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 Wednesday August 22, 2018

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Lamont’s Lofty Promises Would Become A Mega Windfall For City

July 20th, 2018 · 59 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Education, News and Events, State Politics

Lamont Hartford

Ned Lamont Wednesday night promised to fully fund education and state reimbursement. Photo courtesy of Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie.

Ned Lamont is making promises no gubernatorial contender has ever delivered before, but if he becomes governor and shepherds his pledges they’ll represent well over $50 million extra to the state’s largest city for reimbursement on payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) and Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula.

Colleges, hospitals, government buildings are not taxable to host communities. Bridgeport has numerous parcels whose values amount to more than one billion dollars that are non taxable, services desirable to the entire region. Every year it’s a budgeting battle for local bean counters. How much can we plug in from the state in PILOT dough that covers a fraction of what the city would receive if those properties were fully taxable?

On many occasions this campaign cycle Lamont has pledged to “fully fund” PILOT and ECS. If he lives up to his lofty goals ECS would represent another $48 million toward Bridgeport education based on the latest formula that drives state education dollars to the city. Fully funding PILOT would generate tens of millions extra.

Lamont reiterated his promise again Wednesday night, as reported by a skeptical Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie, who immerses herself in state budget battles.

But before he left he made a few promises he might not be able to keep.

“I would fully fund PILOT and I would fully fund ECS,” Lamont told the crowd.

PILOT, or payment-in-lieu-of-taxes, is the amount of money the state gives to municipalities as compensation for the state property, colleges, or hospitals that a municipality is unable to tax. ECS is the education cost sharing grant the state provides to cities and towns to help pay for education. Both the ECS formula and PILOT have been underfunded by hundreds of millions of dollars.

That means Lamont would be adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the estimated $4.6 billion, two-year budget deficit the next governor will inherit.

“You’re going to want a governor who is a champion for all of our cities and all of our people. We’re a small state,” Lamont said.

Asked about how he planned to pay for the increase in spending in order to fully fund those two programs, Lamont said he would “streamline the delivery of services” and “think about how they can extend the sales tax to the online Internet economy.”

Right now Lamont and Mayor Joe Ganim are foes on the gubernatorial campaign trail, but if Lamont is elected governor and cements those ambitious promises they’ll become friends very fast.

So more promises just to get elected? Or will Lamont deliver if he gets there?


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  • Jimfox

    Nice Ned very nice, and now the Ganim plan! ………yawn.

  • Grin Ripper

    He must be on Auto-Pilot.

  • Ron Mackey

    We all know that know that none of the Republican candidates for governor would never think of helping cities especially Bridgeport. Alright Joe the ball is in your court.

  • Bob Walsh

    It’s a plan.
    Start with a plan. Develop a timeline to implement the plan.
    Give the public an opportunity to speak to the plan. Set the priorities as far as ECS vs PILOT vs unfunding orher grants to cities and towns.
    It’s a starting point and a pretty good one. Give the man some credit.
    As far as Ganim is concerned, it’s light years ahead of any thing he’s come up with.
    The only promises he has made is to give department heads more money to do the job in state government.

    • Joel Gonzalez

      What about the results of all plans from the past resulting in a deficit time and time again? “That means Lamont would be adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the estimated $4.6 billion, two-year budget deficit the next governor will inherit.” Regardless of who the next governor is, he will face a $5 billion deficit coming out the gate.

  • Jeff Kohut

    It’s not a plan,Bob. It’s nothing more than campaign rhetoric repeated every election cycle… And it’s less possible now than ever before, given our worsening fiscal train-wreck. The candidates, collectively, have nothing new or viable to offer… All of bunch of pathetic dolts and bs artists…

    If Polo Pony Ned discussed a serious plan to shift the emphasis in new-business recruitment and relocation to Bridgeport instead of the current, cut-in-stone, official state development policy of putting all of the lucrative tax-base and jobs in Stamford/the Gold Coast, it might be worth a listen from the rest of the state… But Ned is as full of bs as Dan Malloy and sounds like he is reading from Malloy’s 2010 and 2014 platform/plans (he fooled some of us twice…).

    Stemerman is right about a Lamont election being a third term for Malloy…

    Barring a last-minute independent bid from an independent-minded, real “renaissance” candidate, Connecticut is on track to become the new Mississippi…


  • Local Eyes

    Why did the Bridgeport delegation allow ECS and PILOT to go underfunded?
    Answer: because the Bridgeport delegation didn’t give ECS and PILOT the high priority they deserve.
    Instead, their votes were compromised and frequently went for things they didn’t even believe in. Even with a majority, they lost at the last minute, with some of the damage long-dated.
    Figure out what was left intact and you will discover where their priorities were.
    In a related matter, who is Lamont kidding? Nobody is better prepared to aid Bridgeport than Mayor Ganim.
    In addition, Lamont is making a questionable assumption about the Primary, whose outcome has yet to be determined.

  • Local Eyes

    Lamont is speaking like a victor (he’s not)
    Ganim is acting like a Viking (he is).

  • Local Eyes

    While Lamont quakes in his boots, Ganim is getting his shoes shined for the latest time because retail politics is tough on leather.

  • Mojo

    *** Seeing is believing, no? Why,because political talk is cheap! ***

  • Bob Walsh

    Great article on the CT Post website. It’s aboit the Police Commission and how they are about to reappoint three members.
    Aide Nieves says that being a Police Commissioner is hard and nobody wants to be one.
    What a joke!
    The City Council once again bows to Mayor Joe and does whatever he tells them to.

  • Local Eyes

    Remember that picture? Will Lamont ever get out that car?
    We know he likes it.
    Maybe he’ll stop at every drive-thru in Connecticut and ask for votes.
    Bonus: it will extend the life of his boots.

  • Local Eyes

    When will Ron Mackey reload his squirt gun?

  • Bob Walsh

    When will Local Eyes get his vision tested?
    Seems that he sees all things with rose colored glasses as far as Ganim is concerned.

  • Donald Day

    When will Paul put down the liquor bottle?

    • Ron Mackey

      Don, you mean this guy drink a little or maybe someone who knows who ever this guy really is could help understand this drinking issue because it keeps getting mention. You know, maybe that’s why he keeps writing like a real ass.

    • Local Eyes

      Double-D and TBK: Your comments border on slander. I will use you as a scapegoats to stop your blogospheric insurgency. Prepare to become famous for all the wrong reasons.

      • Ron Mackey

        Slander – the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation. How the he’ll can you make false statements about a fake person named “Local Eyes?”

    • Steven Auerbach

      Thanks for posting the article Ron Mackey. I am actually disappointed that I missed this even as I know it has been growing for years. In New York City where evolution has been happening at a quicker pace, The parade and spectators are in the 100 of thousands where straight and gay families enjoy the energy and joy of these parades. Unfortunately for me I missed the Thursday night Concerts and was unaware of the Gay Pride Parade. I know that Susanne Kratchmer had mad a huge effort as she does promoting the arts for area residents that appreciate the arts and culture. I do appreciate that Joe Ganim was there as we’ll as the city raising the flag for Gay Pride. I will assume your post was an ignorant attempt to embarrass me fear not. I have been out of the closet since 6 . There is no secret. I do not feel like a second class citizen. Life is good. Also a special Thanks to John Stastrom who has been a huge supporter and backer of Same Sex programs in Bridgeport. I appreciate art in all of it’s forms. I am not a collector of erotica- Homo or hetero. I go to the gallery because I appreciate diversity. Just thought I’d respond as I was enjoying the City Hall appreciation day picnic that was a huge success and the food was just amazing. Saw this post and figured it would be the icing on my cake.

      • Ron Mackey

        Steve, there was no effort to try to embarrass you. You have proudly made it known who you are. I’m surprised that you Steve was not aware of the parade as you stated. Yes, there were gay and straight marchers in fact Mario Testa is also in one the pictures.

  • Mojo

    *** Helping Bpt. with what I wonder? Bpt. needs to start helping its self with promoting a better environment in order to attract new business.*** Example- I stopped at a local chinese rest. on Stratford Ave. While there waiting for my take out, a woman whom ordered some fried shrimp after my order was yelling at the attendant behind the counter; wheres my fu-shrimp already, several times! Meanwhile another person that was going to eat there, goes up to the counter to get his order, examines it then yells out, I told you no fu-onions! Grabs the plate and throws it against the wall!!! Now granted, there’s not to many local business still opened on the ave. that are not bars or liquor stores & a bodega or two. But man, I could not help feel sorry for that rest.that services that community & is treated so bad after being there some years now! No new businesses would last long or want to stay under those type of conditions in the east-end.***

  • Jeff Kohut

    Bob, you say, regarding the fact of state development policy effectively keeping business-/job-development (lucrative tax-base/life-style maintenance options) directed toward Stamford/the Gold Coast:

    “That’s not a plan Jeff. That just put excessive millions in tax breaks or corporate welfare trying to steer businesses in a direction that they do not want to go.”

    Doesn’t that define an economic-development “plan?!” Sure sounds like a “plan” to me… If it sounds like a plan, looks like a plan, smells like a plan, and works like a plan, don’t you think that it is a plan?!

    Recall how hard Dan Malloy, as Governor, worked to shoe-horn Bridgewater into the Stamford waterfront development project (with $125 million in state development grant-money) only to have Stamford reject and kill that plan as unsuitable for the waterfront (and Ray Dalio eventually saying f-it! and remaining in Westport)?! [And recall how this writer, in several publications, admonished Malloy and Bill Finch to bring Bridgewater to Steel Point if Stamford didn't want them... Seeing as how we have so much unused waterfront and Steel Point was trying to attract any sort of clean, non-industrial development that might be interested (such as Walmart) even as it developed in the context of a water-usage focus?...)]

    It all sure sounds and looks and smells like a plan to me and a lot of other people…

    And you think that Ned is would reverse the policy of the Connecticut Yacht-of-State away from Stamford-Greenwich/the Gold Coast and toward Bridgeport?! Wow! Where can I get a pair of those rose-colored glasses? Do they come with mushrooms?

  • Steven Auerbach


    I was in Hartford Ct. the night of the Forum at the Hartford Pubic Library. ( that library is spectacular) . Hartford and New Haven are coming out strong for Joe Ganim and Eva Zimmerman. If you were there it was obvious. If you weren’t you could not even imagin the energy in the room.

    One of the best questions came from a Lamont supporter that gave Joe Ganim’s complete record. I want more people to ask Joe Ganim about his past. The more people ask the easier it is for Ganim to respond. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. The past is the past. If we learn from our experience than you put that under your belt and move forward. When this woman started by attempting to humiliate Ganim, he responded beautifully and honestly. I imagine he gave the same responses that made Lisa P. and Maria P. support him relentlessly!
    Lamont and Sue B. were clearly out of the element and comfort Zone. It was a Ganim / Eva love fest. It is just a shame that these 2 candidates do not unite. The audience acknowledged Ganim’s 10 plus years of experience running the states most diverse and populous city.

    The endorsement today from a high profile religious leader in New Haven from the Black Community must have been gut punch to Tony Harp. Ned Lamot may have to parade Marilyn Moore again to get the Black votes in
    Bridgeport. Lamont is a very sincere candidate. I believe he wants to do great things. His constant rants of his love for Bridgport is just plain ridiculous. His commercial is ridiculous. The attacks of Lamont belonging to a restricted country club is ridiculous. Of course it endears him more to the Black and Brown community. NOT. If a casino is not your issue and the focus on Bridgeport is of no interest than Lamont may be the perfect choice. After all Bridgeport has never been taken care and you can be guaranteed that a Greenwich millionaire would not be the champion of Bridgeport. You don’t like Ganim? How sad to support a candidate that will not make this
    city a top priority. Not fighting aginst a Casino is not the same as fighting for a casino to support a company ready to invest 675 million dollars. We need jobs we need good press and we need Ganim to put Bridgeprt First.

    I think today’s endorsement from a Black Paster in New Haven will speak louder than the endorsements from Unions. They will take that endorsement and run with it. My Senator, Marilyn Moore may think twice before she walks for Lamont again. His restricted Country Club experience will ring loud and clear with all Black Brown and Jewish people. Moore walking TRumbull Gardens would open the door for her opponent Rich Deechken to gain momentum. He believes he will win. The Republican party is the walking dead. I do not hear a peep, But, you never know.

    Ron Mackey, Donald Day care to comment? I would honestly appreciate your response. If you do not care to respond fine, if it is going to be a nasty response, save it.

    • Ron Mackey

      Steve, who was this black pastor from New Haven supporting before joining with Ganim? He was supporting business man Guy Smith who paid Rev. Krmber $48,000 to work for Smith’s campaign for four months, he’s a hired gun, how much is Ganim paying him? Steve, you know nothing about Kember.

      • Ron Mackey

        Steve, before Tuesday, Rev. Boise Kimber had been committed to a different Democratic candidate, Guy Smith. Smith paid Kimber’s consulting company $48,400 between January and March to help him get into black churches, among other work. Smith dropped out of the race last month after failing to collect enough signatures to qualify for the primary ballot.

        • Steven Auerbach

          Ron , Thank you for the background of Kimber. Excellent investigating. The thing is – On a pamphlet his endorsement may mean something. When Moore put her face on a pamphlet in Blackrock- it fell flat and she realized her endorsement carried little weight- All but one candidate lost. I think most endorsements are hired guns. The Unions went with Finch and then Ganim- during the Mayoral run. Ganim won. The state unions are supporting Lamont only because he is endorsed and will support Ganim when he wins- because they want favor. Everyone wants favor. I was not following Guy Smith at all. It was clear this was a 2 man race. Ganim and Lamont. Those of us in Bridgeport really have no choice. It has to be Ganim. You put your differeces aside like a big boy and start supporting him or Bridgeport will continue to move forward at a snails pace. The endorsement from the Paster in New Haven means nothing to me. To Black and Brown folks it could raise his political capital as people are gravitating to Joe in these urban areas.

          • Ron Mackey

            Steve, what does the black community in Bridgeport can look at and see what Joe Ganim has done for them in the two years that he has been mayor? Absolutely nothing and Ganim things that Rev. Bosie Kimber is going to come into Bridgeport and get blacks out to vote for Ganim, please

            Steve, again, Guy Smith. paid Kimber’s consulting company $48,400 between January and March to help him get into black churches, among other work. Smith dropped out of the race last month after failing to collect enough signatures to qualify for the primary ballot, and you think that he’s going to help Ganim in Bridgeport, no way. There’s no way that I can support Joe Ganim for his failure to the black community and how he pimp them just to get their vote and then not deliver.

          • Steven Auerbach

            Ron Mackey – ” ask not what Joe Ganim can do for a specific group of people, Ask what every group of people can do for Bridgeport” Vote Ganim. Bridgeport future depends on it!

          • Ron Mackey

            Steve, you don’t understand politics, you always reward those who put you into office in fact that’s what you are saying, vote for Ganim and he’ll help Bridgeport, right Steve? Well, Ganim pimped the black community they came out in large numbers to put Joe back into office and how did Joe say thanks, he turned his back on the voters who put him into office and you think that I would ask family and friends to vote for someone who trick them once and to think that I could trust him, no damn way. A real man keeps his word.

          • Steven Auerbach

            Ron Mackey- Get your hed out of your ass. The lack of oxygen is damaging your brain- I reward those that put me in office? seriously? Who would that be over 35 years. I don’t understand politics, but you do?? I am on the town committee, I give my time and effort to elect democrats- to bad not your choice. I am not maniplated the way you apparently have been. Bridgeprt is always my number 1 concern. I have never had my hand out and have never made a demand and never asked for a job with a request attached to it. I worked for Finch and the Ganim admin hired me for a position that is very demanding, no cake walk , a lot of responsibility and time constaints, I am not in this administration as a political payoff and I am certainly givingmore of my time and effort than the salary would dictate. I do know my politics and if you take anything from this commentary , you amy want to start promoting your candidates. It seems to me some of your choices will not make the grade and another will realize that they have lost a lot of support. Ganim is not the only man in this race. Kimbers endorsement may mean nothing to you ,but it clearly made its way to the front page. As a white voter – Black and brown issues just aren’t my number 1 priority but I am glad that my candidate is seen as their choice. Ganim has already won. He puts Bridgeport’s positives on stage. That is always a good thing for the Park City.

            I can only say , it seems that the Lamont Susan B ticket just doesn’t seem to be catching fire and again , Marilyn Moore promoting Lamont in light of his restricted Country club does nt bode too well for her. I’d imagine she will think twice before supported an outsider to take care of Bridgeport. I’d love to know what Lamont promised Moore to help Bridgeport. Thats the kind of news people want to know. Your commentary- not so much.

        • Phocion

          Mr. Mackey, very interesting your comments regarding Rev. Bo Kimber.

  • Harvey Weintraub

    Steve you say “we need Ganim to put Bpt first”.If Joe really gave a shit he would have done the job he was elected to do,which was be the Mayor of Bpt.It is obvious Joe just used Bpt for his real goal,being governor.Other than photo ops to promote himself,when was the last time Joe did any “Mayoral”work for Bpt.He spends his time these days criss-crossing the state,while still drawing a weekly paycheck from us.Ya Joe cares about Bpt..Pffft..

    • Steven Auerbach

      Harvey, You live in Bridgeport? You hate Ganim? you vote for him anyway because Bridgeport will be the number one beneficiary. If you live in one of the bordering towns you will benefit from Bridgeport’s success. People have a tough choice. To believe that Bridgeport will not be Ganim’s number 1 priority is just ridiculous. Rowland took care of Waterbury, Malloy took care of Stamford. Ganim will take care of BRIDGEPORT. The Danbury Mayor running for Governor is not maligned for not doing the job he was elected to. Malloy was a Mayor before elected, I do not recall anyone questioning his sincerity. Having Mayor Ganim does not benefit me anymore than any other person on this blog. Whether you support him or not, He puts a great face on the city. He is taking the best of Bridgeport on the rod during this campaign. YES I want Ganim to win– Yes I am doing my best to promote Ganim outside of this city. Yes I work for the city and am loving it. Yes I am exhausted and in 4 weeks I am sure we will have a new direction. I wish all candidates well. I know every candidate I am voting for. If Bridgeport in your top Priority, you have my fvor. It will be a strange election. Not only is there very little excitement, But choice candidates are on different lines. It will be every man for themselves. For Ganim and Eva- they are line 2 – if they are not telling their voters they re on line 2 then divided they fall. If you are a Lamont supporter I respect your choice. If you are a republican supporter – good luck. Trump sucks and they all think he is doing a great job!

  • Joel Gonzalez

    “Malloy was a Mayor before elected, I do not recall anyone questioning his sincerity.”

    Steven, perhaps you should take a page from Donald Day and visit the OIB archive. I stood 100 percent against Malloy during the 2010 primary. As I recall, even Mario Testa supported Ned Lamont. Malloy squeezed by and went on to win the general election. Do you think it’s possible that the reason Malloy took a fuck Bridgeport attitude was due to Mario Testa’s failure to support him? I’m sure it was. Mario Testa supported Malloy in the 2014 re-election as he had no other choice and he couldn’t even get a meeting with major Finch.
    As a Bridgeporter, I feel more confident that Joe Ganim would take care of Bridgeport more so than any of the other candidates running for governor as long as Mario Testa keeps political control in Bridgeport.
    What if Joe Ganim doesn’t win? I can see what will happen to Bridgeport if a Republican wins the guber election. If Ned Lamont wins, will he follow the steps of Malloy and take on a fuck Bridgeport attitude? Keep in mind that this fight for the Democratic governor spot on the ballot is different that the Malloy /Lamont primary. In this primary, not only is Mario Testa and Ganim flexing their political muscles, the entire city hall staff and some appointees will have a potential governor as their political enemy.

  • Donald Day

    Really dude, Rev. Boise Kimber is the minister that Mayor Ganim is hitching his gubernatorial horse to? I’ve known Boise for over 15 years and he is for Boise, not Ganim, not Bridgeport, not Connecticut, just Boise. He couldn’t come through for Guy Smith and he won’t come through for Ganim. Did you know his main boy is Rev Stallworth and that’s how he got into the pocket of Mayor Ganim.

    Joel, as a point of clarity, I’ve never used the OIB archives to put that little shit on blast. The fact is that over four years ago I started to cut and paste in a file the vile, racist and ugly things that he has said which I titled bitch ass Steve. I knew that there would come a time that I could/would use his own words to shove down his punk ass throat. Just saying.

    • Steven Auerbach

      I must have missed something between Joel Gonzales Post and that Bitch ass Day To shove down his throat- I got more than words to shove down your throat /

  • Ron Mackey

    Hey Steve, Ned Lamont was well received today at Mt. Aery Baptist Church and he didn’t do a Joe Ganim of hit and run. Joe Ganim had his second chance and he failed those who put him back into office. It’s a new day with a a new candidate and I’m willing to give Ned Lamont a first chance instead of someone who was pimping them.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Hey Ron, Ned Lamont being we received at Mount Aery Baptist is absolutely no surprise, I have been in more than my fair share of Churches in BBridgepport. I must admit that the Back churches have always seemed the most welcoming. Just a fact. Finally, Ron you acknowledge your support for Lamont. Normally you and Day would spend hours killing Lamont’s joining a restricted club. So I guess you will be telling your community it didn’t matter– It does.To think Lamont woud be better for Bridgeport than Ganim is just plain ridiculous. You have to be pretty Naive to believe otherwise. I ca guarantee you that my senator waking again with amont will not help her career in Bridgeport and Monroe and Trumbull are already looking at her opponent. So know we know you , Day and Moore think Lamont is better for Bridgeport. Well, good for you, take your message on the road amd hopefully you will be as convincing as getting MJF a handful of votes. What has Lamont promied Moore? I am extremely disappointed.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Hey Ron, Ned Lamont being we received at Mount Aery Baptist is absolutely no surprise, I have been in more than my fair share of Churches in BBridgepport. I must admit that the Back churches have always seemed the most welcoming. Just a fact. Finally, Ron you acknowledge your support for Lamont. Normally you and Day would spend hours killing Lamont’s joining a restricted club. So I guess you will be telling your community it didn’t matter– It does.To think Lamont would be better for Bridgeport than Ganim is just plain ridiculous. You have to be pretty Naive to believe otherwise. I can guarantee you that my Senator waking again with Lamont will not help her career in Bridgeport, and Monroe and Trumbull are already looking at her opponent. So now we know you ,, Day and Moore think Lamont is better for Bridgeport. Well, good for you, take your message on the road and hopefully you will be as convincing as getting MJF a handful of votes. What has Lamont promised Moore? I am extremely disappointed.

    • Steven Auerbach

      we — well

    • Ron Mackey

      Steve, all black churches are not the same especially Mt. Aery. Ned Lamont was with Senator Ed Gomes who is highly respected. Steve, Lamont’s joining a restricted club, how long ago was that and what did he say against that policy Steve? Steve, what has Mayor Ganim done in his two years as mayor since his return to office? Steve Joe Ganim is not man of his word, he pimped the black community what has he done, Ganim will do the same thing for the state, nothing.

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