Judge Lopez Provides Interpretation Of Republican School Board Endorsements

Thursday night Republicans endorsed for Board of Education sitting member John Weldon, 2015 petitioning mayoral candidate Chris Taylor and Black Rock realtor Diane Rello to four-year terms. They also endorsed former board member Jim Carbone to fill out the four-year term vacancy of Kevin McSpirit who was replaced by Weldon, per appointment by Mayor Joe Ganim. The City Attorney’s Office cited state law that allows the mayor to fill school board vacancies if the board does not act within 30 days. As a result ambiguity had been created about the number of school board slots open this cycle. Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez graciously shared legal insight (see here) about the number of school board seats open this year. Her interpretation was backed by the City Attorney’s Office. On Friday OIB asked her to share her take on the number of candidates that may be endorsed by the parties. Her legal read is that it appears the Republicans acted appropriately.

She explained that the two-year McSpirit seat is the equivalent of a special election to fill a vacancy, and is separate from the election of five people to four-year terms.

She adds:

There are many scenarios that have to play out, but the bottom line is that both parties can nominate three people for the four-year seats.

As I said earlier, for purposes of minority representation, the two-year seat is filled first. This makes sense because you are filling a vacancy on the existing board. Once that is done, assuming a Democrat wins that two-year seat, there will be four Democrats on the Board.

Therefore, although the Democrats can nominate three people for the four-year seat, only two Democrats can be elected due to the requirements of the minority representation statute. In the unlikely (snow falling in Miami in July) scenario that a Republican wins the two-year seat, then three Democrats can be elected to four-year terms without violating the minority representation statute.

Therefore, both parties should nominate three candidates to the three four-year terms that are available, because we cannot anticipate the results of the election to fill the two-year term.



  1. Gage Frank, The post about Maria Pereira’s police report, is that real? I am surprised that Ron Mackey, Donald Day, or anyone of the countless people that have been the target of Maria’s attacks did not beat you to the punch. Is this the same information that Stallworth’s supporters were using during the campaign or just her middle finger?

    I am surprised Lennie Grimaldi did not address this. Is is fake news? Is this The same Maria Periera that contributes to this blog? Can that be verified? I have to go back to the Kyle Langon post and click on that link again. Maybe Jessica Martinez has too much class to use that against Maria P during her run. This certainly does address her character that we were not aware of before. Somebody , please advise if this is real info.

  2. Steve, it is well known I have three misdemeanors and my boyfriend at the time received four misdemeanors.

    It occurred in 2005. Nothing occurred prior to 2005 and nothing has occurred since 2005.

    We have a Mayor with seventeen felony convictions who received a nine year federal prison sentence and was disbarred. He also has quite a few convicted felons on the payroll funded with taxpayer dollars.

    It is what it is:)

  3. Could it be, 3 misdemeanors of domestic violence, breach of peace, disorderly conduct, risk of injury, etc… ? Or was it just all a misunderstanding? These things tend to happen now & then when one misses their meds or mix them with alcohol, etc… Anyway shit happens in life and as long as one learns from their mistakes, life moves on. ***

    1. Sir, I don’t drink alcohol, not even champagne at a wedding. You think you know if I am or was on medications of some sort? Risk of injury?

      I am incredibly litigious, sir. Don’t make remarks you cannot possibly prove.

      We have several convicted felons and former drug attics running for office. We have a major former drug dealer and another convicted drug dealer, each earning over $75,000 a year working for the Mayor.

      1. *** Thank goodness someone was willing to give these ex-felons a chance to get back into the work force and hopefully become good productive citizens. Pointing the finger at others to get the un-wanted attention off yourself is like a child tattle telling on other kids on the playground. And if no alcohol or meds were involved during your in-counter with Bpt’s finest, then it sounds like anger management classes might be helpful, no? *** Good-Luck ***

        1. I’m an open book, nothing to hide here. Any politicians past is relevant to their duties is open to fotter.

          My situation involved three adults that had nothing to do with drugs, guns, theft, violent crime, or betrayal of the public trust. Unfortunately, those most hurt were our children and families.

          It took months to convince the BPS to subpoena my phonerecords where I had traced hundreds of phone calls from him. The final arrest was when he was taken into handcuffs at his place of employment while working with a customer.

          The prosecutor withdrew every felony charge and the Fairfield PD dismissed all the charges and sent me a letter informing me my file had been shredded.

          He continued to be arrested over the next couple of years. I was one of the lucky ones that got out when the getting was good.

          Domestic Violence is serious and if you have never been involved in it, it is difficult to fully comprehend.

          1. Is it Gage, Ron or Mojo playing that little violin? Nah, Its Joe, Dennis or Mario? Kyle ,Jessica or Lisa? Donald, Wanda,Lisa, Heather? Who is playing that melodious violin. Fran? Carmen Lopez???????????????? No I am certain that is not true. Gaby? The white billionaires?

            I am certain the violinist will come forward. The presentation made does not look like the report. If the report was shreded how is it readily available? I have been hearing these stories since Fosters 1st run for Mayor 5 years ago. I did not believe it then and it is probably a non issue these days. I guess it is only useful to anyone running against you.

  4. In the last couple of days I have been reading a significant amount of postings here on OIB. Many were and I can certainly say that I have learned things and I can certainly say that I became a better informed Bridgeporter. As a result of the information gleaned here and meeting many people,I have become more involved in Bridgeport “issues.” One month ago,on July 3,I spoke to the City Council/Public Comments. The issue I spoke about was the decision to choose Exact Capital as the Poli/Majestic theater development and I wasted the CC to slow down the Ganim speed demon process and to perform “due diligence.” The CC seems to slowing down the process a bit. HOEVER,what I would really like to say is that,as I reviewed OIB postings, I was struck by the large amount of personal insults and a discourse that seemed to place a greater emphasis on “scoring points” on a personal level rather than a factual level. I admit I crossed the line a few times and wish I could retract some of my postings. Without a doubt,one of the appeals of OIB is the spirited debate that takes place here. However,far too often,the posting are purely personal attacks and putdowns. I promise and will try to do my best to move away from this type of discussion. I hope all OIB poster will likewise do the same. This posting is a perfect example. This posting addressed the Republican BOE nomination situation with a input from Judge Carmen Lopez. The second comment had absolutely nothing to do with posting but was a purely personal attack. With a new tone set,it is probable that all comments following will follow the personal insult level and nothing would be spoken about the titled posting;Republican BOE nominations. Surely all of us can do better in having a more polite( but spirited) discussion and debate instead of jumping into the gutter. Thank you to all.

    1. Wanted the CC. there are a number of other mistakes but I hope everyone will understand what I wrote. LOL,I really need to take Ray Fusci’s advice and pre-write my comments,double check and then copy and paste on to OIB.

      1. Sorry , the second comment was to make sure that the post on another feed was correct. It was very appropriate. As appropriate as your rants . People read this blog for Maria’s responses. She is the reason why everyone reads OIB. Nobody really cares about your epiphany or change of heart on Kyle Langon. I am surprised you are not running for council. You made a reference to that about a year ago,

        1. Steve, you said, “is the reason why everyone reads OIB,” that’s not the reason, OIB is the only one can see what’s really going on in Bridgeport, in Fairfield County and in the state.

          1. Steve, remember how people would jump on you when you were Bill Finch’s biggest cheerleader?

          2. Yes, I love the attention you know . This is not whats really going on Ron. Seriously, You sound like my friends that watch Fox news for their info. The people getting on my case for Finch were from friends of mine that supported Ganim . That is the one thing I have in common with Pereirra. We thrive on being targets and relish in the banter. I do not take it personally. Apparently Maria doesn’t either. She knows how to get under your skin and you can mention her “Uncle Tom ” comment over and over again and she will continue to use it because she knows it is like fingernails on a chalk board. Notice I said Chalk board, not sure if Black board has become ne of those racially charged triggers.

            Ron , have you ever noticed that when Maria is not th topic , there are only a few responses unless Frank Gyure or Robert Texeria are ranting.

          3. Steve.. I will say that as I attend various BPT public event and If I see you, I will walk over and introduce myself to you.

        2. Steve, Maria is doing exactly what I want by continuing to call a young black woman who is a Yale University graduate, Jamilah Prince Stewart, a “Uncle Tom.” Maria is showing a total disrespect to black women in Bridgeport, black women would feel proud if their daughter had accomplish what Ms Stewart has accomplish and for them to continue to read that a white women who is on the BBOE has no problem in calling another black woman a “Uncle Tom” will have them coming out to vote against Maria, trust me on this one.

          1. I don’t trust you on anything. You just post on JIB, whine, and do absolutely nothing to make a difference in the governance of Bridgeport.

            You don’t have 5 votes in my district including a single retired firefighter in my community. You can’t even organize Seaside Village.

            You are all talk.

            I just had two politically black women call me to help them with an issue with a magnet school slot. They said they called me because they knew I would take care of it, and I did.

            My description of Jamilah Prince is specific to her, not all black women. I stand by my description of her 100% and will not retract it or apologize for it.

          2. Ron , you only get 5 votes in Seaside Village? I love those apts BTW…. Gage can get 10 votes according to Maria- He wins!

          3. Steve, Maria doesn’t know or understand black mothers and black women and the bonding and connection that they black women have with each other. There’s pride when they see a young black Christian woman who has accomplish what Jamilah Prince Stewart has accomplish by being a Yale University graduate, there is a sense of pride that black women feel when one of their own does good . The black family is in a crisis and when you are in a crisis you just can’t keep on doing the same thing, we want our children to have a good education and everybody knows that the Bridgeport public school system is a failure.

            Steve, I told Maria years ago that she doesn’t know me and she doesn’t know who I know. People who know me goes way pass Seaside Village, I am a member of the largest black church in Bridgeport, I am also a member of the Firebird Society but let me stop there because my point is that I have a much wider reach into the black community than Maria can imagine and trust me and when they hear a white woman calling a black woman a “Uncle Tom” that will truly piss them off enough to come out to make sure that Maria is not elected.

          4. Steve, remember Maria only got elected because she was in a recount because the vote was that tight, well it won’t take much the next time to convince people to vote against Maria.

    2. *** Frank, thank you for your well observed insight into non subject blogging by some of the OIB bloggers. This site is what it is, no format to follow or subjects too off limits within reason. However feel free to set an example on the correct ways to blog on this site! ***

  5. Maria, I’m sure you remember how scared you were before the recount, you were crying because you thought that the election would stolen from you and you had NOBODY to help you, I’m sure you remember that, don’t you Maria?

    1. Ron, how would you know? I have I ever called you? I spoke with Judge Lopez at a City Council meeting about your repeated posts. She stated ” I just wish he would leave me out of it”.

      You are all talk and that is all you will ever be.

  6. Maria, who funds the NAACP? Well, I saw his interesting article showing the white billionaires who finance the NAACP.

    One by one, corporate spokesmen from Wal-Mart, Shell Oil, General Motors and American Airlines announced donations ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 to the tax-exempt group, whose stated goal is “to advocate civil rights of minority groups in the U.S.A.”

    Then the Wachovia banking corporation produced a $1 million contribution to the NAACP’s education initiatives, prompting an audible gasp and a standing ovation from the audience.

    “It’s important that we celebrate these corporations that share our vision,” said Hilary Shelton, who leads the NAACP’s Washington office. “It is great to have these friends.”


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