Local Pols Say Sam’s The Man

Let’s look into the OIB crystal ball. The potential lineup of top-tier candidates leading the gubernatorial line for the 2010 election has some intriguing possibilities, and Bridgeport pols will have a say in how the lines are shaped.

The potential Dem line: Susan Bysiewicz, Dan Malloy or Jim Amann for governor, Chris Dodd U.S. Senate, Jim Himes U.S. Representative.

The potential GOP line: Jodi Rell Governor, Rob Simmons U.S. Senate, John McKinney U.S. Representative.

Now, hold on a minute, say friends of Sam Caligiuri, our guy is the best candidate to match up against Dodd. Who’s Sam Caligiuri? He’s a state senator from Waterbury who provided some much-needed stability when he served as acting mayor of the Brass City after Phil Giordano’s implosion involving child sex abuse seven years ago.

Caligiuri, an attorney, was president of Waterbury’s legislative body, and stood in as mayor for six months, opting not seek the office for a full term. Giordano was another in a string of Waterbury mayors that posed for mug shots, and Caligiuri insisted that it was time for someone to govern selflessly in the period filling out Giordano’s term after he was forced to resign.

Russo, the former state senator from Bridgeport, who was defeated by Musto in November, is a huge Caligiuri guy. Russo likes him for a variety of reasons: he’s a Republican from an urban center, is not from Washington and holds no baggage that comes with it.

After chatting with Russo on Thursday I checked with other prominent Fairfield County Republicans not ready to announce a public preference and they, too, agreed that Caligiuri would make a stronger general election candidate than Simmons, a former three-term Congressman from eastern Connecticut.

Caligiuri doesn’t nearly have the name recognition as Simmons and has a lot of work to do, but he has something on his side that Simmons will never possess: geography advantage. Historically, GOP candidates that have run well in Connecticut on a regional or statewide basis have come out of the 4th and 5th Congressional Districts.

John Rowland and Jodi Rell in the 5th and Lowell Weicker, Stewart McKinney and Chris Shays in the 4th. Those two districts create the foundation for GOP politics, and strong political support there can swamp a candidate that comes from someplace else.

So Caligiuri is moving around, making plans to wage a primary against Simmons who’s already in the race enjoying the he-ain’t-Dodd appeal. A primary for the unknown Caligiuri would do him a lot of good, if successful, to build a profile for the general election against Dodd. But what if it isn’t Dodd? If he’s unable to rehabilitate his standing with the electorate would he step aside for Attorney General Dick Blumenthal? Then it becomes a new ballgame no matter the GOP candidate.

It also looks like Fairfield State Senator John McKinney, son of Stewart, is gearing up to run against Himes. Time to raise moolah because Himes is going to have a lot of it. McKinney the past few days has struck a GOP rational tone among the Democratic demagoguery blowtorching anyone affiliated with AIG.

As for the Dems, I don’t see how Amann has the political juice or profile to stay with SuBy and Malloy who’ve both run statewide, but you never know, politics is a crazy business. The secretary of state is a relentless campaigner unafraid to wage a primary if she doesn’t take away the endorsement from Malloy, mayor of Stamford, who won it in 2006 only to lose a tight primary to New Haven Mayor John DeStefano.

We’ll be seeing a lot of SuBy and Malloy in Bridgeport in the months to come courting city pols. Stay tuned.

News release from SuBy

(Rocky Hill) – As she explores a run for Governor in 2010, Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has picked up the key endorsements of two International Brotherhood of Teamsters locals representing nearly 7,000 working men and women in Connecticut and their families.

Supporting Bysiewicz are Teamsters Local 1150 in Stratford and Local 443 in New Haven. Local 1150 represents over 3,500 employees of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation which manufactures helicopters for military and commercial use. Local 443 represents over 3,200 employees of UPS, the Hospital of Saint Raphael, public works employees, and many other organizations.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the support of thousands of hard working men, women and their families who make our state and our country proud,” said Bysiewicz. “There is no question our state is facing tremendous challenges in this time of economic uncertainty. As I talk to Connecticut voters about our future, it is clear that we need bold, visionary leadership to strengthen our economy, create good paying jobs, and expand quality and affordable health care.”

Robert Bayusik, Secretary/Treasurer and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 443 in New Haven said, “Our economy is hurting. We need a big change in Hartford. Over the years, Susan has always shown that she understands the needs of hard working men and women. We believe that as Governor, Susan will carry forward the legacy of the late great Ella T Grasso. As Secretary of the State, Susan has been a strong advocate of democracy; she has protected the right to vote for the citizens of Connecticut and has ensured that all votes are counted honestly and accurately on Election Day.”



  1. *** Don’t know Sam the sham, without the pharoahs? But I do know that I like J. DeStefano for Gov. & Rob Simmons to take “loophole” Dodd’s place in the U.S. Senate and if J. Himes does not deliver the goods within reason. I could see me voting for McKinney only if he gets the veteran’s endorsement first! If DeStefano does not get the Dem. endorsement and Rell is in the race, I would vote for her. Blumenthal doesn’t seem to be interested in running for Gov. so those are my picks from these early springtime names in the mix. ***

      1. JD played nasty to grandma last go-around, how could a closet queen beat up on such a sweet o’l lady like grandma Rell??? If Bloomy doesn’t go for it I have to go with Sue B, hard worker and better to look at than the bulletproof gov.

  2. Granny Rell is bulletproof.

    Dodd is a dead duck. Too many martinis with Teddy K, if you ask me. Time to step down.

    Amann seems like a thick-headed thug with very little appeal to anyone outside of Milford/Stratford.

    John McKinney has never had to run against a real opponent in his entire political career. I don’t think he has the constitution (or cojones) to go the distance.

  3. OIB Rumor Mill:

    Chris Dodd represents a rare exception to a major trend. He’s a wounded Democrat with few friends in his own party. Conclusion: He can be taken and I know just the guy to do it.

    Here’s the rumor part: Rob Russo develops a game plan to gain The Republican nomination while defeating whoever The Democrats nominate to snag the election and become the next U.S. Senator from Connecticut.

    What say ye?

    1. Paul Timpanelli is, in polite company, a procurer. In the salty colloquialism of less-polite company, he is a pimp. As the head of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, Mr. Timpanelli pimps for the businessmen looking for tax breaks; helping to lobby for and broker deals that transfer development costs from investors to the taxpayers of Bridgeport. He tried to work his dubious magic for the benefit of Bob “I’m genuinely concerned for all human beings” Scinto, who would like to build what amounts to a condo complex for the elderly up in Monroe. Admission is only limited by the size of your bank account. Y’see, ol’ Bob could purchase a self-contained waste-treatment plant for the condo complex, but he doesn’t want to cough up the necessary money. He’d rather hook up to the Trumbull sewage line that connects to Bridgeport’s overworked system. So he called his good friend Paul Pimpanelli to put a different spin on it, make it seem as if it would be for the “benefit” of Bridgeport’s long-suffering taxpayers to allow the town of Monroe to splice into the Trumbull line. Pimpanelli even got his old running buddy Bill Finch, conveniently located in the Bridgeport Mayor’s office, to go along with the scam. One-term Bill started hawking regionalization as a remedy to all of Bridgeport’s problems, and guess who balked at the plan? The elected officials of Trumbull! How ’bout that? Once the fireworks had fizzled they read the fine print and saw that their town would have to pony up a considerable amount of cold hard cash to “buy into” this regionalization mumbo jumbo. (I can imagine the reaction was something along the lines of a collective “Fuck that!”) No sale is no sale, and that leaves Bob “I’m genuinely concerned for all human beings” Scinto with another option: this regionalization plan is only on the board so that he doesn’t have to pay to process all the shit, piss, prune juice, Geritol, and Depends disposable adult undergarments flushed down the toilets of his proposed condo complex for well-heeled old folks.

  4. I knew Ella Grasso. Ella Grasso was a friend of mine. Susan is no Ella Grasso.

    We need someone who understands the plights of the municipalities, especially large cities and how to cut the addiction to property taxes. Our cities and towns are struggling now because we get insufficient state aid and the only other type of revenue we get is property taxes. We get some amount of real estate transaction money as well, but that number is way down.

    I am behind Malloy because he best understands these issues. He understands that we need to give towns other sources of revenue, cut spending and rely on a fairer form of taxation. He has run a successful city for 14 years, Stamford has had incredible economic growth, and has produced balanced, workable budgets. He is not part of the Hartford business-as-usual mindset and would be the strongest challenger to M. Jodi.

  5. Linda Lollipop strikes again. Malloy is typical of the what’s in it for me for lunch bunch. Seems MCAT likes that type of politician. I say let’s get some people in office that are interested in reformation for the good of the people. Malloy doesn’t measure up. I hope grandma runs again. If not, SuBy looks good. Hard core experience … not political capitol bills to pay.

  6. Yahooy, how about you keep your comments factual and specific to your objections about the candidate? I listed reasons, you said “hard core” experience. What is the that experience? Was it the electronic ballots?

  7. Secretary of the State. Is that a job that provides suitable experience?

    I’m sure you can find a good job commensurate with your abilities without transparently supporting every sycophant looking for the good life.

    “… Finch is great. Give him a chance … BLAH BLAH BLAH …”

    Malloy … balderdash!!!

    Why don’t you give Hubler a call? He’ll let you know what type of person is needed to reverse our current maladies.

  8. It’s a little early to be calling the race for governor. Are we giving up on making any changes to our ill-lustrious city council? That race come first.

    Dan Malloy is a great politician. He knows nothing of acting in a bipartisan way because Stamford is solid dem. He rode the wave of prosperity in Stamford development and has tied the taxpayers down with hundreds of millions in debt for capital work. Instead of laying the groundwork for another dem to step in the mayor’s seat, he’s only caring for himself and so Stamford will go republican this year.

    1. *** Indep. Soul you’re right, it is a bit early for the Gov’s. race! However, nothing can really be done about the city council race ’til big changes & improvements are made @ the local D.T.C. level first. ‘Til then, it’s still the same dog & pony show like always! Remember, 90% of the show is picked @ the local D.T.C. auditions first, then the rehearsals @ the city D.T.C. meeting. After the comedy cast is picked, the date for the Primary show is set & it’s rehearsals ’til then. After the Primary Show is finished, 100% of the trained cast should be picked & ready for the grand opening on General Election Day! ***

  9. Black Rockin, are you saying Pimpanelli is paid directly by my tax dollars? I thought his salary is paid from members dues to the BRBC. Or are you inferring we eventually pay through the sweetheart deals he “procures?”

    1. Yee-hah, someone is paying attention, and that’s good–Black Rockin’ can’t get his thumb off the send button. The Bridgeport Regional Business Council and the Bridgeport Mayor’s Office have had a long and fruitful relationship, one that has produced many children. Since this relationship exists without benefit of clergy, all the children could be accurately described as bastards. Paul Timpanelli is the midwife that brought these illicit babies into the world, kicking and screaming (“Waaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa, there’s nothing in me for the people of Bridgeport except my dirty diapers, waaaaaaaaa!”).

  10. Yahooy, once again you disappoint by not being able to have factual, logical discourse about politics. I love government and the idea that if we stay involved we can help control our destiny not take what is handed to us.

    Your comments are not productive, just inflammatory.

  11. It looks like we have a “Love Connection” working this weekend with yahooy and MCAT. Yahooy has thrown Anna under the bus and is now looking for some tender vittles.

    Politics sure does make for strange bedfellows. Throw in The Bridgeport Kid and they could have a ménage à trois, quatre, cinq, six!

  12. First of all John McKinney stands no chance to win if he doesn’t do something about these numbers in Bridgeport.
    I was amazed to see how Black Rock went to Obama by a real real huge margin like that. Usually it would be more competitive. Obama more than doubled McCain at Black Rock. Second shocker was Dunbar school. My God look at the numbers there. Himes ran almost the same in every precinct as Obama so McKinney needs to work hard in Bridgeport because if Shays did bad like this McKinney will not run better than Shays in Bridgeport!!!

                  MCCAIN       OBAMA
                  ======       =====
    JFK CAMPUS       288       1,784
    Harding          139       1,208
    Dunbar            90       2,298
    St. Paul         110         784
    St. Paul           8          61
    Hooker           123         790
    Hooker           288       1,028
    Hallen           112         926
    Cross            126       1,991
    Park City        303       1,081
    Read             217       1,496
    Winthrop         911       2,086
    Blackham         951       2,729
    Blackham          58         296
    Luis Munoz       187       2,009
    Columbus         179       1,939
    Central          124         841
    Central          565       1,778
    Longfellow       123       1,003
    Black Rock       702       1,567
    Bassick          141       1,477
    Bassick           65         598
    Roosevelt        168       1,426
    City Hall         34         396
    Bridge Academy    91         966
  13. Donj: Hi, long time since you last posted.
    Himes won Bridgeport big and for 1 reason only and that was Obama’s terrific numbers. Well Obama will not be on the ticket next time around. Himes may win Bridgeport again but it will be by a lot smaller numbers. The plurality Himes gets will be negated by the suburban vote.
    There are still many people around that remember McKinney’s father who served in that role for over 20 years.
    If Himes keeps doing what he is doing McKinney will have plenty of ammunition against him.
    Himes voted for the Stimulus package without even reading it.
    Himes in the past week held a meeting in Wilton on foreclosure. Great especially when Bridgeport has the highest foreclosure rate in the state. In either case time will tell.

  14. Sam’s a scam–a political smokescreen–any local pol will tell you that. Any OIB blogger knows that winning candidates come from The 4th or 5th congressional districts. A Republican has never had an opportunity as timely as the one Dodd gives a potential opponent today. Being a red fish in a blue pond would have strong appeal to the right candidate …

  15. Everyone should know by now that Dan Malloy is simply a limousine liberal’s liberal. He will hop on and off the issue du jour but the bottom line is he is as middle-of-the-road as Jim Amann. And the goon squad he had working for him at the last convention was as much of a political machine as they come.
    The only thing that Dan knows about running an urban center is:
    1) Get as close to the state line as possible to lure residents and businesses away from neighbor.
    2) Complain like everyone else when your prior good fortune runs out.

  16. Suzy B’s strongest suit has always been her fund-raising abilities. With the new state campaign financing law, she loses the biggest edge that she had. Although she will be tenacious in getting delegate commitments, when the primary rolls around she will not be much better off than the rest of the field. And I don’t know if you have a clue as to what her political leanings are because I surely don’t.

  17. Ah, the cryptic ways of OIB bloggers. Listen, I read OIB so I’m in touch with the political goings-on in Bridgeport. Lennie makes me feel like I’m the President–he briefs me every morning via the internet so I feel like an on-the-spot expert about today’s topic. But,

    if yahooy and Wondering owned a billboard it might say:

    Local Eyes: start making sense

  18. Hey! Bruce Lee what’s the latest on the HUD lawsuit and discrimination charges against Rosemarie Hoyt … I heard there were more folks that are going to testify against her, and by the way who’s Rosemarie Hoyt’s boss? Are they addressing this matter?

    1. Rosemarie Hoyt doesn’t have a boss. As a favor to his mentor Mario Testa (it’s an open secret that Ms. Hoyt is Don Mario’s main squeeze), Johnny Fabs eliminated the links in the food chain above Ms. Hoyt. No one can fire her ‘ceptin’ the Mayor. And, as One-term Bill is starting to get warm and fuzzy with Mr. Testa, it is unlikely that he will terminate Ms. Hoyt’s employment with the city of Bridgeport. And that means that Bridgeport’s elderly are lumbered with this mean-spirited, spiteful old crone ’til hell freezes over and/or the cows come home, whichever occurs first.

  19. You’re right about them being warm and fuzzy because while people have been laid off like the craft lady at the Eisenhower she was telling everyone “Oh Rosemary just made a phone call and I’m back in” never lost her job. Nice to be so protected. I heard that they added a veteran’s name to the NAACP case.

  20. *** Senior citizen with a hip replacement, rheumatoid arthritis, high B/P, etc. Trying to hold onto her job for the medical benefits & Rx plan & not liked by many due to her outspoken ways or relationship with Mario. Also, outcast by Dr. Evans since “day one” due to rumors from other workers that either want her job or want to unofficially boss over her! During annual budget meetings of the city health dept. & support services, always requested to be there for her 20-min. brief & usually left for last or even forgotten entirely! Yet with all that negative environment, continues to maintain her job year after year, from Mayor to Mayor? Yeah, I’d say she’s the smartest & most-qualified member of the present administration! *** And she’s always treated me fair & respectful in every way, whenever or whereever I’d see her. ***

  21. Mojo once again you need to get your head out of Mario’s ass long enough to see what is really happening. You defend Mrs. Hoyt as if she were your mother. You know nothing about what goes on at the Eisenhower building. Mrs. Hoyt is unable to perform her job. She has done nothing for years. Plus she has enough years to retire with a nice (albeit undeserved) pension and her health benefits and prescription plan. The only reason she stays is out of spite.

    And you’re right, she continues to maintain her job year after year because of Mario. What a fucking disgrace. What a disservice to the senior citizens of Bridgeport.
    Finally people are fed up and are speaking out. Finally they are demanding that justice be served.

    The NAACP lawsuit is gaining steam from what my sources say. There are at least three people of color who have come forward with documented stories of discrimination at the hands of Rosemarie Hoyt and her staff. There are also a few veterans (who used to be in that building) who have come forward too. Mrs. Hoyt treated the veterans like shit and chased them out of the building. Aren’t you a vet Mojo? What if you came into the Eisenhower looking for help and Mrs. Hoyt’s Police Sgt son had you thrown out? That’s what happened. In front of witnesses who have been contacted and are willing to testify.

    Mrs. Hoyt refused to report to Dr. Evans from day one. Maybe it was because of her race or maybe it was because Dr. Evans wanted Hoyt to do her job. Dr. Evans is a fine lady dedicated to serving her community. Hoyt had a problem because she didn’t want Dr. Evans’ folk in her center. Hoyt wanted to sit around with her private nurse and ceramics teacher all day and do nothing. Dr Evans wasn’t having any of that. Hoyt went to Mario who went to Fabrizi and the rest is history.

    Don’t continue her defense Mojo because you will lose. Her son the PD Sgt is implicated in this too because he left his downtown post many times to run to mommy dearest’s defense. She was always fighting with the seniors and her staff. She would call her son on his private cell and he would run up to the Eisenhower. That’s if he wasn’t already sitting there having his lunch or on his afternoon “break”. I can’t say more because of the pending lawsuit. Like they say, the truth will always prevail.

  22. When do the budget meetings start? Is there even one councilman with enough balls to question Mrs. Hoyt? Some questions might be:

    What does it cost to keep the Eisenhower open annually?

    What is your average daily attendance and what is the racial breakdown?

    As the director of the Aging Dept, what have you done to outreach to the underserved black and Latino seniors of the city? Scratch that, what have you done to outreach to ANYONE?

    What exactly is the chain of command and who exactly do you report to?

    Is it true that you circumvent the PD procedures and have a direct line to the downtown sgt who happens to be your son?

    Why exactly did you have an elderly black gentleman thrown in jail for 3 days even when there were witnesses that he did nothing wrong except ask for help?

    When for God’s Sake are you going to retire?

  23. Sounds to me like the Black Rock people are getting impatient and want one of their own to lead the senior centers. God knows this person has stirred up enough bullshit.
    BTW Bruce you can’t keep track of racial numbers it’s called profiling.
    Look for Dr. Evans to be gone as soon as the budget hearings are over and don’t be surprised to see Warren Blount in her place. Remember you heard it here.

  24. *** What personal problems with staff or clients & what rumors exist concerning Ms. Hoyt have nothing to do with dollars & cents during budget hearings. Also, I believe there’s always two sides to a story and somewhere in the middle you may find the truth! You sound like the arresting officer, judge, jury & executioner all wrapped up in one! I’m sure in time the truth will come out but as I see it from the outside looking in, I can’t call it! ***

  25. Wondering it’s nothing to do with profiling. When you receive HUD money to run your senior center, you cannot “discriminate in the provision of services.”

    Warren can barely walk three steps without breaking out in a sweat. Brother needs to lose some serious weight. Don’t underestimate Dr. Evans. She has the largest black church in the city behind her. Finch and Mario are politically smart enough to know you don’t mess with that or you may never recover. Mess with Dr. Evans and Bishop Moales just may run his own candidate in 2011.

    Mojo it has to do with dollars & cents because Finch is throwing away taxpayers money by keeping Mrs. Hoyt employed. Hard-working employees have been let go and she stays. Something is seriously wrong here.

  26. *** Wrong. Rumors, personal feelings or opinions on city employees have nothing to do with the budget hearings. And there are many city employees that don’t cut the mustard, either doing their job or their personal attitudes while performing their jobs, etc. But they’re still employed, & the problems will continue ’til changes are made with the unions, civil service & also getting dept. managers to do their jobs & stop looking the other way! And of course, the Admin. doing their jobs as well in backing the dept. heads and treating everyone fairly & the same. But when you pick & choose, and Mr. Meathead who does little work gets the same pay & gets away with shit, while Mr. Greatworker busts his ass & is not even noticed, then morale goes down the drain leaving a cancer behind. Which in time will affect all employees good or bad! Sad but City Hall, B.O.E & local politics needs an enema and spiritual cleansing so people can feel good again about what they do in life, rather than just getting a paycheck every week! The average Bpt. city employee morale seems very low in general. ***

  27. Sure, my team won their NCAA game and advances to The Final Four but I woke up at Taco Loco! The waiter standing over me (I was on the floor) told me the bar bill was $109. When I protested that I was an OIB blogger, he threatened to charge me double!
    Only quick thinking on my part prevented a bad situation from getting worse. The bill was paid and I stumbled to the door convinced Mexican food & drink had paved the way to victory …

    Mayor Finch sounds authoritative, pragmatic and thoughtful in the latest edition of Fairfield County Business Journal: www .fcbizj.biz

  28. I was wrong. The www .fcbizj.biz site has not been updated–it shows last week’s issue. But hold on, the updated version comes tomorrow and with it, plenty of Finch quotes that depict a new version of the Obama stimulus plan. Find it in the Special Edition section in a story entitled: Patching and Engineering.

  29. The Eisenhower Center has Rosemarie Hoyt, City Hall has Mike Feeney and the Annex has Lisa. All are there because of some political connection. All are grossly unqualified for their jobs.

    If Rosemarie has all those health problems that Mojo mentioned then I feel very sorry for her. She is more a senior herself than the director of the department. She has probably worked her whole life and should just retire gracefully with a nice going-away party at Testo’s.

    Mike Feeney survived the change in administration because his father-in-law is a huge contributor. Feeney is not a bad guy but is way over his head as CFO. Rumor has it that he took the CFO job with the caveat that Tom Sherwood stay as OPM Director. Feeney knew he couldn’t do the job and figured that Sherwood would cover for him. Big mistake as Sherwood is a power pig and will destroy the Comptrollers Office and turn around and blame Feeney.

    Lisa rose up the job ladder the good old-fashioned way. By befriending Charlie, Fabrizi’s Chief of Staff who was, incidentally, happily married at the time. Now I’m not one to get into people’s personal business, but if Lisa was able to go from $25,000 to $63,000 in 5 short years, then DAMN, I’m gonna get me some knee pads!

    Politics is a way of life in Bridgeport and us oldtimers are accustomed to it. But if you are a political appointee then just stay quiet and don’t hurt anyone. With these three, that is not the case. Rosemarie is hurting the seniors by not giving them the services they deserve. Mike Feeney has handed everything over to OPM thereby eliminating the checks and balances that were in place to protect the taxpayers. Lisa feels she is a prima donna who doesn’t have to do anything except please Charlie.

    No wonder we’re going down the toilet.

    1. Hmmm, note to myself
      · Become an electrician, have everyone else do your work
      · Become Civil Service honcho
      · Become Chief of Staff
      · Become Parks Boss
      · Become Public Works Poobah
      · Find hot babe with knee pads
      Oh baby, I know what I want to be when I grows up!!!

  30. Go away for a weekend and you come back and find nothing’s changed. Yahooy, until you are man enough to let people know who you are, your insults are as meaningless as your political jabs.

    I am and have always been my own person. I make decisions about candidates based on how closely they support my views and issues. I have shown that when I disagree with someone I have supported, I will no longer support them. My support or opinions can not be bought nor can someone dictate to me.

    I believe Malloy is really more of a moderate on many issues and has the experience I find important to be the CEO of the State. He has a proven track record of economic development, strongly believes in property tax reform and regionalism, and has proven he has successful executive experience. No matter the criticism about methods, you can’t argue with success. And Stamford has had many successes.

    1. MCAT

      If economic development is Malloy’s claim to fame he isn’t going to get very far. Economic development in Stamford isn’t exactly heavy lifting.

  31. Did I mention I wasn’t too bright?

    Mayor Finch appears in two articles in the current Fairfield County Business Journal – www .fcbizj.biz updated on Monday.

    BOTH are in The Special Edition section

    Patching vs energizing
    Give us the ball

    NO MAYOR in Connecticut asked for more federal funds than Mayor Finch who talks about Bridgeport’s shovel-ready projects, continued interest from outside developers and the city’s emergence as a regional center/hub.

  32. My postings are nothing new. Most people in City Hall and the Annex know what I’m talking about. Seems everyone sees the truth except Mayor Finch! I’d comment on Andy Nunn and how he spends more time MIA than in his Annex Office but it’s getting late. Maybe tomorrow.

  33. I don’t know. Sending a Waterbury lawyer and politician to the United States Senate doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. The politics in that city are more corrupt than Bridgeport, if that is possible.

  34. MCAT

    Well, you SEEM to support the flavor of the day so long as the flavor can do you some good.

    When you worked for the city or had some involvement with the city, Finch could do no wrong. You Suzy Sunshined that guy ad nauseum. Then you didn’t have anything to do with the city and you found that Finch was less worthy. Now you have been appointed to this great big deal in Hartford and suddenly Malloy is the flavor of the day.

    Just my opinion … which I am entitled to vent.

  35. Yahooy, if it was really a big deal they’d pay me! My job is getting my wind company “off the ground” so to speak. But I am entitled to have political opinions too.


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