Herron: I’m In, Waiting On McCarthy

“Just when I thought I was out, they’re pulling me back in,” City Council President Tom McCarthy told OIB Monday night at a Barnum Museum event. But he’s not quite back in all the way for another run for office. That decision, he says, will come soon. Meanwhile his North End City Council partner Jeanette Herron says she’s running.

McCarthy, Herron at Barnum
Tom McCarthy and Jeanette Herron at Barnum Museum.

McCarthy says when he leaves public office it will be on his own terms, not someone pushing him out. McCarthy referenced an OIB story speculating a City Council run in his 133rd District by former State House member Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips, a zoning commissioner.

McCarthy, a board member of the Barnum Museum, attended a community meeting to plan out a vision for the city’s historic building, hosted by Executive Director Kathy Maher and many friends of the Barnum. The museum is still open, but parts were heavily damaged by a 2010 tornado that swept through Downtown. A diverse group of political, government, business and neighborhood leaders attended the presentation followed by guest input. Lots of cool stuff, fundraising willing, on the horizon.

McCarthy and Herron obliged for a photo in the House of Barnum.



  1. Mac do us all a favor and don’t run. You have fucked this city as a council person and as a city labor officer and should be ashamed of yourselves/
    You and Osborne managed to negotiate 2 of the worst contracts in city history with the police and fire unions. You have officers retiring and more than their starting salaries and guess who pays / We do. Tom do us a favor don’t run

    1. Damn Andy, twice in a week I’m giving you a ditto. You are detailed in your reasons why he should pass, I’m political in mine. Agreeing to primary Senator Moore was one of the most amateurish moves he ever made. In an attempt to show strength, he showed weakness and vulnerability. I’m not suggesting he does not have viability; I know it can be better used in areas off the council.

  2. Tom,
    Perhaps you will take a few moments while you are contemplating your future and whether the City Council is part of that future to make a list of: The Ten Most Notable Achievements I Claim As President of the City Council…..
    It might be a very revealing list for readers of OIB. Of course perhaps a few of us may create a list of the Ten Most Unworthy Acts In Which You Participated while leading the CC. Not guaranteed, but an equal time opportunity.

    As an example, let’s say that the subject of “conflicts of interest” for Council members who were also City employees was aired, perhaps you would claim that you instructed folks in that subject so that it became a non-issue, while I might counter that current Council members whose automatic response is that they have a Constitutional right to be a Council person, perhaps indicates that they heard your conversation but flunked the test in the subject of “conflict of interest”.

    I complimented you last evening at the Barnum Museum for you active participation in support for this unique City historical story. My respect for this activity on your part is genuine and it was public.

    What is sad to me, is that you cannot separate the multitude of questions I ask about City process, sometimes opaque, often secret, and rarely fully accountable and make any effort as Council President to address answers or provide public responses. Rules, whether Council or Roberts, are meant to facilitate exchange of communications and move business along. The rules adopted by the Council to limit public messaging to you may limit total time spent on hearing from the taxpayers but do nothing to get to the bottom of budget improvement, and you are responsible for that. Time will tell.

  3. Why wouldn’t Tom run, he would be the new John Fabrizi should or if Ganim runs for state office and wins, Mayor of Bridgeport. All the things he couldn’t F-up as council president he would/could be able to do as Mayor. There’s no chance that he won’t run.

  4. If he loses he is DONE. There is no tomorrow. Adios amigo.
    If he doesn’t run he’s got a good two years of being independent of the machine and can say or do whatever he wants.

  5. Donald Bubba’s right, although your remarks were funny. I have a feeling there are some members getting antsy and would like a shot at the Council Presidency. If Mac runs and wins, the votes for the CP will be split up if more than one challenge him, and he’ll probably pull off a plurality.

    1. Lisa, the Hispanic and black City Council members are the majority but they continue to put McCarthy back as Council President instead of putting one of their own up for Council President and support that candidate but they won’t because they are scare that Mario will put up candidates to primary them if they go against Mario’s boy, Tommy Mac.

  6. Thanks Ron for ending racism in Bridgeport or should I say continuing racism in Bridgeport. Because either way it doesn’t matter if you’re black or Latino on the council. They can have vote for the white guy, or no matter if you’re black or Latino they should not vote for a white guy, could be a push. How many primaries have Mario lost and if Mario puts up a primary challenger, will he put up a white guy or black or Latino?

    Yet you attack Maria for putting up a Latino challenger against Mario for the DCT chairmanship. Things that make you HMMMM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfUxSzv89wY

  7. Ron it makes me sick to watch this, a clear majority and they won’t get together long enough to have a member of the majority elected Council President. In my ten years as CP I was supported and endorsed by Ed Gomes for my first Term along with every other Black and Hispanic. I want to believe they trusted me because they supported me for the ten years I held the title. Let’s not forget that I followed the first and only Black, Ernie Newtown, as Council President, and after I left, Andre Ayala served until going to Hartford. It’s been at least 15 years and neither a woman, black or hispanic ever held that position again.

    1. Again why is this about race? What is the difference between the black and Latino Council members that votes in a particular way for Council President. Than a black or Latino Council Member becoming Council President.

      Ernie is running for the council,and Mario has in the passed and continues to support him. Are you saying if Ernie was to become President of the Council again. Yours, Ron, and everybody complaining about the Council will be settled. No! you will say Ernie abandoned or sold out to Mario, how could you do this.

      The Majority of the those that are opposed of the council regardless of who is Mayor because of Mario’s influence is opposed to Maria who has been trying to change that.

      Didn’t Ganim fire Tom form his city job after he was elected. Was he the only one on the council that has a city job? If the Council, influenced by Mario, voted for Tom under Ganim’s administration wouldn’t the same Council with Mario’s influence voted for Tom under the Finch Administration?

      PS everyone get a roll of electrical type and type up the camera on the meter when you park down town. You’re welcome.

      Maria have you found any candidates to run? JML I hope you can break down the actual amount the meters have produced in tickets. Bam I am Out.



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