Malloy Endorses Hillary, Balks At Endorsement For Finch

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Although he has attended a fundraiser for Mayor Bill Finch, Governor Dan Malloy stopped short, for now, of endorsing him for a third four-year term before the expected Democratic primary that could include both former Mayor Joe Ganim and Finch’s 2011 primary opponent Mary-Jane Foster whom the governor described as a friend. Malloy appeared Sunday morning on Dennis House’s Face The State program.

You can listen to Malloy’s remarks at the 10:47 mark of the attached video. Malloy also sidestepped when House asked him about Ganim.

“I have not made an endorsement,” Malloy said when questioned by House about the primary field. “I have been to things with Bill. I have worked with him. I think what he is doing on the environment side is very important. I have to say holding public office is not the easiest job.”

When pressed by House if he’d make an endorsement Malloy said “One endorsement for the day is enough,” a reference to his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.

In recent years, following a scratchy relationship after Finch endorsed Ned Lamont over Malloy for governor in 2010, the relationship between Finch and Malloy has improved with Finch supporting many of Malloy’s initiatives.

Foster has been an active supporter of Malloy.

Ganim and Malloy were never warm and fuzzy when Ganim was mayor and Malloy served as chief executive of Stamford. Ganim was a rising star in state Democratic Party politics when he was indicted and subsequently convicted on federal corruption charges in 2003.



  1. Malloy is DC bound, with his goal a cushy appointment, no doubt about it. I just wish he were more concerned about the legacy he is leaving in CT.

        1. Godiva, we don’t always agree but you’re on point with this one. Nancy Wyman is one of the most honorable amongst those considered “honorable!”

  2. Jennifer Buchanan, I totally agree with you, with his budget he will need a get-out-of-state card between now and when his term is up. Malloy was always popping on MSNBC and especially on “Morning Joe.” Now he can’t be found.

  3. I posted that the day after the budget passed. I hope there are some serious Democrats starting to run for governor. He seemed totally disengaged over the budget. He submitted a budget that was out of balance and didn’t really seem to care. Told the legislature to deal with it.

    1. As union members are usually Democrats, with about 250,000 union members voting in CT, add retired union members, their family members and friends, Hillary does not need Malloy to deliver any votes for her election. The numbers are already in the machines.

  4. It is sad, maybe Malloy remembers Mayor Finch’s support of Ned Lamont. I cannot imagine Malloy holding a grudge. Like when I supported MJF. But apparently some people may hold a grudge and some rise above it.

    In this case, I think Governor Malloy’s non-endorsement of Finch is a blessing and I would not read too much into it. I am however, surprised by his early endorsement of Hillary. I do not think it was necessary and O’Malley could come out of nowhere.

    1. The way things are right now, Malloy’s endorsement of anyone is more of a detriment than an asset. Endorsing Hillary–big deal, I doubt it makes an impression on anyone.

  5. Bob Walsh, now we know what you and Carolanne Curry have in common. Who knew! Bernie is just 10 years past his expiration date and a Jewish president before Israel gets rid of Netanyahu and the Israelis and Palestinians get down to serious negotiations is just a sad attempt to keep the US and the Arab nations at odds. Just my very realistic take as an American Jew who loves Israel and wants a two-state solution and will do my best to kill the Palestinians with kindness and expect Israel to show them how to turn their state into a positive and fruitful country and share the land of milk and honey in peace. So Bernie hasn’t a chance.

  6. If the Hildabeast would get Malloy out of this State I might vote for her myself; however she is just a delusional paranoid, who will probably go unmentioned as just a footnote in the history books.

  7. Lennie,
    Do you know what all the Democratic candidates have in their war chests? Is it available to the public? Finch, Ganim, Foster, Gardner, Coviello and Daniels? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Steve, unless the candidates announce how much they have raised we won’t know for sure until the next reporting period that ends June 30. But Finch has raised more than $400K, Ganim more than $100K. Foster is actively raising money but still has a ways to go to catch up because she got in late. Gardner has not announced what he’s raised and Coviello has no history of raising money. Campaign finance reports are available at the Town Clerk’s office.

    1. Mr. Mackey-0I’m just assuming here, but one or both of them are probably looking for either Finch, Ganim or Foster to invite them to get on board with their campaign. I’m sure neither of them are an attractive package to any of the other candidates.

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