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 Saturday October 20, 2018

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In Case You Missed It, Comey’s Testimony

June 8th, 2017 · 4 Comments · News and Events



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  • Steven Auerbach

    The moment Comey admitted to leaking classified information to his friend from Columbia University is the moment
    he lost his credibility. I am very disappointed.

    • LennieGrimaldi

      How do you know it was “classified”? That would be an admission to breaking the law.

      • Gary Tobin

        Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

        I’m guessing the newly appointed FBI director or maybe even the U.S. Attorney General will have to investigate or make it a “matter” to determine if the doc./info is or was classified.

        I wonder if Madam Lynch and former Pres. Obama’s “political” relationship will be uncovered soon. I sure would love to learn more about the directives Pres. Obama gave to Comey via Lynch.

  • Mojo

    *** these public hearings with Comey & the other DOJ excecutives and new FBI director; right now is just hearsay like he said, I said. Nothing that can get Trump impeached, etc. Not till the private hearings and Independent investigation will we know if there’s any real charges that can stick! Otherwise all will be just more lost credibility and lack of leadership on Trumps behalf. Nothing new for a smart real estate billionaire con-man from New York! *** Dump Trump***

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