Mattei: GOP Congress In Corrupt Exchange With Gun Industry

Statement from Chris Mattei, Democratic candidate for Connecticut Attorney General:

Yesterday, 17 children were killed when large bullets ripped through their bodies. 17 families were shattered. The Parkland community was devastated. Our country was hurled into yet another well of grief. And, in Connecticut, we were visited again by the trauma of Sandy Hook and the babies and educators we lost.

Here is the hard reality: this is going to keep happening.

The United States Congress as currently constituted will not lift a finger to prevent a single child from being killed by guns. Here’s why: the majority in Congress receives millions upon millions of dollars in financial support from the gun industry. The gun industry happily pays this money to prevent lawmakers from doing anything that would reduce their profits. This corrupt exchange works because lawmakers have made a choice that they would rather be re-elected with the help of the NRA than save children from losing their lives at the end of a muzzle. This is the devil’s bargain they have made.

No amount of death, shame, prayer or grief has changed this reality. The only thing that will change it is a political movement–built brick by brick–whose objective is to rid Congress of people who have turned their backs on the American people while opening their arms and pockets to the gun industry.

In Connecticut, we have a special responsibility to lead this fight. I’m in.



  1. You sir are a fucking low life. Let me tell you this neither party has done squat about guns we have just finished 8 years with Obama, CT has been democratic for years and nothing. You are a slime ball for using this slaughter of innocent people to run for office. Plain and simple fuck you

    1. You’re wrong, Andy. The Democratic Party proposes gun control legislation every Congress. The GOP controls the agenda so it never gets to committee.

      Fuck off, fuck all the way off.

      1. Listen you fucking jerk what happened when they had a democratic president a democratic senate and house Nothing. Why dont you come here and tell me to fuck off. You have no idea what you are talking about

        1. By the way, last time the Democratic Party controlled the legislative and executive branches of government gun control legislation was passed. Several Congressmen were voted out of office as a result. Bill Clinton signed it into law, including an assault weapons bn that George W. Bush declined to renew.

          I know a shitload more than you, Andy. Now, fuck off. After that fuck off again. When you wake up tomorrow morning, drink the prune juice, eat a bowl of Banana Wackies and fuck off to start the day.

          1. You had to go all they way back to Clinton. You wish you knew whaat I know. Maybe you do when your straight but I doubt it. BTW how have the dems in Bridgeport and the State done for your miserable no account ass

          2. Fuck off, Andy. When you’re finished fuck off again. When you’ve eaten lunch fuck off for dessert. Around four o’clock fuck off for your afternoon tea. This evening, instead of watching Sean Hannity and the rest of the blowhards of Fox News Channel just continue fucking off, all the way off.

  2. That’s the problem in a nut shell, politician’s that would rather get elected or re-elected than do anything to offend the gun lobby or these 2nd Amendment zealots, like Andy.

  3. Don you are a fucking idiot you are and always have been I dont own guns and if you have read my post from today you would have your answers. If you are doing this to push my buttons have at it someday you will answer for it

  4. *** I would have to agree with Andy, very little or nothing @ all has been progressively done by either party to address the weapons issues in the USA. Weather its stricter laws & regulations on having,owning,buying,selling guns in general by qualifying law abiding U.S citizens. Also stricter laws on weapon’s pocessions by ex-felons,mental illness & domestic violence ex-offenders, non-U.S citizens, illegal weapons buyers & sellers, etc. There have been many cases of buyers with a good civilian record going to other states and establishing a temp.address & I.D; buying weapons & waiting the routine application time, then once their cleared going back home to their state or neighboring states and selling the weapons for 3-times what they’ve paid for! Also what about the weapons that are stolen from homes, cars, businesses, etc every year? The news people should do some political homework on those politicians in Congress that get big re-election or ($) donation amounts to charities of their choice & continue to do the NRA’s bidding behind the scenes? *** Regardless how people feel about the right to bear arms, its obvious to rational thinking U.S citizens that the time has come in American History to really stop; (not just talk) but make the logical changes needed to work towards better control & amounts of weapons sales & types. Also, who, what, where, when & why their buying that weapon with longer waiting periods for accurate back-round checks, along with stiffer weapon’s laws for violations & criminals caught & convicted while in the act of committing a crime with fire-arms weapons involved.***

    1. I disagree. The GOP is beholden to the NRA for votes and campaign funds; Donald Trump’s campaign recieved more than $20,000,000.00 in contributions from the NRA. Democrats on Capitol Hill have introduced gun control legislation nealy every Congress. The GOP, lobbied by the NRA and the firearms industry, has orevented it from moving from committee to the floor for or a vote. Check the Congressional Record if you doubt.

      The mentally ill should not have access to firearms, period. Adam Lanza, Stephen Paddock snd Nikolas Cruz used the Armalite AR-15. They also shared one quality: mental illness. Fix the federal laws, period. If gun regulations were written from the perspective of public safety instead of guaranteeing those precious Second Amendment rights we wouldn’t be having a discussion about armed guards, bulletproof glass and metal detectors in public high schools.

  5. *** Most politicians in Congress are or have gotten out of touch with the average American’s feelings about politics, race & religion, and of course the economy! Followed by education in America, plus average folk’s needs & wants!***

  6. Freedom of the press is alive and well: the news media, especially CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and other eastern outlets are holding the GOP controlled Congress and the White House responsible for the latest mass killing. High school students in Parkland, Florida, are being interviewed. This morning I watched two clean cut young men look at the camera to ask “YOU are the politicians, when are you going to do omething about this? Children are dying from your inaction on gun control. We’re dying and you are doing nothing.”

    The northeastern states including CT have some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. Not that it matters here. Street gangs drive south on I-95, the “iron pipeline,” to Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida to legally purchase firearms that are resold on the streets of Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, Hartford. Virtually every shooting in Bridgeport is committed with an unregistered and illegally obtained weapon.

    Meaningful federal gun control is a pipe dream unless and until the GOP that couldn’t think straight gets over its collective addiction to campaign contributions from the Nationsl Rifle Association. Meanwhile more innocents will be killed, including school children.

    1. By the way, Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland, Florida, shooter, has documented mental health issues. Donald Trump, Andy Fardy’s hero, signed legislation last year that allowed individuals ith behavioral health issues to purchase firearms. Presumably Trump thought this would make America great again…

  7. Yeah kid blame Trump a dumb ass like you will always take the easy way out. Do you think if the side door was locked this might not have happened. Do you think if the FBI did their job this would not happen. Oh thats right you drowned your brain and you cant think

      1. There is enough blame to go around from local politicians to national politicians. People will not spend the money it takes to protect our kids just look at Bridgeport Schools. We build a brand new school with bullet proof glass guess what there is no bullet proof glass. How many times have the politicians called for increasing jail time for having illegal weapons? How many times have they charged gun owners whose guns were stolen because they were not properly secured. The list goes on

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