Gomes Defies Independent Party Leader’s Call To Withdraw Candidacy

Losing primary candidate John Gomes announced Wednesday afternoon he will continue on to the Feb. 27 special general election for mayor running on the Bridgeport Independent Party line, while the local chair of the party Wilfredo Martinez who made that possible called on him to end his campaign citing a number of grievances in a letter to Gomes.




  1. Remember that under no circumstances are you permitted to backdate or otherwise falsify the date a signature is notarized, regardless of whether the document has a separate date on it or not.

  2. The untimely admittance of “incompetence”by a party chair shouldn’t be allowed to derail the will of the party and its candidates… Something doesn’t smell right here…

  3. What doesn’t smell right is John Gomes. He has problems with many who supported him. Willie is a good and honest person. Gomes showed Willie no respect for his position. Someone on the Gomes team allegedly used the Independent party name improperly. If Gomes treats the person and party that gave him ballot access like that,just think of how he would treat voters if he won. John Gomes is the best reason for not voting for John Gomes.

  4. Who’s on first, Lennie?
    Did the Superior Court Judge say the results in September were foul balls, requiring another at bat, and since they had effect for the General regarding absentee ballot disregard of rules, then a new GAME was in order with a Primary on January 24 and a General election on February 27.
    Unfortunately the Commissioner of Sports (Governor Lamont) has weighed in heavy handed for Voters in Bridgeport who had no opportunity to vote in a Democratic Primary in January and he is satisfied at ignoring the 93% who did not vote for Ganim, on purpose, for another candidate, or because they are confused. He is in agreement with some additional loud voices willing to deny “democratic civil rights” to this large cohort of Bridgeport adults rather than assist in instruction and modeling better behavior than our historic series of Court issues in recent years at Election time.

    Where are the voting citizens, be they Republicans, Democrats, Independents, other, or unaffiliated who are told their voting rights are to be ignored for a leader for eight years? Where are the listed complaints about irregularities of ballots uncounted, voters at certain poll places turned away, or bus trips for seniors to gambling land? Who stands for integrity in governance? Time will tell.

    1. JML, there’s been some mixed messaging on the need for a second general election because it was Gomes’ attorney Bill Bloss, a smart guy, who declared a few times if Ganim wins the do-over no need for the second general because he won the first general. State election officials had a different view on that as shared with the judge.

  5. This letter is pathetic and hardly credible:
    1. Where’s the letterhead? Where’s the letter head. Head of the Bridgeport Independent Part and no letter head? Wow. If you want to make an official statement in writing and challenge someone’s credibility then you can start with letter head.
    2. Wilfredo screwed up royally: Wilfredo says the party illegally nominated Gomes due to an error but raises concerns about his legitimacy? Dude, you realize that you illegally nominated a candidate for about half a year? wtf
    3. It is all a moot point: Everything he raises is a moot point. All the concerns and frustrations about Gomes are a moot point because he messed up royally an incorrectly nominated someone. This is really what the letter should be about a) how you screwed up the nomination, and b) taking responsibility for this egregious error. But no where in the letter do I see any accountability.
    4. Wilfredo should resign: How did this error happen on Wilfredo’s watch as Chair? Sloppy work, time to replace there Chair?
    5. End your campaign? Huh? That’s quite a leap. The entire letter is framed about issues with the independent party. If that is the true concern then why not just ask him to not run as an Independent? Nope, instead he asks Gomes to stop running. That is quite a leap in logic, which makes me question is this just a poorly written and thought out letter (similar to incorrectly selecting a Candidate) or maybe this is his true motive. (However there is one sentence where he says to not use the independent line, but he conflates many many ideas and agenda in this letter – get your sh$t straight)
    6. Projecting blame: Wilfredo makes this about Gomes as if it is a decision Gomes needs to make when it is really about Wilfredo’s lack of attention to details and lack of due diligence. Look if you screwed up, then own it and simply apologize and say we can no longer support you, apologize, and call it a day. Oh AND apologize to Independent voters while you’re at it.
    7. All over the place: This letter is all over the place, again the main point should be we screwed up. All this none sense about other candidates dropping out of the race is superfluous. Reminds be of a couple arguing and superfluous arguments being raised that to not get to the real issue. Not to mention the other candidates have no where near the votes that Gomes had. Can it be that there is concern that these voters will swing to Gomes?
    8. Democracy: At a time where Bridgeport residents are fatigued with Bridgeport’s credibility, asking to suspend the election, contrary to the spirit of the Judge’s ruling, is not that way to look credible (referring to Wilfredo and Ganim). Nope, democracy is not always neat, and it is not about $120,000. This is the price we pay (and our Veterans) for democracy – so be it (and the price we pay for Ganim’s campaign management style and lack of due diligence). Sorry, democracy does not have a price – let democracy run it’s course.

    1. Where is the opinion of the rest of the Bpt Independent Party members. All I see is, “I”, “I, “I”. Did Wilfredo even speak with the other members of the party before making this statement/choice? It seems this was more a personal decision, based on feelings and should not have required any letter head. Leadership is powerful, getting an elected seat is powerful, killing your own parties chances is concerning and self serving. I really would like to know where the remaining members of the party stand on this? Did Wilfredo speak with them? Did he let them have their say? Was a deal cut? What did Wilfredo get for this? If Joe wins we will find out. If Gomes wins, Wilfredo is going to find out. I guess we will stay tuned!

  6. John, I believe the SC said the judge had no authority to cancel the general. However, with the new general he scheduled he null and voided it.

    I thought as Gomes stated the new general was scheduled if Gomes won the redo primary because G2 could run under Tony’s Barr party.

    Basically, there would only be a foul on the Nov general if Gomes won the redo primary. Which he didn’t, so there was not foul on the Nov general election,. Though you seem to not mind fouls.

    Say what you will about the commissioner (Lamont) But you are subverting the so-called democratic civil rights by ignoring the will of the voters who came out to vote in Nov the General election.

    Make on distinction that your behavior on a new general is corrupted in nature. Not faulting you for it, just don’t stand on the high hours like Gen Now. JS

    That being said, really people? OK, hope you don’t get the “prophet” angry. F-K this shit, I’d be at the Library getting my learn on.🤣


    On a happier note. The Library and the SIMPLE Minds.


    1. RT
      A comment penned for OIB readers on January 27, appeared at full length on the Editorial Page of the CT Post, the same day Lamond Daniels exited the race, and the day that John Gomes held a press conference at 2PM. I had some sense that it might be too lengthy for the Post. However, it tries to be informative about the forces that “democratically” encourage us to forgo a re-do of the GENERAL ELECTION for a variety of reasons including City expense (while funding full salary to a suspended employee at City Hall Annex), and a result that is satisfied with a PRIMARY ELECTION vote by 7% of total registered voters, 4,900 Democrats for Ganim2 over his one opponent in a previously Court disqualified result, to stand as a General Election substute disenfranchising at least 40% of City registered voters!!! Please read it again and indicate where you differ with my logic.
      John Marshall Lee says:
      January 27, 2024, at 3:06 pm
      A General Election such as we had in November 2023, open to all eligible who are registered, can provide satisfactory identification when required is one opportunity locally for selection of a Mayor every four years and for other municipal offices every two years to all voters.
      Sometimes when a party such as the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee meets and follows its process (though rules are not available from the office of the Democratic Registrar when I recently asked), and endorses one or more candidates to available offices, some folks pursue a Primary Election, to contest the endorsement in a closed vote, as to who will represent the party in November General Election.
      Bridgeport Democratic Party voters have had three opportunities to complete a ballot, to vote so their voice is heard, since the summer of 2023. But the handling of completed absentee ballots being dropped in one of four authorized ballot boxes was observed by video, shared with SEEC and Court authorities in a suit. The result was that the results of the Primary and the General Elections were not made official as the Court indicated a re-do for the top office of Mayor on those ballots. Other winners were counted, certified, and have been seated in the Council and elsewhere.
      Thus, a re-do of a Primary Election was set for January 24, and a re-do of the General Election to follow is scheduled for February 27, 2024. It is likely to be held as scheduled depending on if one or more of three challengers (Gomes, Daniels, or Herz) wishes to contest the General Election candidacy of Joseph Ganim. We await February 1 announcement deadline.
      In summary, some loud voices of longtime observers may protest money, tiredness, too much pressure on the voting public. And I ask them to acknowledge the REALITY of what happened. Ganim2 cruised into the 2023 Election process as incumbent but knew that there was a significant anti-Ganim2 sentiment. He planned. He executed. And oversight for the two ballot contests observed a close contest and significant corruption of State process for absentee ballots.
      A Suit was filed, witnesses were heard, evidence was presented, and many people saw ballot stuffing by individuals on video as the Court did. The judge decided, and we were faced with two new opportunities to cast an informed and valid vote. The ballot is our voice, though too many eligible and registered voters value their civil rights too little. Voting does not take much time when you think about the benefits of having caring, competent, qualified, and principled leaders in office. Becoming informed as to character and competence, as well as the facts and context does take time and thought.
      I disagree with Mike Daly profoundly. Did you stop to think that if there is no General Election balloting on February 27,2024, then only members of the Democratic Party will have had the opportunity to elect our next Mayor? For Unaffiliated, Republican, or other party members, not able to vote in January, they will have to wait until 2027 for a Mayor. Is that your intention to let 7% of Democratic Party members who did vote in the January Primary to control the Office of Mayor? Do the numbers: About 70,000 registered and about 4900 ballots were counted for Ganim. Is the math correct? And is it right to sit with so many recent non-voters in Bridgeport relative to our population and eligible registered, doing nothing? What suggestions are there to improve the practices of every voter going forward to live democratic practices and enjoy the freedom and liberty that can happen when the vast diversity includes itself in voting, and seeks full equality and equity for all? Time will tell.


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