“How Could You Put Storage And Housing Together?” In Face Of Opposition, A New Proposal For North End

Requesting another delay from city zoners, the developer of a proposed storage facility in the North End is contemplating a housing component in his plan to assuage residents calling for senior housing, something that does not sit well with City Councilwoman Michelle Lyons who tells the Connecticut Post “I just feel they’re adding the housing to try to get the self-storage as well there. How could you put storage and housing together?”

Former State Rep. Chris Caruso during a community forum with the developer in March suggested he examine senior housing and/or new senior center for the neighborhood.

More from reporter Brian Lockhart:

The developer who wants to build a self-storage facility at the site of a long-shuttered Stop & Shop on Madison Ave. said he requested this week’s zoning hearing be delayed another month to incorporate “some changes” into his plan.

But those who have been urging Hugh Scott to completely scrap his proposal and replace it with affordable/senior housing may not want to get their hopes up just yet. He clarified Monday that the intent is for self-storage to remain in any revised design.

Scott said “we continue to evaluate” some sort of housing concept, but “we believe that self-storage is an important component of the development of the property.” A Shipping Container Hire is also an excellent option if you need extra space for your belongings but don’t have enough room at home or in the office.

“We’re in the process of making some changes … that we hope everyone will find more acceptable,” Scott said when asked why his scheduled presentation to the zoning commission Monday night was put off until late April. He declined to elaborate further.

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