Is Bridgeport Scalping The ‘Burbs Over Education Tuition, Or Charging Fair Share?

Norm Pattis
Norm Pattis will weigh in with his ponytail and legal vigor.

The suburbs send Bridgeport their garbage, sewage, sick and homeless. Sometimes there’s a quantified charge for those services. Sometimes not. Suburban students also attend regional magnet schools located in the city. Stratford’s Board of Education has hired legal firebrand Norm Pattis, who’s been involved in Bridgeport legal fights for years, to challenge Bridgeport’s magnet school tuition fees.

Bridgeport officials argue they are simply playing by the rules established by the state. Among other cases, Pattis was hired to challenge the state takeover of Bridgeport schools in the summer of 2011 that eventually was ruled illegal by the Connecticut Supreme Court. His law firm partner Kevin Smith also represents Bridgeport Board of Education member Maria Pereira in ongoing litigation against the city.

CT Post scribe John Burgeson examines the tuition issue:

The Suburban towns have pointed out that the newly implemented $3,000 tuition charges are in addition to the $8.4 million Bridgeport already receives from the state for about 597 suburban youngsters.

Bridgeport’s request to start charging tuition was OK’d by the state earlier this year.

“We have been accused of not taking advantage of all the opportunities that are available to us,” Marlene Siegel, chief financial officer for the Bridgeport school system, said last month. “As long as the state is passing legislation to allow this … we have to provide Bridgeport with that flexibility.”

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  1. The BOE nor Rabinowitz was thrilled with this option, however it generated revenue we desperately were in need of. There were concerns this would cause surrounding school districts to prevent recruitment into our interdistrict magnet schools, which must have 30% of its student population from the suburbs to qualify for additional state funding.

    Norm was an interesting choice. Stratford may have thought he has been successful against the BOE so why not retain him.

  2. How about we institute a surcharge for those using our hospitals, ambulance and any other conveniences? If you park your vehicle at the new Train Station an “incredible” or SUPERSURCHARGE WITH THOSE CHARGES GOING INTO OUR GRAND?

    1. Hector, they are NOT your hospitals. Both are private non-profit businesses. Chances are an out-of-towner arriving by ambulance at St. V’s or Bpt (YALE) Hospital would be in an ambulance NOT owned by Bpt, either private or town EMS from Trumbull, Monroe, Shelton, etc.
      Let’s not forget Fairchild Wheeler Magnet was built on land that was in Trumbull, until Tim Herbst tried to shake down the state and the state took it away and gave it to Bridgeport.
      You want to charge non-residents more to park? Fine, as long as your parking facility wasn’t financed by the state or federal governments. Dream on.

  3. One of the reasons the Magnet School is a success is Bridgeport students are schooled side by side with students who are better equipped to handle the curriculum. Bridgeport should be charging for many services in the city. Not just the beaches. But $3,000 for the Regional High School? I didn’t think the suburbs were breaking down the doors to get into this High School, though I must admit I love being in this facility. The students are a cut above and the faculty is awesome. The campus is amazing. This is in fact the only school that truly adheres to the Bridgeport Mission Statement about having all students college-ready. The Bridgeport Mission statement really needs to be updated and made more realistic.

    I do agree a surcharge is reasonable but $3,000 is ridiculous. If the suburbs stay away because of the fees we will end up with a magnet school with only Bridgeport students and, well, you get what you get! Before you know it, it will become a K-8 closing Hooker and Beardsley. Only in Bridgeport.

    1. Suburban kids are not knocking down doors to attend FW Magnet HS. There are many seats allocated to Trumbull, Easton, Fairfield, etc. that are unfilled.
      I wish more suburban kids would attend. I spoke to several recently who did not apply because the school lacks the extracurricular sports, music, etc. they want in their high school years.

  4. There is a difference between a magnet and interdistrict magnet school. Only the interdistrict magnet school accepts suburban students.

    We have four elementary magnet schools, however only Discovery Interdistrict Magnet School has children from the suburbs. Multicultural School is ranked number one; followed by High Horizons, Park City Magnet and last but not least is Discovery.

    This completely debunks your unsupported theory that a school performs better because there are suburban students being taught side-by-side with Bridgeport students “who are better equipped to handle the curriculum.”

    Every time you spout information on our schools and students that is inaccurate, not factual, and unsupported, I am going to counter it with facts.

    You do an absolute disservice to our children when you write these outrageous comments, Steve.

    1. Maybe you missed the interview on WICC two weeks ago. Mackey, Pereira, Bridgeport has one of the poorest performing schools in the country and young couples will not move to the city for this one reason, all schools other than Magnet are underperforming. Pereira, as soon as you accept these facts perhaps the schools will start performing better. As long as they are underperforming I support Charter and Magnet schools and there is a reason why Discovery is number one. Because students are side by side with suburban schools. Our children cannot even remotely compete with any of our suburban schools. Mackey, you may want to rethink your position. Unlike the BBOE I am in these schools, all of them in the city daily. I can assure you, there is not a lot of learning going on in a Public School classroom and I am certain most every teacher in this city will agree. Too many problem students in a classroom. I wouldn’t send my children to a Bridgeport Public school. Not because of the teachers and not because of the facilities and not because of the neighborhoods. I support them all. There are just too many students in a classroom who are “special and disruptive.” Students are just not given the opportunity to learn. Because our Magnet schools give preferential treatment to siblings rather than above-average students who are worthy of a Magnet school and they are trapped in low-performing classrooms and parents are not wealthy enough to put them in Private or parochial schools. Sometimes it is just plain sad.

      Maria Pereira, stop your holier than thou crap with my disservice to these students. I’m there in the classroom and I give my time. I see it all and I talk to parents and teachers. Pereira, the facts. Bridgeport schools are underperforming. Facts, there are more than five students per class who need to be in special classes. Facts, teachers cannot teach with constant disruptions. Facts, we have a few awesome Magnet schools. Fact, not enough schools to support students who need to be in advanced classes. Fact, not enough affordable charter schools. These are facts, when you spend your evenings being an obstructionist showing you factually do not give a crap about the students, do you address these issues? I had sent you a number of photos showing you the condition of certain classes as abhorrent as they were, did you ever address them? NO, because you are too busy fighting Ganim and Bradley and destroying Rabinowitz. So keep your holier than thou attitude in check. You are on the board and have the ability to improve the situation. Instead you act as though you are the decision maker and king of the board and everybody who isn’t Bradley is your stooge. I would expect your days are numbered on the BBOE and I would like them to start vetting anyone who is on the board. Your outrageous and slanderous comments are dangerous to your character profile. I understand letters were sent to the state regarding your attitude on the board. How in hell do you accomplish anything? I thoroughly enjoy the students in nearly every school I go to. I want better for them. I deal with their issues and drama every day. I feel for the teachers who have the classes daily.

      Do members of the BBOE ever visit the classrooms and ask questions of the teachers? Ever?

      Did you ever observe students getting up in the middle of the class to change their mood meter? Outrageous. Do they have these mood meters in other schools? NO. Do they work? NO.

      My taxes pay for books and desks. I am a taxpayer. I want our schools to succeed. I would rather not be begging for more Magnet schools and Charter schools, but alas, as that special on WICC two weeks ago attests, our schools need serious work. Get busy!

      1. Discovery is not #1. Try school digger (lazy man’s research tool)
        and you will find our Magnet schools including PCM top Discovery by a country mile. This FACT shows that given the chance our students can OUTPERFORM those in the suburbs.

        Are you a teacher, sir? Do you teach our children with the bias that they somehow are less intelligent? Does that bias affect your teaching methods? Putting down our schools and holding up suburban schools is like saying substitute teachers in Bridgeport do not have what it takes to become tenured staff in the suburbs and because of this they shortchange our students. I don’t know how PS teachers keep hiring a pro charter “teacher” who think our kids can’t measure up.

      2. Discovery is not ranked number one, it is ranked fourth.

        You are in the BPS because you are compensated to be, not because you are there out of the goodness of your heart.

        Charter Schools are free, therefore how is it we need more “affordable” Charter Schools?

        Are you okay, Steve? You are coming across as,agitated, scattered and manic. I am being quite serious.

  5. Malloy made $50,000,000 in cuts, which included cutting $250,000 in ECS to Bridgeport and $30,000,000 in total to municipalities including money for road and bridge repairs.

  6. Let me say a little something about Attorney Norm Pattis, for those who remember the late Johnnie Cochran, the lead attorney for OJ Simpson well Norm is Johnnie Cochran lite. I’ve seen Norm in action in two court cases where I saw the entire case, one case he won was a seven-figure victory for his client. To watch Norm in action was a show in itself. In the other case Norm lost and Donnie Day, myself and others were plaintiffs in the case. It was a weak case that never should have gone to trial but Norm again, Norm was good. He’s one of three attorneys I would use anytime.

  7. Maria, Steve is very expressive about his feelings and an optimist. In this case he has experience of being in classrooms with Bridgeport kids. It is no secret most of the suburban students at Fairchild Wheeler are better prepared to do work on grade level than most of the kids from Bridgeport.

  8. Discovery is the worst elementary magnet school and is the only one that has suburban students attending.

    Our three traditional magnet schools only serve Bridgeport students, and all three outperform Discovery.

    Steve consistently posts completely false and inaccurate statements on this blog. They are not based in reality.

    1. Maria, is this your Donald Trumpesque mentality? Are you trying to make anyone believe in a city of 144,000 people we have three amazing Magnet schools and Discovery is awful??? OMG, you need to go! Discovery is amazing! So do educate me and tell me just how awful is this incredible school. How awful is their incredible Principal? How awful are their well-behaved young scholars? How awful is this school located around the corner from my home, nestled next door to the Discovery Museum and Sacred Heart? Always a pleasure going to this school. Please do share how “awful” it is and tell me why most Bridgeport teachers want to teach there and if they do not make the grade in one season they are gone!!!

      1. And BTW, yes we have a few awesome Magnet schools. Planas and Carbone are just two amazing Principals and do run amazing schools. I cannot even imagine what Ms. Carbone’s complaint is against Maria Pereira but she is one amazing Principal. Totally engaged with her students and teachers as well as substitutes.

      2. Steve, putting the word “awful” implies I used that word to describe Discovery, which I did not. You used it repeatedly.

        The facts are we have four elementary magnet schools and Discovery is ranked last. It is a really good school, however it not in the top three in Bridgeport.

        You consistently try to twist what others say to have it align with the interpretation that suits your needs, however that will not work with me because I post the facts where you post fantasy.

  9. Perhaps Discovery’s 38.5 level 3 or better in ELS or less than 20% level 3 or better is proof Discovery has problems? My son’s school of pure Bridgeport residents scores 55.5 level 3 or better on ELA and 25.4 3 or better. We even top Discovery in the CMT. While we blow Discovery out of the water, that is still not good enough. Our kids deserve no less than 100%. And all board members and educators must start with the attitude that yes these kids can do it. Otherwise you’re in the wrong line of work.

  10. Bridgeport students have the capability to do as well as suburban children. The gap has been documented to grow during the summer. In fact in some studies the achievement gap narrows during the school year. Would year ’round school help? I hope whoever is selected as the new Superintendent is willing to explore any options.

    1. Phocion, you have a very valid point and I know for a fact there are schools across the country that are considering a year ’round education. I would think especially in Urban centers.

      Students have plenty of vacation time during the year as well as teachers. Perhaps not only 12-month school years but taking advantage of Computer instruction.

  11. Steve, you are amazing and that is part of the problem. You really don’t care about the kids or their education. Did you send those pictures of the horrible classrooms conditions to Bradley and Rabinowitz? First, Rabinowitz was the person whose job it was to address these issues. I would think, she was called to a school in the middle of the night when a fire damaged one of their buildings. Second, did you sent them to the chair, Bradley? Third, did you send them to any other BBOE members? Fourth, are Rabinowitz and any of the other BOE members deserving of your disappointment critique like the one you displayed here about Maria’s inaction regarding the classrooms? Finally, you were fully aware of the fact the majority of the Board members were boycotting regular meetings. So how do you expect Maria to address this issue? Did you request Bradley to address this concern of yours on any of his special meetings?
    That’s the problem, Steve. It’s not about the kids, education, or the city for that matter. It’s about the game. While the game is necessary, at some point leadership has to step in before it gets out of control. Like kids playing on a playground, this BOE drama was just adults playing.
    These issues are not solely based on education but also the city and society in general. It’s about a sense of order and control, like certain educational skills they need to be controlled, so too does the level of education. There are many, many types of skills that need to be taught. We can’t teach everybody to be a carpenter. Education has to reflect the mindset of the skills being taught, so they can handle it.
    What people need to understand is we are animals, like any other animal in the wild having to adapt to the changing environment. We are the most dangerous animals for we are the most intelligent animals, but an animal nonetheless.
    Steve you “talked” about Maria needing a restraining order against DTC members. That’s the essence of education. When political games being played turn towards violence and protection orders are sought, the game played has taken a turn, and that is very dangerous. I don’t know the situation. These things can go either way. Maria feeling the need to obtain a protection order, or she played the game on an extreme level. In any event the minds were out of control and couldn’t handle this particular game. And that is a very dangerous game.
    Maria needs to understand in my opinion. She has a stronger mind than others. Some of her attacks, defensive as they maybe, are a form of bullying, not physically, but mentally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in agreement with Bradley’s use of him calling her a bully. She wasn’t bullying him. Just beat him on the same intellectual level. The “Jennifer” retaliation attacks might have been on the extreme side. Maria, in my opinion you need to control that mind and learn to let something go or at least if they hit you with a nerf ball you don’t retaliate by hitting them with a brick. Gain some control over that powerful mind of yours, and allow others to play on the playground on their own level. That’s what LEADERS do. If you want to lead, you have to know what makes an effective leader. True leaders don’t have underlings they have followers.

    Back to the subject at hand, the major issues are who, how and what is going to be taught. Yes I agree with the need for Magnet and Charter Schools for gifted students and the need for a more favorable environment to channel that gifted. I also agree with Maria on they take the cream of the crop of Bridgeport students and leave the rest for the BOE to handle. I also believe the majority of student have the potential to achieve a lot more than what is currently being produced and coming out of the Bridgeport Public School system and it’s a necessity at the current time.
    While Magnet and Charter schools are needed, schools need to be based on the type of students not solely based on location, special-needs students need to attend schools equipped with equipment, trained teachers and methods to address their needs, not as babysitters until they’re out of the system. Students with behavior issues should be at schools to address their needs, not just pumping them up with drugs. This education system should be done before high school. This way whatever issues the student has it would have been addressed in the most comprehensive way before entering high school and then society. Freeing those high schools up to focus on proper education for society, and not have to deal with whatever issues they have.
    Steve, get control of your mind. Maria is right, your rants have been veering out of control lately. Stop attacking Maria she will beat you most of the time and your rants are a reflection of it. Also Steve I think you should get some rest, psychologically.
    Maria, be gentle with Steve, maybe you should place Steve in with Ron and Day for a while and not respond to his attacks. He’s not taking them well. Andy, stay consistent.
    PS. Maria, I will honor your request and not respond to any of Ron’s, Day’s comments regarding you. I’m even going to place Steve on that list. 🙂 Bam I’m out. Good luck, people.

  12. Robert Teixeira, I can find redeeming value in almost anyone’s post whether I agree with them or not until you returned to post more drivel than has ever been written. I find it somewhat puzzling you think feel or believe you can change the opinion of anyone who posts on OIB about the volatile nature of Maria. Almost everyone has experienced her diatribes at one time or another and it came when someone had the temerity to disagree with anything she said or did.

    May I suggest you take your pusillanimous ass back to where you’ve been hiding and take Maria and Jimfox with you. Or you can do what Maria demanded of you, not respond to my post, either way I don’t care which you would prefer.

  13. Maria asked me not to response to any post posted by you or Ron that is directed towards her. In other words she asked me to, in lack of a better term, stay out of her business especially “pusillanimous” drama. I’m not sure if the word “pusillanimous” was the best choice to malign me with. Sorry, your visceral contempt of Maria spills over on those who don’t condemn her outright on this blog. Or do you have contempt for drivel? Drivel or not, my writing has improved. A mind is a beautiful thing to waste.

    1. Robert, you have a mind of your own, so why do you think and not Maria, why do you think she doesn’t want you to reply to Don and myself? Why Robert, aren’t you your own man? Well stand up and act like a man instead of cleaning up behind Maria and doing whatever she tells you to do. Why does Maria reply back to everybody else?

    2. Robert, I do not understand any of your ranting and raving or sucking up to Maria. If you want to add something intelligent please do. You are making JML look like a sound byte contributor. Did they just let you out and have nobody to talk to? Why are you getting involved in conversations that have nothing to do with you?

      Take another hiatus. Your posts are disturbing. If you must post please do not respond to anything I post as I will not respond. Maria told me not to respond to you. 🙂 That is a lie just kidding, I am telling you not to respond to me. Thanks.

      I agree with Donald Day.

      1. I’m sorry, Steve. I’ll hate on Maria now because you, Day and Ron told me to, in your ways. And that’s not a lie. Please forgive me for not hating on Maria. What penance shall I do for my transgression I inflicted upon you? Good day, gentlemen.

    1. Thanks for respecting my wishes, Rob. I have sound reasoning as to why I do not respond to Ron or Donald. I have requested the same of others, and they have all honored my request.

      Happy New Year to you and your family. 🙂

  14. Final post. Day, Ron, Steve, you were all friends with Maria at some point. Now you’re not. That’s fine. What I can’t understand is why you are upset which me because I’m on her side over this BOE Boycott drama or made some posts favorable to her positions. She did nothing to me. I fact I’ve only seen her a few times, and I only spoke one word to her in my life. Which was hello. I can only think of two people who give meaningful substantial information about the affairs of this city, Maria and JML. The rest just give their personal commentary to the drama, including me.
    Good day, gentlemen.

    1. Steve, I have NEVER been friends with Maria, as President of the Firebird Society I was asked if it was okay for Maria to attend our cookout that we give every year free of cost to the public and I said yes as long as she isn’t passing out campaign literature but you could talk to those who were there. Robert, are you on Maria’s side when she uses vile language against people who disagree with her? Robert, you can keep kissing Maria’s ass, that’s up to you but tell me Robert, what has Maria done for the Bridgeport students? Her comments on OIB and her language is not what Bridgeport students need to read from a elected member of the Bridgeport Board of Education, that’s a embarrassment.

    2. Robert, I am not, nor have I ever been “friends” with Donald Day, Ron Mackey or Steve Auerbach. Steve and I are acquaintances and all of our conversations have been around politics.

      I have never met Donald Day and I briefly met Ron Mackey once.

      Judge Lopez taught me to keep your inner circle small because only your friends and those you trust can betray you. I have never forgotten those words.

      1. Maria, you said, “Judge Lopez taught me to keep your inner circle small because only your friends and those you trust can betray you. I have never forgotten those words.” Maria, it would have been great for you if you had remembered other things I’m sure Judge Lopez probably told you.

        Maia, I’m proud to say Judge Lopez and Lisa Parziale are both my friends whom over the years I’ve worked with, supported and strategized with, without looking for anything in return and by doing so I gain not only two friends but I was able to learn many things from and I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass myself or them. There is nothing at all wrong with being on the other side of an issue with someone but to attack them and to talk about someone’s family is way too far to go. Maria, do you think these two warriors who fight for what is right like and agree with your attacks on OIB? Of course they don’t but that doesn’t bother you. So sad.

    3. I am not upset with you because you are supporting Maria or friends with Maria. I am confused by your posting things that are over a year old and incessant rants that make no sense to me. Maria is entitled to have many friends though I think most are just political associates. Everyone should have as many friends as possible. What the world needs now is love sweet love. Not just for some but for everyone. Ernie Newton, can I get an AMEN?!

      1. Steve, you’re right, “what the world needs now is love sweet love. Not just for some but for everyone,” including Maria. Ron, Day, can I get an AMEN; Steve, can I get a Yahweh?

  15. There is agreement on the word friend. Let me rephrase it to SUPPORT. I Know Ron did, I’m pretty sure Steve has, and I’ll bet Day did on some things, since he and Steve have, and they characterized it as Armageddon. Ron, I don’t know about the vile part (I believed I spoke out on her choice of words). I’m not going to hate her or abandon positions I’m in agreement with her on because of her vernacular. She doesn’t agree with me on the need for Charter Schools. She made her position clear on it. She fights for the positions she stands for, like you and the Firebirds. As you can see, Maria and YOU are in disagreement with me on saying you were friends. Your “friend” Day used vile language about Maria, describing her as a great meal on top of a garage can lid. He even called me a pusillanimous ass. Are you going to hate Day or abandon the position you agree with him on? (You know, mostly all things black.) I’m sure Maria can give more examples of vile language used by people whom you support or agree with.

    1. Robert, have you taken the time to really understand Don was saying because your comment is not what Don said when he replied back to you, here is what he said:

      Donald Day // Dec 28, 2016 at 2:39 pm
      “Robert, what’s your favorite meal? Maybe lobster and king crab legs, maybe prime rib and those little potatoes or maybe a great osso buco or whatever it is. Now I’m going to serve you your favorite meal by going out and taking a dirty filthy garbage can top and putting your favorite meal on the top. Not very appetizing, is it?
      That’s Maria, a great meal on a garbage can top.”
      Robert, do you understand the point he was making? The point is Maria might have some good points about education but who wants to listen to her after her diatribes and the volatile nature of Maria on OIB? She makes vile comments about people and their family on OIB. Robert, tell me what BBOE or what elected Bridgeport official does that? Robert, you need to read things correctly before you comment.

      1. Why don’t you ask Day to describe Maria not as good meal on a garbage can top but “Maria might have some good points about education but who wants to listen to her after her diatribes and her volatile nature?” PLEASE!

  16. Robert, let me get the books straight. I have never met Maria, we have never been friends and in fact she called me Huggy Bear on OIB as a way to demean me. If you were to ask anyone if my characterization or analogy of Maria as a good meal on a garbage can top were accurate, most would say it is correct. Like Ron said, you need to read a little more carefully and think about that which was read prior opening your mouth.

  17. I didn’t say it was right or wrong, just vile in nature. A great meal on top of a garbage can lid. I read it as you wrote it. Think about what you write before you post it. PLEASE.

    1. Robert, you are making a fool out of yourself. If I or someone in my family were in a elected position and made statements like Maria does all the time then what Don said would apply to me and my family, wrong is wrong. Robert, do you think Maria is a good role model for the students in the Bridgeport school system with her vile statements? Robert, I know that’s a hard question for you to answer, but try.

  18. Robert, there’s a time and place for everything, it’s just not All The Time and Every Place. Maria hasn’t learned that as yet and the BBOE and the children of Bridgeport suffer because of that.

    1. 8 to 1 vote. Again, it’s not based on Maria’s one vote on the BOE. If the children of Bridgeport are suffering because of the BOE, it is either Bradley’s fault or Maria is not alone, simple math. You act like the schools were not failing and then Maria was elected to the BOE and the schools went downhill, common math. Your attacks on Maria are personal in nature or political. I know common math. PS I know the response may violate Maria’s request. You can’t talk about BOE without discussing Maria. Either way, it’s still 8 to 1 vote you must add three other members to join Maria. If you blame them like you blame Maria for the current state of the BOE, you would be fair, but you’re not. 8 to 1 vote no matter what time or place, Maria is one vote.

      1. Robert, you are starting the New Year better than you did last year. The ENTIRE Bridgeport Board Of Education needs to go because for at least the past 10 years and longer they have done nothing to uplift the educational standards of students in Bridgeport. First it was Mayor Finch with his takeover of the BOE that truly put the BOE on the front page for everyone to see. That battle was bad enough for education but then Maria raises her head and tells everyone she is here and if you don’t agree with her now because of her vile attacks on private citizens only because they don’t agree with her. She had been hasty, disrespectful and unprofessional as an elected BOE member towards people by posting her dislike of others in her way. Maria is a terrible role model for the students of Bridgeport. Robert, while you are listening to what Maria is telling you why don’t you just ask her why of all of the people on OIB, the only two people she doesn’t want you to respond to when it involves her are Donald Day and Ronald Mackey? Robert, why?

    1. Not everything is about you, Maria. It was about the BOE, how it was functioning and the students. You are a BOE member, any discussion about the board’s affairs will inherently be about you. Maria, your hard line on charter schools, as wrong as I believe you are, is a valid position, good luck in that fight. But your request for me not to respond to Ron or Day’s posts referring to you, is not. Their opinions are like everybody else’s. Steve’s comments were just as harsh critiques as those coming from Ron and Day, maybe ever more so. You are not being even-handed. As long as they refer to the BOE and Bridgeport governance, or you’re no longer on the BOE or an elected official to any city office, your request is DENIED. You request is personal in nature, just like Ron, Day’s, Steve not some much, just his type of politicking, which is one of the major problems in this city’s governance. I’m fair, though. I will not respond to any of Ron, Day, Steve and your posts regardless of its content, be it substantive to city governance or drama. By the way Steve since I don’t have Ron, Day, Maria and you to comment on, my hiatus might be longer than you expect. Good day ladies and gentlemen. Happy New Year.

  19. I am pleased people are starting the New Year off right by evaluating the entire board, and not placing all the blame on single antagonist board member. The math has never added up. That was my position throughout the entire debate. My position and words were clear, devoid of misinterpretation of their meaning or confusion. They were unbiased to race, gender or political affiliation, or any other means, just a simple math equation. 8 to 1 vote.

    1. Robert, would you like me to tell you the reason why Maria doesn’t want you to reply to Don and myself seeing as she won’t tell you why and it has nothing to do with race?

  20. Uh oh Robert, you’re in trouble now because Maria told you what to do and how dare you ignore her demands, I mean wishes. Be careful before you find yourself persona non grata with Maria and she’ll be telling people not to respond to you because all it takes is one disagreement to put you on her shit list.

    By the way Robert, it’s not personal with respect to Maria and Ron and myself. She hasn’t done anything to us and we certainly haven’t done anything to her with the exception of having the temerity or the unmitigated gall to disagree with her at which point we found ourselves on her naughty list, but you’ll see should you continue to use individual thought and respond back.

  21. Robert, how many times today has Maria texted you, called you or emailed you to ask/tell you not to reply to my last post about why Maria doesn’t want you, a grown man with a mind of your own, to know her reason?

  22. Isn’t it about 21-22,000 school-age youth, and the public charge funded with taxpayer funds to get them ready for the real-world experience they will face as adults?
    The State just took an additional $250,000 away from the City 2017 budget, and had reduced our ECS formula as well for that same year. What choices in funding or cutting will the current BOE face for the coming year? How will the public hear about the facts? From whom? How quickly? Time will tell.

  23. Robert, thank you, your silence tells me Maria got to you and you are scared to reply back and that’s okay because when you are scared of someone then you must protect yourself.

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