Local NAACP Leader: We Oppose Election Fraud Or Election Suppression From Any Quarter

From Lesly Valbrun, president, Greater Bridgeport NAACP:

The Greater Bridgeport NAACP branch stands behind all basic civil rights o f our democracy and the special importance of “One person. One vote.” Video slices of activity during the recent Bridgeport primary voting process related to “absentee ballots” that has been aired on social media call into question the faithfulness of Bridgeport processes to the rule of law.

This is not the first time that balloting rules have failed. Individuals have been fined or sanctioned later by the State of Connecticut. The handling of ballots by unauthorized persons is illegal. And there are other rules that obviously prohibit tampering with ballots under the cover of dark. We, the GBNAACP oppose and denounce the discriminatory attack on the rights of voters who expect their vote to count.

Oversight from city cameras and Police Department observers appear to be the source of “social media” display, but no “official or authoritative” explanation based on thorough investigation accompanies the visual evidence at this time. We support a full and complete explanation of all behavior including that of one or more “whistle blowers”. Additional facts may reveal a narrative different from a quick response to the video evidence, by itself.

We await a public response from unconflicted parties above as well as on the local scene who can view the voter suppressive corruption that creates distrust in our democratic rights. Apathy or cynical expression of distrust are inappropriate personal responses, we believe. Therefore, we encourage all registered voters to become informed about each candidate for office in the November 7 election. Use your registration to vote. It benefits all of us as the exercise of a basic civil right in the public square. We oppose election fraud or election suppression from any quarter.



  1. Indeed, there must be a thorough investigation to ascertain what actually transpired in the video. Since it involved irregular activity at ballot boxes in proximity to an election, it should involve appropriate state and federal agencies. The SEEC and State Police at that level, and the FBI at the federal level — due to the possibility that the voting rights of a group or groups of voters could have been infringed upon, in violation of federal law; e.g., the elderly are frequent absentee voters… It is conceivable that other groups could have also been targeted for the absentee vote, in which case, their voting rights would have been infringed upon in regard to inappropriate handling of absentees… Also; it has been pointed out that federally-financed equipment could have been involved in obtaining the video under violation of regulated use of that equipment — but this writer is not entirely familiar with such rules and makes mention of such only in the context of other potential reasons for outside investigation of this situation (in the context of the obvious possible conflicts of interest at the state and local level, per the need for checks and balances in an investigation of this nature…).

  2. Jim here are a few words from Port’s Jungle Lion-ass Gen Now’s race-baiting taste the movement organization.

    “It is time that Governor Lamont and state Democratic leaders stand with the voters of Bridgeport. Failure to do so simply feeds into Trump’s “Big Lie.” This coercive, fraudulent election rigging behavior has destroyed our local democracy and robbed the people of Bridgeport of their civil rights, especially our most vulnerable populations – our low-income, disabled, elderly, and monolingual Spanish-speaking voters.”

    Joel, you like evidence, I stand by my Hypotenuse, not only is Gen Now could be a race-baiting organization and could have been behind Wanda as coconspirators in Port’s AB abuse with their 2000 AB mail drive who threw Moore under the bus for Gomes. What say you people?

    Not only did it invoke Trump but I don’t think Wanda’s bilingual, is she?



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