Jennifer Buchanan’s Journey To Obamacare

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act is being bowled over by critics, frustrated users and political opponents of President Obama. Even Democratic Governor Dan Malloy, facing reelection next year, weighed in saying “I’m frustrated. I think the federal government has messed up big time. This couldn’t have been a worse rollout, except in the states that embraced what we’re trying to do. In Connecticut, we’re signing up people left and right.” To sign up or view the Access Health CT website see here.

Connecticut is among 16 states implementing Obamacare through an insurance exchange website. OIB friend Jennifer Buchanan, co-host of the public affairs cable access show Bridgeport Now, recently signed up for Obamacare. She shares her experience in the process for joining the program that begins in January.

I’m getting hammered by my Republican friends who say I’ve just french kissed the devil and liked it. We need a national health care program. They need to reform the current program, but it’s a start and I’m simply taking advantage of an available program.

The last bank I worked for closed its doors and part of the exit package was a COBRA insurance option. I had great health and dental insurance, so I signed up at a cost of $758 per month. While working the same policy cost me about $50.00 per month. As the 18-month end of COBRA was nearing, I researched on-line individual health care plans. The same policy without the dental was $339 per month, so I discontinued the COBRA and bought private insurance.

I received notice in October my insurance payment would increase to $379 per month. I googled Obamacare and was redirected to the CT Healthcare Exchange site. I filled out the on line application and found I was eligible for 4 different plans based on the information I provided. They ranged in price from $154 to $379 per month. While on-line working on the application, I called the 888 number provided and a wonderful woman named Ysena walked me through the plans, the costs and my options to either take a tax credit or reduced monthly payments. Ysena also helped me complete the online application.

The plan I purchased has an annual maximum contribution of $6500 out of pocket, a $30 co-pay, no co-pay annual exam and basic tests, $75 emergency room co-pay and the plan covers out-of-network care with a higher co-pay of $50. This policy is very similar to my current health insurance, it actually has a lower maximum contribution. I take no prescription drugs and usually see my doctor once a year for a physical and every other year when a cold decides to become bronchitis. I have no pre-existing conditions and am considered very healthy. Even at my reduced payment, I am paying more into the system than I use. Which is the profit model of the insurance industry.



  1. Good for you Jennifer. As for your “Republican friends” who are hammering you for obtaining affordable health insurance, maybe they should walk in the shoes of people who are going without adequate medical care.
    We need some form of universal medicare similar to what they have in Canada but adapted for American needs.

  2. John Boehner registered for Obamacare–Affordable heath care last night.Michelle Bachman whose husband has pre-existing conditions said she will wait for the last minute to register … let me repeat, her husband has pre-existing issues … she is a complete idiot!

  3. *** In time, after much tweaking and debate on Obamacre, it could end up being this president’s positive major contribution to this country during his term in office like Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Benefits or even Welfare! *** TIME WILL TELL ***


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