How Will Storm Impact Election Day Results Such As McMahon-Murphy Race?

Isn’t Sandy another reason for early voting in Connecticut? The Land of Steady Habits is way behind the times to allow early balloting, courtesy of its state constitution and legislative pols tardy to push a vote of the people to open up early voting. How will this storm impact election day just a week away and which candidates benefit? Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy’s in a war with Republican Linda McMahon with a variety of polls showing a close contest. Every Democrat that cannot cast a ballot benefits McMahon.

Connecticut law allows early voting only through an excuse-required absentee ballot. More than 1000 Bridgeport electors have cast a ballot via absentee, according to Town Clerk Alma Maya, but another 1000-plus have requested ballots, many of them senior citizens with health issues. If this storm persists and leads to the havoc projected by local and state officials it will be difficult for elections officials to process requests by mail. Just about everything slows down when a storm hits. In addition, this curtails voter registration that amps up the week prior to a presidential election. Governor Dan Malloy has extended voter registration through 8 p.m. Thursday.

And then there’s the storm’s impact on residents forced to evacuate low-lying areas. When will they return and what will they find once back home? We’re talking about heavy Democratic voting districts in the South End, West End and East End. If the 2008 presidential election is a model for turnout, roughly 40,000 voters in Bridgeport will cast a ballot. This storm could deter a few thousand votes in Bridgeport and perhaps the same in New Haven.

And if you’re a candidate expecting mail pieces to hit, forget about it for the next few days. Many print shops will be closed.

Meanwhile, stay safe everyone.



  1. Just want to wish my Bridgeport friends well and send good thoughts for safety and minimal damage your way. I know there are some people who refuse to evacuate. If you know anyone please do everything you can to convince those on the shoreline to go to higher ground. Having lived in New Orleans, I never take a hurricane forecast for granted. They are wildly unpredictable and can be even worse than forecast although it is the storm of the millennium. If there is minimal damage you haven’t lose anything by leaving for a day. So take care and good luck. If you plan to leave town after the storm, don’t forget to vote before you leave.

    1. MCAT–Thanks for the good wishes and sound advice. Also thanks for pointing out the “you’re on your own” attitude of Romney/Ryan and their ilk.

  2. How’s it going to impact voting???

    Well for starters it will open up numerous opportunities to “find” and “discover” far more ballots than previously thought possible. Mayor Finch will be very very pleased. Hoorah!

  3. Is CT like the only state that does not have early voting, smh. I do not think it will impact voting on Tuesday, so far it is not bad. Think NY and NJ are getting hit more.

  4. Connecticut is WAY behind the times as you say! Shameful that early voting isn’t possible here. Who do we lobby to get this changed? This storm will definitely impact turnout on Election Day and not in a good way.

  5. Booster, you should check with Mario and Finch re: early voting. Here is their mantra: early voting bad, absentees good.
    AB’s they can control. Early voting they have no control over. Early voting increases turnout, which diminishes the strength of the machine.


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