Malloy’s First Campaign Commercial: Steady Under Stressful Times

When you have $6.5 million in campaign funds to saturate the state and you face a difficult reelection in November, the only sensible thing to do is start spending it … based on what polling data tells you. Governor Dan Malloy has taken to the airwaves in a $254,562 one-week advertising splash to insert a toehold with voters before his eventual Republican opponent unloads on him.

Polls conducted by Quinnipiac University show Malloy faces a tight reelection. Voters remain fatigued from economic conditions and taxes. Malloy does not score well on those subject matters. But polling shows Malloy performs best as a leader under crisis: historic storms, Sandy Hook tragedy.

Malloy campaign strategists are leveraging his strengths as a jump point to win over voters on the things that concern them: jobs, wages, deficits, opportunity.

In campaigns male voters are generally easy to figure out: you raise my taxes I punch you in the nose. Female voters, however, the larger voting bloc, look at a variety of circumstances to determine how they’ll vote. Is he strong under pressure? Is my kid safe with him? He’s not perfect but … This opening spot seeks to reassure them “It hasn’t been easy, but we’re coming back.”

Malloy will face the winner of the August 12 Republican primary for governor between 2010 nominee Tom Foley and State Senator John McKinney.

Ad script

Connecticut’s seen some tough times in recent years.

One of the worst budget crises in our history.

Historic storms that battered our communities.

Unimaginable evil let loose in a school.

Through it all, Dan Malloy has been strong … steady … by our side.

Facing a budget crisis, he told us the truth.

We had one of the worst per person deficits in America–and needed spending cuts and new revenue to get it under control.

Now our deficit is down and we’re creating jobs again.

And while other states cut education, Malloy increased funding each year.

He helped small businesses create over 14,000 jobs.

Convinced our state’s biggest employer–impacting 75,000 jobs–to stay in Connecticut.

Raised the minimum wage … passed paid sick leave … provided the leadership to protect our families from gun violence.

It hasn’t been easy, but we’re coming back.

Dan Malloy.

Strength. Conviction. Progress.



    1. I was expecting an Andy onslaught against Malloy! If the general election took place today and the candidates were Democrat Dan Malloy or Republicans Tom Foley or John McKinney or petitioning candidate Jonathan Pelto, for whom would you vote?

      1. Lennie,
        I have no idea what you are expecting from regular contributors these days in terms of posts per article. But I have taken a look at the past half-dozen columns and the subject matter (or respondent statements) has been so attractive, one of your loyal writers has contributed 59 comments to the 145 other comments in just three of the essays. Now the poster has been worried my bow ties are tied so tightly my oxygen intake has been compromised. Say it isn’t so, but isn’t that so thoughtful and caring? For a person who wishes to be so factual, isn’t it great she can show emotion and regard for another in such a public fashion?

        Actually, while she has been concerned about me, I have become concerned about her blood pressure. A stroke suffered at her young age would deprive this community of an important voice, a tragedy. But since she really tries to remain immune from the concern of others (as well as unsolicited advice), I tread carefully in this regard.

        I just thought perhaps you can have a benign influence by providing more articles about the Barnum Festival 50 years ago, about new exotic animals at the Zoo, or perhaps one or more testimonials from City Council members returning from a junket, “What I Learned at the Convention that Will Be Useful to the City of Bridgeport.” Possibly these are subjects that might allow many emotions to cool. They also may be subjects that are very interesting to a few, but allow rest for others. Time will tell.

        1. Mr. Lee, you reviewed six columns but chose to post the findings of only three. That is often referred to as “cherry picking” data. Things must be quite slow at the office. How does one measure a post? Some on this blog are able to make a point or take a position on a particular topic in concise but informative posts the vast majority of the time. Others post lengthy diatribes in which the writers appear to consistently pontificate and are desperate to demonstrate how intelligent
          they are.

          1. Mr. Lee, please accept my apologies for posting yet again, however my daughter often likes to remind me I am “old” at the ripe age of 47. Thank you for your heartfelt concern, but my blood pressure is just fine.

      2. Ronald Mackey’s vote goes to Jonathan Pelto. I don’t think McKinney will beat Foley and Malloy is a waste, he thought when he first got elected and appeared on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC and CNBC, he was a rising star and hadn’t been in office a month.

  1. Probably McKinney, he is local and his father did an excellent job. McKinney is a friend of Bridgeport. Malloy has one aim and one aim only and that is to keep Bridgeport down and he wants the Bridgeport labor force to stay in Stamford with lower than normal wages.
    Every now and then Malloy throws us a bone and the political ass kissers (politicians) come forth with praise. While it’s nice, a water taxi??? Big Deal. Start-up money for steel point. The local leaders, and I use the term lightly, need to get off their knees and fight for Bridgeport. How much development has taken place in Stamford in the last year? How much development has taken place in Bridgeport?
    We hired an elected official from Stamford to be our economical development director, WHY? We did it for jobs like Murphy, Stafstrom some minor monies for the city. We did it to kiss the governor’s ass.
    Lennie, if any of the others except Malloy and Pelto got into office, I would be okay with that.

  2. I would vote McKinney and Walker if I were considering a Republican, though neither hold a candle to Jodi Rell.

    If the election were being held today, I would vote for Dan Malloy. If the election is held in November it is a safe bet Malloy will have my vote.

    I did get a call from the Malloy camp asking for my help, time and effort as my name came up as a workhorse. Sadly, I declined and thanked them for the call. I will be enjoying my summer and looking for a new career. I always appreciate it when people call and ask me to give up my time. Even the Musto workers are getting paid to work on his campaign. Lolololololol. Yes, I know people think I have schmuck written on my forehead, but after subbing in the school system making less than these kids working at McDonald’s, you realize how much time has been wasted and how many have benefited from my endless time given so freely. The only time I will give freely is to the Catholic charities soup kitchen, Merton house and the Jewish Home for the elderly.

    I want to thank the eight Democrats who suggested the Malloy camp call me. Now that I know your names it’s a safe bet I will not be working on any of your campaigns.

    Most everyone I know will be voting for Dan Malloy. There you have it!

  3. Malloy doesn’t give a damn about Bridgeport, if he did he wouldn’t be so adamant against the tribal recognition. Thousands of jobs and 20% lower taxes would occur, but racism and corruption rule the day!

  4. Steve, good letter. I have thought the same thing you just wrote about. I bring my work ethic, my political experience to the table for nada. Some snot-nosed kid whose dad is a big shot comes in all self-important and gets paid. No more.

    BTW Steve, if friends are voting for Malloy, he only has 100 votes.

    1. Actually Andy, I differentiate between friends and acquaintances. Friends, just short of a hundred in Bridgeport. I am blessed. Acquaintances, in the thousands. I cannot speak for my friends or acquaintances on both sides of the aisle. Based on conversation and what I know about exit polling, Malloy is strong. Most voters will vote party in Bridgeport and very few will consider the board of education when voting in Bridgeport. That is a blogosphere conversation. In the real world, not so much.

    1. Andy, you’re on. I may need that dinner!!! Lennie, please make a note in your archives. Keep in mind Caruso loses job if he loses. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris takes leave to work on his campaign. Either way, I support Malloy, I think he has been most supportive of Bridgeport and finally, not one person I know has mentioned the Board of Ed. I’ll leave the footwork and enthusiasm to the machine. If Malloy loses the election, leave Bridgeport alone, Finch is done and I am going to be running for Mayor. 🙂


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