Lamont, City Ministers Promote Vaccination

Governor Ned Lamont on Friday joined clergy leaders from the Greater Bridgeport region outside the emergency department of St. Vincent’s Medical Center for a news conference to encourage area residents to get vaccinated. The clergy leaders will also be administered with their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

St. Vincent’s plans to live stream the event on their Facebook page at

Those anticipated to participate include:
— Carl McCluster/Sr. Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church
— William McCullough/Pastor, Russell Temple CME Church
— Brenda Barnes/Pastor, Faith Gospel Assembly Church
— Yolanda Hernandez/Pastor, Iglesias de Dios
— Thomas R. Barnes/Elder, Faith Gospel Assembly Church
— Bishop Hector Hernandez/Sr. Pastor, Iglesias de Dios
— Bishop John P. Diamond/Pastor, Cathedral of Faith
— Sharon Magapu/Pastor, Bethel International Ministries
— Dr. Moises Mercedes/Pastor, Prince of Peace Church
— Bill Hoey, Vice President of Mission Integration, Hartford HealthCare Fairfield Region.



    1. P.S Apparently the theme of the sermon by Pastor Carl at this half-ass fake news spectacle was, not being afraid. 🙂

      If they are not going to be not afraid, then you need to be following and preaching the prophet, Eminem. While it won’t get your ass in Heaven or keep you from going into that room. by your choice actions. It will get your ass out of it, eventually.

  1. If the purpose of Governor Ned Lamont on Friday joined clergy leaders from the Greater Bridgeport region outside the emergency department of St. Vincent’s Medical Center for a news conference to encourage area residents to get vaccinated, well, it was failure, NOTHING was said by Rev. Carl McCluster and Bridgeport’s chief administrative officer Janene W. Hawkins. This was a horse and pony show of Joe Ganim black supporters who he pushed out front to speak. One good thing that happen was a few of the clergy leaders will their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and some have jumped the line because they don’t meet the requirements to get vaccine now. None of the bigger black churches were included because they aren’t going to place politics with this health issue. Where are the moble vans to go directly to where blacks reside, what about those who can’t register online to make an appointment?

  2. Well, comrade, we know some people will play politics with these health issues. Consider Joe didn’t attend the state-organized event. Maybe it was a failure because the bigger black churches not invited nor wereP, outspoken, Rev. McBride.

    People see what they want to see or trained to see. However, Pastor Carl McCluster did hit on a point when he said Black people are skeptical and mention the Tuskegee experiment. Shit, I’m white and I have a hard time trusting those motherfucker today. Whatever horse and pony show you were to call this spectacle it was an attempt to ease some fair. 🙂

    P.S “just because you don’t believe something doesn’t make it not true,” said the prophet, Eminem JS

  3. You’re absolutely correct Ron that this was a dog and pony show and those ministers as well as Governor Lamont should be ashamed of themselves. The Black ministers because they should have questioned the wisdom of Governor Lamont to rollout the vaccine by age rather than one which encompasses more Blacks and Latinos because Black’s are twice as likely to die from covid in Connecticut and Latinos are three times as likely to die from covid. When the rollout is by age more whites will be included even though they are less likely to die.

    I’m not saying whites shouldn’t be vaccinated, but I am saying a priority should be placed to those that are dying at a much higher rate than whites. It appears as if those Black ministers are just happy to be in the presence of the head white man rather than the need to question why Black and Brown people aren’t being made a priority. I know why Governor Lamont did it this way because his priority is to the people that look like him and I wonder why those ministers don’t feel the same as Governor Lamont.

  4. Comrade, that is so racist even black people are shaking their heads. Somewhere around 95% of deaths are people over 65, be it black, white, Latino. Age is the best way to administer it in my IMO, minus some industries. Personally, I think CT has a decent plan. That being said, There are racial elements that whites have besides the willingness, regardless of age, that is aging blacks navigation the system to actually getting to the vac site. Every senior citizen community and home should have a site or mobile setup site for them. Here is a question comrades you both are in the age group that is eligible for the vac and are black. Have you have gotten yours? If not, was it based on race or politics. I await your reply. JS

    keeping with the theme of the prophet Eminem. 🙂

  5. Racial minorities have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prioritizing access to a vaccine for these minorities can be justified on epidemiological, economic, and social justice grounds, according to a new JAMA viewpoint article co-authored by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Dean Michelle Williams.

    The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has recommended prioritization of racial minorities who are “worse off” socioeconomically and epidemiologically.The World Health Organization (WHO) similarly cautioned that “colorblind” allocation frameworks could perpetuate or exacerbate existing injustices. Both NASEM and WHO urge policy makers to allocate vaccines in ways that reduce unjust health disparities. The ethics and legality of race-based policies in the United States have been fraught with controversy.

        1. Fair Enough, I expect extra credit or the re-draft. 😄

          Comrade, there are some factors to why the black death rate is higher in this country, but it’s not solely based on color and its “bais” system towards black. More whites have died of COVID-19 than blacks worldwide. Most of all the black African nations have been impacted severely less than the so-called white nations. Is the World Health Organization urging policies to give priority to the limited supply of vaccines to those black’s nations over “white” nations?

          I don’t care to address those bais factors with you based on your own bais views. Your statement stated that as well when you called out Black preachers for kowtowing to the white man while condemning their efforts to encourage black people to “not be afraid” of getting vaccinated. As disingenuous as it was, IMO, I’ll take the good with the bad or should I dare say evil and let the weeds grow with the wheat until the harvest.

          You’re claiming a black 25-year-old person who is less likely to die from COVID-19 if caught, should get the limited vaccine supply over a 70-year-old white person is unjust. Don’t you think? For you don’t mind bias injustice system like supplying a 25 black person vaccine over a 70-year-old white person who more in need of it based on the fact this virus affects and kills them in far greater numbers the 25-year-old, be it white or black. I think that view is extremely “bias” and unjust. These biased views like yours and Tom White that you point are interwinds in the politics these days, in the world of “bias” Trump.

          It’s ironic, maybe sad, but when that “bias” 45 was in office that’s all you heard was how “bias” the R’s were/are and how how “bias” supremacy this country, considering for the 8 years prior, this country was right as rain under Obama. It was non-stop posts after posts, meme after meme, news coverage after news coverage, who “bias” 45 was for placing kids in cages, separate families, no compassion of immigrants, deportation, warmongers, Islamic phobia, “bias” insurrection, yet silence now even though the bombing of a Muslim nation, reopening of deportation facility for children that Trump for his “bias” when he used it. They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, No one can deny this. No one was noisier on “bias” disparities and injustice than “bias” 45.

          I even had witnessed a black person claim he was thinking about moving to Canada, a country whiter than American, over how “bias” this country was in all that 45 noise. He didn’t say I going to Africa to live in an all-black country like Algeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, or Rwanda for more equality and less “bias” to seek out a better life. He didn’t even say he was going South of the Border to a brown country, like Mexico.

          Does any black person honestly believe if they move to Mexico (brown nation) or an African Black nation that they inherently will have a better life and treatment because of there will be less racial “bias” in skin tone, there? Maybe Puerto Rico. Well, not you Comrade, we know your voter preference. 🙂
          At any rate, Most “bias” posts are political in nature. I mean you can’t be an R supporter without being inherent “ racially bias” if you’re white, or coon if you are black in the eyes of black D’s, and most posts are intended to incite “‘bias” considering it is the path of less resistance to point your finger and place blame or discredit. I learned that a long time ago with a discussion with Ernie. One he wasn’t winning, so he threw in some incitement by making a seemingly irrelevant statement that Jesus being black. It wasn’t the first time a black person said that to me. I think it’s a go-to to conjure up resentment and “bias”
          Ironically considering that passage that describes Jesus is so vague and misleading, even incomplete when expressed. I wondered who was playing who sometimes. There’s a “vivid” description of a prophet of the book that doesn’t get much play by black people?

          This “bias” view is the current state of our politics these days. The noise of “bias” 45 demonstrated and exposed it, be it in Blacks, Whites, or Brown people, based on the one-sided “bias injustice views” of their posts, memes, and statement and the lack of these days. If Trump reopened that detention center for immigrants crossing the border, I guess AOC would be crying at its gates, and those posts, memes, and a statement would be all over their FB wall how “bias” he is.

          P.S Since you qualified for the vaccine and didn’t answer the initial question as to if you had gotten the shot, and I can only assume it was because you didn’t sign up to get it. Yet you preaching how the state plan is racially unjust because whites are getting it in higher numbers. Please state the “bias” you have endured to prevent you from getting the Shot. Do you think you might be taking the “bias”l view a little too far beyond where it should be? JS 🙂 SMH JS

          P.S Everyone is biased from time to time, it’s innate. It‘s to what extent of injustice in your views.

          Well, except me, I have all you motherf#$kers 🤣


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