Lamont: All Registered Voters May Vote By Mail In August Primaries

From Governor Lamont:

Governor Ned Lamont today announced that because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he has signed an executive order allowing all registered voters in Connecticut to vote absentee in the August 11, 2020 primary elections.

Current state law authorizes the use of an absentee ballot for six reasons, including a voter’s active service in the Armed Forces; absence from town during all of the hours of voting; own illness; religious beliefs; duties as an election official; and physical disability. Governor Lamont said that as the highly contagious virus continues to spread and nearly 3,500 people in the state who have contracted the disease have died within the last two months, it is critical that state government make reasonable adjustments that reflect the current state of emergency while ensuring that the democratic process continues safely and securely.

“Nobody should need to make a decision between their health and their right to vote,” Governor Lamont said. “Our state has taken every responsible step to this point to ensure that our residents are safe, and the next step we must take is to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 when Connecticut residents cast their ballots. We must guarantee access to the ballot, and this is a way to do that during these extraordinary circumstances. I do not take this decision lightly, and it is with the public health and welfare of residents in mind.”

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill has announced that she intends to mail every registered voter in the state an application they will need to fill out and return in order to obtain an absentee ballot. That application, which will be sent via U.S. Postal Service, will include a postage paid return envelope. After processing the applications at the local level, all voters who requested an absentee ballot will receive the ballots in the mail, which will also include a postage paid return envelope. Each town will also have a secure dropbox in a prominent location to allow voters to deliver their absentee ballots in person without close personal contact.

Connecticut’s 2020 presidential primary was initially scheduled to be held on April 28, but to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, Governor Lamont signed executive orders rescheduling it, first to June 2 and then to August 11, the same date that the state was already scheduled to hold primaries for other federal, state, and local offices. Moving the presidential primary to this date enables the primary for president to appear on the same ballot as those for other offices, and eliminates the need for the state to hold two separate primary elections.

**DownloadGovernor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7QQ



  1. This seems like unnecessary overreach by government. If people can go to Walmart and the supermarket, why can’t they go to the polling locations? It seems like an unlawful expansion of the reasons to justify an absentee ballot!

    1. Why can’t government make voting as safe and easy as possible if voting is a right? Why not make voting two day weekend in the spring or early fall where the weather is better and it’s not dark outside in the cold like it is or make voting a national holiday? Voting is a birth right for all America and once they reach voting age they be automatically registered to vote and when they get their driver’s license but remember everybody doesn’t get a driver’s license.

      1. Why???? Because of all the ACTUAL cheating and potential cheating that occurs. And if anyone thinks that it doesn’t occur then they’re an …….
        Well you know!!!

        1. Ron, weekends is a good idea. As far as a national holiday, come on Ron you Gotta be my age or better! Don’t you remember schools were closed, bars were not allowed to open until later in the day, and I believe it may have been a type of national holiday so that the people could come out and vote. I don’t even think that there was mail on that day back then. It was a legal holiday and many people had the day off from work. But if you look at what happened in the 133rd with….., OK I won’t mention his name, but they were many votes harvested from Sacred Heart students in rental properties that technically were not Bridgeport residence. Delivered by….! Etc. etc. etc.-Not to mention the senior housing complexes and we’ve all read about and know what happens there. But I do agree with you weekends would be a good idea but that would necessitate a change in the law.

          1. Rich, let’s look at the bigger picture, you correctly mention two problems in the 133th district and now is the time to the spotlight on Bridgeport’s absentee voting problems as Governor Lamont is looking into having all registered to have Vote By Mail in August Primaries. Now is the for State to look DEEPLY at the real problem with Vote By Mail, let’s get it right now. Now is the time to correct the absentee voting right.

  2. Mario must be licking his chops at this news!… First off the state is mailing EVERYONE an application,making it easier for his minions, no need to knock on doors demanding people to request an application, they will already have them!.. And after the AB’s are delivered and his minions fill them out for people,they can simply drop them in a Dropbox.Wow,Mario can’t ask for much more.

      1. “Tell the truth and shame the devil,” this guy has always been a taker and never a giver. Paul Timpanelli and Mario Testa are the main two people who us Bill Finch for mayor because of their hate for Chris Caruso, they knew that they couldn’t control Chris so they needed somebody for mayor and Bill Finch was there to be rented. This guy could never get a job on his own and keep it.

      1. Oops. Are those my three options?
        I’d like to see Gabbard on the top of Brown’s line, please.
        I didn’t know it was as simple as telling you.

    1. No true, just look at states that atey basically Republican States like Ohio that has a Republican governor and he has no problem with mail I’m voting.

  3. I agree with Ron. Now is the time to open discussions as to how to conduct clean elections AND clean up the AB process.
    I have long been a proponent of having a weekend of voting. We will need to ensure that the results remain secure and unknown to all.
    As far as Rich remembering when, I remember Joe Kelly telling stories of how they used to wake up bums as sleep and give them a drink and a name and have them vote. Also party workers would have bars set up in cars to encourage voting for their candidate. So there are problems with all solutions.
    We need to institute CRIMINAL charges and not simply civil charges for interfering with a voters right to a safe and secret ballot. This would include proactive checks and not just reactive.
    We need to change how and when ballots are mailed out.
    The list goes on. But let’s open up a frank and honest discussion of all the facts.


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