make his ass primary for another year as a city council person and then and only then will we see if that is really what he wants or if his motivation is what Mario and Joe wants.

  3. I am in favor of second chances and I am not in favor of 3 rd chances. Come on Ernie when is enough, enough ?
    Newton has been to jail. A corruption conviction in 2005 ended a political career that had started with the City Council.
    he was sentenced to five years in federal prison.
    Now he is facing more time in prison. In March 2015, state Superior Court Judge Julia Dewey sentenced Newton to six months after a jury decided he had committed three violations of campaign finance law related to his attempted.
    Ernie stay away from the public eye and lead a quiet life out of the spotlight. You will be no different if you are elected again.

  4. Andy, you don’t have to vote for Ernie if you are so inclined. Oh that’s right you don’t live in the 139th so you just need to worry about Maria, your district leader.

  5. Oh Maria, you are such a sad little woman and I pity you. I did this, I won seven elections, I am the greatest in my district, sad, sad, sad. You got Joe Ganim and Dennis Bradley elected, good job. You’ve been actively involved in the BBOE for seven years good for you. I,I,I there’s no I in team and that’s what you don’t understand it takes a village and you don’t posses that village because you are still dealing in I’s. Sad, sad, sad little woman, I feel sorry for you and pity you. Sad, sad, sad.


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