Lamond Daniels Urges Action To Protect City Elections

News release from mayoral candidate Lamond Daniels:

Many of my fellow Democrats across our nation are launching valiant campaigns to make it easier for people to vote, while defending against Trump-inspired efforts that deny election results and spread lies to suppress voters’ rights and undermine our democracy. This is what makes our current situation here in Bridgeport truly shameful. I urge the legislature to act to preserve our democracy and continue our work to expand voting rights, with clear measures that protect the integrity of our process and hold accountable those who violate this integrity. There is strong evidence my opponent’s campaign has broken the law with respect to harvesting absentee ballots. Bridgeport voters deserve an election process without illegal manipulation and corruption. I urge our legislature to address these fundamental civil rights issues by taking the following steps, immediately:

  • Fund and install a state-appointed elections monitor with sufficient resources to investigate any potential violations of law, and ensure free and fair elections in Bridgeport.
  • Provide additional supervised voting hours conducted by the Bridgeport Registrar of Voters in nursing homes and senior housing throughout the city to offer voters more opportunities and remove the potential for corruption with absentee voting.
  • Mandate additional hours for the registrar to remain open to allow voters to “vote in person” by absentee if needed as provided by current law.



  1. Governance matters. Comprised of Charters or Ordinances and then rules and habits practiced, they are the skeletons and organic matter of what too many term “politics” with a sneer, as if that removes them from the public square. Lamond Daniels is a student and practitioner of good governance and he is an -active and energetic practitioner of quality governance for all of the City constituents. As a younger and knowledgable candidate he may be able to reach the youth population of the City, in a short campaign, to displace the existing status quo served up by the DTC. But he is a practicing Democrat so guardrails are in place with a pledge of OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST values behind governance practices.

    Are as many young folks in Bridgeport registered to vote as are eligible? Do they communicate with freinds and the community at large through social media? Do each of these youth realize that the education of their friends and families with youth depend on local voting results into the future? It does not take many months to become informed, review your current notions of equal opportunity, inclusion, and recognize talented diversity in the community? Give it a chance. Open both ears to supporters of candidates. Ask them why they support one or another? Do yet get a responsive answer to your question? LIVE THE QUESTION. Time will tell.


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