It’s Official, Ganim Defeats Gomes By 251 Votes

Four years ago Mayor Joe Ganim defeated State Senator Marilyn Moore in a Democratic primary by 270 votes. On Thursday election officials certified Ganim’s win over Tuesday primary opponent John Gomes, 4,212 to 3,961 a 251 vote margin, according to the numbers posted on the website of the Connecticut Secretary of the State.

Election results the past few days had multiple variations because a couple of precincts had inverted numbers. Election officials caught the discrepancies while double checking the precinct results.

So 251 votes is now the number of record should Gomes pursue a court challenge to the results.




  1. It’s very interesting, from a purely mathematical/statistical perspective, how the winning margin of votes in Bridgeport Democratic primaries historically modulates about the 350 number –give or take 25-30 votes…

  2. Lenny SOTS website still seems to be showing it as “unofficial”. With the vote totals changing (four?) times I don’t know how we could be confident that every vote was counted properly, the swing in discrepancies in totals if swung in the other direction could change the outcome.

    I am left to wonder did my vote count? Did yours Bridgeport? Let’s everyone turn out in person to ensure that our votes count!

    1. Joe, I have been notified by local election officials that results were certified today, so SOTS election division will update the system when moderator’s report is received. It’s why I write ad nauseam “unofficial” until certified. Ultimately, what matters is the precinct tape generated by the voting machine. Unless, of course, there’s a recount or a court-ordered hand out.


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