Joe Milks Ned On Price

It didn’t take long for that mischievous Mayor Joe Ganim to lampoon his plutocratic Democratic rival Ned Lamont one day after their first head-to-head guber debate. Got milk? Well, Joe took to the grocery store to goof on Ned’s response to the cost of a gallon of milk. Bottoms up! Check out video. What’s the cost of a gallon of milk? Depends where you shop.



  1. I get the aspect of the retail politics but how do you on one hand tout, praise, and accost billionaires and millionaires to invest hundreds of millions of dollars for the city, and on the other hand belittle them for their success. Didn’t the City of Bridgeport write a letter to Jeff Bezos to invest $5 billion to create 50,000 jobs paying over $100,000 annually in the Bridgeport, and he is the richest person in American, over 112 Billion. Forget about bathrooms how many homes doesn’t Jeff have?
    I can guarantee you this it’s more than a cow has teats. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of Joe fixing a fence.
    It’s a nice gesture but doesn’t solve anything.
    If the price of milk is that important to you than vote Ganim.
    If jobs, taxes, tolls or education are what concerns you, vote for Lamont.

  3. *** Come on Joe, you grab the 18 organic eggs pack & a gallon of Lactose free milk, both costing more money than a reg.doz. eggs & a gallon of reg. whole milk, no? *** Just Saying! ***

  4. While Ganim was out stocking up on milk I was knocking on doors.

    I finally found a voter passionate about voting for Ganim for Governor. Not one other voter stated they would vote for him.

    Once I explain to voters their only choice in the primary is Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim many people immediately say “I’m not voting for Ganim”.

    Not one voter has stated that they will not vote for Ned Lamont. Not one.

    African American voters have awoken. They repeatedly say Ganim lied and has done nothing for the black community.

    Door knocking has been eye opening.

  5. Maria Pereira, honestly, “.The African American Community has awoken. They say that Ganim ied and has done nothing for the Black Community.

    No offense intended Maria but seriously, A black constituent is telling you that Ganim has done nothing for the African American Community? lolololol they see you as one of their own that they would relay that info? You sound like Mackey and Day. I have not heard one person of the African American community state they would not vote for Joe leave alone stating that the would even consider Lamont.

    I understand you are knocking on doors telling people why they shouldn’t vote for Ganim and Bradley but aren’t stating why they should vote for Lamont or Aaron Turner- why not just say Line B — Ganim – Bermudez-Zimmerman and Turner?
    I love your canvassing stories. Politics in Bridgeport hasn’t been as exciting as it is right now. These anti – Ganim stories are just pure Bull. I can not beleve you are actually going to the same people that asked to vote for Ganim… These same people let you down for the town committee and will most likely disappoint you for Lamont. Just remember, when Lamont ran against Malloy. The Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee endorsed Lamont.. He lost. Bridgeport will support their own. It just makes sense.As for Turner and Bradley, both are good candidates. Bradley is everywhere . I want to see and hear a debate.

    1. Steve, ask blacks just two questions, why did they vote for Joe Ganim in 2015 and what has Mayor Ganim done since being elected? Blacks were willing to give Ganim a second chance plus most blacks including myself voted and supported Joe Ganim before he got arrested to serve jail time in a federal prison. Since Ganim has been in office as mayor since 2015 he has done nothing, in fact who is this Joe Ganim, there’s no passion to go out to vote for Ganim.

      1. Derik Brown- sounding off again with an ignorant statement. Nobody believes your stupid comments- Give up already.

        Are you waiting for Lisa to sound in:

        oh kid – you nailed it.
        oh Kid You nailed it again.
        oh kid you are so funny- you’re my new best friend.
        Oh kid you hit the nail on the head.
        oh kid you and me alone have made half of OIB readers stop reading the nonesense.
        oh Kid we love when you make comments about Steve that have nothing to do with the commentary.
        Oh kid , I just LOVE you.

        Derik keep on keepin on.It will eventually all catch up with you. Until then I wish you a little joy in your otherwise miserable existence. 🙂

  6. Steve,

    You are the same individual that stated how well Ganim is doing in Westport, therefore it is you that lacks credibility.

    Everything I have posted here about what I have found while doorknocking is truthful.

    I will reiterate that voters are not enthusiastic about voting for either Ned Lamont or Joe Ganim. However, voters are passionate about not voting for Ganim.

    When I explain to voters that they only have two choices not one voter has stated I’m not voting for Lamont.

    There is real disdain for Ganim because people feel he lied. We all know he did.

    I honestly have not had to work hard to convince voters to vote for Ned Lamont. It has been relatively easy.

    I carry a sample ballot with me and simply show people how to split their ticket. You would be surprised how many voters are unaware that they do not have to vote straight across.

    I’m all about educating voters. 🙂

  7. Ron Mackey- Thanks for the homework assignemnet- I have one better – Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and observe the comments of The African American Community and their reaction to Joe Ganim– You know the way I asked your partner Donald Day to show that same communitys reaction to Cssical Acadamy in their neighborhood. Mackey , I’ll make it esy for you, You get to pick any neighborhood. I embrace the entire city. I will even walk with you in Marina Village and Seaside village- I will prove that you are wrong and your anti– Ganim rants does not translate t anyone off this blog..

    Maria P. You are an amazing campaigner for sure. DFor the record- In Westport people were very respectful and interested in Ganim – They are aware of his past. I had a fantastic day in Norwalk and Westport. I spoke to 100’s of people at the Diversity Festival and Stew Leonards. If it were a bad day I wouldn’t be singing as I do not need anyone on the blog to know that I am everywhere. They already now.

    As far as your campaigning in Nob Hill- FYI it is Bradley Territory. Your campaigning for Ganim 2 years ago and your recent loss on the Town Committee pretty much dimished your credibility in the Thomas Hooker School area- I will say that Aaron Turner is a fine man- Bradley is everywhere!

    The good news is that this is an exciting election cycle and I personally wish all the candidates the best of luck and all of the campaign workers that hit the streets good luck- It is so much better being involved and engaged than posting on the blog and sitting on your ass instead of listening to the people.

    Maria, Aaron Turner has so many fine qualities, knocking on doors doing your educating while destroying Bradley and Ganim will not help Aaron, especially in Nob Hill. 🙂 The fact tat Aaron is in Ganim and Eva’s line is most likely to his benefit. Either way– Good luck because you certainly are a worker.

    1. Steven Auerbach, Don and myself are members of the largest black church in Bridgeport and we are there every Sunday so why don’t you stop in and get a feel of what they think about Joe Ganim or Steve stop into some of the bars and clubs on Stratford Ave. tonight and ask the same question then give us your first hand report. Black don’t know much about Ned Lamont but they know Ganim hasn’t done shit, there will be a low turnout among blacks, by the way Steve tell these blacks that you talk too some of the things that Joe Ganim has done for the black community.

      1. Again Ron- Maybe your friends all have their hands out waiting for something. I am certain that 80 percent of your church will be supporting Ganim- Your Church is still confused how you and Donald supported Mary Jane Foster. Would you tell everyone on the blog what she was going to do for the black community?? Did you guys have a problem getting your message out? Ron one day you will have tto ook in the mirror and ask yourself how you could support any other candidate that did not make Bridgeport the number 1 priority. While you are at it Ron , Can you tell us what arilyn Moore has promised the black community that she didn’t promise whites or Latino’s- You continually ask questions but never answer.

        BTW Ron, I’d have no problem going to your Church if I were a Christian or not. It would be a waste only in that I know for a fact most of your members love Joe Ganim. Just a fact. Deal with it. Can’t we just agree to disagree? Can’t you just accept that we are politically not in synch? With you it always comes down to race and that is not healthy .

        1. Steve, I know that you have a hard time remembering t things but I’ll try again. Joe Ganim waited until he gave his come to Jesus speech at Rev. Stallworth’s church at the Emancipation Day church program Jsn. 1, 2015, well it was very late in the game for mayor because Mary Jane Foster had announce three months earlier so Don and myself told MJF that we support her. When Joe Ganim decided to run I told Joe that Don and myself had already given our word to support MJF and if he the primary that we would support him. Keeping your word something that you don’t understand Steve but Don and myself know how important that is. We both have always supported Joe Ganim, we have never had any problems with Joe. After getting elected Mayor Ganim did absolutely nothing for the black community that gave him a second chance, we waited and waited but nothing in fact Don and myself spoke with Jackie James Ganim campaign manager for governor for over three hours telling her our problems with Joe and why couldn’t support him for governor. Steve you do drive by with a black person or two, you aren’t around two hundred or more every Sunday to really get understanding because you’re one of those whites who thinks that blacks really like you when they are just being polite to you. Steve who do you think black people will trust and believe, you Steve or Don and myself?

          1. By the way Steve, why would Joe Ganim’s campaign manager for governor want to sit down and talk to two black retire firefighters for three hours that they asked us to meet with concerning our position on Ganim, I mean Steve we are just two black men.

          2. Ron Mackey- I do remmeber well and I didn’t have wasrrte time going to the archives to look u that comment. I knew you supported Ganim!

            Jim Fox supported Ganim before he became a anti Ganim . He hated Bill Finch and loved Ganim — Jim Fox also loved Bob Keeley so much so that he was in the court house every day. We after Bob Keeley’s melt down and public humiliation , neither Bob Walsh or Jim Fox had a comment about the fact that Bob Walsh never even voted- Owes Anne Pappas money and he was never heard of again– Jum Fox the A in Stevie A stands for Awesome – The F in Fox stands for fickle.

          3. Ron Mackey– Honestly I do respect you and I could understand why they would want to sit down with you – here is an FYI- I have never met Ganims Campaign manager. I have no ide what she looks like. I have not had a 30 second conversation with her leave alone 3 hours – so you guys are in fact very special . Thank you for telling me her name. Was she able to change your mind? The fact I have never met her or knew her name is very strange and should concern Ganim supporters.Just saying!!!

  8. Honestly, voter turnout for a general election in Nov is what 30-35%?… I would venture to guess that for the primary,it will be significantly less.Question is, will the blacks even bother to vote this time around? They dislike Joe, and most likely have no interest in Ned.Mario may have to forge thousands of absentee ballots.

    1. Harvey, in order for Joe Ganim to win the primary Ganim will need Obama like numbers where 70% of Bridgeport voters turnout, well trust me Joe Ganim is no Barack Obama. This will be a low turnout primary so the name of the game is to get your people out to vote and what reason would black voters want to get their family and friends to the polls to vote for Joe Ganim”

      1. Ron Mackey- Finally there is something I totally agree with. There is no excitement for this election. Eva added excitement for a week . Now it is just campaigning. The only team working together is Lamont and Sue B. The problem is they both have th personality of Lint. Ganim will definitely get out the vote! Bridgeport’s future success will depend on it.. However, Communities like where Bob Walsh lives, well they are mostly Republican and Lamont has not excited anyone. We will all survive the results on August 15 and most likely if Ganim does not succeed then we are guaranteed a Republican Governor. An speaking about Joe not being OBama- Remember Obama and Clinton had everyone behind them and we got Trump and it looks like he will be there for 8 years . JUst the way it looks –

        1. White females didn’t turnout to vote for Hillary plus she ran a terrible campaign but Obama got his voters out plus blacks came out in record numbers. Hillary took black voters for granted just like Ganim doing and be he’ll see on election day.

        2. Steve, Jackie James is Joe Ganim’s campaign manager she was also Governor Malloy’s campaign manager, she is from New Haven, Ms James is very good at her joband she is a black female who is highly respected. She was not able to change Donald Day and myself position on Ganim, we are not looking for a job or position, we are looking for what is best for the black community and for Bridgeport.

          1. What is your’s and Day’s position for the black community? Surely wouldn’t it be best for the black community if you or Day were granted a job or position to advance the black community HMMM!. Please tell us what you are looking for that is best for the black community from those white people blacks pretend to like? I would say and Puerto Ricans also but according to Day blacks will never vote of one.

          2. Steve, in a few cities where Ganim has had meetings with the black community a number of people ask Ganim about Don and myself. We get phone calls from people asking us what do we think about Joe and we tell them why we don’t support him.

          3. Ron- and the answer is? Which candidate is good for the Black Community and for Bridgeport? Give Ganim credit for hiring a well respected Black leader from New Haven. I will have to meet her.Sorrry she had the inability to convince you. So, really- How good could she

            So Mackey, Your candidate is?

  9. Ron and Donald:
    What is it that you are looking for from Ganim for the black community? This is a serious question. I am not trying to cause trouble or start an argument. I would like to understand why you supported him and now you do not. Were there promises made and not delivered? If so, what were they?

  10. A very good thing happened last month for the Black community with the approval of the new city ordinance for employing minorities. In the past administration there was an ordinance but not enforced. this new ordinance was created with the help of Blacks and Latinos of which many have been appointed to the ordinance oversight committee. They have enforcement powers and can stop payments to those contractors who do not play fair. Also they can shut down jobs. This is a first. Many in the Black community are very excited to see this happen. ex A black contractor was recently awarded a 6 million dollar contract to remodel the library in the East end and on East main street. Jobs and educational opportunities are being created. Also Stratfors ave is being remodeled ex new plaza, BNT new child care building.

  11. Promises, promises, promises, just drive around the East End, the Beardsley Terrace area, look at Mayor Ganim closest advisors. Ganim had a chance to open the door for for hiring more city residents and to promote for blacks but Ganim didn’t. Joe Ganim started his run for governor right after he became mayor again, he used blacks to get elected and he used being mayor to run for governor, he had no interest in being mayor.

  12. In the City, if you are looking for an answer to any question or concern from me kindly use your real name because we don’t answer those that hide behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability.

    As to our meeting with Ganim campaign manager Jackie James, she was also the campaign manager of New Haven mayor Toni Harp and she asked what do we want to support Mayor Ganim? We are politicans worst nightmare, Black men that can’t be bought or rented so we told her absolutely nothing. JG1 even with his trails and tribulations was a man that I respected, that I always felt that he would never lie to me and he always made me fill like I could trust him and that he truly had the best interest of the Black community at heart. This Joe Ganim I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw his ass and I know he doesn’t have the best interest of the Black community at heart. In fact I truly believe that the Black community is being treated as the means to an end, his desirable outcome of being mayor.

    Black folks across the state won’t be fooled by this second chance bullshit because they understand that second chances for white people don’t filter down to second chances for Black people. They understand that in Bridgeport Black people can’t get hired as a first chance in the police and fire departments or as department heads in his administration.

  13. The City of Bridgeport had a Affirmative Action Office and a Contract and Compliance Office that made sure that Blacks, Hispanics and females were being hired by the City. Contract and Compliance Office Made sure they City contracts had set a side employment for small business and big contractors hired a certain percentage of blacks but that stop at the end of Ganim 1 term and continue during the entire term of Bill Finch and nothing has changed under this term of Mayor Ganim.

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