Library Supporters Seek Ballot Question Approval

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The Facebook page Keep Our Libraries Open urges voters to support the Nov. 7 ballot question to allocate 1.3 mils to fund the library system after the 2015 revaluation dropped the value of 1 mil. In 2009 city voters approved a ballot question asking for a 1 mil levy to finance libraries.



  1. Referendum backers want a defined benefit library program that’s impervious to revaluation. Nobody else gets an inflation-proof benefit, right? Who ever got this on the ballot should redirect their political firepower because you don’t need a vote to keep the libraries open.
    Referendum backers seek preferential treatment while forcing the Mayor to subtract from other budget items.
    Referendum backers don’t promise to make the pie bigger; they want a bigger piece of the pie.

    1. Read what it says on the peace above. This is what they supporters fail to tell the tax-payers. Lets say voters vote in favor and the next revaluation conducted shows a growth of 16% of the Grand List. Will the Library Board push a referendum to go back to the 1 mill allocation from the 1.3?

      No they won’t and that pie Local Eyes is talking about will be much bigger.

  2. The referendum in 2009 was well-received.
    Many taxpayers, especially in Black Rock, saw their home value decrease and their taxes increase with the revaluation.
    Unless there is guaranteed reductions in other areas of the budget, this increase in the mil rate allocation translates to endorsing a tax increase.

    1. I like the way Tom White connects Referendum backers with a potential Bridgeport tax increase.
      I’d feel a lot better if I heard more complaints about shoddy service and bad conditions. Instead, the BPL is where everybody with a digital phone seeks an analog counterpart. It’s the new courtyard.

      1. Right, it stays at one (1) mill. If it stays at one (1) mill and the Grand List grows 16% after the next revaluation, the Library will then get an increase in funding. If the Grand List drops further then the library board shall move to deal with the issue. I don’t see the Grand List dropping next time around. A Financial crash is possible in the stock market down the road.

    1. The fresh faces coming in will get a lesson on their limited powers and options. We’ve heard allot about new ideas and approaches. NO specifics or details yet with a few weeks to go before election day. The first thing they are going to deal with is a $14 million deficit or shortfall due to state budget cuts.

    1. Paul should be ashamed of yourself. There is nothing about providing meals for all visitors. I will flatly say. YOU ARE LYING. Why does OIB allow this creep to have a phony alias. He is a nobody. OIB..get rid of this creep

        1. I agree 100% Lennie. If anyone shall have good reason to request that Local Eyes be banned from OIB, that would be me. Heck, the guy tried to set me up on a Marijuana drug buy immediately following a OIB Party at Marty’s. Keep your OIB friends close, your OIB enemies closer. Paul G. is a smart charter member who contributes some interesting points of view. That’s more than I can say for Frank
          Gyure. If Local Eyes goes on Black Rock fb pages, it’s because there are quite a few creep running that show. He is not just a creep to me, he is special creep who comes out day or night. Paul G. is an OIB friend, a creep, and a freak. This goes out to Local Eyes in Trumbull:

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          1. flubadub, If you or anyone has ever been to a OIB Party and has tasted the finger food, who do you think has been behind the catering part of the party? we haven’t gotten a single complaint yet. Stay tune for the next OIB Party in 2018. Get ready no only to continue tasting my finger food, Lennie Grimaldi recently approved my new OIB Kool Aid to wash down my finger-food with.

  3. If I was going to vote I would vote NOT to increase the library budget while the education budget is not getting any help. Do we know how the extra money was spent by the library board. The building in my neighborhood where they were going to relocate the library is still vacant. Are we paying rent on an empty building. Does the library need to get this extra money every year, if so why?

  4. City Hall abhors independent minds attempting to deliver “best practices” or “better practices” as a routine matter. And City Hall also neglects to be “accountable” for all of the “facts and figures” regarding projects they introduce in public relation broadsides.

    Some years ago the Library Board fiscal bean counters understood the plan to bring Library properties up to a level of relative quality across the City. They budgeted for the physical plans making a reasonable assumption that such development would happen with borrowed funds and require regular repayment.

    When City Council liaison appointees fail to meet, learn about, or be concerned with the Library, WPCA, etc. a valuable monitoring and representation responsibility is lost. And that’s what happens when NO ONE is monitoring, and NO ONE is keeping track of attendance or participation, and NO ONE bothers to evaluate representation that is a mayor appointment?

    Take a look at the planning that has been present for perhaps five years, and listen to the saga from City Hall where the money hits the road and gets side tracked for multiple reasons..for a day, or a year, or forever? Who can tell? Time will tell.

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