How Many Times Have You Voted?

Ned Lamont and wife Annie at his Bridgeport headquarters Tuesday morning.

Primary day in Connecticut. Looks like the rain will hold off for most of the day. And you thought you needed a canoe to make it to the polls. Primaries for governor and other statewide constitutional offices are on tap, as well as key legislative races in Bridgeport. Gubernatorial opponents Mayor Joe Ganim and Ned Lamont campaigned across the state on Monday in a final push. Follow primary results here.

Ganim primary day
Joe Ganim with supporter primary day.

Bradley thumbs up
State Senate candidate Dennis Bradley Tuesday morning gives thumbs up in front of Harding High School precinct.

Close to home Democrats Dennis Bradley and Aaron Turner are vying for the open State Senate seat of a retiring Ed Gomes and incumbent Charlie Stallworth faces Shante Hanks in the 126th State House District.

Turner, Gomes
State Senate candidate Aaron Turner in front of Harding High School with his mentor Ed Gomes.

Meanwhile, as of Monday 1300 electors in Bridgeport had cast a ballot via absentee voting, according to returns in the Town Clerk’s Office, reflecting the work of political operatives in hotly contested races.

If you see or hear any voting funny business call the Election Day hotline at 866-SEEC-INFO (866-733-2463) and email address at The hotline will be staffed by the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC), and the email address is staffed by both SEEC and the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State.



  1. just my one allotted/allowed time.

    I talked to the office of the Secretary of State yesterday. I know now what to do if I don’t get my ballot in a timely fashion for November.

    and Mario will be no where NEAR my ballot! LOL

    1. @lisawhite…………
      I know Bridgeport has its peculiarities when it comes to absentee ballots.
      My daughter was home from her job asea in early August. She went into the Trumbull Town Clerk, filled out her AB application, waited 5 minutes while they typed the envelopes and then handed her the ballot. She went into the records vault and voted, then sealed the envelopes and handed her vote in.
      Because she works on a moving ship and mail delivery is not predictable, the Town Clerk emails her ballot each November. She prints it, fills it out and sends it back by courier (DHL, FEDEX) when she hits a port.
      This email system is very accommodating, no dealing with lost or delayed mail.

  2. DTC chair Mario Testa was seen fishng for votes this morning at Aquaculture School. He was also going in and out of the school/polling place. Is this legit?

    1. Frank, Mario was most likely getting a machine count- That is most legit and extremely normal on election day. It is usually an hourly thing at all polling places.


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