Malloy Reasserts His Opposition To Ganim

Saying “I have not endorsed the Democratic candidate, and I’m a Democrat. I guess there’s a message there,” Governor Dan Malloy, a friend of petitioning candidate Mary-Jane Foster, issued arguably his harshest criticism of Democratic nominee Joe Ganim in a story by Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror.

From the article:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy stepped into the Bridgeport mayoral race Friday with his first pointed disavowal of his fellow Democrat, Joseph P. Ganim, the ex-con who defeated two-term Mayor Bill Finch in the Democratic primary.

“I don’t think he’s earned that endorsement, to tell you the truth,” Malloy said in response to questioning by reporters after an event in Hartford. “I think it’s a difficult situation that’s played itself out in Bridgeport, and an unfortunate one.”

Malloy endorsed Finch in the primary, but he has steadfastly refused to either embrace Ganim, who served seven years in prison for accepting kickbacks and bribes as the city’s mayor, or the Democrat who remains on the November ballot as a petitioning candidate, Mary-Jane Foster.

Republican State Chairman J.R. Romano has called on Democrats to ask Foster to withdraw and allow the GOP nominee, Enrique Torres, to become the last best hope for stopping Ganim’s return to city hall.

Malloy, a Democrat, scoffed at the suggestion that Torres was viable in a city with a small Republican presence. Foster is backed by Finch and grass-roots groups that helped elect the city’s two liberal Democratic state senators, Ed Gomes and Marilyn Moore.

“Did the Republican candidate get out of the race?” Malloy said. “No, I didn’t think so. What I would say to the Republican chairman is if they were serious about seeing Mr. Ganim defeated, then maybe they should have pulled their candidate and backed another candidate.”

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  1. One needs to ask how well did Finch do with his endorsement and support. Malloy once promised to balance Connecticut’s books through spending cuts alone. Now Gov. Dannel Malloy says he’s ready to OK a nearly $2 billion tax increase. He’s a liar just like his boy Finch.

    Jennifer B, remember when I said I would never vote for a Republican, not exactly true. I did for the first time since I started voting in 1969 when I voted for Tom Foley for governor. If his lying ass runs again I’ll go work for the Republican who runs against him. You can take that to the bank.

      1. Donald, you’re right of course, but I doubt we’ll have that choice to make. Malloy is done after this term; he’s the most disliked Governor I can remember, and just for the record, I, along with dozens of my friends didn’t vote for him either. I certainly hope he isn’t hoping for a job with the new President, in the event it’s a Democrat. He’s kind of like a Finch in waiting.

        1. I too despise Malloy and can’t get over the thought he will be the Chairman of the NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION next year.
          Gov. Malloy currently holds the following position in the NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION
          -Member on the Executive Committee
          -Member on the Legal Affairs Committee
          -Member on the Natural Resources Committee
          GOD HELP US, PLEASE.

  2. Malloy is off the hook. If I were any candidate I’d be running from his ringing endorsement. Can you hear me now, Dannel, I mean Dan, no wait again, Dannel?

  3. New Haven has its Hartford, Danbury has its Waterbury and Bridgeport has its Stamford, cities that have benefited from their counterparts’ losses. Why would anyone believe ANYONE from Stamford would be happy with Bridgeport’s prosperity? Part of the reason it amazes me we would hire an Economic Development Director who is a City alderman from Stamford (unless there was some sort of deal in place, but I’m sure Mr. Kooris submitted an application and interviewed (ha ha). Could it be without Finch that deal becomes moot, maybe if MJF confirms his reappointment the Guv will take a pic with her or something.

  4. First let me say I’m supporting Mary-Jane Foster but in the article Gov. Malloy said, “I don’t think he’s earned that endorsement, to tell you the truth,” Malloy said in response to questioning by reporters after an event in Hartford. “I think it’s a difficult situation that’s played itself out in Bridgeport, and an unfortunate one.” Who in hell does he think he is talking down the decision of the voters of Bridgeport, he acts like he has no respect for them. But he brought his punk ass to Bridgeport to those same voters when he won his election the last two elections, it was Bridgeport that gave him the winning edge. Hopefully Hillary Clinton will take both Finch and Malloy off our hands and give them something to do in DC because has already lost and Malloy is next.

    1. Ron,
      He is not obligated to endorse the Democratic candidate. Ganim’s nomination is an unfortunate turn of events for the city of Bridgeport. A former mayor goes to prison for seven years and loses his license to practice law. Then he needs a job and decides to run for mayor again and receives a majority of votes in the primary. Malloy, Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy all know they owe their jobs to the dirty politics of Bridgeport. This town is a goose that lays golden eggs. Tarnished but still golden.

        1. I am a bit confused, Ron. The Democrat voters of Bridgeport elected their choice in the primary. So is Malloy wrong to not endorse Joe, or is he wrong to not come outright and endorse Foster? Is it insulting to both camps, or all Democrats in the city? Everytime I think I understand, I just become more confused.

  5. Outside of this blog and across the state, Democrats are shocked and impressed a sitting Governor, whether you like him or not, had the good sense to not endorse Ganim. The average voter doesn’t care about Malloy’s poll numbers. That is just fodder for pro-Ganim supporters. But the lack of endorsement from two state Senators and US Senators as well as Congressmen Himes speaks volumes. It is embarrassing and the voters need to face the reality, voting for Ganim will have devastating consequences for the city of Bridgeport. Ironically, those who need State help the most are blindly supporting Ganim and they will sadly pay the price for that vote.

  6. Malloy’s approval rating is 32 percent so MJF can just walk all those votes straight to the bank. With Malloy and Finch gone, Stafstrom will be in early retirement.

    1. Hey Mr. Balls, I could be extremely naive, but outside this blog does anybody know who John Stafstrom is? Malloy is not going anywhere anytime soon and I would not count Bill Finch out so soon.


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