1. Personally, it should be located on North Ave near Scruples, by the HI-HO tower. 🤣
    They should even develop that section of town for nightlife, a bar for white people. As you know the dangler in the wrinkled pouch use three colors of skin. So it is not all about the black and browns, and I am not talking about Moore’s Blackrock white liberals and their acoustic guitars either 🙂

    Rock bands/bar.

    They have some time though.

    Either way smoke up Johnny. Though I feel his pain. They haven’t let me participate in Christmas present extract in 20 years. Pricks, whatever color your foreskin is. 🤣🍆


  2. Good morning, Bridgeport OIB fans on this historic first day of recreational marijuana sales in CT!!! Adam Wood and Deborah Caviness??? WOW! I wondered where they drifted off to since the heyday, or rather my heyday in local Bridgeport politics. I don’t recall them being particularly enthusiastic supporters of my anti-Drug War platform for Bridgeport back in the day…(Salcedo for State Rep, 130th District, circa 2008 with the late Chico Rivera and the late Ezekiel Santiago), but good for them, and good for us now. Good jobs, safer neighborhoods, better school funding finally…I hope. At least, that was my pitch. Today, we’ll have zero MJ arrest and incarceration, wasteful tax dollars on TNT (Tuesdays and Thursday…tactical narcotics teams), buy and bust ops…now just buy (at the approved Cannabis C of C locations, and mellow out. Don’t smoke and drive. Is Bill Finch in on the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce gig also? Maybe a consulting job? YouTubers call it a “side hustle” I believe…for me these days, my YouTube is 100% “Back to Sicily”. Living “La Dolce Vita” on social security. Happy Sales, CT Cannabis C of C! I’ll stop by when our local Orange dispensary is open. Trying to keep it my shopping local. Lower carbon footprint.

  3. Oops! One more quick thought…I’ll wait for all the historic comments/histrionics (Jesse Waters at Fox News, or anyone else???) about Marijuana being the “gateway drug” to the harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. I’m watching the news, especially our local Channel 12 for live shots for any and all the potential protest “to save lives and protective children” (eg., anti-drug/just say no/Nancy Reagan-parent groups, law enforcement, TV mega-ministers, anti-drug educators, CT Republicans, CT Democrats (except Adam and Deborah, of course) against marijuana at any of the Adam Wood-Deborah Caviness-Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce approved sites today, and I don’t see a soul around. Huh? 40-plus years of the American-funded War on Drugs, at home and abroad, billions of tax dollars spent and wasted, and millions of lives ruined, jailed and derailed…and not a peep from the most vocal and TV-visible Drug Warriors of yesterday in front of news microphones today across Connecticut? I wonder what all the former Drug Czars like William (“I did not gamble away the family milk money”) Bennett, and General Barry MacCaffrey (omnipresent Mr. MSNBC consultant on any war, except the drug war) have to say. Another Vietnam, another Afghanistan, we just walk away from a former “threat to our national security of yesterday’s news.” Is it just me, or some Trump-like rebranding is going here…Marijuana is now Cannabis (sounds more artisanal and organic…it was always organic unless your grower/seller messes it up with other non-organic substances/stuff!) Heroin is now Opioids, sounds so clinically clean, Pharmaceutically simpatico and very suburban-like!!! Like Clean Coal.

  4. Will the cannabis industry be the next savior for jobs and tax revenue? I doubt it.
    What happened to Jai Alai and Greyhound racing?
    Let’s hope the pot-heads can support the State economy with their disability checks while living with their parents.


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