Homestretch To Election Day

Malloy, Grogins, Lyons
Governor Dan Malloy waves to crowd at Columbus Parade.

One week to go and polls show the race for governor cannot be any tighter.  Barring anything kooky happening in the final days, now it’s just a question of which side does a better job pulling out their peeps.

Who’s got the stronger field operation, Democrat Dan Malloy or Republican Tom Foley? How many votes will the irrepressible gun-rights activist Joe Visconti swipe from Foley as a petitioning candidate? Will urban turnout rescue Malloy from Foley’s suburban edge? Are you being mauled by daily mail pieces?

Tom Foley
Tom Foley visited the Red Rooster on North Avenue a few months ago. CT Post photo.

We’re still awaiting word on a venue for President Obama’s scheduled visit to Bridgeport to campaign for Malloy. Sunday’s advance weather for the presidential visit looks cold and damp. After Barack’s visit to Bridgeport three days before the election four years ago, all hell broke lose with the ballot shortage that made national headlines.

Marilyn Moore
Moore at Columbus Parade.

What other races interest you? Locally, the best one looks like the State Senate race between Democrat Marilyn Moore and Republican Rick Costantini in the suburban-city district covering Trumbull and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe. The city piece includes the North End, West Side and Black Rock. Democrats outnumber Republicans by about two to one in the district but the large voting bloc of unaffiliated electors can sway this race. Turnout percentage will be higher in the suburbs, but by how much?

Rick Costantini
Rick Costantini


  1. Did OIB cover this topic? Because it seems like I missed it. Looking at the sample ballot, it has a question, shall the findings of the city council authorizing the city to exercise powers granted in the State of Connecticut city and town development act be approved, what is this question all about?

  2. I have seen Tom Foley a number of times making the rounds in Bridgeport, I can’t remember the last time a Republican candidate for Governor made Bridgeport this much of a priority. Kudos to him! Seems on the gubernatorial side, the Republicans are doing what the Democrats used to. Has Gov. Malloy knocked on anyone’s door? I’m just saying …

    1. Foley has been in town buying or trying to buy Democratic political operatives. He could care less about Bridgeport but he does want whatever field advantage he can get. At least two of our outstanding political operatives–men of true integrity–have signed on. Charlie Coviello and Tom Coble. Foley’s rants on political corruption are now just your run-of-the-mill hypocrisy and his choice of talent throws all that business judgment and skill he claims to have right out the window.

      1. Baffled in Bridgeport, are you implying Charlie Coviello and Tom Coble represent a lack of integrity and political corruption and by working on Foley’s campaign they have tarnished his image in some way? If so, doesn’t that same standard apply to Malloy who has the likes of Lydia Martinez, Americo Santiago, Andres Ayala, etc. working on his campaign in Bridgeport?

        I met with Foley and ultimately chose not to support him, however had I chosen to support him would that have made me someone without “true integrity” or politically corrupt?

  3. It’s still a week away but you can feel it in your mailbox. Pretend you’re a pirate. Set sail for victory. Show no mercy; take no quarter. Lower the cannons and let the battle begin!

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