In Fundraising Push, Ganim Campaign For Governor Raises More Than $500K

Mayor Joe Ganim’s campaign for governor has raised a total of $524,661 with $335,569 cash on hand, according to the latest finance report filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. See fundraising report here.

Ganim has raised an average of just over $100,000 a month for the quarter finance period, a pace he must maintain to spend competitively with primary candidates that qualify for $1.2 million from Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Ganim, as a result of his federal conviction, cannot participate in the program so he’s raising it the old-fashioned way through large-dollar donors who can contribute up to $3,500 personally.

The total campaign haul includes money transferred from his exploratory committee. When engaged, Ganim is a relentless fundraiser.

The report shows a $35,000 loan from Ganim as well as a $5,000 donation from the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee.

Among the donors who maxed out the $3,500 include city employees John Ricci, Bill Coleman, R. Chrisopher Meyer, John Gomes, Mark Anastasi, Danny Pizarro and Tom Coble. Several other city employees contributed more than $1,000. A number of lawyers, business owners and developers also maxed out the $3,500.

In a prepared statement Ganim declares, “I am humbled by the outpouring of support for our campaign of building a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone–not just the few. Let’s make our cities once again engines of economic growth, train our workers for 21st century manufacturing and technology jobs, and rebuild our transportation systems to attract new businesses and jobs for our state. We are not going to tax or cut our way out of the state’s fiscal mess. To rebuild our state’s finances, we need to grow our economy and create good-paying jobs for everyone who wants to work.”

The expense side of the report also provides a glimpse into key advisers of the campaign including political consultant Jackie James who brings some added value via political connections in New Haven that Ganim needs in his quest to receive 15 percent delegate support at the Democratic convention next month in Hartford to make the presumed August primary. In lieu of that Ganim must engage in a labor-intensive petition drive to produce roughly 15,000 signatures of Democratic electors in the state to make the ballot.

Veteran political consultant Jay Marlin who managed Ganim’s first successful mayoral race in 1991 is also a key adviser.

In the short term Ganim’s race centers on raising money, delegate hunting and preparing for a possible petition drive. Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa is trying to leverage Bridgeport’s 93 delegates with other statewide candidates to attract sufficient delegate support, especially from city delegations.

Most political observers see the Democratic side as wide open. The candidates include Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont who will self fund his race, as well as former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, former state commissioner Jonathan Harris and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

In the early stages of the race Lamont has picked up sizable support from organized labor. The last time Lamont and Bysiewicz ran statewide, however, they were drubbed–Lamont in a 2010 primary for governor and Bysiewicz in a 2012 primary for U.S. Senate.

The Republican side is also viewed as wide open. So the scramble continues on both sides to drum up delegates heading into the respective party conventions next month.



  1. The price of a city job is up to $3,500. I guess thats okay when the person is making 6 figures or close to 6 figures for the city job and could not make it in the real world. The list published here are the head losers on the payroll.

  2. Donating $3500.00 to the political campaign of a convicted felon is akin to telling the world “I brlive in the tooth fairy snd the Easter bunny.”

      1. Jim Fox I have to remind you that your candidate lost — Again last night. Your losing street has been so pathetic. The last 8 races I have been involved with my candidates won. So, As a reminder , while you were sucking up to Bob Keeley, A real loser, and being totally dismissive of Jeanette Herron and Mike Defillipo, They kicked your candidates ass.

        As for Mayor Joseph Ganim, I’d love to contribute to his campaign. I guess I am just never invited to a party. Maybe they think I am supporting another candidate. Not sure. Guess mI am just not popular. However when you scrutinize Ganims contributors do tell the huge donation I made and please post . Otherwise, there is no need to mention my name on this blog unless it is responding to a comment I made. As a reminder, Herron and Defelippo kicked Keeley’s ass and your friend is done. He had a nervous breakdown and I think Bob Walsh also is suffering from shock. I am assuming Mr. Fox, you are also suffering from post election trauma. The good news is that it doesn’t last long.

        1. Just for the record this is my chrome book and this is my time and I am enjoying my Lunch from Fruta Juice. The best Iced Coffee and Salad. Tomorrow I will go to Moe’s and spread my wealth. 🙂

          1. What’s that you say, you’re going streaking down Main Street? You need to see a psychiatrist.

  3. Ganim may be collecting dollars, but he needs to collect delegate votes to get on the primary ballot; or collect lots of signatures.
    This week, I’ve already had calls from 5 other candidates, including the 2 mentioned above, seeking my vote at the convention.
    Has Jackie James advised Ganim to ignore the suburban delegates? Our votes count too.

    1. I have no way of knowing what the answer is to your question but suburban vote will mean nothing to Ganim if he can’t get his base from a large black and Hispanic vote from urban cities he doesn’t have a chance because that suburban will be divided among a number of candidates. Joe Ganim has done nothing in Bridgeport to get black and Hispanic voters to turnout in large numbers to support him.

    2. On a side bar, Guy Smith and Jonathan Harris will get a number of black votes because of Smith’s work and involvement with the civil rights movement and connection with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Harris with his strong labor union support.

      1. I doubt Smith will get delegate votes as he is skipping the convention. Minority and other delegates won’t waste their votes on him when they can be horse-traded with viable candidates.

  4. Bummer. I always liked the Windmill, Vazzy’s too. Have to add them to the list of eateries owned by Ganim stooges where I refuse to spend a dime.

  5. Good follow up article in the CT Post about Ganim’s fund raising prowess. Friends, family, City employees even the “other” family gave money.
    And Lennie is praising Joe’s ability to raise money.
    Lennie predicts that he will reach a million before the primary.
    Of course that’s going to require hirering a lot of Department Heads for the city of Bridgeport. Or replacing a lot who didn’t give or already hit their limit.

    1. Troll, I always enjoy your twist on my words. For those who’ve not read the article I did not predict Ganim reaches “a million” raised, I stated clearly (and quoted accurately by Brian Lockhart) if he maintains the same pace of raising $100,000 per month he will get there, which is way higher than people such as Bob Walsh predicted. Maybe by then Bob Walsh’s good friend, the cowardly Bob Keeley, will return from the left coast after throwing his running partner under the bus. But we’ve not heard a peep from The Troll about his cowardly friend.

      1. Bob Keeley the Cowardly Pol. I remember a debate between Keeley and Auden Grogins. When asked what qualities he brought to the legislature Keeley responded with a long rambling story about his time as a Boy Scout. All that stuff about being “thrifty, brave, clean and reverent” must have been forgotten.

        Bob Keeley is a piece of shit, left his running mate high and dry because he wouldn’t be chosen as CC President. Like any self interested individual he bailed, headed to California to scavenge grunions of the beach in California.


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