Meanwhile, Bradley Releases Video Pitch On Education

Democratic-endorsed Dennis Bradley, a member of the Board of Education, declares “It’s about us coming together as a community” in a closing video before Tuesday’s primary for State Senate.



  1. Blood, sweat and tears is what Dennis Bradley said he would do for education, well Bradley does have a record of doing what he said with his boycott of NOT having Bridgeport Board Of Education meetings to do the business of the 21,000 Bridgeport school students. How is that leadership and the reason that Dennis Bradley held his boycott of NOT doing the business for the children of Bridgeport was because he couldn’t get along with ONE member of the BBOE, Bradley stopped all business of the BBOE because this man couldn’t get along with ONE woman. Bridgeport and the State Senate doesn’t need someone like that in office.

  2. Pure rhetoric!

    Dennis Bradley has not initiated and followed through on a single initiative, program or policy that benefits our 21,000 students,30,000 parents or 3,000 BOE employees.

    Here is Dennis’ record on the Bridgeport Board of Education since elected in 2015:

    Bradley has missed 25% of all regular/special meetings of the full board. That includes 4 months of regular meetings in which he led the boycott.

    As a member of the Teaching & Learning committee he missed 85% of his meetings.

    As a member of the Finance Commmittee he has missed 40% of his meetings.

    As a member of the Males of Color Committee he has missed 100% of his meetings.

    As of yesterday his complete evaluation of Superintendent Johnson was due. Dr. Johnson is the only employee we have and is the highest paid employee in Bridgeport.

    We held two Q & A sessions in which Dennis attended without his evaluation materials, a note pad, etc.

    We met over a week ago to review and submit our ratings by domain and supporting documentation for an above average or below average rating.

    Bradley was a no show.

    I am willing to bet anyone that Bradley did not submit his completed evaluation on Wednesday as required.

  3. It is said that 95% of success in life comes from showing up, on time and dressed to play. Presence, Punctuality and Preparedness.
    Pretty good values to practice and groom younger people in. Why hasn’t the ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY prince of Bridgeport keep track by creating and monthly posting a grid of what appointed and elected people have done during the past month in terms of Presence, Punctuality and Preparedness?? What a gift to the people of Bridgeport. Something that might earn Ed Adams, a street re-naming? Time will tell.

  4. Bradley can honestly only point to one initiative he has pushed since being elected to the Board of Education. That was a BOYCOTT! The single most selfish act he could have done.

  5. *** ZZZZzzz…. As an “abogado”, Bradley should know just how important attendance can be in every aspect of work & life. Though there are life’s circumstances that sometimes appear without warning & the truthful reasons why? However, it appears he’s made a sad routine out of just taking things for granted & living life & its responsibilities on his terms & time-table, no? *** WHAT SAY YOU? ***


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