McMahon-Murphy, The Battle Of The Deadbeats

From Neil Vigdor and Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

… (Linda) McMahon and Democratic opponent Christopher Murphy have been locked in a debate over who has committed the most egregious financial missteps in their personal lives.

Murphy, a three-term congressman, has been dogged by questions about his tardiness on paying his vehicle and property taxes on several occasions, including missing enough mortgage payments on his Cheshire home that he was threatened with foreclosure.

Kevin Buterbaugh, a political science professor at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, said he has been fascinated by McMahon’s ability to use her financial hardship to woo voters while turning Murphy’s missed but ultimately paid mortgage, rent and tax payments against him.

“I’m kind of amazed she’s been able to do that,” Buterbaugh said. “You would think going bankrupt would be as bad, if not worse, than missing a few mortgage payments. It kind of boggles the mind. So far she’s been quite good at getting Murphy to be on a reactionary footing.”

The saga over which candidate has been the most financially irresponsible took another twist Friday, with McMahon’s campaign acknowledging that she and her husband, Vince McMahon, paid their real estate taxes late on their Trump Parc luxury high-rise condominium in Stamford. McMahon’s campaign explained that the couple only received their bill from the city on Sept. 13 and paid the $54,110 owed for the year in full Friday.

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  1. What has Linda McMahon done for anyone at anytime?
    Has she helped kids, Schools, Red Cross, Boys & Girls clubs?
    Has she ever sat on any committee; volunteer for anything?
    Worked for women’s rights?
    The only thing I know about her is she filed bankruptcy, late on paying back taxes, and she goes around kicking people in the junk.

    1. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Webster Bank sued her? I can’t understand why they haven’t begun legal proceedings. That commercial is defamatory and shouldn’t be airing.

  2. The negativity of this campaign is chock full of top-notch entertainment value. It frames the statement “money talks, bulls**t walks” more than adequately. Fab job on the headline too! Battle of the deadbeats … brilliant!


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