I Need Lots Of Reminding

Memo to me:

Don’t fall into Black Rock Harbor when helping Republican Town Chairman Marc Delmonico out of the water at Captain’s Cove following his cross-sound swim today.

Ask State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore if she has an election operation in Bridgeport outside the one State Rep. Bob Keeley and City Councilman Bob Walsh are running on the West Side. Ask if there’s any truth to the rumor that State Reps Chris Caruso and Jack Hennessy are also helping her.

Ask Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa if he’ll be running Keeley’s primary day operation at P.T. Barnum Apartments. Also ask Mario if he knows what pols are heading the absentee ballot cheat operation.

Check in with Keeley opponent Auden Grogins to make sure she has a supply of Valium leading up to primary day. Remind her to order a supply for her dog Harold.

Call the city cop house to see if the Weed and Seed operation will be present at Gathering of the Vibes. Ask for immunity for Phil Lesh.

Ask Democratic Registrar Sandy Ayala if I can set up shop at her office the night of Tsunami Tuesday for quick primary results.

Find out locations for all the best primary night parties.

Remind OIB readers that I’ll be a guest on the David Smith show on WICC at 1 p.m. Monday.

Thank OIB readers for putting us well over 40,000 pageviews in the past 30 days.

Ask Bridgeport Kid to share the lyrics to his new tune … Bridgeport Primary Blues.



  1. Rosemay Huan, working on city time, is heading up Auden’s AB operation over at Twin Towers. Keeley has been picking off her applications and turning them into his votes.

    Wanda Geter, aka Wanda Cheater, is on the Grogins payroll.

    Leave poor Harold alone. He doesn’t need any doggie downers, just a pooper scooper to give to his mommy.
    In all those years on the Board of Ed., Audie never taught her political puppy about the learning curb.

  2. Tom – it’s Rosemary Wong and she works for the dept of aging. I hear she’s over at twin towers under the guise of a social service program and she’s getting a.b.’s at the same time. Funny part about this is that her boss is Rosemarie Hoyt, Mario’s girlfriend. And we all know that Mario is backing Keeley, or is he?

    Have you been to the Vibes? Crazy, man, crazy!

  3. I got my Auden attack piece yesterday. Boy did they hit Bob hard. Bob looks more and more like Homer Simpson each passing day. Auden’s Campaign is really picking up steam heading up to the 12th.

    Let’s play a little game of Wheel Of DePrimo.

    The Topic is Whore. Take a Spin

    G_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ S

  4. Political Addict

    Thanks for the correction. I would hate to have the wrong name regarding the wong name. Do 2 wongs make a right?

    You are right about Wong working for Rose Hoyt. There had been a question if Wong was being paid by Federal funds and doing political work on city time in violation of the Hatch Act. I guess with Ruben and Adam working for Grogins on city time that set the ring tone for the Wong number.

    I guess Wong went off the reservation. Mario is backing Keeley.

  5. Lennie, you are the new Benjamin Frankin! Well, of a sort. I have been reading about the early printing days of Franklin and was reminded what an adept publisher and P.R. man he was. It was not uncommon in those days for people to write under pseudonyms and send letters to the papers. One of Franklin’s earliest names was Silence Dogood published in the then New England Courant. Franklin felt this anonymous way getting a point across without threat of reprisal was a great way to make use of the freedom of the press and also sell more papers. Isn’t this the same as modern day blogs. I wish it was more focused on constructive commentary and a sharing of ideas rather than for gossip, but Franklin used it for his fair share of gossip too under the names of Martha Careful (first abortion debate) and Celia Shortface, seems liked he enjoyed using the feminine voice. But that is pretty much what we are doing here using assumed names to discuss the issues of the day, as well as some mean spirited politics. I think many of today’s journalists have stopped doing serious investigative reporting, while postings here are generally speculation there has been some verifiable information passed on that other newspapers don’t touch. Franklin said there would be very little printed if publishers only printed only material that offended nobody. Politics have encroached on traditional reporting which is why I believe blogs a la Matt Drudge have taken off. In the days of Franklin, points were often made through creativity, satire and irony. Franklin did say, “Whoever accustoms himself to pass over in silence the faults of his neighbors shall meet with much better quarter from the world when he happens to fall into a mistake himself.” It is nice to see that there are some posters who follow in that tradition. This was just an observation made on a dark and rainy day.

  6. Lennie and OIB fans:

    I had to leave my curbside tour and run for cover from the torrential rains, but here’s a hot scoop for you before the CT Post gets hold of it and goes to print.

    My phone rang in the middle of the downpour. A call from Fatty. AKA Gordita. AKA Sonia Diaz Salcedo. She has a new job. Again! So no need to worry about her for a while. She’s thrilled and I’m thrilled for her. CT Post will follow up with the details, I’m sure. CT Post will also “remind” me and you that I’m the former husband of the former superintendent of schools.

    I hope mailings will hit the mailboxes today as I walk around the district to “remind” you and me who I’m married to now, and why I want to the State Rep for the 130th District now. Hasta la vista.

  7. Haun is working for Mitch on A/B’s, I’m surprised Mario hasn’t put a stop to it yet. They have a coffee hour & raffle with the seniors @ their community room while Tokyo Rose passes around the A/B’s & has them sell their souls as well for a coffee and pastry! It’s a shame really ’cause many of the seniors don’t know what’s going on locally in their neighborhoods, so they can be had, bad!

  8. bill
    just hada tell ya…I’m new here but I’m lovin’ your humor and your take on BPT politics…’specially the transfer guy digs…thanx fer da laughs

  9. MCAT understands this blog

    Benjamin Franklin had The New England Courant and
    Lennie has OIB (shrug) — seems fair to me. Now tell me this: there’s been a little misunderstanding, who invented blogging – Ben or Len ?

    Things Benjamin Franklin and Lennie have in common:

    1 — they’re BOTH publishers of the written word.
    2 — they’re BOTH good at self-promotion
    3 — they BOTH excel at stirring the population
    4 — they’re BOTH creative superstars and
    5 — they BOTH fly kites

  10. Just been reading some blogs of the past and had to ask a dumb question. If this transfer guy did all of the things that they said he did in the paper, why oh why would they even consider leaving him in that position? Seems to me if they did let him stay on (under the impression that time was falsified and kickbacks taken), that would leave the COB liable for all others who have been fired for less…if that’s not a license to steal, I don’t know what is…talk about opening a can of worms…wow

  11. Spy Report for Political Addict:

    Rosemary Wong is the cousin of Hector Diaz Jr. She has been trained by the Diaz in the art of Absentee Ballots and is now carrying on, the Diaz AB for jobs or pay raise tradition. I am confused regarding the activities of Wong. If Hector Diaz supports Keeley, then why is Wong working for Auden? Wong will not do anything that Vicky is against or would advise her not to do.
    Your Mission is to find out what the fuck is going on here.

    Addict we must no longer meet in Chinese Food Restaurants. Spanish, Italian and now Chinese Restaurants are too dangerous for my cover. I will contact you soon.

    WARNING: This message will self-distruct.

  12. Due to their busy schedules, the 2 mud-wrestling pols did not show up for the match. However, Auden and Bob did send proxies. Auden sent a young woman and Bob sent a young man and they had the mud fight at the Festival of the Vibes. See the picture and the result of the match at: www .ctpost.com

  13. This is a repost, but what the hell…the vibes is rained out and I’m out of grass and vinegar.

    The DSSD’s “do it downtown” website and promotional video are so poorly executed that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    What a waste of $20,000 clams.

    Not only is the “do it downtown” website layout and functionality terrible, but their myspace page is a feeble attempt at a hip or current online presence, and their myspace page advertisements constantly urge me to “find hot married women for fun”.

    Disgraceful lack of professionalism in this ad campaign.

    Don’t get me wrong — I go to bluefish games by myself unabashedly if my friends don’t feel like joining; I take my girlfriend to dinner at cafe roma, etc. — I spend money in downtown bpt.

    But, this jive-ass promo campaign for downtown bpt is unlikely to attract a single suburbanite (or even black rocker) to come downtown.

    I think it’s absolute bullshit.

  14. UrbanKaos- Thanks for the love and support. Unfortunately, my humor causes other people pain so there is a give and take.

    I just wanted to let OIB know that I am going on a little vacation. Just a little time away. I am going down to Clearwater for a few days just to get away from the Bee Po Madness for a week or so. I will check in periodically.

    I am going to leave you with a little humor. This is how I feel about Bridgeport sometimes.

    www .youtube.com/watch?v=_1MuT_KSOo4

  15. Bill

    That was classic, and I’m sure how a lot of us feel about our grand city…enjoy your time away, and keep me posted on the transfer guy. He sounds like a card-carrying member of the FAB club (FUCKED AT BIRTH)…peace.

  16. Before I leave I was on the phone with a good DTC friend of mine and I heard something borderline hilarious and slightly on the side of retardation. I guess word on the street is that Bob Curwen is going to run for Senate after Musto loses. Mario must have been at the vibes all weekend if he came up with that. If they keep running candidates against Russo like Curwen.Russo would be to the Senate what Bob is to the Council. Permanent!

  17. Political Spy

    Huan or Wong is on the wrong side of Vicky Diaz. They have had a political fall out. I believe she pulled a classical Mitch and Switch on Vicky and Hector.

  18. Political Spy – Rosemary Wong had a falling out with Aunt Vicky. Not sure why. Also not sure why she is going against Rosemarie Hoyt and Mario. But she is open about being anti-Mario. Says she is tired of him and he and his people have to go.

    Maybe Rosemary is tired of working for Tokyo Rose Hoyt. Poor Rose is older than some of her seniors at the Eisenhower Center. She was never very good at her job and now her performance is just dismal. Finch can’t fire her because it would cause a war with Mario and she refuses to retire. Maybe Rosemary is gunning for that job and thinks if she delivers Auden it will score her some brownie points with Finch.

    And Bill Hicks – Curwen has been trying to get a top job with the City for awhile. They keep promising him things and dicking him around. He wanted to be Director of Public Facilities; then there was a rumor he was the new Deputy CAO. When will he learn that they are just using him. Maybe Mario is throwing him a bone by offering the state senate seat.

  19. Actually Tokyo Rose is Ms. Wuan not Rosemarie Hoyt. And yes, Mayor Finch has promised a few things for Mr. Curwen and has not delivered. But what do you expect from a forked-tongue politician that’s never had any real responsibility ’til now. I wonder if Salcedo’s done any research on legalizing drugs in general and its pros & cons in countries that have it or have tried it, such as England or Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc. since it’s one of his pet peaves! Also what’s the other candidates’ stands on his idea and what are they “promising” to do when in office? After all the #3 have so much experience serving the Bpt. public and all??? “NOT”! What a CIRCUS!

  20. Good Evening OIB. I made it safe and sound to Florida. I see not much has happened on the blog. I am too tired to spew venom on here tonight. I will tell you this it’s hotter than Valerie Sorrentino’s balls down here.

  21. Mojo:

    If you’re really interested…wonder no more. You can simply do a quick Google search under my name listed either as “Sylvester Salcedo” or “Sylvester L. Salcedo” and you’ll find plenty (history) about what drives me regarding this election for the 130th and the topic of drugs. A short version can be found in my website at www .salcedoforstaterep.com

    And I’ll give you an even shorter version here: the current “War on Drugs” policy = waste of tax dollars, waste of lives, waste of energy better spent elsewhere, such as, getting the 130th district betters schools, better early childhood healthcare services, better health centers, better housing, and jobs for residents. This policy needs to change. The so-called War on Drugs is a War on People, especially if you’re poor (urban or rural) and/or a member of a racial minority group…this is the 130th District, in a nutshell. The End.

    For some additional details…

    Right now, many, if not most, of the residents of the 130th District are in one way or another involved with the current drug policy in a negative way. They are either a former or current drug offender (user or seller), or are a relative or friend of someone, or know someone who has been/is being negatively affected by the current drug policy.

    My view and plan is to turn this around. Suspend the current policy of “War on Drugs” within the 130th District. Instead bring peace, understanding and real education about the issue of drugs for users and sellers. How to do it?

    Number 1: if you’re heroin user in the 130th district, you call me: cell# 650-0118 and you tell me about your situation. If you’re a bona fide heroin addict, I put you on my list. Then, we assemble this list whether it’s 2 persons or 200, maybe it will be 5 to 500, or even more. I don’t know, and the Bridgeport Health Department doesn’t know because everyone who is a current heroin user/addict is hiding and lying, cheating and criminalizing (petty to serious) their way through their addictive state every single day. This situation must stop. These individuals in the 130th district need help and medical attention, not arrest and incarceration. Treatment must be available on the spot with absolutely no waiting period for beds to open. Heroin maintenance programs must be available. The punitive and coercive policies should be suspended. We must be open to alternative options, if we are to move towards peace, tranquility and rebuilding this community.

    Number 2: Smoke marijuana? Borrow and implement the Amsterdam plan: open cannabis cafes in the 130th district. How many? Whatever the free market wants/needs? Free enterprise reigns. Regulated and taxed, operated and controlled by the Health Department and Tax Department. For anyone 18 years old and older. Smoke all you want inside the cafes, and be able to leave the cafe with a maximum 4 joints in your pocket and walk home. If you need a ride to get home, you need a designated driver or take a Bridgeport taxi. No smoking and driving.

    Number 3: No more police/law enforcement drug raid in the 130th district without first having a volunteer lawyer and/or minister approach the targeted location to allow for an amnesty program to be offered. What does this do?

    It avoids potential violent incidents from happening unnecessarily…traumatizing sleeping children, the elderly, the offenders themselves may react less irrationally, less violently if offered a “relatively” benign exit option, such as, being arrested for a lesser criminal offense.

    For example, SWAT drug raid in Shelton several weeks ago that resulted in a person’s death over two crack pipes with residue…perhaps, there’s more to that story, but in general…why even risk that result for what gain? And why pay taxes (ovetime cost?) for a SWAT team of 8 or 12 officers, when two community volunteers and one patrol car can do the job?

    The War on Drugs has been militarizing our police departments over the years. It’s expensive and senseless and counterproductive.

    What lawyer or minister will step up to the plate to answer the 3am Hillary Clinton phone call in the 130th District? As a lawyer, I will. And Rev. Tyrone Jones of Messiah Baptist Church will, for starters. And we will look, in the days ahead, for more volunteer lawyers and members of the clergy of any religion from the community.

    Mojo, what’s Chico’s drug plan? His phone # is 576-1272. Please ask him. We want to know. In my mailbox last Friday from Chico: “The ONLY Experienced Democrat ready to go with a specific plan to: *bring money to our district *help residents with energy costs * lowering taxes and creating better jobs * senior and veteran assistance programs

    What’s Ezequiel’s drug plan? His phone # is 331-0902. We’d like to know. In my mailbox on Saturday from Ezequiel: “I am eager and willing to move this district forward in meeting the needs of our community. I have the background, knowledge, and commitment to make this happen. I come from a hard working family that has been committed to the well-being of our family and neighbors. My father Amerigo is a former state representative and community activist for 35 years. My step father Mitch Robles is a small business owner and City Sheriff who has lived in the district his entire life and often does pro bono work for those in need. My mother Evelyn is a State employee and a dedicated mother of three. Granma Lydia has dedicated her life to raising her nine children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Granma Olga offers love and support to our family of four generations. My daughter Chelsie is a beautiful and bright four year old who holds much pormise. Having been given so much love and support, it is only fair I give back to those around me and what better way than to insure we are well represented in Hartford.”

    In closing, in the the 130th District, read my lips: It’s about Drugs. This is the reason I chosed to live here and why I am running for the 130th State Representative seat.

    We can continue down the same tired… and wasteful, senseless path or we can do something bold and different and make a difference to improve the lives of residents of the district.

    I’ve done the research, I’ve fought the War on Drugs, I’ve seen first hand the Cannabis Cafes of Amsterdam and met and have spoken to their Heroin User’s Union members, and visited the heroin safe injection rooms in Frankfurt (Germany)…their alternative appoach has produce less crime, safer neighborhoods, less arrest and incarceration, less paranoia, healthier outlook for addicts…

    Democracy is about making informed choices. Vote your choice.

  22. Sly while your intentions are admirable they are pie in the sky. Tell me how you are going to have laws passed that will make the 130th a safe drug haven free of the present drug laws. Tell me that you think that the feds and the State Legislature will change the laws so that this can happen.
    Do the law-abiding people that live in that district move out while the drug addicts move in?
    What I would like to see is more money spent on treatment and less on incarceration. I am against legalization of these drugs you describe.
    BTW the person that was shot was in Easton and not in Shelton. I agree that this raid and others that have been conducted are a complete waste of time, money and resources.

  23. The Vibes were awesome this weekend! Saw former mayor Fabrizi cooking burgers at the food stand and he looks very happy. A good time was had by all, I sure hope the area businesses benefited from all those people. We could use the boost. Bill Hicks – I have to say you are so amusing, I love reading your stuff.

  24. Tom Kelly

    Take a moment out from helping Keeley campaign on the downtown taxpayers’ dime to reply to some of my comments.

    You are becoming almost as bad a propagandist and liar as Caruso.

  25. Sly, sounds like a lot of political promises that only have your personal opinion & positive attitude for actual facts? Because fact is that even though addicts are getting their fix per the Gov. per se and are not tying up the courts like before. There is still an HIV problem, and other heath problems have come into play like, (kidney & liver) and other types of drugs are being used as well @ an earlier age! D.W.I’s have gone up and when clients put down on their work applications that they’re on these programs, statistics claim they don’t get hired! Besides what may work modestly in Europe, does not mean it would work here where drugs & crime are much more prevalent. Anyway, I like your political comparison with Obama, it’s better than what the other candidates are claiming. How about a public challenge debate against your opponents on the issues affecting the city & state? I doubt they’ll agree to anything in public ’cause it’s much easier to stay hiding behind all the political signs, mail-in’s, Pol-calls, etc. and safer too!


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