It’s Official: Moore Fails To Qualify For Mayoral Primary

Democratic Registrar of Voters Patricia Howard on Thursday notified State Senator Marilyn Moore she will not appear on the September 12 primary ballot for mayor, a difficult blow to an elected official who came close to winning the mayoralty in 2019.

Howard’s office is still reviewing the petition sheets of Lamond Daniels vying for the ballot to join John Gomes against incumbent Joe Ganim. The magic number to qualify is 2,033 validated signatures of Democratic voters.

Moore, according to City Hall insiders, was more than 300 signatures short of that number, a sizable deficit.

In politics relationships are everything and Moore took for granted the operatives who helped her four years ago. When people step up for you it’s political heresy to ignore them. Moore’s tone-deaf, snickering history taking supporters for granted has caused this embarrassment.

Dozens of key operatives who backed her in 2019 fled for other campaign camps.

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John Gomes Angry, Fired Twice


Serving in the Connecticut State Senate is one of the coziest jobs on the planet, nothing remotely close to anchoring chief executive of Connecticut’s most populous city.

The notion that Moore failed to qualify for the ballot via signatures because of a wide field this cycle is an excuse for organizational losers. Gomes got there and possibly unknown Daniels who appears to be on the bubble.

If Moore had maintained her relationships she’d have gotten there instead of ceding her campaign to the minions running Bridgeport Generation Now Votes that sold her a bill of goods including the good people who blindly donated to the cause. Just because you say you’re honest does not make you honest. Actions speak louder than words and the cozy relationship between Moore and the dark-money organization came back to bite her.

So, what now for Moore?

She hopes to qualify for the general election as a petitioning candidate or perhaps on the Connecticut Working Families Party line. Based on this signature gaffe who will donate to her campaign after ponying for the failed primary?

Gen Now Votes – in its dubious “Year Of Change” mantra – had pledged about $100,000 to Moore’s primary effort, but will leaders Gemeem Davis and Callie Heilmann now invest those resources on a long-shot general election?

Or pivot to Daniels who will benefit from Moore’s absence if he qualifies for the primary?

This is an equal embarrassment for would-be City Hall controllers Davis and Heilmann who will concoct, for sure, a superficial excuse to save face. It’s what they do, instead of examining ways to become relevant. Oh, says Callie Heilmann, my husband’s a millionaire, we can throw money at it.

How’s that working out for ya, Callie?











  1. This is so Fluck Up for the (Gen Q’s Now Votes) I think The Working Families Party would have to think twice
    about the Dark Money coming out of Moore’s campaign. The WFP might be looking for a clean campaign like Gomes or Daniels.
    The GEN. Q”s really step on their dicks on this one, if they have any!

  2. This is actually the second time she has failed to qualify. Had she won the 2019 primary, the court would had most likely reversed the results based on how the petitions were circulated. In 2019, the Registrar really #!&× up in their duty and responsibility. Working Family Party with Republican Sauda Baracka in charge while Registered as a Republican, circulating petitions for a Democratic Primary? By the time I pointed this out to the Ganim Camp, it was too late and they decided to proceed and if he lost, the court was the next immediate step. They obviously were convinced that it was going to be a cake walk and dodged a bullet or to put it better, dodge the cake thrown to their face.

    One excuse used by Moore is that I ruined her reputation with false claims and allegations. She never responded to them, except for the 2 SEEC complaints and on both of them she simply lied to the SEEC. The paper trail clearly told the truth. Bullshitting and dishonesty always catches up to those who practice it.

  3. Jim, wake up and see all the other “Dark Money” circulating. I’m pleased to see another clear indication of the Registrars getting it right. Kudos to Patricis Howard and her staff.

  4. “In politics relationships are everything and Moore took for granted the operatives who helped her four years ago. When people step up for you it’s political heresy to ignore them. Moore’s tone-deaf, snickering history taking supporters for granted has caused this embarrassment.”

    Lennie, why is it that Joe Ganim keeps winning? He has been doing exactly what you wrote for much longer than any elected official. It’s the main reason why Joe Ganim is facing a formidable challenge now. It’s the main reason I’m not even considering voting at all. My wife and I signed the Gomes petition because two volunteers came to our home. I would have signed the petition of all candidates if I had been approached, including Joe Ganim’s irrespective of my total dissatisfaction with his administration.

  5. Yes this is a state senator. Up at the Capitol she has a qualified staff of state employees doing all of the administrative tasks. In Bridgeport Moore has showcased her personal abilities. Resulting in a preview of her leadership abilities for Bridgeport. Not good!

    1. As I have said many times, you get what you select. I never voted for her as I was absolutely sure was we’d get. It’s not like I didn’t sound the alarm and in fact I was constantly attacked and threatened here and via calls and text messages. I seen the underbelly up close and personal, yet fear never set in.

  6. :
    Dear OIB reader, this bears re-reading and reflection:

    While OIB continues to run a variety of stories on politics, elections, and the locals who populate that scene and take seeming delight in their responses to events rather than their plugging away at getting to “better governance” for “all of the people”, where is the 800 pound pachyderm today?

    Three folks stepped out of the City Democratic bushes, to challenge, each in their special manner, the incumbent. Three + one incumbent all Democrats to face a CLOSED PRIMARY that isolates the tiny Republican ‘party’ and about 40% of registered voters entered as UNAFFILIATED. Those three already have raised relatively equal mountains of money to purchase promotional activity and attract votes. Petitions are the first order, and at least one candidate did not make the cut, yet. Whether she is prepared to stay in the fray on election day remains to be seen.

    But money and manpower are critical when assaulting the current structure. Have folks sat down together at a table and had long and deep conversations about what they are attempting to change and how? Any disagreements? I’d be surprised if there weren’t but isn’t losing momentum a greater danger instead of ramping it up? If Senator Marilyn Moore maintains her influence, respect, and power of that office into whatever future she has the energy and care to expend, isn’t Bridgeport the better for it? Can we get off what some see as administrative deficiencies in her runs for municipal office, or I threaten to focus upon the administrative and decision-making failures of Ganim2 fueled by an initial phony statement of remorse to the public to unlock the door to his second term and then precious little to provide the community to show he was caring in using the tools of the position for their benefit?

    How do Bridgeport registered voters, those without City jobs or other prestige attachments, free the Mayor’s office of old-style practices, ‘Acting’, “quickly departing”, or “retired but re-hired for the position” Department leadership, and listen to NEW priorities simply and accountably proclaimed by a Mayor who attends to the Charter laws, all the people of the City and who cares, 24/7/365? Time will tell.

  7. Senator Moore has always said she is not a politician. Her two failed Bridgeport mayoral campaigns prove this is so. What she is is a very good State Senator representing her district and responding to our needs. I supported her Mayoral bids, but expressed that I really didn’t want to lose her as my State Senator

  8. Senator Moore has indeed served Trumbull and Monroe well. You have gotten what you paid for… Bridgeport; not so much… She has allowed upstream development in Trumbull and Monroe to contribute, mightily, in synergy with the “SHU effect,” to destroy Lake Forest and the rest of the North End…

    Bridgeport needs a new mayor and a new senator for the 22nd GA district…

    1. Senator Moore serves ALL of Trumbull, a tiny part of Monroe and part of Bridgeport. You have another State Senator yo do your bidding, one who kisses the ring and collected a nice salary in City Hall

        1. You don’t get it! Moore is the only member of the State Senate who represents and can advocate for Trumbull.
          Bridgeport has 2 State Senators with votes who can advocate for Bridgeport. Do you really think they only care about money to be spent in their specific district as opposed to the city as a whole?
          If the not his district comment had any merit, Gaston wouldn’t advocate for state dollars for BPS, library. Airport, etc

          1. I don’t get it?! Really, Marshall! There are “districts” for a reason. No?! Maybe it’s to allow for focused, forceful “representation”?! And, of course they can bring money for general city use in the course of/in addition to the “focused” representation of their districts… The health of one district of a political region, of necessity, affects the well-being of the other districts, so the whole political region should be of concern to all representatives of such. In that vein, it is necessary to also have focused attention, per specific districts, such that no district’s special needs are neglected… [That’s why I have to shake my head in dismay when the Bridgeport-hating ‘burbs give Bridgeport the political-economic redline treatment and then whine when disadvantaged Bridgeport youth (and adults) visit their fair havens for economic opportunity of the larcenous kind…]

      1. Had! State Senator Gaston left his City job and is leaving soon for the University of Bridgeport. Moore spend 15 year stealing from her still in active nonprofit The Witness Project. I’m still waiting for an explanation or clarification on the tax records of her former foundation. Since you always come here as her press agent. Why don’t you and the people of Trumbull join me and again ask for an explanation and ask the authorities why not look into this? Had it been a Ganim, you would be leading the charge for an ivestigation.

        1. @Joel
          I am not have never been Senator Moore’s press agent or an official in her campaigns. I speak for myself only.
          My objection to Ganim stealing from the public is/was as a taxpayer in Bridgeport. No one has shown any proof of Senator Moore stealing from the state-taxpayers’ funds.

          Many tax exempt groups have questionable finances, starting with the former Trump Foundation in New York.
          You are fixated on this foundation which dealt with breast cancer and its victims, the electorate is not. My fixation on breast cancer is as one of the very few males who was struck by this terrible disease. I had a radical mastectomy at St. Vincent’s in April.
          Unlike the ladies assisted by the Senator’s foundation over the years, there exists no support system for males with breast cancer.
          In fact as my oncologist said: You know what we call males with Breast Cancer? Post Menopausal Women.
          Hope Breast Cancer never strikes you or a loved one, but if it does, Senator Moore is a tremendous resource.

  9. Lamond! Are you there, Lamond?! HELLLOOO!!!

    (from and earlier post)
    August 16, 2023 at 7:00 pm

    Wow!! There have to be Lamond Daniels moles working in the Ganim and Gomes camps. With the Moore campaign wandering around the Twilight Zone (predictably), led by no-one in particular and supported by Generation Q-primed/Generation Q-primed Votes Absentee, and the Ganim and Gomes campaigns doing a great job exposing each other’s gangrenous tentacles to the Bridgeport electorate, all that Lamond Daniels needs to win in November and become Bridgeport’s next mayor is an appropriate, coherent, comprehensive message, a modicum of effort to get it out to the voting public, and the Working Families endorsement and position on the ballot…

    Are you there, Lamond?! (They’re holding the doors to both City Halls open for you!…)

  10. Moore accomplishes next to nothing on her own. And it seems on her own, with her leadership as evidenced by her last two attempts at the mayor’s office produces failure. If you take away the Senators paid staff and had her rely on her own skills it will likely result in a huge failure. Think about it, when Moore shows up somewhere, doesn’t have a script prepared by one of her paid staff and is asked to speak or comment she will often respond ” I am only here to listen”. The only people doing the senators work are those that the state pays. Her Highness strength is being seen.


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