Himes Takes Bridgeport For Granted

If newspaper endorsements mean anything (and they can in close elections), Congressman Christopher Shays has reaped a majority of them over his Democratic opponent Jim Himes. The New York Times, Connecticut Post, Hartford Courant and Brooks Community Newspapers, the weeklies that cover the Fairfield County Gold Coast, all have endorsed Shays. From Brooks:

Shays has brought millions of federal dollars into the 17-town 4th District, primarily to the cash-strapped cities. Those dollars have helped to pay for housing, social service, youth, education, environmental, anti-crime, emergency service and cultural programs, among others.

Therefore, taking into consideration all of Shays’ accomplishments, we are baffled that Himes continues to focus on the Republican’s failings. All of the criticism of Shays also has overshadowed anything that Himes himself would do for the district and the country. And when Himes’ ideas and proposals do emerge, they don’t seem to be very unique or original. During an interview with the editorial board, we were disturbed by his lack of forthrightness in discussing his personal finances, especially since the disclosure report required of all candidates is publicly available. In our mind, he falls short as a candidate.

That’s a mighty good swipe at Himes, a bright, decent guy, but I agree: beyond blowtorching Shays in mail pieces and on television, Himes doesn’t say specifically what he’ll do. He says he’ll end the war responsibly. Okay, fair enough, what does that mean?  Shays admits he was wrong on the war. His timetable, in fact, to get out of Iraq, beats the Barack/Himes timetable.

Has Himes–a self-professed urban warrior–shared one specific example of how the Rhodes Scholar would use his congressional platform to advance economic development in the state’s largest city? Himes, of Greenwich, will live and die by his Bridgeport performance. This, clearly, is a close race and Himes may yet prevail based on a mighty fundraising operation that has solidified Democrats, but if he does win it will be because of Barack turning out thousands of extra voters, not because Himes has electrified Park City voters. I’ve run into few Bridgeport Democratic political operatives (even the good ones) that are impressed with Himes and his campaign.

They say Diane Farrell, who ran two competitive races against Shays, was a better candidate. Part of that may have been her campaign manager Adam Wood, now chief of staff to Mayor Bill Finch, who has a stronger understanding of the local political landscape than the Washington, DC crew running Himes’ operation. By the way, Woody and his honor Mayor Bill FInch are covering all the bases. Yes, they want to keep a strong relationship with Shays, but what if Himes wins? Yup, let’s throw him a fundraiser on Halloween. And let’s tell Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa at the last minute because former chair John Stafstrom is helping us sell tickets. So it goes in Bridgeport.

I’ve always felt if Shays can be defeated it must be done in a presidential cycle that produces a massive Bridgeport turnout. Unless, of course, the Democratic candidate (from Greenwich) takes the city for granted over a Republican opponent that lives in the city. I haven’t received a press release, a statement, a specific position from the Himes campaign stating why he’ll be better than Shays for Bridgeport.

Jimmy, you out there?



  1. Hmmm … if Himes wins then I’ll look like an ass for losing so many 4th CD races in a row. If Chris Shays loses he’ll handily beat the birdman should Bill make the poor decision to run for re-election and get thru a crowded primary by some freak accident. That’s not good.

    If I help Shays and Himes loses it’s all gravy for me. Hmmm … that’s more money for Bpt … for me to blow on my mistakes, on Bill’s patronage jobs, my expense account and those jerk blogger campaign people did didn’t ask me for advise enough fail. No matter what this Finch thing is cheaper than going to college at least!

    Doesn’t look like Bill’s going to end up being the kind of coattail I can ride to the Governor’s Office. I’m stuck in this sh*thole Bridgeport.

    Where’s Jim Amann’s number, damnit?

    Murph, Danny Boy … you guys hiring in Stamford?

  2. *** Oops, I can’t believe I beat out “Wondering” in blogging first! Anyway here goes, Himes is “riding” as are all the Dems. on “Obama Autopilot” coattails in Bpt. If it were not for the presidential election, some of these candidates would have a harder time winning & some maybe lose? But Himes to me is an empty Dem. shirt from southern Fairfield County that really could care less about Bpt. That’s why I’m sticking with Shays once again; at least I know what he’s about! That’s it, and now for the latest news on the McCain/Palin ticket as usual, here’s “Wondering”! ***

  3. The Connecticut Post endorsed McCain too!

    How about Shays throwing his boy McCain under the bus yesterday. He now claims that McCain is no longer a Maverick because he has gone negative on Obama. I wonder if Shays still thinks that Palin is “Awesome”!!!

    Shays is a real Wyatt Twerp.

    He’s the co-captain of the McCain ship and he’s the first one jumping overboard. The hell with children and ladies first.

  4. No! It wouldn’t shock me if he put up an Obama sign this weekend. He did finally put up a Rob Russo sign. I guess he must be smelling a winner with Russo.

  5. I am resigned to the fact that Obama will win and will get my vote as the person most likely to bring about some change from the status quo, which sucks big time!!!

    My concern, and I’d like some diehard dems to address this point, is that Obama is making claims on how he will solve all the problems facing us. Fine! But suppose something goes wrong … he can’t get 60 senate votes, or Iran tells him to screw off, or ExxonMobil laughes at him, or the doctors and insurance companies lobby greedy congressmen and senators … what is the backup plan to solve the problems? That’s what I want to hear. Without a backup plan, any roadblocks to his plans make him ineffective and does nothing to bring about change.

    I’m afraid that the giant democratic egos will smell the opportunity for self-serving action and the election of 2010 will see the second half of an Obama administration start to look no different than the rest.

  6. Yes, this is an election and the candidates are fair game however I wish you guys would lighten up on McCain and Palin. I’ll admit I believe NObama will sadly win. The 30 min. ad last night was a waste of money and air time. The McCain sign was placed in my yard afterwards. This election is nothing short of brutal! It appears to be run by a Democratic Mafia. The attacks on Joe the Plumber, attacks on Barbara West in Orlando are ludicrous. Why can’t the Dems answer a real question? My 8-yr-old son will be dressed as McCain on Halloween and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’ll grow up with a work ethic vs. wanting to sit at home and wait for his Government-funded check!!!

  7. Brown eyed girl & Independent Soul: It is not over yet and McCain is closing the gap daily.
    The problem with Obama is that even he does not believe his plan. He is spitting out so much BS about taxing the rich and giving money back to the poor and middle class. Remember the last Democrat we had to deal with promised us a $600 tax break? I will bet that if he wins just about everyone blogging here will get a tax increase as Obama tries to move us towards socialism.
    Most people in Bridgeport have no idea what Obama’s platform is and most people here could care less.

  8. Why is it that people’s opinions and viewpoints are so clouded by party ideology and anecdotal information? “I will bet that if he wins just about everyone blogging here will get a tax increase as Obama tries to move us towards socialism.” Gimme a break. The Democratic Party is more of a demographic than a membership in specific party ideologies. It has really become the party of common sense. The GOP has had their day in the seat of power, and too many people in the middle and lower economic classes are worse off than they were eight years ago. Obama will not move us toward socialism, he will move us back to the middle, where the country was back in the ’90s. Does anyone care to remember the Clinton years, or does that jaundiced eye prevent it? The nation had a budget surplus. There were more jobs. Our savings accounts were in much healthier states. McCain is beholden to Dubya’s fiscal and social policies, which are derived from the Reagan era. Does anyone remember that dark time, when Ron and Nancy tried to make poverty a crime? When that administration took a dubious moral position on the AIDS crisis, putting forth the opinion (by way of ugly, hateful organizations like the Moral Majority and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club) that AIDS was divine judgement on gay men and intravenous drug users? Do we really need another four years of deregulation so that the suits running the financial markets can have a grand old time with our money while the rest of us cannot afford a decent meal or send our children to college?

    Wondering is correct on one point: “Most people in Bridgeport have no idea what Obama’s platform is and most people here could care less.”

    They’re too busy living hand to mouth.

    I spoke with a woman the other day who thought that Bill Clinton was the worst president in recent memory because Monica Lewinsky gave him a few blow jobs. This woman was convinced that Clinton had his operatives regularly supplying him with fresh flesh. She’d heard this somewhere and was convinced the Clinton White House was suppressing the information.

  9. BTW,
    It was a Democrat, Bill Finch, that promised us a $600.00 tax rebate. It was a Republican sitting president, George W. Bush, that told us of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was linked to the 9/11 hijackers. Neither of those claims were based in fact and have been repudiated by every sane individual outside the Dubya administration.

    The Democratic National Committee projects a win of 9 seats in the U.S. Senate. Eight was the projected figure until Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted of tax evasion this week; now the number is one higher. A majority of sixty seats guarantees that the Democrats will have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Since the remaining GOP members will not want to appear as obstructionist, that also guarantees veto-proof, which is unnecessary as we will most likely have a Democrat in the White House come January. The Democratic majority in the U.S. House will widen considerably.

    Obama will not lead us into socialism, in spite of what the shortsighted among us have to say. America’s economy is only robust when we all do well, not just the greedy, avaricious suits on Wall Street.

  10. Bpt Kid:

    “Does anyone care to remember the Clinton years, or does that jaundiced eye prevent it? The nation had a budget surplus. There were more jobs. Our savings accounts were in much healthier states.”

    Give me a break … you seem to have forgotten that for 6 of Bill’s 8 years he had a GOP congress along with his blowjobs. Divided government can work. Wish we could try it in B’port.

  11. Trust me Lennie, Himes is not taking the city for granted; if anything it is Shays. Have you been to the East End? Himes has been around a lot so get your facts straight.

  12. Has anyone seen the plethora of signs going up on utility poles that say “Stop Bush/Shays, vote Himes”?

    I thought it was illegal to put signs on utility poles and on city property. Isn’t it also a bit stupid to say “Stop Bush”??? The man is history … and apparently bad history at that. If this isn’t negative campaigning I don’t know what is.

  13. Bpt Kid the rhetoric was wonderful but flawed. Just a reminder during Clinton’s first year the middle class experienced one of the largest tax increases in history. Just who is going to pay for all the things Obama claims he is going to do? The tab will be $800billion plus. Who is going to replace lost jobs after he increases taxes on small busineses?
    It was a social program engineered by the Dems in congress that got us in this mortgage crisis we are now in. With Barney Frank & Chris Dodd leading the charge saying everyone regardless of finances should own their own home. Mortgage requirements were lowered so that if you could walk and breathe you could get a mortgage. Well that’s another social program gone south. If and I say if Obama wins watch the social program gates open. Call it what you will it is still socialism.

  14. I would hope that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the rest of the old-line bleeding heart liberals will recognize that their time is gone. I’ve been a registered Democrat for only the past 2 years; before that I was unaffiliated, except for a brief period in the ’80s when me and a group of rebel friends registered as members of the Meadow Party (remember “Bloom County”?). The most recent registration forms do not provide that much latitude. Not quite the “ratfucking” of the Nixon re-election campaign of 1972, but an exercise in political vandalism nonetheless. My political views have always been left of center. Obama has a number of good ideas. Asking how it will be paid for is a valid question. The Clintons wanted to universalize health care but were stymied by an entrenched system of lobbyists and big-bucks special interest groups. Hopefully, we will have a Democratic White House and a Democratic congress.

  15. Over the past twenty years, leadership in the Democratic National Committee has shifted as younger politicians have worked their way up. In JFK’s time the Democratic Party was controlled by a bunch of wealthy men spouting the populist rhetoric of the party’s original platform. Now the party is led by less monied men and women that worked their way up on scholarships, Affirmative Action, and good old-fashioned hard work. It is less a party of ideology now than one of common sense and common cause.

    I hear all this talk about “how is Obama going to pay for all of this neat stuff?” and criticism of his wealth redistribution. These are admirable and honorable goals, not as lofty as some would make them out to be. Senator Obama has already said that his programs would be financed in part by rescinding the tax cuts enacted by President Bush on Americans earning more than $250,000.00 a year. Even if I was earning that much money I couldn’t balk at paying my fair share of taxes. The U.S. has the most complex tax code on earth. It runs to something like 44,000 pages. What’s up with that? The tax burden should be borne by everyone, not just the middle class. Taxation should and ought to be proportionate–everyone ought to pony up.

  16. #7- Lets hope he’s not bombarded with eggs from the Dems. in Bpt. ’cause according to “Wondering” they don’t have a clue! It’s amazing how “some” of the McCain/Palin supporters that blog on this forum will say & pick @ anything to try & make the Obama/Biden ticket as the new Communist Party in America! They seem so used to the good ol’ boys way of doing things that you would think they’re almost afraid of anything new. It’s not that much different in theory when you actually take the time to notice some of the idealogy (though not as radical) as the KKK-Knights! The only difference being is the KKK let you know they’re the Wolf, many of these Right-Wingers prefer to hide as Wolves in Sheep’s clothing!

  17. I can’t wait ’til election day–vote Obama and Himes. Stop Bush and Shays. Vote Himes. When Bush packs his bags make sure Chris Shays is doing the same. Harding precinct for Obama and Himes.

  18. Brown Eyed Girl –
    Bad news for you. If the Republicans have their way, your son will grow up in a nation overburdened with debt because the GOP will keep giving tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals, bailing out businesses and giving the middle class their false promises.
    Independent Soul –
    I keep waiting to hear McCain’s plan. All we know is that he says it’s not a continuation of Bush but he can’t tell us what it is. I’ll take a man of vision and hope over an angry old man any day. If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. That is the McCain plan.
    Next Tuesday is D-Day; D as in Democrats.

  19. Wondering,
    What social program engineered by the Dems was it that forced bankers and mortgage companies to give out NINJA and Liar loans so that people could buy a McMansion that they cannot afford?
    Cut the BS. If you watch the national news you will see that it is the luxury homes in California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida that created the mortgage mess and it is the poor in the urban areas who are suffering as a result of it.
    But just like poor Sarah your view of the world begins and ends with your kitchen window.

  20. Wondering,
    Socialism is when the Republican President and his Republican ex-Wall Street Secretary of the Treasury convince congress that a massive bailout of Wall Street by the taxpayers is desperately needed to avoid a depression.
    And then as soon as the money starts to flow, the first thing that the well-heeled types on Wall St. talk about is how big of a bonus will they get this year.
    Our tax money going to investment bankers’ bonuses. There’s a republican bailout plan for you.

  21. Mojo no matter what you call it income redistribution is socialism. Aman who has spent his time with terrorists has to have had some of that rub off. Calling Ayers & Khalidi friends is troubling. Inceasing business tax to have the money trickle down is socialism. Comparing people that think that you should earn what you get and not make a career of living off the goverment teat the same or equal to the KKK is so much bullshit. Your way of thinking definitely has a socialist leaning.

  22. Wondering has lived his life believing the Republican lie. That is no matter what, you too can be a millionaire. You too can live a life of wealth and false happiness. And to admit now that it is all a lie would make his life worthless.
    Another part of the Republican lie is that if you do not make it to the top then it is you who failed or it is the lower class that has dragged you down.
    So keep living the lie until you die. And then, maybe then, you will realize what a fool you have been.

  23. Wondering, it’s time you wake up and smell the coffee because McSame is a loser. The whole working class has had enough republicans so like it or not, Obama is the new president. Grin reaper, I agree with you, these rich republican businessmen make more with their bonuses than working people make in our lives and I’m tired of seeing them get richer while we get poorer. None of them can feel our pain, least of all McCain with 7 houses and a filthy rich wife. Many people are losing their homes; how can he know what that’s like? McCain and his fellow rich republicans will go up in smoke on election day and I can’t wait.

  24. Wondering, the KKK and other nutjobs just like them will be voting for McCain. That alone scares me. Plus I think its plain old b.s. trying to make it seem like Obama is hooked up with terrorists, it’s just a last-minute desperate attempt to make him look bad. The KKK and Nazi skinheads are terrorists themselves and they all love McCain.

  25. City Kitty because people don’t believe what you believe does not make them nut jobs. Maybe you are one that is waiting for a free check and a handout and that’s why you support Obama. You are living in a dream world if you think you will have it better under Obama.

    Kitty I did wake up and smelled the coffee. I was one of those that had lived the American dream. High school graduate, hard work, extra time to learn my craft, 6-figure income and now I am reaping the benefits. It took more than just 8 hrs a day and 40 hrs a week to get it but it’s possible. Today everyone thinks that someone is going to knock on their door and hand it to them.
    BTW McCain is moving up in the polls so don’t be surprised if he wins. Obama will win in Conn but he can’t be the president of only the blue states.

    Grin Reaper it was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that started that ball rolling and they were not all McMansions just look at the 5,000 foreclosed houses in Bridgeport. These programs screwed the poor and the middleclass more than it did the owners of the McMansions. Stop and think about it. The Democrats have screwed the poor over more than anyone else. They keep saying they will make their lives better and improve education; look in your own city.

  26. If the McMansion bubble never burst the economy never would have had to deal with the Bridgeport foreclosures. It was only when the big loans went bad and the banks were in a pinch that the changes in the interest rates whacked the more modest mortgages. This is part of the trickle-down economic structure that the Republicans never want to talk about.

  27. Wondering, nobody ever gave me any free handouts either and believe me, I’ve worked since I was a kid and I still work hard all week. If you make 6 figures, I’m glad for you; but most of the working class in this country can’t come close. The KKK in my opinion are nutjobs and that’s my opinion, period. McCain sure doesn’t look like he’s moving up in the polls from what I read or see on TV, and I believe Obama will win. I guess from the looks of it, you and I have to agree to disagree.

  28. I just went to the Himes site to listen to the ad and this is a great move for the Himes campaign. Black Rock School will be one polling place to watch to see how Chris Shays runs there. In 2006 he beat Diane there by a decent margin but this year I think Himes might beat him there by 200 votes or a little more. Black Rock has been Shays’ best performance in the city but come Tuesday he will lose in his own back yard. I will be voting the democratic ticket come Tuesday at Black Rock. I will be voting around 7am before I go to work.

  29. Joel, you really love making stupid comments about me, take your Cellini and your cell phone and stuff them. Obviously you think I’m a dummy, but that makes you a dummy. Why aren’t you out ringing doorbells and looking for voters? Oh, I get it – Halloween is tomorrow. Don’t forget to wear your McCain mask and ask people for freebies.

  30. Wondering —

    DID SOMEONE KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR and hand you today’s 4 lengthy posts or did you find time to write them en route to your hard-earned American Dream?

  31. *** Poor “Wondering” sits home collecting his S.S. & food stamps and dreams about owning #7 houses himself one day! Thought he’d be close after voting for Bush #2 times & buying those trickle-down lottery tickets but to no avail. Now his newly appointed imperial wizard McCain has a new redeveloped good ol’ boy plan that’s sure to lower taxes, end dependence on foreign oil, stop the war, give those that can afford it medical & dental coverage & build a wall much larger than the great wall of China to keep the Mex. out so Americans can have jobs again, Hoorah!

  32. Read #26 on Page 12 of the indictment. Imagine how bold and confident these people of Chicago are, that they actually planned to remove a Federal Prosecutor from Chicago in order to stop any Federal investigation.
    You see, that’s where Obama can’t be trusted. These are the people that Obama worked and dealt with in Chicago, in order to move up the Political ladder. This is how things are done in Chicago. More indictments are coming, unless Obama can put a stop to it.

  33. Mojo: Sorry, I don’t own 7 homes only 3 but that’s okay I earned them. Well Mojo I can see that you are into free everything. Maybe that’s because you don’t have a job. There are 10 million illegals here that will clog up the Obama universal health care system. Yes they are taking jobs from Americans because they work cheaper. When you get your universal healthcare pray that you are not one of those refused treatment. Please look at the Canadian universal healthcare system. In the meantime we will see what happens Tuesday. The national race is closing. Have a nice weekend.

  34. Cougar Cat; Great response you asshole. Is that the best counter-argument you can come up with? You see the typical Bpt democrat response. When you are overmatched try a personal attack.


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