Lamont: Tolls For Trucks

 From Ken Dixon, CT Post:

Ned Lamont, the Democrats’ endorsed candidate for governor, has been pitching the idea of highway tolls–but only for trucks–as a way to raise the kind of revenue that could help pull Connecticut out of its budgetary death spiral.

Last week the state of Rhode Island instituted just such a trucks-only tolling program on Interstate-95. No sooner was the first dollar collected, than the trucking industry vowed to fight the new toll in court.

… “When it comes to transportation I need a more reliable and predictable revenue stream that we can leverage and make the investments we need,” Lamont said recently on the campaign trail. “That starts with electronic tolling, when some of our biggest trucks, coming in from out of state, using our roads, tax-free, create tons of maintenance issues, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

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  1. Now that makes sense. Trucks cause more damage and most cars on the highways are registered in CT so they are already taxed.
    You go Lamont. Common sense solutions to every day problems.

  2. If we charge enough we can do away with the truck weighing stations that are a waste of money any way since they are only opened a couple of days a year.

  3. Breaking News, Mayor Joe Ganim said he thought of this first, but he just didn’t say anything yet. Mayor Ganim said if this works it was his idea first and if it doesn’t he said Ned with those damn rich people ideas.

  4. Can’t do trucks only. Violates the 14th and 5th amendments. Either Lamont knows this and he thinks the voters are too stupid to know it, or he is a total dumb ass.

        1. charlie is a winner at the top of his game. Label Lamont a loser when it comes to Gubernatorial primaries and taxing trucks. Lamont keeps making policy mistakes.

  5. Thanks to all of the state Republicans for NOT speaking out against 45’s tax bill that prevents Connecticut taxpayers from writing off both of their property tax and state income taxes, thanks a lot for such poor leadership. Can you imagine what they’ll do if they got elected to mirror 45’s policies here.

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