Judge Continues Keeley’s Election Complaint

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post

A lawsuit challenging the second primary for the city’s North End council seat, based on allegations of absentee ballot irregularities, will go forward.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis on Friday rejected a motion to dismiss the case by lawyers for city officials and candidates.

“I believe it is the court’s duty to adjudicate this matter,” Bellis said, in ordering the case to go forward. “It’s the court’s obligation to hear these allegations.”

But the judge warned the lawyer for challenger Robert Keeley that he better be ready with specific allegations when the hearing begins Monday morning.

Full story here.



          1. The DRC should be the DTC but at times the Republican Town Town Committee seems like it is part of the DTC.
            Gaza me is the games that they played.

  1. “Local lawyer Max Medina who was appointed by Bellis to oversee the second primary did not find any irregularities in how the primary was conducted but did note two odd situations concerning absentee ballots.

    “Prior to primary day nine ballots were delivered by a police officer who said he had been instructed to do so by either Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa or one of Testa’s employee’s, Medina wrote in a report. Then on primary day he said the same officer delivered four more ballots at Testa’s request.

    “Medina’s report continues that also on primary day he was told more ballots had been brought over from the post office to City Hall. But 12 of the ballots bore no post marks and Medina states he did not get a definitive answer why that was.”

    That tells us a lot, a whole lot.

  2. This isn’t really off-topic — it is a story (see link) that, in many ways, defines the fulfilling of the complete marginalization of Bridgeport (which began with the abolition of county government in CT in 1960 by the CT — suburban — GA). And, while most communication and news reporting is becoming Internet anchored, there is
    a certain assured status of a host municipality that can claim to be home of the predominant, de facto official, regional news source… Bridgeport officially lost that… And it is apparent by the editorial content, reporting, and new faces at the Connecticut Post, that Hearst Publications has decided to buy into the political/economic marginalization of Bridgeport…

    See link — http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Connecticut-Post-says-goodbye-to-410-State-St-12382066.php

    Lennie: Maybe it’s time to resurrect the “BRIDGEPORT Light” (you could probably rent office space fairly cheaply at 410 State Street).

    So: If anyone is wondering why Bridgeport seems to be marginalized in every respect of the word, just take a look at the shift of priorities of the media over the time period during which Bridgeport has watched its tax-base contract, middle class flee, poverty-levels surge, and political power diminish to levels where the latter terms have become oxymoronic… The Fourth Estate has deemed our real estate (and economic/political) too low-value to want to keep any presence here… Pretty soon, the Hearst Flagship publication in Connecticut will become the Gold Coast Gazette (Stamford Advocate…). (But: as the rest of a seething Connecticut electorate — including Bridgeport/greater Bridgeport and northwestern Fairfield County — evolves a political resistance to Stamford/Gold Coast hegemony, the Fourth Estate might find a need for more than a virtual presence in the neglected/distressed urban centers of the state (even appeased/politically-compromised Hartford…)

  3. Jeff great opinion, without a vocal and supportive fourth estate it’s impossible for the loyal opposition to raise issues or successfully convey views and opinions. This disadvantage makes victory more difficult. I believe Lennie’s contributions as leader of OIB, to a great extent, creates a fourth estate.

      1. Bubba definitely not impossible, I say more difficult because without public exposure by the “media” the challengers must work harder, become more creative, and ward off intrusion by the “Party.” In the present political climate it’s easier to run as a challenge candidate. The endorsement is a curse, paid for by the sins of the leaders.

        1. Not that difficult, Lisa. This case came before the court with a long history attached. Judge Bellis is well aware of the machinations od the Democratic Town Committee, the history of AB manipulation, votes bought for twenty bucks each, etc. Even the cynical editors of The Connecticut Post has been giving this story the front page, above the fold.

          There’s much more to this than meets the eye.

          1. You’re right Kid. I was referring to political campaigns. There was a time when the Party endorsement was powerful, and almost impossible to overcome. In the past decade, the Party has become what you describe, and worse. It’s almost a badge of honor to run without involvement from the TC. The “second line” has become the new norm.

          2. Can’t disagree. After joe Ganim was re-elected having the words “endorsed candidate” before one’s name became political poison in Bridgeport.

            When all of this is combed out Bob Keeley may have a seat on the Common Council.

  4. Thanksgiving Day repast has passed. Many prompts to get on with shopping and consumer activity, but very little to pay attention to that which provides structure and continuity to our lives…..the manner in which we govern ourselves, based on what we know about the way the “sausage is manufactured”? When taxes (or any price tag) appear to be too much, there is a “value problem” and that is stuck like a chicken bone in many Bridgeport residents. Especially when a SECOND CHANCE candidate expressly talked about cutting taxes. (He is a greedy man, and needs everything he reaches out for including the “bridge” that allows him to access benefits as if Garnim1 and Ganim2 terms had never had a “prison timeout”.) How will his dishonesty from the most recent campaign, the lack of accomplishment in the past two years, and the gnawing problems around education, housing, and genuine development trip him up as he spends time sharing “his Story” around the State.

    Comments about the importance of the “Fourth Estate” are most appropriate. Had Lennie Grimaldi not used a “second chance” and grown it to serve the community such as we regulars see OIB, our community would be darker and more in trouble, I suggest. For everyone who has a gripe or jaundiced opinion about OIB, there are 1000x the number who are critical of the daily newspaper that has failed to serve the community with the changing business models. Does OIB serve the community of Bridgeport credibly? Daily? And entertain as well, without a comics section? (No slight intended to the few who do provide skilled and absurd highlights for audience delights.)

    So our government heroes for the most part remain members of the Judiciary in CT. Fascinating isn’t it? Civil Service – acting and Police Chief – acting and fill in the blanks _____, _____, and folks who live and vote in the suburbs in charge of important Board governance for too many years? Is the earthshaking? Or are tremors coming from somwhere else? Time will tell.

  5. JML, as one of those few who provided skilled and absurd highlights for the audience delight, and who has a gripe or jaundiced opinion about OIB. I take offense to your depiction of the birth of our Lord, who brought all things into existence, even your time that seems never to tell, as a “prompts to get on with shopping and consumer activity, Merry Christmas OIN audience.


      1. You were cut off because the instructor knows you are a stupid asshole and didn’t want to wast the time of the other students. They are there to learn; you are there to be a pain in the ass.

        1. What are the students learning? Do you disagree with my premise that an American soldier’s family should not be booed with contempt when bring home their deceased son of burial after being killed fighting to preserve this great nation. Or an American University student’s removing the American flag to burn it. Sorry I thought you were referring to the American flag speech.

          You have a problem with Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution?

          1. None of that made ANY sense. Your English skills are useless which is to be exoected from a social retard.

          2. That was on topic. You just had failed to see it. When Mario and the others take the witness stand to testify. They are going to be asked to place their hand on the Bible and take the oath,

            “Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (so help you God/under pains and penalties of perjury)?

            If you bothered to watch my links you will know Jesus is not going to be around to help them or Broncos. He has a big birthday coming up and pageant to go to. Focus TBK 🙂 It was a please OIB


          3. I never bother viewing the You tube links you post because they are never on topic and irrevlevent to the subject except in the most periferal way.

          4. That is you will, but everybody knows your lying. So based on that fact your lying does it matter if your Posts/Comments are on point or peripheral to the topic at hand? The bottom line is no one involved in Bridgeport politics really care about the abuse of the votes as long as it goes for their candidate. While we all play own game no one is either contemplating nor cares about the face “Many prompts to get on with shopping and consumer activity, but very little to pay attention to that which provides structure and continuity to our lives the manner in which we govern ourselves” and the vote count is slightly over 200 votes. A cat video get more likes and vote than the people running Connecticut’s largest city of 150,000.


            PS. it’s peripheral not periferal.

          5. Enfréntate a la verdad, eres un estúpido gilipollas. No respetas la opinión de nadie, ni siquiera la tuya. Usted no tiene ninguna comprensión de los hechos de este hilo o cualquier otro en OIB. Ahora, acuéstate junto a tu plato de agua.

    1. Thanksgiving was past but Black Friday (consumer promotion)was the order of the day when I wrote this on November 25. Your comment, calling me to attention, confuses me, not for the first time, as I did not reference to my way of thinking “the birth of our Lord”.

      I was contrasting the behavior of many of my 21st Century neighbors who spend lots of time shopping, being entertained, and otherwise not participating in the care of the community, at least the learning part. Lack of balance for attention and learning the detail. And of course for lack of voting, even though they are fully registered.

      Can you explain why folks waste their talents in such ways that have been provided by a loving Higher Power? Time will tell.

        1. For being a stupid asshole. Your diparaging remarks, taunts, criticisms and such serve no useful purpous. Your instructor had you removed from the building? Has to be more to itthan a poorly drafted homework assignment. I’ll venture a guess you became verbally abusive. If the security guards had any sense you would have been slapped silly, arrested for trespassing and thrown into a jail cell.

  6. I believe Max has laid a good foundation for the challenge.
    He shows that not only did voting officials err in the decision to allow absentee ballots to be picked up by a police officer not assigned by the town clerk but instead by Mario and a candidate in the election, he also pointed out there is NO EXPLANATION of how in the final AB round up from the post office, there were 12 that we’re not postmarked.
    Right there, there are sufficient grounds for ordering an other election or throw them out an make Keeley the winner and should Herron withdraw make both challengers win.

      1. The mysterious absent ballot was a head shaker, but 12 ballots arriving to the TC’s office without being postmarked, I can’t figure which is more mysterious.

        1. There’s no mystery, just unanswered questions. The State’s Attorney and the court will want to know where the deciding ballot came from and why those twelve ballots were not postmarked. This is the car chase part of the film.

          1. The answer is simple. Subpoena the Town Clerk. It’s like dealing from the bottom of the deck.
            Someone gave the TC a dozen ballots that were not mailed in but the police officer who previously delivered the ballots was getting to hot.
            “Just do what you’ve got to do to get them counted”
            The TC will not shed any light on the topic but just to hear him say again “I refuse to answer on the grounds it mayincriminate me” will be one of the precious moments.

          2. Them bones, them bones: The ROV and TC bones are both connected to the DTC bone. 

            It’s not the same as Mario’s bartender filing a city-wide zoning appeal in order to open a liquor store in Bridgeport. (Just what Bridgeport needs, another goddamned liquor store.) That is a civil matter. Judge Bellis is presiding over a criminal hearing. George Bohannon has subpoena power and a sympathetic judge.

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          1. I didn’t threaten you, pendejo stupido. I said it would give much satisfaction to slap the smirk off your face.

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            Threat of no threat, you would be surprise how many times someone just punched me in the face for no apparent good reason. I’m a people person. 🙂

            PS Now you know how I FEEL when someone crushes your belief system. My original post was to express my “DISSATISFACTION” with JML when he said the celebration of our lord was nothing more than” prompts to get on with shopping and consumer activity but very little to pay attention to that which provides structure and continuity to our lives.”

            Is he saying Reverend McBride or any other Christian religious leader pay little attention to what provides structure and continuity the lives to their community by the prompts of consumer activity? Merry Christmas OIB


          3. Enfréntate a la verdad, eres un estúpido gilipollas. No respetas la opinión de nadie, ni siquiera la tuya. Usted no tiene ninguna comprensión de los hechos de este hilo o cualquier otro en OIB. Ahora, Acuéstate junto a tu plato de agua.

          4. A. I already told you I checked the stupid asshole box

            B. I respect my opinions, most of the times.

            C. I understand what people say and post. If I don’t understand it because people lie. @click-on-link.

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            Hey does Jesus love you?

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            Considering you are a self-proclaimed Godless liberal you and Jesus are tight. God must think you are a man with integrity.

            Like Coolio your view of the world has been shattered.You are now a hollow human being with only anger as your North Star for guidance. You are mime in a box, trapped. I say you go on a walk about to find purpose and MEAN-ing to life, what left of it. bon appetit 🙂


        1. Put a cork in it, Robert. None of the You Tube clips you posted have even passing relevance to the topic at hand. If you have simething constructive to add please do. Otherwise be silent.

  7. Bottom line: whether it’s this issue-which is serious, or Defilippo/Willingers attempts at playing the system with the liquor laws using OPED, all these people do is cost Bridgeport taxpayers cash that fill the attorneys pockets. Only the people can change these problems at the polls and at least it has started with some new blood that ran and won. If the court doesn’t or can’t take action on this case there could be no better result then their loss at the polls to there opponents. I don’t see or hear the other side making their case to the people to get the vote out……yet anyway.


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