Lamont: Joe Has Won Three Times…At Some Point You Gotta Get Back To Governing

John Gomes has not announced publicly whether he will pursue another run for mayor Feb. 27, but based on the actions of his political supporters signing out absentee ballot applications from the Town Clerk’s Office looks like he’s going for it.

Governor Ned Lamont added his voice to eschewing another vote telling News 12:

“Joe has won three times…last time he won pretty big. At some point you gotta get back to governing. That would be my advice.”

Thursday is the deadline for Gomes and Lamond Daniels (Daniels dropped out Tuesday) to decide if it’s a go or a no. Republican David Herz has announced he will withdraw his ballot line if both of them do the same.

See News 12 report here

Gomes will be money challenged four weeks to another general election with a number of vendors not being paid from the previous three votes. He could receive a sizable independent expenditure from Bridgeport Generation Now Votes that wants Ganim out no matter the alternative.

Gemeem Davis, Callie Heilmann, leaders of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes, at recent house event in Black Rock with John Gomes, right.

Gen Now Votes cannot coordinate such an effort with the Gomes campaign. State law prohibits campaign collusion between a candidate committee and independent expenditure organization. Its leadership has donated personally to Gomes campaign, attended fundraisers and campaign events as well as savaging Ganim in support of Gomes on its social media pages.

So this is something to watch moving forward in light of Gomes’ dubious transparency trumpeting, be it his supporters stuffing ballots into drop boxes the first primary, stiffing vendors, dubious dissemination of absentee ballot applications, filing a campaign finance report three weeks late leading to a fine, cuddling supporter City Councilwoman Maria Pereira after she called Police Chief Roderick and entire departments “pigs” and other hypocrisy train conducting.

Team Gomes is also hoping that Gomes’ attorney Bill Bloss uncovers something in review of absentee ballots from last week’s primary so the campaign can manufacture demagoguery for the next vote.







  1. If John is left standing, we may see a brief British style election, less wasteful of candidate time, money and energies. A short campaign avoids last minute incubency photo ops distant from actions that advance citizen needs. Perhaps they would open the reality that Boards and Commissions despite some attention recently. They provide no internal or external review of accomplishment that would be a “better practice”. They allow half or more bodies to operate with folks in an expiry period or with open positions that threatens the role of quorums for accomplishing their business and making decisions.
    There continues to be a “dead” Fair Housing Commission, a subject prominent in the news across the STATE because Mayors Fabrizi, Finch, and Ganim2, for more than 20 years failed absolutely in finding resident voters to serve the open positions. Why did these Mayors fail to appoint? No money? Citizens are unpaid.
    No desire? Please explain the failure to perform a Charter duty? No time? Untrue!!! Twenty years without action. Who is against Fair Housing? Read and weep. Time will tell.

  2. Governor, I can’t believe you’re that Stupid, did you win the Governor’s seat with just the Primary win, when you kick Joe Ganim’s Ass?
    Talk about disenfranchising ¾ of Bridgeport’s voters from the General Election.
    Joe Ganim shouldn’t be seating in the mayor seat at this time, with just a Primary win, the President of the City Council should be acting Mayor, until the General Election has run its full course’.
    Again it comes down to “the Pure people” Vs. “the Flucking Corrupt elite”!

    1. Where did you get “3/4” from Jimfox?
      It’s 100% disenfranchisement by the court in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

      Everyone is barking at the wrong tree. Had Judge William Clark been careful in his decision/order there would be no need to ask or insist that anyone reconsider entering a mayoral race that has already been decided by a majority of voters who did not violate any rules, laws, or procedures.
      Judge William Clark gives specific orders such as the process for decimation of AB applications; the Gome campaign violates this order and the Judge allows those votes to be counted?

      What the fluck is wrong with this Judge?
      Sounds like he needs to take his meds.

  3. I guess he missed the court ruling and using this logic then why hold elections given that Republicans make up a fraction of registered voters. so of you want to move forward with this message just go thr whole way and call off elections. at a time of prevalent conspiracy theories this is not the ammunition and fuel you want to go on record saying. I can already see a trump speech talking about the democrat fraud corruption and stealing elections in Bridgeport (which is true by the way) and then saying how they try to cancel elections. Quick, fire your PR strategist!

  4. From John Gomes for Mayor…

    The residents of Bridgeport deserve answers and action.

    I appreciate the City Council for showcasing its capacity to address major matters. However, I must express my disappointment that this same power has not been utilized to tackle the crucial issue at hand – the battle against fraud. The use of this forum and letterhead to misrepresent the problem as merely my run for mayor burdens the residents. It is clear that you are aware of individuals involved in the voter suppression scandal, as they are brought on stage during victory speeches and all public events, creating the perception of placing yourselves above the law.

    While I recognize that this may pose an inconvenience for those in power, it constitutes a significant violation of the public’s trust and the rights of Bridgeport voters. It seems that the power of your official capacity is selectively employed when it serves a particular agenda. Where is the outrage to demand the resignation of the DTC Vice Chairperson, certain City Council members, or calls to cease the use of the front desk at 999 Broad Street for personal businesses, such as weddings organized by campaign partisans? Additionally, where is your outrage with regard to spending more tax dollars on a special investigation firm due to the ballot stuffing of Wanda Geter Pataky, who is currently on paid leave?

    The residents of Bridgeport deserve answers and action, and I trust that you will address these critical issues with the same commitment demonstrated in handling other major matters. Instead of gaslighting the residents to think that what we saw did not and continues to happen, please redirect your outrage appropriately. In the meantime, I will continue to speak truth to power through all the legal channels available.

    Read more:

    #GoWithGomes #johngomesformayor
    #believeinbridgeport #gomesteam #congomes #bridgeportct

  5. John Gomes could use this to his advantage if he truly wants to be the mayor of Bridgeport. Step back. Admit that you came up short and suggest that the money needed for one more election would be best spent on food, clothing and shelter for those in need. Spend the next four years re-inventing John Gomes. Attend city council meetings over the next four years. Speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Invest in yourself to change the personal traits that harm you and concentrate on the traits that show your kindness, compassion and ability to work with others. You have the education, make the next campaign about the positive things that you did in the last four years, not revenge for the man who fired you.

  6. “Step back. Admit that you came up short and suggest that the money needed for one more election would be best spent on food, clothing and shelter for those in need.”

    Joe McLaine, the only way John Gomes would do and say such a thing is if he was promised that $100,000 of food would be purchased at The Red Rooster Restaurant/deli/cafe.

  7. Joe and Joel,
    Are you saying that there is a need for spending city funds on “food, clothing, and shelter for those in need”? Can you get specific about the needs of your neighbors in Bridgeport. Can you inform us, perhaps for the first time, what you are actively doing about such needs, in either a small direct way, or as a public advocate anytime this past year on Only In Bridgeport?

    Please forgive me if “specifics” are in short supply, but I think you are speaking politically, and not in favor of assisting the poor, disabled, and needy who are particularly vulnerable. As “politics” enthusiasts and supporters of political actors, will you celebrate, with me, the actions of the neighborhood of Stratfield Apartment residents who yesterday nominated and elected a President, Vice-President, and Secretary to join their elected floor captains, co-captains, and by-laws previously in place.

    That is grassroots action in Bridgeport. A resident at a meeting, casting a vote for leadership, (with at least 20% in attendance and voting). But because of their courage in facing multiple issues, their neighbors will have an organized and more direct representation of problems and concerns that have in the past made them fearful of eviction. Where is City Housing, Park City Communities, State of CT Housing on attention to Fair Rent and Fair Housing Commissions in Bridgeport representing the inclusion of all resident needs in the subject of “shelter”? Thanks to Sylvia Rodrigues, a strong bi-lingual resident, who along with Council members Jorge Cruz and Tyler Mack have seen this process to the finish line for over two years. Time will tell.

    1. JMl, my reference to “John Gomes, food, The Red Rooster.” Is an inference to how John Gomes embezzled in excess of $25,000 from Friends of Andres Ayala and Ayalala for Senate when he served as Ayala’s Campaign Committee Treasurer for a 7 year period (2006-2013). The method John Gomes used was by disbursement of checks paid to The Red Rooster/ Restaurant/Deli/Cafe. He was the owner of the Red Rooster.

      Had you done the homework assignment I gave you MONTHS ago, there wouldn’t be any need to explain and repeat myself. All records of my SEEC complaints are public and searchable via the SEEC eCris system.
      Search for Committees mentioned above DISBURSEMENTS. Then there’s GOOGLE. Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my classroom? Only way to come back is by getting a note from Dean Grimaldi.

  8. JML All I have to say to you is (again) pull your head out of your ass and take a bite of reality. If you can’t remember my second suggestion let me know.



    WHY WON’T THE GOVERNOR MAKE A STRONG STATEMENT ABOUT THE GANIM CAMPAIGN BALLOT-STUFFING -ELECTION RIGGING/ELECTION THEFT SCANDAL (the later word which has become synonymous with Bridgeport politics and Bridgeport political leadership…)

    Now why would Governor Ned Lamont worry about another election putting true finality on this very, very bizarre, corrupt Bridgeport mayoral election season?! What “horse” does Ned have in this race?! Why has
    Shouldn’t GOVERNOR Lamont be concerned about police surveillance videos of bales of ballots being secretly shoveled into absentee-ballot collection bins in the early morning darkness at Bridgeport City Hall #2 in advance of the September 2023 Democratic Primary by supporters of the mayor of Connecticut’s largest city?! Shouldn’t Connecticut’s governor want to see a full, court-mandated electoral process play-out to determine the candidate all of the voters in Bridgeport really want for their mayor (not just 15% of the registered democrats that voted for Ganim in round # 3 of this election cycle…). What is Ned afraid of? Is he counting on some more ballot-stuffing to get back in the Governor’s mansion in 2026. Does he NEED the current regime of ballot stuffers in place in 2026 to make sure that he stays governor or is in position to launch in another political direction? (It shouldn’t be forgotten that in 2010, Dan Malloy’s gubernatorial election bid was saved by 6 large bags of “miraculously discovered” Bridgeport ballots just as election night was about to go into the history books as a win for Republican Tom Foley…) Has Ned also benefitted from Bridgeport ballot stuffing?! Why hasn’t the governor pulled out all of the stops to get to the nitty-gritty facts of the Bridgeport ballot-stuffing scandal? Why is he afraid of a possible Lamond Daniels win on February 27? Could it be that he knows that politics as usual would change under a new regime in Bridgeport and that Bridgeport would no longer serve as the state’s corrupt “fixer” city for statewide Democrat candidacies?! SHAME ON GOVERNOR LAMONT FOR HIS DE FACTO ENDORSEMENT OF BRIDGEPORT CORRUPTION AND HIS ANTI-DEMOCFRATIC STANCE ON THE COURT-ORDERED GENERAL-ELECTION REDO SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 27! THE BRIDGEPORT ELECTION SEASON MUST BE ALLOWED TO PLAY OUT — HOPEFULLY WITH A WIN FOR JOHN GOMES AS BRIDGEPORT’S NEXT DEMOCRATICALLY-ELECTED MAYOR!!! (SHAME ON YOU, NED!) —— GO FOR IT, MR. GOMES!!

  10. Such a passive response from the Governor on Bridgeport’s fraud but then wants to weigh in on a local election ( a primary at that), that was called for at the direction of a judge’s ruling. All those who say Ganim won three times are ignoring the rule of law and the judge’s verdict. Something to keep in mind next time Ganim tries to convince the judge panel to allow him to have his legal license again. Not to mention all the drama and corruption that surrounds him (e.g., corrupt police cheif, absentee ballot fraud) oh but it’s never him.


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