Himes Prepares For Monday Love Fest–The GOP Election Mission

Himes and Finch
Congressman Jim Himes, left, will be swimming in love Monday night. Mayor Bill Finch, right, will be leading the cheers. No, this is not a jubilee following Barack's announcement supporting gay marriage. Himes and Finch took a dip a few months ago at the Freezin' for a Reason event to raise money for the Wakeman Boys And Girls Club.

Nearly four years ago Jim Himes rode the Barack Obama tsunami into Congress. Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District has 17 communities. In 2008, Himes won just three–Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk–but it was enough to lance Bridgeport resident Republican Chris Shays who’s trying to make a comeback this year in a run for U.S. Senate. In political terms 2008 was a 50-year storm.

Monday evening Himes will embrace the endorsement of the Democratic Party for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives at a convention at Cesar A. Batalla School, 606 Howard Avenue.

It’s not easy balancing the needs of the state’s largest city (Himes’ base) among the affluence of America’s wealthiest county. Himes has a finance background and so far he has figured out a way to persuade voters he has balanced the finances of the needy with the wealthy. What’s the evidence? His reelection in 2010. He won towns such as Fairfield, Redding, Westport and Weston outright. As a Democratic congressman, that’s no fluke. His Republican opponent Dan Debicella had plenty of dough to make his case.

In November Himes will be back on the ballot with Barack once again leading the ticket, but less the fascination he brought to the table in 2008. Barack must now run on his record opposed by Republican Mitt Romney who appears so far to be a stronger candidate than John McCain. Fairfield County is the base of Connecticut’s Republican Party. If they have any chance to make gains they must run up numbers there.

Himes knows Bridgeport represents his base. But he is doing so while building prestige among his entire constituency.

Himes’ leading Republican challengers Steve Obsitnik and Chris Meek, whoever emerges as the GOP standard bearer, must win back those suburban towns Himes placed in his column two years ago to have a chance at knocking him off. And yes, finding a way to limit Himes’ blowout in Bridgeport. In campaigns winning is always relative. If a Republican candidate for federal office can secure 30 percent of the vote in Bridgeport, that’s a win.

Meanwhile, come Monday night Democrats from across 17 communities will visit Bridgeport, led by Mayor Bill Finch, to serenade Himes’ endorsement.



  1. When I first saw the picture I thought it was a celebration of President Obama’s statement about gay marriage and there was going to be a large wedding ceremony.

  2. Hey Ron, do you support Obama’s stand on gay marriage? A lot of black churches are against it but I find them to be hypocrites. There are other things they do not address such as divorce and adultery. I personally do not agree with gay marriage but my views should not be imposed on others because this is a free country and I do agree with Obama on this one. I will be casting my vote for Obama and Himes in 2012. Hopefully 40,000 city residents will come out to vote like last time.

  3. It’s kinda funny, I just got something in the mail from Jim Himes talking about how our national debt is out of control and it needs attention paid to it. Which is all true, but here’s the funny part, wait for it … Jim Himes VOTED for ObamaCare, which tripled the national debt …

  4. donj, I support Obama’s stand on gay marriage. If there were a vote on America keeping “Slavery” before the American Civil War the vote would have overwhelmingly been in favor of keeping “Slavery.” The Emancipation Proclamation is an executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, which proclaimed the freedom of slaves in the ten states. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that claims marriage MUST be between a man and a woman, it is a “Right” and we cannot vote on peoples’ “Rights.”

  5. Ron, truer words have not been spoken. Conservative Christians prefer adulterers. They can’t seem to find that sin in their bible verses, but it’s there.

  6. They also lean towards marriage between a man and several women and you don’t have to be really married just don’t let your wife find out or get caught playing with your neighbor’s wife sometimes, that’s okay with conservatives.

  7. bpt guy: That is pure and utter bullshit. There are bad seeds in every area including the gay community. To brand conservatives like you did is nothing more than liberal trash.

  8. Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) opposed appropriations measures presented by both parties today because neither takes a balanced approach to deficit reduction. The GOP plan cuts vital services to vulnerable citizens to avoid reductions in Pentagon spending. The bill guts funding for food stamps, free school lunches, cancer screenings for women who can’t afford them, and services that help elderly and handicapped individuals remain independent.


    He doesn’t say why he opposes the Dem’s plan, but it probably has something to do with taxing the rich.

  9. Zena Lu,
    Your comment about P.T. Finch’s ‘sweater’ caused many to LOL. Great start to the weekend.

    and Sue,
    Experience in handling large sums of money responsibly is not by itself a qualification for public office, but inexperience or lack of training or refusal to make a decision (but continue to preach while sitting on the fence) are not excuses for failure to handle “other people’s money” appropriately and responsibly to pay for debt in the future, the way legislative bodies are acting today. There is no serious stewardship in too many places. Congress and Bridgeport come to mind readily.

    When the City Council meeting video from May 7 is replayed on public access television, pay close attention to the explanation for expanded vote calls on the HUD-Community Development Block Grant funds, Federal money. Conflict of interest statements were signed by CC members, and multiple abstentions were noted in the divided voting process as Federal oversight and regulations were attended to.

    None of that behavior, abstentions or recusals, was seen as the CC voted for the 2013 budget (including to “unfund the value for all staff in the Legislative Department–an activity not brought before their own Budget & Appropriation Committee for a vote). No obvious discussion for how they will function going forward was discussed. Tom McCarthy is focused on maintaining all of their “legislative power” when talking to the Charter Revision Commission. But without a professional staff that is independent of the administration enough for the legislature to be a credible check and balance on an administration, and no finance board, what can we expect? How can the public credibly expect such thought and planning when the CC President is part of the City administrative process? New Haven’s legislative body has developed a support staff of approximately eight members and now Bridgeport has none? Neither City has a Finance Board. This City Council has sat through a time when the administration eliminated any sign of internal controls or internal audit staff without uttering a peep, or probably even noticing it.

    Thanks also to Andy Fardy for finally explaining why CC too often go along to get along in this City … failing to use commonsense brainpower or genuine gut-check courage. Andy, Bob Curwen has been looking for a City revenue raiser all budget season. Frankly I did not hear him record any findings of such in the final report they approved. Did you? Maybe you can reveal the infamous room where new CC are “treated? And we could open that room as part of City archives and charge admission in recounting the “days of infamy” suffered by the City and its taxpayers, when courage and intelligence are not in evidence from its elected legislators. Maybe we could put a downtown package together: tour of Main Street North to see its development potential, include a stop at McLevy Hall (moment of silence for frugal Jasper who must be spinning in his grave for the fiscal tricks ongoing), stop at City Hall Annex to view more ‘wide open spaces.’ the huge hallways (that need cleaning, heating and air conditioning but serve no other civic purpose) and stroll to our potential destination, the ‘brain-ball’ room.
    An insider tour like that should be worth, what? Time will tell.

  10. John: I learned the term “they must have a room where they suck out their balls and brains” while serving in the U.S. Navy way back in the early ’60s. It was used back then for newly minted officers who did not know squat and were afraid of their own shadow. The difference was the officers were Naval Academy grads and eventually learned their craft.
    Here in Bridgeport we have high school graduates and maybe GED holders who have not learned a damned thing. Year after year they pretend to oversee the budget process and year after year they show they haven’t learned anything and haven’t gotten any smarter.
    John, the room you inquired about is on Lyon Terrace, it’s in the Democratic caucus room. They tried to move to the annex but most of the council got lost trying to get to the annex. It’s my understanding they are now using this machine on all political appointees and members of the town committee. I hope this answers your question.

  11. Chris,
    Please stop. While you had my support in the past, you no longer do. If you really want to run for public office, run for Mayor of Bridgeport. I am serious, you would be a great Mayor and the city deserves one. Your Washington days are behind you, nobody wants you back there.


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