Lamont By 7 Points In Emerson Poll

An Emerson College Poll for governor shows Democrat Ned Lamont with a 7-point advantage over Republican Bob Stefanowski. See more here.

The numbers:

Lamont 41% favorable/ 39% unfavorable

Stefanowski 40% favorable/ 46% unfavorable

Dan Malloy 21% favorable/ 62% unfavorable

Donald Trump 36% favorable/ 58% unfavorable

53% support legalizing marijuana for recreational use and commercial sale for people 21 and older, with 30% opposed.



  1. All Connecticut cities are near bankruptcy or financially struggling but Lamont is the only candidate to have a platform calling for support for our cities. So where is Only in Bridgeport and where are our CITY VOTERS? Will OIB strongly endorse Lamont and when? Will our Registered Democrats in Bridgeport flock to the polls on Tuesday. Will Aidee Nieves’s District turn our voters better in the election than the mere 10% in the Democratic Primary? What good to have lots of registered Democrats if few actually VOTE? Will the Dunbar district actually VOTE. What about the neighborhood around Bassick High School or Ernie Newton’s District & Luis Munoz Marin voting District. If our state elects someone from Madison or a Hartford suburb, will Bridgeport get its fair share for our schools and other municipal services? NOT. Vote damn it Bridgeport.

  2. I’m voting lamont he actually has talked about improving cities and putting businesses in big cities. This will most likely be my last time voting on bridgeport af I’m moving to the valley in the next couple of months.

  3. Talk’s cheap. CT has crashed and burned under Democrat leadership in Senate, House .
    Lamont is like Bush – a trust fund baby worth millions that was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. Personification of Empty Suit.
    I’m giving Stefanowski my vote because Lamont is more of the same that brought this State down.


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