Jerry Springer Antics Soil School System

Connecticut Post Editorial Page Editor Michael J. Daly weighs in on the Board of Education boycott, asserting in his upcoming Sunday column that now appears on line, “Well, I’d say to those boycotting board members, you don’t have the right to do that. You were elected to act, not stamp your feet.” An excerpt follows. Full column here.

While Rome burns, Bridgeport’s Board of Education continues its Jerry Springer routine, while 21,000 students and some 1,500 teachers keep their heads down and try to focus on what they’re supposed to be doing.

There’s not a one of the board members that does not now share some blame in what has become an embarrassing display of contentious bickering.

Meetings, at which the children’s business should be tended to, would seem to be on hold until further notice, with one group saying it won’t participate until one or more other board members resigns.

Well, I’d say to those boycotting board members, you don’t have the right to do that. You were elected to act, not stamp your feet.

The way I’ve always seen things work in Bridgeport, the majority rules. Somebody needs to take charge.

No one in their right mind is going to resign an elected position.

But with an elected position also comes the responsibility to exercise that authority in pursuit of the broader good, not in pursuit of a personal vendetta.

A perceptive, clear-thinking judge the other day concluded that the way the state of Connecticut parcels out money to school districts is “irrational.”

And if Judge Thomas P. Moukawsher couldn’t figure it out, imagine what chance the rest of us would have.

What he could figure out was that in one of the state’s recent budget crises–it’s hard to tell when one ends and the next begins–just as some poor districts were losing $5 million, wealthier towns were picking up that amount.

Maybe that’s where the “irrational” came from.

Moukawsher sort of kicked the door open to the school building and now the wind and rain are blowing through.

Attorney General George Jepsen, with an appeal aimed at parts of the judge’s order to sort things out in the next 180 days, has shoulder to the door, trying to close it and keep the potentially damaging effects of the elements out of the structure.

But wind and rain can also be cleansing.

For more than 40 years, by my recollection, the public school system has been out of whack, and glaringly so in places like Bridgeport and environs.

When the gilded Fairfield County family gathers for events–Fairfield, Westport, Greenwich, and so on–Bridgeport is the cousin with garlic on his breath and an ill-fitting jacket.

The rest of the family bears the occasional interaction with the city, but is pleased when the cousin goes home.

While this appeal is just another a bad idea, give Jepsen credit at least for recognizing that the judge put his finger on a number of issues.

And Jepsen conceded, “Nothing about this appeal prevents policymakers from immediately addressing those challenges, and I urge them to do so without delay.”



  1. Mike Daly, thanks. You’re the first voice of reason since this debauchery began. Let’s see if Bradley and company, as well as the remaining members take your advice. You have been covering Bridgeport for decades, your voice is credible; maybe you can direct the Mayor next!!!

    1. Hey Lisa, with all due respect, Mike is hardly the first to say these things. I’ve read over 100 posts from men, women and those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity that said the very same thing. Grow up, cut out the crap, do what you were elected to do and what’s in the best interest of the children of Bridgeport. He has the greatest forum to express that which we have all said on this forum.

  2. Mike, it is well to have your attention back in Bridgeport on substantial matters. Regarding the youth of the community, the CT Post did manage to note the Mayor’s request for funds for summer programs and the $250,000 that was approved for distribution while $1.3 Million was requested. The subject had no follow-up as to what program, what neighborhoods, how much funding to benefit how many kids. Probably too small an issue. Or no obvious photo op at this time.
    Big enough for notice? The City finished the 2015 year with a deficit, amid major pension payments ignored by either Finch or the Post telling taxpayers about that came due and will into the future. Now we’re in the $8 million range. And the schools were ignored in their request for $15 Million essentially by the City Council to maintain status quo and the State then reduced their funding by a million and the City seems to have pulled back $2 Million from the previous year. Go figure. Are these money amounts appropriate for regular coverage? The money subjects are about kids for the most part, who have been sidestepped to meet the requirements of City labor relations regarding public safety in recent years. But the public does not understand because you guys have not been on the job enough.

    Perhaps the changing nature of the media world is also to blame for where poor families with children find themselves. How do they receive the necessary information to provide a sense of reality about public dollars and how they are spent and what they add up to? While I have enjoyed your written flights of fancy about tennis, children in college and merry-go-rounds, you are the only game in town as the elder and declining representative of the formerly fabulous fourth estate. Wisdom is needed. Direct attention to the job at hand. Do you have a solution for the state of BOE meetings? How long have you stayed at one? What would you do? Come down off the judge’s bench and tell it like it is, from 40-plus years of viewing, please. Time will tell.

  3. I think it’s more like the Maury Povich Show!

    Maury Povich: This is Maria Pereira, everyone welcome Maria to the show.

    Audience: Applause, Applause, Applause.

    Maria P: Thank you! Thank you!

    Maury: So Maria, what brings you to our show today?

    Maria P: Well Maury, I am member of The Bridgeport Board of Ed. and I work very hard for our school children, but in recent weeks some of the members refused to meet and conduct school business.

    Audience: Booooo! Booooo!

    Maury: Now why is that, Maria?

    Maria P : They’re playing political games with our kids’ futures and they want me to resign as a member
    so they can control the entire Board of Ed.

    Audience yells out: Bradley sucks! Bradley sucks! Boooo!

    Maury: So how many members want you to resign from the Bridgeport Board of Ed.

    Maria P: Four members. The so-called Chairman Dennis Bradley, three Republican suck-ups,
    Vice Chairman Joe Larcheveque, Kevin McSpirit and soon to vacate by court order Annette Segarra-Negron.

    Maury: People with hyphenated names always scare the flucking (beep) shit out of me!

    Maria P: Me too, Maury. Mary-Jane Foster, John Marshall-Lee and now this flucking (beep) Joe Ganim shill, Annette Segarra-Negron!

    Audience: Flucking Shill! Flucking shill! Flucking Shill! Boooo!

    Maury: So Maria, tell our audience how Chairman Dennis Bradley became Chairman of the BBOE.

    Maria: He was hand-picked by Mayor Joe Ganim, Don Mario Testa DTC Chairman, and Mini-Mario (Danny Roach). They promised to help the Republicans with jobs if they voted for Bradley.

    Audience: Ganim Sucks! Don Mario Sucks! Mini-Mario Sucks!

    Maury: Now hold on audience, we’re going to bring out Dennis Bradley, he was so kind to do our Lie detector test.

    Maury: So audience, please welcome Dennis Bradley to the show!

    Audience: Boooo, Boooo, Bradley sucks!

    Maury: Now Mr. Bradley, did Don Mario Testa at any time promise you the nomination from DTC for State Senate against Ed Gomes, if you took the Chairmanship for the Board of Ed?

    Dennis Bradley: No.

    Maury: Our lie detector said that was a lie!

    Maury: As Chairman did you start this boycott to get back at Maria when she kicked the living shit (peep) out of Hamilton Burger the former city attorney?

    D. Bradley: No, I think it was the Republican and the interim superintendent of Schools
    Maury: Our Lie Detector said your full of shit (beep) again!

    Audience: More Shit! More Shit! More Shit! (Beep, Beep, Beep)

    Maria: He’s so full of SHIT (beep), it comes out of Mario ears!

    Maury: So did Joe Ganim and Don Mario tell you to boycott the BoE if Maria dragged the mayor and his shill appointment for the BoE into court?

    D Bradley: No, that was my idea.

    Maury: Our lie detector said that was a lie, too! You should be working for Donald Trump!

    Maury: I’d like to thank Maria and Dennis for coming on the show today, and Maria please teach all those kids in the Bridgeport School system never to lie and keep away from Don Mario and the DTC.

    Audience: Applause

  4. Jim Fox,
    You are living proof of what harm can be done to human beings from watching too much Maury Povich. I look forward to reading more about you in the New England Journal of Medicine when it highlights the Maury Povich Syndrome.


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