Mario Wins Another Two Years, Ganim On Prez Election: Don’t Elect ‘Some Crazy On The Republican Side’

Testa 2016
Testa Monday night addresses DTC.

With his ally Mayor Joe Ganim in attendance, Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa Monday night overwhelmingly won another two-year term as party leader defeating newcomer Angel Figueroa who was nominated by party outsider Maria Pereira, a member of the Board of Education. The vote was 81 to 6.

Decked out in bow tie and tuxedo in anticipation of the annual St. Patrick’s Day black tie event Downtown, Ganim praised Testa and the city’s legislative delegation up for reelection this year. Testa broke ranks with incumbent Bill Finch last year to back Ganim in a hard-fought primary. Testa, an old-fashioned pol, is into the “respect” thing. Finch did not respect Testa so the chairman took care of business and knocked out Finch from the mayoralty.

Speaking to the 90-member DTC, Ganim praised Obama administration policies, declaring Democratic policies must be continued, instead of “some crazy on the Republican side.” That crazy could end up being Donald Trump, the Republican front runner for the Republican nomination who’s no stranger to Ganim from his first tenure as mayor. Trump once owned property in Bridgeport in anticipation of developing a casino in the city 20 years ago that is now the location of the Ballpark at Harbor Yard. Trump deeded the property over to the city in exchange for forgiveness on back taxes. The ballpark opened in 1998.

City Council President Tom McCarthy, who has a strong relationship with Testa, chaired the DTC meeting. Testa’s name was placed into nomination by City Clerk Lydia Martinez, and seconded by multi-mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello who announced to applause Testa “always keeps his word” and former State Senator Ernie Newton who added “When I came back home Mario embraced opportunity … that the tent is big enough for everyone … and that includes people who make mistakes.” Newton was referencing his conviction on public corruption charges.

Paoletto, Testa
Testa, right, is joined by supporters from left Rafael Fonseca, City Councilman Anthony Paoletto and Dolores Fonseca. Paoletto ran on the losing DTC slate in the 138th District but says he and the Fonsecas are getting along just fine.

As he often does, Testa highlighted the advantages Bridgeport experiences in Hartford when the party sticks together. He noted the presence of Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff who congratulated Testa for another two years as party chief.

Pereira, as a protest against Testa, nominated Angel Figueroa, an activist from Success Village, who ran on a slate that won all nine seats in the recent DTC primary in the Upper East Side 138th District.

“Angel represents a fresh new breeze blowing in the 138th District which he hopes to cultivate into a strong wind of change throughout Bridgeport,” said Pereira in her nomination remarks. “What Bridgeport needs is a DTC which represents integrity, honesty, and ethical governance which has long been absent from the leadership of this body. Therefore I implore my colleagues to, in this particular election, adopt the philosophy of out with the old, and in with the new.”

Six members of Pereira’s district slate including herself voted for Figueroa. Two broke from Pereira, Rafael Fonseca and his wife Dolores Fonseca. Helen Losak, also a committee member from the district, abstained.

Pereira supported Ganim for mayor last year but now has broken away from the mayor. In recent weeks Figueroa has been a relentless Ganim critic in OIB comments.



  1. Good morning everyone and I want to say thank you for the opportunity to partake in the experience I went through yesterday but I would like to clear the air and say I never thought of anyway she perform I had a chance to win against Mr. Testa, I know who Mr. Testa is and who and what he represents but my point was clear, I stand against the current I don’t go with the flow I’m not a puppet nor am I easy to manipulate like the Fonsecas. I am a person, an individual with my own free choice and free mind to think independently and not need the assistance or corruption of any political agendas pertaining to politics. I know I’m new at this political menu, and I’m willing to learn from the best of the best and even the worst of the worst so I can fulfill what I started and that’s a passion for my community and my neighbors. I am a person who likes to help. I fight against injustice and I feel we all are given that one blessing from the mother country, which is our constitutional right and our freedom of speech to prevail and exceed I will do my best. I am not perfect but I would do my best to try to assist and help and make the best decisions for this great City I’ve been given the pleasure to live in and that’s Bridgeport. I am a son of Bridgeport, my family set their roots here and I will do the best I can to try to help the people and move this city to a different level. Again I want to thank everybody, last night I got some great advice from a lot of great people and I thank them. God bless.

    1. If you are going to get involved in citywide politics, you have a lot to learn. Maria’s band of six is not going to change anything. What you six did last night accomplished nothing but it did piss off the powers that be. Now try to get things for the 138th and see how far you get, I don’t know if you tried to get other TC members on your side but if you did and six is best you could do, you should not have run. If you did not try to get other TC members on your side then you have a lot to learn.
      Mario has been around a long time and will never lose to a newcomer. Good luck in the future.
      BTW the Fonsecas did the right thing.

      1. Andy, we’ve both been around the political block in Bridgeport for decades. We’ve probably forgotten more than most know; with that said, you know as well as I that nothing or no one starts with more than a few. I’ve known Mario before he or I were involved in politics. He has earned a formidable reputation, but it didn’t just happen. It took a lot of time, more losses than I’m sure he wants to remember, and built friendships that allowed him to retain his position. As with everything else in politics and life, he will reach his saturation point and go on to other pursuits. I have no opinion as to what happened last night, I do know, however, what happened last night has happened many times throughout the years, that’s how change occurs and new politicians are made. God willing, let’s have this conversation in two years, we might both be surprised.

        1. Lisa, my comments were directed so they would reach out and understand the past and dialog and form a coalition with other DTC members to gain support. Yes, there have been other attempts to get Mario out, I voted against Mario when at the time I was on the DTC and in the 130th district and I voted for Bill Holden (Judge) in the early 1990s. I was also running for the vice-chairman against Alvin Penn. Well, holy hell broke out but thanks to you and Mary Bruce you guys bailed me out by talking to those involved. Yes, I got the position and Mario got elected again but a number of DTC were having some of the same issues Angel has. I was fortunate to have mentors like you and Mary and Chris Caruso to point me in the right direction and I’m thankful.

  2. Looks like Duff was putting from the rough. Duff Fore Governor? Watch for his re-election electronic billboards to begin popping up along I-95 this electoral season.

  3. I see Angel Figueroa ran for the head of the Democratic Town Committee against Mario Testa and lost 81 to 6. It doesn’t look like there was any dialog or an effort to form a coalition with other DTC members to gain support to defeat Mr. Testa. Great way to make friends and influence people by making things personal. Time will tell (JML).

    1. Ron/Andy,
      I agree with your statements. I believe Angel is an energized, independent thinker and that is a positive. But to attain power to make changes, especially in a legislative body this large, it cannot be 9 (or 8, or 6 in this case) going up against the other 81. Remember, FINCH was the DTC-endorsed candidate by a slim margin. That would mean there are likely others in other districts outside of 138 who may want to make change as well. By not reaching out to them and forming a coalition, then the 9 from 138th will be facing an uphill battle. I know they like it that way, but in order to effect change they are going to need a team consisting of others outside the 138th to assist.

  4. I wonder why Maria put Angel up instead of running herself. It’s like she made him the sacrificial offering. I understand the concept of trying to be a dissenting voice, but like (gulp) Fardy said, you really just alienated your district. There was no win to be had, and Angel’s the fall guy as the name who challenged Testa.

  5. If you want to be Mayor of Bridgeport you need Mario Testa’s respect, right?
    I have a Pizza Pension earned while exploiting a part-time job in the ’90s. It’s the story of a rugged individual who produced more than he consumed. It’s the beginning of my fantastic Bridgeport resume, suitable for candidacy. What constitutes my future Bridgeport resume is sitting on a server waiting for me to press the button.

  6. I salute Angel Figueroa for standing up and acting like a man. So what is everyone recommending? Just be a pushover for Testa? Did anyone hear the phrase, “the shot heard round the world?” It was the first few shots American Revolutionaries fired at the great and seemingly invincible English Army and British Empire. Maybe other people in other districts will contact Angel and his group and resistance will begin in other parts of Bridgeport. Who says Testa is invincible? He was a State Senator and lost. He can lose again. Some people may even try to bypass and forget the whole DTC and run opponents on a separate line such as that Worker’s Party.

  7. Regardless of the matter, everyone’s opinion is their own opinion so pretty much the message here is I should have jumped on the bandwagon everyone else is on so I can help my community and my political career is over because I decided to stand against the Machine. With that being said I will agree on this, I’m a newcomer and yes I have a lot to learn, BUT I AM NOT ANYONE’S PUPPET, UNDERSTAND?! SO IF NOT JOINING THE BANDWAGON MEANS I’M SEGREGATION AGAINST ME FOR KEEPING MY WORD AND NOT SELLING OUT, THEN I’LL GO OUT AS A MAN OF MY WORD, and Lennie I want to correct something you put up on this blog, I WAS NEVER A GANIM SUPPORTER, I DON’T SUPPORT POLITICIANS WHO LIE TO COMMUNITIES JUST TO STEAL THEIR VOTES, AGAIN I STAND TO FIGHT FOR PEOPLE I’M A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER, AND MY POINT WAS MADE LAST NIGHT, I’M NOT EASY TO CORRUPT!

    1. Angel, it looks like you don’t pay attention to people who have been there and done that plus your reply has nothing to do with what is being suggested, you just keep telling what you only you are going to do. You want to be the Lone Ranger, it’s your way or the highway. Andy Fardy and myself were City employees and served on the DTC and we both have run for the City Council and lost. The advice we have shared with you is something you might want to listen to.

      Angel, in this game it’s about the numbers, you need 46 votes to make any change in the DTC and your plan is not causing DTC members to listen to you. Mario has no need to listen to you and neither does any of the other DTC members in other districts. You need a coalition with other DTC members to gain support to defeat Mr. Testa and your way won’t work.

  8. Unlike City officials we have today like Councilman Anthony Paoletto who offered me three positions. 1. Fire Dept Commission, 2. Police commission 3. Parks commission if I dropped from running in Town Committee Election and I told him to shove them up his ass, and I have videos on it, but this is what I mean. If this is what I’m supposed to be joining, thanks but no thanks I’d rather stand alone. Someone has to have some sort of integrity in politics!

    1. Why don’t you post those videos? You make claims all the time but never deliver anything solid. Just accusations and angry responses to anyone not in your camp. You don’t practice this freedom of speech you talk about all the time. So far all you’ve accomplished here is making the grants Success Village needs harder to obtain. Good job.

  9. Angel should be commended for running. Mario I am certain welcomed a little competition. There is trouble in the 138th. Theatrics aren’t NECESSARY. Maria put together a slate and they won. Now there is a power trip. Good luck to ALL. I VOTED FOR MARIO. I VOTED FOR HIS EXPERIENCE AND ASTUTENESS. HE SUPPORTS GANIM AND GANIM IS OUR MAYOR. I would refrain from criticizing Ganim at the expense of our city. There is room for many opinions in the Democratic party. My opinion of Mario had been skewed for many years. I have 60 friendly acquaintances on the Town Committee. I see Testa differently! I do not think the Connecticut Post should not have made it humorous with the head count. We may not always agree, but we are Democrats.

  10. The idea behind nominating and voting for Angel was to show the 138th’s slate would not toe the party line because we were told to. We knew Angel didn’t have a chance, that wasn’t the point. Our slate’s message was we will do what’s right for the Democratic voters in the 138th. Since none of us hold city jobs our loyalty rests with the constituents. If there were no challenger to Testa for party chair he would have won by acclamation. This would have been against the platform we ran on right out of the gate. We were on the record to show our loyalty to our constituents. Aside from the Fonsecas voting for Testa (on the record betraying their constituents) and Ms. Losak abstaining we continued to gain the trust of those who voted for us.

    I respect the work Mr.Testa has done. He has remained relevant in city politics for most of my life.

    Hooker School is the fourth highest voting precinct in the city. Of course things will get done in the 138th since politicians want those votes. Our district can rest a little easier knowing the endorsed candidates for City Council will not be trying to negotiate a job for themselves or their father. Those candidates will work for the constituents of the 138th.

    1. Eric Alicea, that’s great, you said, “We knew Angel didn’t have a chance, that wasn’t the point. Our slate’s message was we will do what’s right for the Democratic voters in the 138th,” great, now don’t expect much because slogans aren’t going to change anything. Your district is just one of 10 districts so will not change anything and it seems like that’s all there is, slogans.

    2. You sir are a total newbie, you will be getting nothing for your constituents based on your childish vote against Mario. I can’t wait for the first time you guys are looking for something and are told go see Mario. The word is already out, you guys just screwed us all with your ignorance. 81-6, what a freakin’ joke.

    3. Ron and Andy, you both know any change starts with the first step. Eric’s statement was impressive, and hopefully he will hold on to his idealism and not put it in his back pocket as so many have done. As to politicians isolating or bypassing the 138th district, that’s BS and we all know it. As soon as the powers that be need the support of the 138th, they will grovel and plead, there’s no pride where political expediency is necessary. So stay on course Eric and company, for as long as you can. It is possible to survive the temptations if you stay away from them. Keep your slate formidable, and you will never need the approval of the straw men/women.

      1. Lisa, let me enlighten you. The 138th has no one sitting on any board or commission. I believe we are the only district with that dubious distinguished statistic. Been that way for the past eight years when Pat was not reappointed to the zoning board.
        A true way to measure a district’s power is to see how many commission spots are filled in your ‘hood.
        The move these six pulled shows how politically naive they are.

        1. Andy, I have no doubt you’re right. One of the reasons is it’s been a long time since past Mayors have bothered to fill vacancies, and most district leaders or TC members don’t let their interest be known. There was a time when serving on a board or commission was an honor and good people (like Pat) served with willingness and competency, then if these people made an independent decision they weren’t appointed again. They seem to appoint (when they do) obscure individuals as a reward for whatever.

  11. Couldn’t have been said any better Eric, we started our slate by our slogan, INDEPENDENT THINKERS, NO PUPPETS ON THIS SLATE ASIDE FROM THE FONSECAS, we remain true to our promise to our communities and our constituents. CLEAN POLITICS. WE NEED A CHANGE SO WE CAN BE EFFECTIVE IN OUR GREAT CITY OF BRIDGEPORT.

  12. Maybe the Fonsecas saw the light and Angel for the smoke blower he is. He talks an okay game. His grammar needs work but he has yet room deliver and his temper seems to get the best of him.

  13. Eric Alicea, I agree with everything you had to say and concur the district will get services because they are still voters. The only thing Angel won’t get is a job for his son, daughter or his wife and if that’s not what you’re on it for then you lose nothing.

    Angel, what Mackey and Andy said is absolutely true, but sometimes there needs to be a voice of discontent, voice of righteous and a voice of morality. If your motives aren’t self-serving then by all means continue to be that voice. Care more than others think is wise.  Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

    1. Donald, wise advice. Nobody should compromise their values and beliefs just because they’re involved in the politic arena. For those who want jobs or other considerations, they are most likely owned. For those who don’t, they are free to be independent, let their voice be heard, and dream more than others think is practical. Yes, you’re right.

  14. Congratulation Angel and Maria for challenging the so-called leaders of the Democratic Town Committee.
    It was a shot across the bow, and a damned good one!
    The only way we’re going to get Testa off the DTC is feet first!
    Angel, don’t listen to the old farts, finally the 138th is growing a pair.
    Concentrate on the State races, this time next year it’s back to the City Council seats.

    1. Jim, they grew a pair so what did that get them? Nothing. What did it get the people up here? Nothing. It’s just so much bullshit. How do you get anything done for the district when the vote is 81-6? All I read from Angel F is “I am honest, I can’t be bought” and yada yada yada. These six will learn the hard way. Say what you want now, there are three NO votes, all they need is two more.

  15. Mr. Donald Day not Trump, a job is the last thing I need and if so I wouldn’t get it from these corrupted politicians because sooner or later it would be used against you to get what they need. And my sons and daughters do not need jobs they are very well-educated with Masters degrees and have successful careers so you see my intention here has no agenda behind it because I’m not looking for a job again I stress nothing from these dirty corrupted politicians we have running this great city of ours. Today what I do is for the people and the communities that I live among and that’s what I represent With No Agenda behind it unlike a lot of other people can say, I stand for righteous and Injustice at a better quality of living I stand behind my word because a politician his word is all he’s got and if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s a man isn’t a man without his word.

  16. Angel Figueroa // Mar 15, 2016 at 9:56 am
    I know I’m new at this political menu, and I’m willing to learn from the best of the best and even the worst of the worst so I can fulfill what I started and that’’ a passion for my community and my neighbors.

    Well Angel, what have you learned? I ask this question because your comments don’t reflect that.

  17. Mackey, I’ve learned enough to know who plays a major role in the Machine and its minions. That’s why nothing changes in Bridgeport, Corruption in politics that I will NEVER submit to. So Mr. Big Mac, I don’t follow because I’m a leader who’s independent and will do it my way, I have thick skin and wide shoulders, so bring it Mackey, what’s your point?

  18. Angel Figueroa, you know you’re not the first person to say the things you are saying, in fact he was a City Council member and he ran for mayor last year, Rick Torres, you sound just like him. He was going to change Bridgeport but like you he knew everything and like you he didn’t get like-minded people to support him because he knew everything just like you. The name of the game is 46 and the way you’re going you won’t get past the six you got the other night.

    1. Ron, your theory is right because we came up with past TCM who were, for the most part, independent, didn’t have a job hanging over their heads, and made themselves relevant in their districts. Those days are gone, and if ever returns to level of competency it won’t happen in our lifetime. Ron, the reality is the TC is irrelevant, nominations are merely for show, and the poor individuals who believe it makes a difference are in for a surprise. We now have what amounts to open elections, open primaries, and all it takes to prevail is hard work and the ability to reach out to the voters. While money enables a candidate to put up signs and send out literature, it still comes down to basic door-knocking, a connection to the voters, and in some cases a good message. A smart town committee member can do this in the off-season, and they would be a definite for reelection. Speaking for myself, I win or lose without the assistance of any Mayor or Town Chair. I love my independence too much to fall into that mode.

      1. Lisa, thanks. You are right on target about the DTC and how to get elected but for Angel or JML or anyone else they must have like-minded people who are willing to sell their vision to other districts to make change. Andy, who’s following whom? Angel is following Maria but he needs to wake up and smell the coffee in following her.

        1. Mr. Big Mac, I don’t know where you get your information from, or are you one of those who speculates and makes allegations with no validity? I am honored to be compared to Mr. Torres, as a Democratic voter I saw much more potential in Torres then I did Ganim. And for the record you know NOTHING of me to make your allegations I hold no city job nor do I need one, I have been very proud, active in my community and am my neighbor’s keeper, I have invested plenty of my time for the quality of life for my community, diligently working for the progression and stability my community needs. While running for Town Committee I kept my word in not jumping on the bandwagon like certain members in my slate did (Fonsecas), and the number six to me doesn’t matter as long as I have the numbers I can get from my community to come out and VOTE. You see Mr. Mack, that’s where the POWER truly is, in the people, and you can’t beat that, Mr. Big Mack!

    2. His skin is far from thick. He resorts to name-calling and threats when he is challenged. He won’t even allow anyone to comment on his Success Village page unless it’s to praise him. He thinks he’s saying what people want to hear. He treats people like every other politician, if he can’t use you he will toss you aside. Now he sees how it feels being the little fish amongst the sharks.

  19. Lisa, thank you. I loved being on the Zoning board, served under many Mayors. But Finch and Wood didn’t care for my independent and rightful way of doing things. I went by the book and not their BS book. Oh well, enjoying my retirement.

    1. Pat, you were one of the good ones. I observed you presiding over those meetings with knowledge of the P&Z, and no nonsense. It was thankless, and time-consuming yet you hung in. I feel a sense of pride when I see a woman lead with no ego getting in the way. But because of these jerk mayors we all lose when someone like you leaves.

  20. Hey Mr. Andrew, again let me say it slowly. Ready? I follow NO one. Get it? Got it? Good. I am a independent thinker, Maria is a knowledgeable person in political elections and say what you must she has proven herself over and over, she saw my potential and invited me on. Whatever your beef is with Maria keep me out of it, got it? Because enough has been said about you and I haven’t spoken about you, or made negative comments on you, YET.

    1. Yes, Mr. Fardy. Seems angel is making his usual threats. Or he will just begin to ignore you. Those are his tactics on his Facebook page but he has no editorial power here which is why he ignores me. I’ve become a little thorn in his side because I represent the people in Success Village. He has pushed past their limit with the bogus claims he has made against the former board and now it seems he has an issue with the new board he helped get in. You want an example of Angel’s politics, it’s right there to be seen except anything negative he quickly deletes those comments because he can’t answer them.

  21. Lol. Okay Mr. Enudio, one of the supporters of the corrupt board, and as far as YOU representing Success that’s a joke Mr. Mole man, you don’t do SQUAT for Success but support a group who was stealing from my community. Furthermore I don’t need to explain myself to you Mr. Mole man. Be productive in your community and as always, don’t talk about it, be about it, you’re all mouth and Mole.

    1. Nice, you finally put your accusations out in public for these people. They are smarter than the people you have fooled in Success Village. I unlike you can supply proof on my claims about you while you harass and post videos while keeping anyone who speaks out against you off the page. How is it a man of the people meets simple questions with threats? I may be a mole man but I am at least a man. I can back up my claims and I obviously have roots in Bpt and Success while you barely just got here and and all you’ve done is show outsiders only cause trouble.

  22. Lol, you represent Success Village, LOL. Listen Mr. Mole, the reason I am part of the Town Committee is because of the people I have helped in Success Village. From health risk factors to negligence and helping them not lose their homes which is why they supported me in the elections. You represent Success Village, that is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard but then again it’s expected of you to come on this page and try to make allegations with no validity. Mr. Mole man, I will encourage you to really be a part of your community and do something productive instead of wasting my time and you’re right about one thing, I will continue to ignore you on this page, you hold no stature.

    1. BTW you misread my comment. You say you represent Success Village. I am one of the people you claim to represent and all I’m trying to say is you represent me in no way. When I make accusations I back them up with evidence not slander and harassment. If you represent Success you represent all that is wrong with Success. You don’t bring people together, you divide them and that is gonna catch up with you one day. Especially when you fail to deliver on your promises. Have a nice day, Mr. Chin.

  23. And let’s add how I exposed the corruption of a property manager retaliating on my community breaking the laws in Success Village and utilizing the private property laws against our members, members of the board who in conjunction with the property manager took over the board and we’re fining residents and members for anything and everything and I stood there, exposed all the retaliation negligence and illegal activities that were being done in my community, which is why where I am in the position I am today because I don’t just talk about it, I am about it. I brought Department of Health, Channel 12 News Frank Recchia what part of me going out there and exposing what was going on in my community and that hard work and effort was done by me and me alone so for you to say you are a representative of Success Village, it’s a laughing matter, it’s funny how the corrupt always want to be glorified for what they don’t do which is the same as the politics here in Bridgeport. I am My Neighbor’s Keeper and I do represent my community so Mr. Mole Man, have a Coke and a smile.

  24. Funny how when I only asked you what it was you wanted from Ganim you blocked and deleted me. That’s not a man who can represent a community, you can’t block and delete what you don’t like. That’s something only a fool does. When I pressed the question you went as far as sending threatening text messages and calling my phone. What is it you want, a fight? A leader doesn’t pick fights. A leader answers questions from his people. Don’t worry, I’m gonna be more involved in Success Village so when the proof is never presented I’m gonna see you take another huge defeat.

  25. Anyone who doesn’t question you. The videos of you and your banter. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true, you need physical evidence and you haven’t presented any of it. Just like your 25 years of service. Slowly you keep opening yourself up and more people will call you out.

    1. Enudio, you seem to know the good Angel pretty well and like I said earlier he acts and sounds like Donald Trump, he’s a one-man show always telling OIB how great he is and how independent he is. Just like Trump and they are both a one-man show and I mean show.

      1. It’s all show. The videos. The huge claims he makes. Seriously, just go over the videos he posts and the accusations he makes, it’s amazing the amount of corruption and theft he says he exposed yet no charges have been filed against anyone. They voted the old board out and the new board that consisted of people suing the association handed out settlements, erased all the supposedly false fines and wonder why we are $600k in debt. All Angel has managed to do is divide the community. He has his rabid followers like Trump who buy into what he says but don’t ask where the proof is or why won’t he allow other points of view on his page from the community he represents. He is using the same tactics here. Except this time he cannot sit there and delete what I say. I actually supported his cause because yes there are problems with Success but his claims started getting totally personal and outrageous. So I started to question his motives. I have plenty of the things he’s deleted saved including the threatening text messages. He kinda made it personal.

  26. Mackey and Mole Man. OMG I’m flattered, I’m being sabotaged. lol. Okay, first of all Mr. MOLE man doesn’t know me at all, he’s just retaliating because I affected his friends from remaining on the board and stealing in my community. Second, my videos do show the negligence people were going through from mold, asbestos and lead toxins that I helped them with, and Mr. Mackey just because you haven’t been as proactive as I have doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done. Only because to stand up against CORRUPTION it takes COJONES, like they say in my country, so again if you want to see how effective I can be Mackey, I’ll be more than happy to show you, in the meantime, have yourself a Diet Coke with a smile. Now Mr. Mole man, PTSD is a serious illness, I suggest you seek help. Hey, I can help you if you need.

    1. PTSD, is that why you get so angry? I don’t have a military record like you claim so I assume you are speaking of your own experiences. I know you enough, a lot more than you think. Yes, you show videos of negligence. some of it the property manager’s fault, some of it was the members’ own fault, but what fixes have you shown? The boilers you spoke so much of are still in shambles and you yourself in one of your own videos said Success Village doesn’t have the money to get these fixes you speak of done. This is what people are starting to see when it comes to you. You make claims but nothing has been fixed. No evidence of money being stolen. Just you posting propaganda and deleting anyone who questions it. I know I’ve struck a nerve here because you can’t delete my comments now. Ah, the freedom of speech finally shines through. This is how it’s practiced, Mr. Chin.

  27. Lol. Hey Mackey. lol. Comparing me to Trump. lol. You’re hysterical. What’s the matter, am I stealing your limelight in OIB? lol. Awww don’t be mad there’s plenty of room here for all of us=, lol. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? LOL.

    1. Angel, the more you talk and expose yourself the more people see you are the male version of Maria. You are the savior who Success Village has been waiting for and now that you’re on the DTC, Mario Testa and Mayor Ganim better watch out because the Angel has landed.

  28. Thank you Mr. Mackey, I’ll take your sarcasm as a compliment, but to compare me to Maria is a slap in the face. I’ll give you that one as a freebie, but on a real note, I’m no one’s pushover and I’m not afraid to speak and say it like it is. Sir, you’re obviously a Testa and Ganim supporter, no wonder you’re attacking me. And me being on the DTC is a chance for me to help my community and that is all, I understand it’s been the same tiring routine with the same people over and over, along comes a fresh new proactive productive person like myself and there’s a target on my back. If we took the time to work as a unit, complement each other’s strengths instead of looking to trash and destroy because of different opinions, we would actually be a more effective Democratic party. I thought we were all on the same team here. Aanyway I had fun today thank you and Mr. Mole man for the entertainment. Goodnight and God Bless.

    1. Your words and your actions contradict each other, my friend. It seems you really don’t have a direction to go, just some lame speech you post every day. I really hope when Success throws money into a forensic audit, something comes up. If not it’s gonna leave you looking pretty bad.

    2. Angel Figueroa, it seems you are taking some comments here the wrong way and by that I mean there have been suggestions to assist you in dealing with issues and the DTC.

      Mojo, myself and others have been saying on OIB if they don’t like the way the DTC is operating then they need to find like-minded people in the 10 districts and have them run slates of candidates to change the things they don’t like.

      Angel, Lisa Parziale wrote this in a reply to my comment, she said,
      Lisa Parziale // Mar 17, 2016 at 8:25 am
      The reality is the TC is irrelevant, nominations are merely for show, and the poor individuals who believe it makes a difference are in for a surprise. We now have what amounts to open elections, open primaries, and all it takes to prevail is hard work and the ability to reach out to the voters.

      Angel, that is good information to assist you and anyone else who want to get involved and make changes. Angel, I suggest you slow down and think before you write something to see if there is something I can learn from it being written. Time will tell (JML).

      1. You can’t reason with this man. You have a better chance reasoning with a brick wall. He’s digging himself a hole he won’t be able to crawl out of.

  29. I agree Mr. Mackey, Lisa is a good friend of mine and a professional in every aspect of the word, I appreciate the advise. Mr. Mackey, I’m here for a reason, I’m not looking for any political favors, jobs, etc. l want to help my community, PERIOD!, but in the process I have been and I guess always will be retaliated on. My issue with Ganim again making false promises to my community and not keeping his word, in the world of politics that’s all you have, and as far as Testa I made my point by running that I was not going to do what a lot of people have done and that is to jump under his umbrella for shelter. I believe there is still a big opportunity for clean politics and everyone to get up and fight for the better of this Great City. As far as you and I, comparing me to Trump and Maria, well lol. I just feel you’re talking without knowledge of who I am, yes I am very outspoken and always will be, but to say I’m a male version of Maria, weeelll, I don’t think so, lol.

  30. Oh Mr. Mole Man, Forensic Audit is in the works buddy, and I will say this,i t will come out, already we’re shown to be missing in the hundred thousands, with debts up the wazoo, and if you were involved in any of our meetings you would know this. It’s good to talk a lot, wait, text a lot and feel like you’re being constructive or proactive, but when everything was going on you were never even a part of anything, yet members who supported came out and made a stand for the best interest and Quality of life in our community, when the corrupt board was retaliating against members it was you who was helping them providing information on other members so they can be retaliated on, so you see you were never a part of the solution, you were always a problem, and it’s the same problem here today in politics, same menu different restaurant, just this time it’s called Testa. I’m not here to change the world, I’m here to try to make a difference and show if you’re really true-heartedly looking for a change in Bridgeport and your heart and soul is for the people, and you really care and want to make a difference, it can be done, there’s STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. United we stand divided we fall. I never thought in a million years I would be where I’m at today, I never believed in politics or politicians because they are liars ( Joe Ganim ), so if I can be here today helping people and making the right choices for the people then there is still hope for us. I’m sure there are plenty of people on the DTC who feel the same way and are just scared to stand alone or being retaliated on, I welcome anybody and everybody to look inside themselves and see if they are in a place where they feel they have done right for their communities, look at Bridgeport, we’re still in the same place, there’s so much potential to make Bridgeport so much better, but it takes strong-minded, independently thinking people to unite and make that change for the best interest of our City, not what benefits you, your pocket or just you and yours. I’m dropping the mic now.

  31. See again Mr. Chin you make accusations. I never once spoke to “the corrupt boards” until you blocked and deleted me. I went and saw the other side and they at least could answer the questions I asked. We all know Success Village is in debt. A lot of it was handed out in settlements when the new board took over. Funny how I don’t attend meetings yet know everything going on. I have a job unfortunately it gets in the way of me attending. You also don’t mention when I gave you information you were seeking when I supported you and your circus. You had a good run. Now people are seeing you for the person you are. A man who makes huge claims and embellishments about his and his family’s accomplishments. All you are gonna accomplish is getting the common charges raised, which will hurt the elderly and people living in Success on fixed incomes. The people you claim to be helping. I’ve been here a lot longer than you. That debt didn’t appear overnight and corruption was going on way before you showed up on your high horse. You are under the impression I support the old board because they at least speak about the accusations you’ve made. Even your sva411 page is losing its support because you can’t provide anything concrete on your claims. That’s all I ever asked for. Seriously, you are delusional.

    1. The thing that stands out the most is the way you pointed out our former property managers’ lawsuits against him and criminal record which have nothing to do with Success and say well the bylaws say you can’t work for Success with a criminal record while you support present board members and haven’t said a peep about their records. Even going as far as trying to get bylaws changed to remove the criminal background checks. I don’t know about you but I’m not okay with criminals handling my money. You don’t like it Ganim got a second chance but these criminals did?! Hypocrite much? Picks Angel’s mic up and tosses it in the trash for him.

  32. What information did you give me??? Really, lol. Okay look, this is getting nowhere it’s a he says she says, you’re just on an agenda to try to take away from what I have accomplished but you can try all you want and say are you on my page is actually getting more likes I’m at 478 right now from 389 last month so I don’t know what page you’re talking about you make a lot of mumbo-jumbo your comments are not concrete and again you know nothing about what’s going on in Success Village community, you have a history of bashing our board members and making outrageous comments yet you are taking nothing you know so much but know nothing and throughout the history of the fights we had with the corrupt board and property manager whenever a part of it so shut up already all you’re doing is retaliating on me and trying to make me look bad that’s it. My page is very well and I’m looking forward now to opening up another one. So with that being said you’re just wasting my time here speak all you want because from this moment on I’m just going to ignore you, you’re just wasted breath and honestly instead of wasting your energy again with your personal vendetta against me go out there and be resourceful do something, get a coloring book and crayons color of picture go do some finger painting and be productive in life. I’m actually flattered I’m constantly on your mind, but I’m sorry you’re not my type Mr. Mole Man. Do something so you can actually get the attention you seek, and I hate to bust your bubble but nothing you say and nothing you’re putting out is affecting me in any way because Success Village voted me to be here today for what I have done and that alone is proof enough. My pages show the videos of the people I’ve gotten two units and exposed the negligence that they’ve been in Channel 12 News interviews with me dude I can go on and on and on, you’re a hater, get a life brother, again I have a couple of coloring books available. It’s good for the mind and so who knows you might end up liking yourself. Have a good day Mr. Mole. Hold on, click, mute button on the mic picked it up from the garbage and dropped it AGAIN. LOL.

    1. Everyone knows you rode in on Maria’s coattails, you say you aren’t looking for any adulation but it’s the first thing you talk up on how much you’ve done for the people but where are these people? No one here seems to know you for doing anything good. You’ve made yourself the laughing stock of Only in Bridgeport by arguing with me. Going back to your insults like it’s a mature thing to do. I’ve called you out and still you have nothing to back up the claims you’ve made. I guess you’ll always dance around the questions and talk the talk.

    2. You need to proofread a little because a lot of what you said makes no sense. Likes on your page? Maybe but comments are down. Everything I’ve said has gotten the attention it needs and I don’t have to make you look bad, you do it enough yourself. Your tactics will catch up to you. You can’t make enemies of everyone and I have the text message where you said I made it personal. Now you’re backtracking. Sorry, this isn’t Facebook and you can’t control it.

  33. Lol. Mr. Mole Man, by your comments it’s clear your ongoing attacks on my page are repetitive and only show your antics and tactics on a personal level, and really claiming I’m on Maria’s tail, lol. Listen, you’re mad because I exposed you for the backstabbing traitor you are, you keep mentioning what people, lol. the same ones who elected me in these elections, your remarks are rhetorical and show your personal attacks on my page and me. It’s obvious I have done what I have again. I welcome everyone to view it on Success Village 411, if anything I want to say thank you, you’re actually promoting my page. Thank you again, and backtracking please you need to be smarter than that, you keep ranting and ranting, and I’m a debater it’s part of my Profession, lol. Mr. Mole Man get a hobby please, again a coloring book, play some video games, you’re actually entertaining and I’m really entertaining your comments and allegations with no validity. Lol, Chau Bacalau Mr. Mole.

  34. A debater who deletes and blocks on your page. I want everyone to see it because it shows how you can barely grasp the English language, your comments don’t even make sense half the time because you use words wrong trying to sound intelligent. Obviously you’ve been creeping on me and my pictures or you wouldn’t be so obsessed with my mole. Your page is laughable and I would look in the mirror before I was so open with insults. You’re a childish man. You fail to see you have become the butt of OIB jokes yet you call me a joke. A nobody who has gotten under your skin to the point you can’t even avoid responding. Don’t worry, I will continue to get attention to sva411 and your dirty politician antics, the same antics that have you complaining to anyone who will listen. Good luck with everything, you definitely need it.

  35. Backtracking is all you have. The great and mighty Angel Figueroa with his culo on his chin. He says he’s exposed this and exposed that because he posted a video that gives no proof to his claim. He comes on OIB and repeats the same propaganda over and over and nothing you’ve brought up has been fixed or proven.

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