How Will City Retrieve Ganim’s Stolen SUV?

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The Tahoe is supposedly a “pool” car assigned to the office of Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes and shared by different employees. That is the same John Gomes who, earlier this year, had a key role in cost-cutting measures to trim the budget, from layoffs to … wait for it … eliminating take-home vehicles.

But the SUV has also been driven by Police Detective Ramon Garcia and two other department employees who typically ferry Ganim around the city.

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The stolen SUV was usually stored either on the roof or in the basement parking areas at the downtown government center. Ganim spokesman Av Harris has said the keys were left inside and the doors unlocked.

Who on the city’s payroll might have been last at the wheel before Greene allegedly took his Kentucky road trip?

“None of them are saying they drove the car,” Perez said.

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  1. Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t we leave the SUV down there and auction it off? No one misses it right now since we are not in a rush to get it. No one seemed to care about it when it was here since we left it unlocked with the keys in it. John Gomes could care less since he apparently had kept no records as to who drove it last. Public Facilities was in charge of the city fleet in the past but apparently doesn’t do it now. So let’s just auction it off because the city could use the cash.
    My opening bid, sight unseen, is $3,000.

  2. How pathetic is it there are only a handful of people who could be responsible, and still no answer as to who left it sitting there. The building has cameras all over the place. I guarantee you the City knows who the idiot is. People make mistakes–everybody understands that–but this childish “it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me” action the City is standing behind is what really makes this embarrassing. There is no such thing as accountability or responsibility in this City. I wonder if staffers should go find themselves some of Perez’s God.

  3. Contact an auto transportation company and have the truck driven to Bridgeport and dropped off at the Morton Center. Far cheaper than driving and paying overtime.

    BTW who is on the hook for the loss of the truck in the first place?

  4. Part of John Gomes’ responsibility is to approve purchase orders. Recently someone noticed John Gomes had ordered 300 Kentucky breed Red Roosters and there was no shipping necessary. When the anonymous staffer questioned the purchase order, John Gomes’ mean reply was: Did you not notice the purchase order for one sled, straps and rope? I will have the 300 Roosters strapped and tied to the sled and have my stolen SUV put on the sled and pulled by the roosters to Bridgeport. Don’t even think of questioning my expertise and knowledge of Red Roosters. The SUV and all 300 roosters should be here in a week. Can I ask where you’re putting the roosters after? I’m working on the purchase order for a barn this very minute.

  5. What is the expense to park or store an auto that is identified as possibly stolen property? If the City waits long enough will they be responsible for paying storage fees? (Does the City collect dockage fees in our port? Does it pay storage fees when its own marine property needs a safe home?)

    Does a 2015 model have any technology that would indicate its travel in the trip before the drive to Kentucky? Perhaps that would provide a hint as to who made the last trip. (Do they look at fingerprints, or are there too many in this case?) What ever happened to the two autos purchased in fall 2015 meant for Port Authority but paid by City, or not? What do the records show? Cost? Re-sale? What’s the story? Time will tell.

  6. Let’s be clear here. Ganim 2 has hired a bunch of idiots to run the city. Let’s see, we have Chapman, Adams, GOMES, Roach, Perez just to name a few. Gomes was responsible for the SUV so give him two weeks off and fire the rest.


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