Marching? Circus Moves Into The White House

The Trump presidency has begun with the most powerful person on the planet debating the size of his inaugural crowd. Hmmm, sounds like the Barnum & Bailey Circus hasn’t closed. It simply moved into the White House. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands are protesting. See New York Times coverage here.

women's march
Chang W. Lee/The New York Times



  1. Lennie, thanks for the feed. This is amusing. Silly, but amusing. So much enthusiasm. ‘Nasty women,’ ‘Nuns on the bus,’ Planned Parenthood, some lesbian going on and on about gender equity, a woman proudly announcing she served 27 years in prison, illegal aliens, black lives matter, pro-choice America, thugs shouting profanities, muslims. All these pillars of our society. Many of them shouting “resistance” are heads of non-profits with six-figure salaries. Yes ladies, you got the power.
    They covered it all. And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.
    Love those pussy hats. Are they made in China?
    So what time is the UCONN women’s basketball game?

    1. There you have it folks! Tom White’s way of grabbing them by the pussy. By the way Tom, the pussy hats where made in China and in the same factory they made those “Make America Great Again” red caps.

      1. BTW, some of those pink hats were actually hand-knitted right here in Bridgeport CT by the LADIES of the Bloodroot Restaurant in Black Rock. Bloodroot Restaurant is a 40-year-old Bridgeport business, paying taxes and supporting the community. Just recently, it was voted to be in the Top 10 Yelp-reviewed Healthy Restaurants in SW Connecticut. Plus, I am proud to be one of their neighbors.

    2. In many cases, the pussyhats are knit or sewn by the people wearing them. Honestly, do they look mass-produced to you? And if they were, what outside of rank stereotype or desire to provoke a response would make you suggest China or any other specific country of origin? Your response is deliberately provocative. Why don’t we cut to the chase, so you can just tell us the response you hoped to invoke from your readers.

      1. One more thought, as a women who feels passionate about my beliefs, and as a women who would have been marching with them if it had been possible, I will never think of you the same way. I mentioned in a recent post we have bloggers who hide behind sometimes rational posts but are really bigoted and racist. I’ll let you decide, does the shoe fit?

  2. I will have to admit the tone and tenor of some of my own posts were a bit harsh, over the line, and I regret them. Due to inability to delete or edit (Ray, thank you for your help) on OIB, those posts remained part of the record.

  3. How can anyone be surprised by the vitriol espoused by Tom White? Go back and read all his posts and you will see this post is symbolic of all his messy messages of hope. He’s a typical Trump supporter.

  4. Actually Donald, I was not a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and I cringe at some of his statements. I am pleased though, that the pendulum that swung so far left in the last few years will swing back to the right and hopefully settle at a point that reflects mainstream American values.

    1. “Swung so left.” Are we simply referring to the Presidency of Barack Obama whom I might characterize as left of center? The United States is, when you really look at it, a mostly conservative country. The United States might have had a progressive, left-of-center period from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Lyndon Johnson (with an Eisenhower break), but this country has turned increasingly conservative since the 1968 election of Richard Nixon. Although Barack Obama won in 2008 with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, his election and all the 2008 election results could be seen more as a rejection of George Bush (Iraq War etc.). Although Obama was re-elected in 2012, any analysis of all other election results show a country moving rightward even more. The Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Most Governors and State Legislatures are Republican. I would not call the last eight years as a period where we saw “the pendulum that swung so far left.”

      1. Yes Frank, the swing to the right should have started when Republican became the majority in the House of Representatives but they did not assert themselves, some feel, due to their poor leadership. Obama embraced ‘the left’ like no other president.

    2. Tom White, please, you heard the dogwhistle from Donald Trump and you answered the call by putting out your own dogwhistle call. Tom, people got wise to your tricks and all one has to do is to read your past posts, the cat is out of the bag.

  5. Since we are looking at the pictures of the crowds at the inaugural/protest, Trump is starting his meltdown. In the first 24 hours of his Presidency, Trump is fuming and going crazy over comparisons of his inaugural crowd numbers versus Obama’s. Trump’s White House Press Secretary just came out and attacked the comparisons.

  6. Lisa, I am comfortable my beliefs are mainstream. I have biases that are based in cultural and religious norms. Suggesting someone is a racist sounds dramatic but is outmoded. You labeled what I said as “women bashing.” It has become popular to use the term ‘misogynist.’
    a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
    synonyms: woman-hater; More
    relating to or characteristic of a misogynist.
    “a misogynist attitude”

    Even the Connecticut Post used it in an editorial today.
    My reply? Calm down. You and many others are still upset Hillary Clinton was defeated by an obnoxious s.o.b.
    The women in my life voted for Obama in 2008 and for Trump in 2012 as did 54% of women nationwide.
    Will the circus move into the White House? It spent one day on the mall and I expect Congress will be the next stop as Democrats vow to resist appointments to cabinet positions.
    BTW Frank, brunch at Bloodroot was a stop with my Marin County California liberal brother during his recent visit, along with a Sound Tigers game and posing for a photo in front of the Gustav Whitehead memorial (his wife is from Ohio).

    1. Tom, call it what you want. You are a woman-hater, bigot and racist. Do I make myself clear? I regret any benefit of the doubt I may have given you in the past. If we ever pass each other, don’t even look my way, you Trumper!!!

  7. Lisa, you and Zena Lu are the only women who have spoken against Tom White’s asinine statements about The Women’s March Saturday. Below is the mindset of Tom White about women exercising their right to protest and Lisa I’m sure you didn’t think Tom White was as vulgar and hateful as he is showing.

    “This is amusing. Silly, but amusing. So much enthusiasm. ‘Nasty women,’ ‘Nuns on the bus,’ Planned Parenthood, some lesbian going on and on about gender equity, a woman proudly announcing she served 27 years in prison, illegal aliens, black lives matter, pro-choice America, thugs shouting profanities, muslims. All these pillars of our society.”

    “Lisa, I am comfortable my beliefs are mainstream.”

    1. Ron, read my post just above yours. I wonder how his mother, wife, daughters if he has any, sisters if he has any, aunts if he has any, feel about his mean comments towards women in general.

      1. Lisa, you are making a mountain out of a molehill. I voted for Trump because I could not vote for an arrogant bitch like Hillary. I could not vote for Hillary because she is under investigation. I could not vote for her because of Benghazi where she would not send help to save those who died there.
        I don’t care who demonstrates but it’s too bad these people sat on their asses at election time.

        1. Andy, you have the right to vote however you wish. My issue with Tom White is he showed his true colors regarding women exercising their right to protest. My disdain is not about who voted for the candidate of their choice.

    2. Good morning, Ron. So perhaps the women marching are saying we know the Clinton history of laws that unfairly targeted minority citizens, the Clinton history of sexual misconduct, lying about it and the complicity, and we aren’t going to allow it to happen again under Trump. Perhaps they believed Hillary has learned from the past, and would correct the harm of the past. What perplexed me is more than one woman I know nationwide, posted on their Facebook page, what should I write on my protest sign. If a person doesn’t know exactly what they are protesting or what their message is, I for one worry about their true motives. To me, it’s about their candidate losing more than holding the new president accountable when they don’t know what to say on their signs. The list of speakers Tom White posted are actually part of the pillars of our society, they hold up a segment of our population I for one believe we all need to help support and protect. I have no problem with Tom thinking the March was silly, it’s simply his opinion. Granted, there seems to be a lack of empathy on his part for the featured speakers and that makes me feel sad, mostly for Tom. When I am shown why and how my thinking is narrow, one-sided and perhaps faulty rather than attacked and belittled, I am more open to reflection and change. In my humble opinion, everyone needs to be open to change because without it, stagnation.

      1. Jennifer, look. Tom White is your friend so you want to support him but Jennifer, really, but you did say it makes you feel sad.

        Jennifer, just because some people couldn’t give a reason for why they were at the protest doesn’t mean they didn’t feel there is something just not right and they needed to be there. I know a group of nurses from here who were at the march and they came back so fired up to get involve on all levels of elected politics because of the spirit, feeling and the need for them to make changes and as women they feel they can make changes. Yes, if they all came out and voted, maybe Hillary Clinton could have won, but that train has long left the station. They know they didn’t do what needed to be done and they know without a doubt President Trump is not and will not address their concerns so now they are taking the first step to make that change. Remember what Senator Mitch McConnell said and did on the first day President Obama was sworn in. He said it was his job and the Republican Party not to help President Obama do anything and to make President Obama a one-term President. Well, that’s what the women from their march plan on doing.

        Jennifer, The Million Man March was a gathering en masse of African American men in Washington DC on October 16, 1995 called by Louis Farrakhan. Myself, Donald Day and 22 other Firebird members attended the march, we were not there for Minister Farrakhan, we were there because of his call for us as black men for atonement.

        Speakers at the event structured their talks around three themes: atonement, reconciliation and responsibility. The Day of Atonement became a second name for the event and for some came to represent the motivation of the Million Man movement. Beyond the most basic call for atonement leaders of the March also called for reconciliation, or a state of harmony between members of the black community and their God. Speakers called participants to “settle disputes, overcome conflicts, put aside grudges and hatreds” and unite in an effort to create a productive and supportive black community that fosters in each person the ability to “seek the good, find it, embrace it, and build on it.” Finally, the leaders of the March challenged participants and their families at home to “expand our commitment to responsibility in personal conduct and in obligations to the community.”

        1. Indeed Ron, and I think it’s important to hold every elected official both accountable and make them aware what issues are important. I think it’s fair to say this march put the elected representatives on notice of what’s important to over three million people who showed up to voice. Perhaps the task at hand for those who agree with and support their message is to find a way to help educate and inform those who don’t understand, rather than attack and belittle. Equal rights and fair treatment for all citizens, regardless of race, sex or creed. I believe God loves each and every one one of us equally and the same. I’m certainly working on acting on my belief every minute of every day. A good friend of mine starts conversations with, God Loves you honey, please help me understand why you just said what you did. Beats a poke in the eye any day.

  8. Lisa, of course I read your post and it was right on target but Lisa, Tom White doubled down after your post and he said, “Lisa, I am comfortable my beliefs are mainstream.” Lisa, I wonder what stream Tom White is in.

    Lisa, this is Tom White’s mainstream:
    President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for chief strategist in the White House, campaign CEO Steve Bannon.

    Bannon, who runs the conservative news site Breitbart, has been called racist, anti-Semitic and white nationalist–and he runs a site that has, in addition to having been unapologetically pro-Trump throughout the election, is known as a home for the so-called “alt-Right.”

  9. Not that the people who claim offense care, but did you notice in my first comment the people I referred to were those who took their turn appearing on stage? The feed was a camera covering the stage. Everything on stage was orchestrated by professional organizers (and agitators).
    Lisa, if we see each other, I hope I don’t forget to genuflect now that you have assumed the role of Mother Teresa and moral consciousness.
    Okay Lennie, next topic. How about Ganim’s residency in Bridgeport?

    1. Tom, no need to genuflect, but I’ll call you out as a women-hater wherever I may see you in the future, and I don’t care where it is or who’s near, and I promise I won’t whisper when I do.

      1. Lisa, let me state again what Tom White said. “This is amusing. Silly, but amusing. So much enthusiasm. ‘Nasty women,’ ‘Nuns on the bus,’ Planned Parenthood, some lesbian going on and on about gender equity, a woman proudly announcing she served 27 years in prison, illegal aliens, black lives matter, pro-choice America, thugs shouting profanities, muslims. All these pillars of our society.” Lisa, thanks for seeing the spin on his asinine statement. The only thing he got out of the march is what he wrote. Lisa that’s how women-haters act, they genuflect on a blog and not to women. People need to do what you said, let him be a man and tell you face-to-face what he said.

  10. I’m guessing there are many others like me (or maybe not!) who come to this exclusive Bridgeport blog to hear the opinions, discussions, and attacks among the long-time and only posters here. Your little club has kept me entertained over my morning coffee for years! I wasn’t disappointed today. Thirty-plus comments attacking one of your very own (because no else would dare) for his hilarious comment about the oh so dignified Vulgar Vagina Vanguard! Kudos to Mr White for prompting the ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness’ always on display here! Thanks for all laughs folks, you made my day!

  11. lisalake, I hope you choke on your coffee while reading this blog. But let’s see if you let this little club know so we can all have a laugh at your gasping. And BTW, in the event this is not your real name, as Maria would say, “coward.”

    1. LOL. Thanks for so succinctly validating my comment, Lisa! As for the coffee, I tried a new blend this morning; it was delightful! Very smooth and delicate; sounds like yours might have been a bit astringent tasting, but thanks for not veering off script! Have a lovely day!

  12. Thank you Tom White for having the courage to speak your mind, perhaps anticipating full well your words would not be well received.

    Over the past few years I have gotten to know you reasonably well in person and thank you for the efforts you have made while a “public servant” to represent all the people without regard to gender, race or other special identifier. For your perceived curiosity about City Council matters, you were removed from a full-time City position and have had to fight back in the courts.

    As a Republican you get little representation in Bridgeport. And as a community organizer back in the day you put yourself out against a zoning matter that got past but in terms of economic development subsequently cratered.

    Lots of people piling on. Happens in Bridgeport as you know. I wish those same folks would pick up the fiscal reports and become as active in identifying the areas that can stand reduction without impairing taxpaying citizens as well as those critical for our youth to become skilled and responsible as they enter adulthood where increased funds are required.

    Religion, party politics, racial or cultural sensitivity or lack thereof, are probably more productively discussed or debated in other forums. What type of rancor is felt and developed when injustice is publicly meted out by those with power? And what forms of sensitivity can we practice to keep all people at the table rather than shame them away and continue to isolate the remainder of us to weakness? Are we looking at such a moment? Time will tell.

    1. So John Marshall Lee if I might ask, do you agree with Tom White’s comment about the march that he has every right to speak about and express his feelings?

  13. JML, I find your response to Tom in the same vein as those who voted for Trump. Exit polls after the election of Trump said he won 53% of the votes of white women, so how does that happen after the disrespectful things he said about women, it’s like 53% said he wasn’t talking about me, but other women. Exit polls said 29% of Hispanics voted for Trump after his build a wall diatribe, it’s like Hispanics said he isn’t talking about me he’s talking about other Hispanics. They dismissed the vile and misogynistic things he said like he was talking about anyone but them. He was given a pass on the ugly that was Donald Trump.

    JML, you are doing the same thing with respect to Tom White because you think he has courage and you know him reasonably well so that is a reason to cosign his vitriolic and ugly post. Shame on him and shame on you sir because some of us don’t expect much more than that from Tom White, but as a member of the NAACP and that of a person whom I thought whose character was beyond reproach. You dropped the Moral ball with your support of the demagoguery of Tom White.

    1. JML, I would like you to answer Ron’s question. I would like to know how you feel about his disparaging remarks about women. Since you opened the door JML, it would behoove you to answer our questions. I hope I haven’t given you more praise and credit than you deserve. I’ll be waiting for your answer.

  14. Dear Lisa, Ron and Don,
    Please return to my words and point out the words where you find me supporting Tom White’s feelings or beliefs about women, for example.

    What have you read into my support for Tom White, as a long-term Bridgeport citizen, taxpayer and ‘former public servant’ who was unjustly removed from his City work by those with more power because they could, and they have never looked back, not even when the City is sued and has to defend. (We should hold some of those Civil Service hearings in Council chambers so the public can learn ‘City process’ and share feelings about the use of public dollars, maybe.) As a former Council member, when stipends were $500, the Council gave back 50% at budget time to show solidarity with the taxpayers. For the past 10 years when the stipends are worth $9,000 per year, there has been no move to give back any of those dollars, not even when cumulatively 30% of the budget is not spent, nor is another $90,000 ever considered for reduction though it is not used. Watchdogs? Taxpayer sensitive?

    In any case my views about people are widely shared daily on this blog. I believe I am respectful even when it is not returned or not offered in the first place. I have learned respect and trust must be earned and maintained. But I do not seek to be put on a pillar (of praise or credit).

    To the subject at hand: I am a strong supporter of those women, and men, who left Bridgeport to go to Stamford, NYC, or Washington, as my wife with her sister did to be part of the ‘less than fully defined movement’ that is coalescing it seems. I am very proud of her and other women I know who felt disrespected and decided to share their feelings in a non-violent message to those who will stop, look and consider.

    America’s greatness lies in the opportunities it offers to all, especially to people of ability to build, to begin again, to enjoy freedoms and share in their support; and also to maintain a system of self-governance that allows a transition of power such as we observed within the past week. We had a very dignified, graceful and hopeful hand-off from President Barack Obama to a President-Elect who has continued, in my opinion, a campaign combativeness, that will not be helpful in governing, the reason he was elected, FOR ALL THE PEOPLE. What a tough order to fulfill!

    And here in Bridgeport, where the DTC has ruled for years, securing jobs and privilege for those who are willing to be co-opted or conflicted, acting mostly below the radar, never sharing an ideology other than self-aggrandizement from public resources, dumbing down so much of what would pass as ordinary governance such that there are few checks or balance in existence at any moment. And fewer people are willing to study and learn and share because it’s not worth it. Because you can’t change things at City Hall. Because of someone else not doing things right. (Or because we have found fault with everyone else, blamed them and we are the last person staring at our own image in the mirror.)

    Perhaps it is our duty to discover the positive and the hopeful, to teach by example out in the public forum, and find the hopeful to which the young will set their sails.

    But isn’t it easier to jump on a person, rather than the ideas we find odious? But does not that prevent a broad based movement to form? Of course, you have thought of that, haven’t you? So you want to hear what I have to say, really?

    Well take out your calendars for March 11 and 12 and mark those days for Civics 101, an effort by Bridgeport Generation Now to INFORM about history, process, and people and about Accountability, Transparency and Honest information! And everyone is invited, especially the marginalized, especially if the “vote off the island” has been inflicted by those others who have been marginalized by race, religion, age, gender, etc. and are just plain angry. Isn’t it a time to say your piece, and then work for peace? Can you find a way to work together to overcome the larger problems facing all of us in this City? Time will tell.

    1. John Marshall Lee, you are talking loud and saying nothing. Here is the question again John, “I would like to know how you feel about Tom White’s disparaging remarks about women.”

      1. Ron, I am very proud my wife and her sister as well as many women I know and respect were part of the Saturday worldwide gatherings. For those who can read both words and “between the lines,” my support is there.
        I was present for NAACP Committee training on Saturday morning and will attend the Housatonic CC college NAACP formation this evening at 5:00PM at Beacon Hall.
        And this Thursday at 6:30PM at Burroughs Community Center the NAACP will conduct a general meeting to follow an Executive Committee Meeting at 5:30PM.
        And a Community Policing meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
        To say nothing of PTPartners monthly gathering on Monday at Gary Crook Center at 10:00AM. And City Council meetings and Committee sessions and other groups I support and work for. I am a mentor also to two young men.

        I am one person. I am not a judge. I do come to form impressions about people by what they do, day in and day out, when things are going well and when they are challenged severely. And so, for those of you who know me only through words on OIB I invite your active entry into Bridgeport community affairs. There is a lot of room for people of good will, striving to learn more, and willing to commit to a more active part in the community. We need lots of WATCHDOGS for instance over fiscal, educational, environmental, youth, housing, public safety, and elderly matters. OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST process needs to be pursued by many more than the DTC. How about you? Time will tell.

      2. JML, while I did take the time to read your response/opinions, the length of your comments appear to be more of a justification than a direct answer to a direct question. BTW, while I don’t know your wife as well as I would like to, there was never a doubt in my mind she would have been supportive of the many issues and concerns of the women activists. I’m thinking of exploring the possibility of testing the waters of Bridgeport and put out feelers to the many women I know, completely inclusive, to begin to put a voice to the women of this City who have been ignored for too long only to be contacted when male candidates require help in their election efforts.

  15. Has everyone noticed how Ron Mackey makes a comment, then comments on his comments as if someone else made the comment? Lectures from Mackey and Donald Day cannot be questioned because the lectures are about their identification of racism, which they can do whether they are right or wrong because they are black. It’s like affirmative action blogging. Very entertaining.

  16. Oh Tom White, c’mon man what in hell does racism have to do with your misogynistic statements about women? Were you elected President of the He Man’s Woman Haters Club? Ron Mackey and Donald Day weren’t the only people to take you to task for your asinine comments about women. The women in your life should be real proud of you just like JML. Oh by the way Tom White, it was Lisa Parziale who said, “You are a woman-hater, bigot and racist. Do I make myself clear?” Lisa, I concur with all your observations and couldn’t have said it better.

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