Illingworth Resigns From Board Of Education

Board of Education Vice Chair Hernan Illingworth issued his resignation from the board on Tuesday. He did not provide a reason, according to Board Chair John Weldon. School board has 30 days to fill the position to complete Illingworth’s term ending Dec. 1, 2021. If not, it’s Mayor Joe Ganim’s pick.



  1. looks like there are only 2 reasons to want to be on boards, commissions and the like. Reason one would be to do someones bidding and only be directed by that someone.
    Reason two would be to actually try to make a difference and improve whatever it is you think would be a benefit for the people which your board or commission represent.
    In Bridgeport, if you go there for reason two, you find out that only reason matters!!

  2. Took Illingworth long enough to resign, as he isn’t a Bridgeport resident anymore.
    His Bridgeport home was lost to foreclosure in December 2019.
    He used a Fairfield address in court papers.

    I have been told he picks up some mail each week sent to his ex-wife’s address in Bridgeport.

    Think they can appoint a BONAFIDE Bridgeport resident to the BOE this time?

      1. How many decades di Eileen Gueddes, a Trumbull resident, serve on the Civil Service Commission?

        Hell, she even registered to vote in Trumbull. Pulled the Chris Taylor shit and claimed to live in the Noble Ave commercial space of Primrose Construction,
        ‘This was appo9inted, not elected.

        Bridgeport Government, rotten to the core, says this pissed off taxpayer (yes it’s titled in wife’s name).

        1. Was referring to the focus of the thread and your comment, which was “to the BOE this time” I could only speak for and police my small little corner of the world.
          Until violating residency requirements get teeth (mandatory prison time) it’ll keep happening especially with city hall “appointees”

  3. First of all I’d like to wish Mr. Illingsworth the best of luck. Although we always did not see eye to eye he does have a significant pair of shoes to fill. So I’d like to ask that anybody wanting to fill his seat to be aware that they will have to fill at least two committees, (Mr. Illingworth chaired two and served on four with above average attendance)

    This is not the time for using the BOE as a stepping stone to higher office our children’s backs cannot take the burden any longer. We are in the middle of a pandemic and a coming financial crisis and difficult decisions will need to be made. All applicants should know this going in. It is an often times thankless task and when making decisions you’re going to anger at least 40% of the city.
    Thin skinned folk need not apply.

    Any takers?


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