Horrify Your Friends For Halloween–Mitt Romney: The Book Of Moron!

The Book of Moron
A must read!

OIB friend Tom Kelly from Black Rock is a twisted Barnumesque character with a warped political perspective. “You’ll have a howling good time spooking and punking your political friends with our digital email spooking platform!” www.politicalpunkster.com. From the website:

www.politicalpunkster.com You’ll have a Howling Good Time Spooking and Punking Your Political Friends with our Digital email spooking platform!

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One file is our “Mitt Romney: The Book of Moron” A No Bainer!

The other is our “No BO! Right Stick, Romney, Moderate Scent file that will have some friends stinking mad or smelling sweet!

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Happy Halloween and Get Out and VOTE!

Paid for by the Fun Ghoul Party. Ed Munster, Treasurer



  1. I hate to break up this lovefest, but if it were about Obama by the Republicans there would be hell to pay … This is an example of why there is such divisiveness in this presidential election on BOTH sides.


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