Here’s Your Microphone, Plus: Finch’s UB Gaffe, And No Extra Juice For Gas Company

I hadn’t chatted with Carmen Lopez in a long time, but we had a chance to catch up on Thursday about this and that.

The retired Superior Court Judge who lives in Black Rock is making a play for one of the available Board of Education slots. Working with the BOE is hardly foreign to her. She’s volunteered numerous hours recently to help address a variety of issues including the school system’s dropout rate.

She also realizes that she’s battling a wing of the Democratic party led by Mayor Bill Finch that doesn’t want her on the BOE. As she pointed out, “I guess they don’t like my candor.” Carmen and the mayor got into it a week ago when she served as MC of the Puerto Rican Parade dinner at the Trumbull Marriott attended by roughly 300 with lots of dignitaries from outside the region.

Carmen, at the request of dinner organizers, tried to keep the political rhetoric to a minimum and with the focus on the weekend festivities. She said that she politely asked the mayor to keep his remarks short during the speaking portion of the event to keep the agenda running on schedule.

The mayor, she said, wasn’t happy and commenced to “hijack the event” with an exhaustive political speech extolling the virtues of the Finch administration without regard to protocol. The mayor went out of his way to speak highly of a number of dignitaries including Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez.

Some in the crowd, she said, had become restless, and when the mayor was finally done sarcastically said: here Carmen you can have your microphone back.

Carmen (being Carmen) told the crowd, in so many words, that’s the problem with politicians, they don’t always show respect to an audience. Carmen, from those in attendance, had a good part of the crowd on her side. She told the mayor if you want to MC the festivities go right ahead and she departed the event that was running late.

The mayor’s office is free to share its version of the event. So all of this has added to the drama of the Democratic Town Committee endorsement session next Wednesday night. Ah, a little soap opera before the vote. That’s the Bridgeport way.

Party Time

Thursday July 23, 5:30 p.m. Taco Loco on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock for the next OIB party. Come say hello, first cocktail on OIB, plus neat eats. We have lots of stuff to talk about. Speaking of that, Finch has allowed tongue to get ahead of brain as so many OIB friends have duly noted regarding his UB comments. He’s good at that. Bronco Billy strikes again! Check out my CT Post commentary link under Favorites. See CT Post editorial below:

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch needs to stifle his long-standing petulance when it comes to the subject of the University of Bridgeport.

“You know, organized crime does good things and bad things,” said the mayor, drawing a bizarre analogy between, we assume, La Cosa Nostra and the Professors World Peace Academy, which took control of the university in 1992 and is an offshoot of the Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

It’s been 17 years since the PWPA bailed out UB and kept it from closing, triggering at that time the outrage of Finch, who had worked at the university.

There’s been no indication that the school turned into the cultish Moon recruitment and training camp, as predicted at the time by critics like Finch.

Of course the mayor could be right: Maybe the evil-doers are going to wait another 17 years or so before springing on an unsuspecting city.

Finch is entitled to his personal opinion and to harbor whatever beliefs he wants, but as mayor he should be more temperate in his remarks.

The University of Bridgeport, in the eyes of most people, is an asset to the city. Tainting it with references to organized crime is beyond distasteful.

It is, unlike any number of self-proclaimed developers who have strutted through, investing more than flapping jaws in the city. The university is investing money as it refurbishes campus property and acquires and spruces up other properties in the city’s gritty South End.

The people of Bridgeport would be better served, in fact, if Mayor Finch’s City Hall worked more closely with the university, rather than viewing it with what is apparently official disdain.

The University of Bridgeport is growing and Mayor Finch, regardless of his personal belief, should be pleased and wishing for the university nothing but the best.

News release from DPUC

DPUC Decision Denies The Southern Connecticut Gas Company’s Request for a Revenue Increase
The Department of Public Utility Control today rendered a final Decision that denied a revenue increase for The Southern Connecticut Gas Company. Southern originally requested $50.1 million, a 15.2% increase in revenues. However, during the course of the proceedings, the Company reduced its request to $34.2 million, a 9.6% increase. The reduction in the Company’s request was primarily due to the decline in the cost of gas. The Department’s Decision approves revenues of $376,174,556, a decrease of $12,461,265 million or 3.2% from revenues at present rates.

The exact affect of the approved revenues on each rate class (residential heating and non-heating, various commercial/industrial, etc.) will not be known until early to mid-August. The Company will be ordered to file new tariffs (rates) by July 29, 2009, which will produce the revenue permitted by the Department’s Decision. If approved by the Department, the new rates are scheduled to become effective August 19, 2009. New rates will eliminate the need for the overearnings credit of $0.0621 per hundred cubic foot (ccf) currently on customers’ bills. However, a temporary surcharge of $0.0161 will be levied for approximately one year to allow the Company to recoup a small amount of the interim decrease approved by the Department last year. For an average residential heating customer using 1,000 ccf per year, the surcharge will amount to $16.10 for the year.

Lead Commissioner on this matter, Anthony J. Palermino, noted that: “In this case the evidence presented by the Company did not support the need for an increase in revenues. In numerous circumstances, the Company failed to provide justification or sufficient evidence in support of their requests. The DPUC always strives to find a balance between the financial needs of the Company and the interest of its ratepayers. I am pleased, in these times of strained budgets, that Southern’s ratepayers are spared an increase in their cost for this essential service.”

In any request for an increase in revenues, the applicant must prove that it requires the additional revenue to meet its obligations. State law directs the Department to calculate rates that are adequate to ensure safe, adequate and reliable service. In this case, the evidence presented did not convince the Department that Southern requires additional revenue to meet its obligations to its ratepayers.

State law further directs the Department to set an allowable rate of return on equity so that a company can earn a return on its investment and attract additional capital. Southern’s current return on equity is set at 10%; but will change to 9.26%.

News release from Jodi Rell

Governor Rell Signs Bill Requiring Policy on Student Self-Administration of Asthma Inhalers, Epipens

Governor M. Jodi Rell today held a ceremony to mark the signing of a bill that requires the state Department of Education to develop regulations governing the administration of medication by school personnel and the self-administration by students of asthma inhalers and automatic epinephrine injectors – known as “epipens” – used to treat extreme allergic reactions.

“Those of us who are parents know that we can’t help worrying about our youngsters,” Governor Rell said at the ceremony at Hamilton Avenue School in Greenwich. “Whether we’re sending them off to school or to summer camp or to college – wherever they are bound, we will always be concerned about them. This is especially true for parents whose children cope with problems such as asthma or life-threatening allergies to foods or insect stings. This bill makes some important steps forward in the protection of our children – and I hope will at least bring a little bit of peace of mind.

“Connecticut has been one of only three states without a protocol for self-administration of asthma inhalers, and one of only 10 states without an “epipen” protocol,” the Governor said. “No longer. Minutes truly count in treating these sometimes life-threatening conditions. In too many cases, current policy means students in the throes of an allergy or asthma attack must wait until a nurse is contacted and then their inhaler or epipen is retrieved from the nurse’s office. That changes under this bill, and allowing these students this measure of independence may also reduce the number of days they are out sick, missing school and falling behind their classmates.”

The Governor expressed her thanks to state Senator Scott Frantz for his staunch advocacy of the new law. Sen. Frantz (R-Greenwich) introduced the bill on behalf of a constituent and shepherded the measure from its inception to passage.

This bill also adds licensed athletic trainers to the list of school personnel authorized to give students medicine that a doctor or other medical professional has prescribed. In addition, it requires schools or school boards to inform the public about their policies for managing students with life-threatening food allergies, usually by posting the policy on the Internet.

The legislation – Senate Bill 755, An Act Concerning the Use of Asthmatic Inhalers and Epinephrine Auto-Injectors While at School – takes effect August 15.

News release from Susan Bysiewicz and Richard Blumenthal

Bysiewicz & Blumenthal Increase Collection of Fines from Out-of-State Companies Operating Illegally in Connecticut

Joint effort reclaims more than $1.2 Million – 15% Increase over FY 2008; protects Consumers from Fraud

Hartford: Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced that during Fiscal Year 2009, a joint effort by their offices resulted in the collection of more than $1.2 million in fines from out-of-state companies doing business illegally in Connecticut. The FY 2009 collections figure represents a 15% increase over collections from FY 2008.

“It is no secret that this is a tough economic climate for Connecticut businesses,” said Secretary Bysiewicz, Connecticut’s Chief Business Registrar. “Unfair competition from out-of-state companies who fail to register their business is the last thing Connecticut entrepreneurs need. We have zero tolerance for those firms who skirt the law. These fines improve accountability for Connecticut consumers and give us a strong deterrent to level the playing field for in-state businesses that are struggling to succeed.”

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said, “These fines are a strong preemptive strike against consumer fraud and unfair competition. Enforcing registration laws enables my office to track down and crack down on out-of-state companies that abuse consumers or break state laws. The $1.2 million in fines – much larger than last year’s total – shows that no out-of-state company can evade laws that permit us to hold them accountable in court. Business registration is a simple basic requirement for companies — but key to fighting fraud. Law-abiding Connecticut companies should not have to compete against non-state businesses that flout state law. Out-of-state companies that end-run state law will end up paying fines.”

Under state law, business corporations, nonstock corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and statutory trusts transacting in Connecticut are required to register with the Secretary of the State’s Office and pay the statutorily established fee before they can do business here. There are approximately 47,416 of these foreign entities which have filed with the Secretary of the State’s Office.

The requirement to obtain authority to do business exists to protect domestic organizations from unfair competition and place domestic and foreign organizations on an equal footing. The law also protects consumers with a grievance against an out-of state firm by requiring businesses to appoint an agent for service of process in Connecticut to accept legal papers if court action is taken.

Secretary Bysiewicz and Attorney General Blumenthal launched their enforcement efforts in 2007, aggressively pursuing hundreds of delinquent out-of-state businesses and threatening legal action. During FY 2009 their joint effort recovered $1,201,133.36 in fines from 439 out-of-state companies, a 41% increase in the number of companies cited for violating the statutory requirement to register with the state in FY 2008. Fines and penalties collected from each business range from $165 to more than $22,000. The three largest settlements came from:
1. Deloitte Investment Advisors, LLC $22,275 DE

2. G.D. Van Wagenen Financial Services, Inc. $15,930 FL

3. Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc. $15,427 DE
Secretary Bysiewicz added, “Through this enforcement action the Attorney General and I were able to find and publicize the names of companies who were operating illegally in Connecticut. We will not stand for companies who want to make a quick buck, taking advantage of Connecticut consumers and businesses who do play by the rules.”

Connecticut Better Business Bureau President Paulette Scarpetti, said, “The crackdown on violators is good business both for consumers and Connecticut companies, and the number of fines handed out in recent months is an indication of the depth of the problem. The message to out-of-state, unregistered contractors is clear; if you want to do business in Connecticut, you need to play by the same rules as businesses within the state.”

Additionally, Bysiewicz led the drive to increase the fines for unregistered out-of-state businesses from $165/month to $300/month, an 82% increase. The measure was passed overwhelmingly by the General Assembly and signed into law last month by the Governor. The new penalties go into effect October 1, 2009. Secretary Bysiewicz estimates the new, tougher penalty will increase compliance with the law and could boost fine collections by an additional $1,000,000 annually.



  1. Trumbull Marriott?

    Maybe they are Up On Trumbull?

    Good for Carmen telling Bill to stick the mike where the sun don’t shine. Good product placement for Bill, because he’s always talking out of his ass.

    Karaoke to be featured on the agenda for the DTC conclave at the Vatican on Madison Avenue. How many votes will it take for the white smoke to signify who the endorsed candidates will be?

    Stay tuned!

  2. If the recounting of the Lopez-Finch encounter is accurate then I hope she does consider a run for mayor. A wise Latina certainly knows more about the plight of the downtrodden B’port citizens than some white guy. But seriously, I think a Lopez candidacy for mayor has a lot of merit. Run her as a Republican against Finch and I bet she steals the show!

    1. The microphone incident between Carmen Lopez and mayor Bill Finch could have been avoided had the organizer of the event placed a backup plan in the event that someone took too much time on the microphone.

      In the event that someone passed their time limit, I would have directed the DJ to play this song:


  3. Did anyone notice that the Puerto Rican Day parade Dinner was held in Trumbull while the parade was held in Bridgeport? That’s great we get to pay for the parade in the form of police costs and cleanup costs and Trumbull makes the money from the dinner. There was no place in Bridgeport to hold this dinner???

    1. Let’s you and I get together and organize a Puerto Rican parade in Trumbull and have the Dinner in Bridgeport. Hey Town Committee, didn’t you support a Bridgeport Democratic Town Chairmen that lives in Monroe?

    2. *** Many organizations have function dinners outside the town or cities where the actual event will be hosted, it’s really nothing new but I can see your point! Let’s see where the Columbus Day Parade will host their pre-parade dinner if any and whether they get a free parade discount ticket from the Finch Admin? “Reminder”, as a politician it’s not wise to show or voice your true personal feelings when it comes to ethnic issues! Some people may tend to pick up negative vibes from it. ***

    3. Why are so many of you misspelling the word for evening meal? It is D-I-N-N-E-R.

      Mojo, what is a fuction? is that sexual intercourse at a crossroads?

      1. *** You the new English teacher on OIB? I’m sure readers understand the overall message in the sentence! We all can’t be as perfect as you, after all you’ve already become all you can be! ***

  4. Joel: Nice deflection but not an answer. Yes I did support Testa over Stafstrom and rightly so. Living in Monroe? You are raising that old chestnut.
    When was it illegal to own a summer home outside of Bridgeport. Go to Testo’s any night of the week and you will find him there. Now if you are going to tell me that he drives to Monroe every night you would be wrong.
    Joel the city waived the parade fees and absorbed the costs of this parade yet the dinner is held out of town. This is just another example of using the city’s service and slapping the city in the face by taking your cash business elsewhere. BTW try and hold a Puerto Rican day parade in Trumbull and see how far you get.

    1. Deflection? It’s a point well made. Out of 90 people, you and the rest couldn’t find a Bridgeporter to served as Bridgeport Democratic T.C. Chair. I’m sure that the organizer of the Puerto Rican Parade did not have a choice of 90 Bridgeport locations where they could fit a large crowd and enough parking to accommodate them.
      You think the Trumbull location was cheap to rent? Maybe the Holiday Inn wanted too much money for the PRDPC to book the event there. Maybe the Holiday Inn was booked for that day. Maybe your only choice for such an event–Mario’s Restaurant–was too small for such a large event. Would you have a problem if I told you that many people from out of town–Trumbull included–came and had a great time? Is the Puerto Rican Parade the only parade you heard about? Hear of the Juneteenth Parade? I take it that if elected to the City Council, Andy Fardy will put a stop to the City of Bridgeport’s waiver of Parade fees.

    2. So what you are saying is that Mario Testa resides at the restaurant and that he has living quarters there? Do you know that people are not allowed to live in their place of business? Stop ratting out Mario.

  5. All of which is good invective, but would Carmen Lopez make a good Board of Education member, or a good mayor, or is she just too smart for her own good?

  6. “… some folks including a number of FBI agents in the state believe that dastardly Democratic Town Committee to which Finch is beholden and relies on to fund and turn out the vote for his political allies and his own campaign is a criminal enterprise. Does that make Finch corrupt?”

    Of course it does. If Bill Finch was able to assemble his own campaign organization, one that had only the most tenuous connections to Don Calamari and his political machine, and was able to operate independently of the Bridgeport Town Committee, only then would he be Mr. Clean. Unfortunately for him and his supporters, he relies on the organization that turned Bridgeport into a pay-to-play town. He relied on them for financial and logistical support. It was the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee that won the mayoral election. All Bill finch contributed was a Pepsodent smile.

  7. Joel: Either have parade fees for all or for none. These parades cost the city a lot of money in PD expenses and the expense to clean up. Your maybes don’t cut it. Most organizations plan these events a year in advance. All I am saying is groups that benefit from city services (All Groups) should spend their money here. Mojo: Thanks for the tip and I do think all parade groups that benefit from city services should spend their money in Bridgeport; at least the taxpaying businesses benefit.

  8. Joel: One more thing. You wrote: Joel Gonzalez // Jul 17, 2009 at 9:53 am
    So what you are saying is that Mario Testa resides at the restaurant and that he has living quarters there? Do you know that people are not allowed to live in their place of business? Stop ratting out Mario.”
    Joel there are 2 legal and I stress the word legal apartments in this complex. Please start getting your facts straight before you post.

    1. “Joel there are 2 legal and I stress the word legal apartments in this complex. Please start getting your facts straight before you post.”

      If my wife were the one who approved such a setup for Mario’s Restaurant, I would have better facts as to the blueprint and zoning of the Restaurant.

  9. Geeze Louise … And others have criticized me for being hostile. You guys ought to tone it down. No sense or need of getting heated up over petty stuff. Go grab yourselves a can of V-8.

  10. I am a distinguished alumnus of the University of Bridgeport. Like any good alum, I made modest contributions to the school over the years. When the good Reverend Sun Myung Moon took over many years ago, I figured they didn’t need my money anymore so I stopped and haven’t given the a dime since. I won’t support the school because I am opposed to the teachings of the Moonies … period.

    While I am not interested in their way of life, I do not regard them as criminals.

    My latest alumni bulletin suggests that the school has enrolled nearly 5500 students and expects a banner incoming freshman class. These are not the locals and the Long Islanders and New Jerseyites of yesteryear. 80% are foreign; orientals, Indians, middle easterners and the like and that’s just fine.

    The dormitories are filling. North and South Halls are filled as is Bodine and Chafee and Seeley are being refurbished in time for this year’s entering class. 1000s of students live in these dorms and they can register to vote.

    So Mr. Finch, you will live to regret those reckless remarks in the unlikely event that Don Calamari allows you to run. I think I might just set up a voter registration booth down there and make sure all of those who want to register are made aware that you think they are unworthy criminals. Good Luck to you. I hope you realize that 2 or 3 thousand votes from these ‘criminals” may be all that is needed to send you packing to the dung heap where you belong.

  11. Uh Yahooy, if all those 1000s of kids are really from out of the country, I don’t think they can register to vote.

    Oh, wait a minute, it’s Bridgeport.


    Anyone care about Carmen?

  12. This just in:

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — Bridgeport diocese appeals Conn. ruling on sex abuse documents to U.S. Supreme Court.

    And on a Friday afternoon of course. The cover-up continues.

    Hey Len, nice rebuttal to Mayor Nitwit’s idiotic statement on UB. I remember way back, ’88 or ’89 I think, when UB held a Q&A at the Arnold Center to talk about the PWPA. Finch, red in the face and shaking his fist, heckled and tried to shout down every speaker; he was totally out of control and made a complete fool of himself. Not for the last time evidently.

    As far as Carmen goes, I think the criteria for judging her and any other Democratic candidate should be this: If Mario doesn’t like her, she must be doing something right!

  13. Enlightened …

    Thanks. I was being somewhat rhetorical in my “redderick”.

    Nonetheless, besmirching UB only demonstrates that Finch has absolutely no clue as to the benefits an educated populace can contribute to the city.

    Just prior to taking over UB, Moon rescued a faltering university on the left bank in Paris. The university thrived and educated massive numbers of students who undoubtedly went on to make significant contributions wherever they ended up.

    A few years ago, my daughter dated a UB Chiropractic student who was very sharp and is now doing well in New Jersey. My other daughter gave some thought to pursuing a Physician’s Assistant program that will be coming to UB but decided to enroll in a similar program at Fairfield.

    Despite Moon and his 60% representation on the UB Board, UB will grow. There will be significant benefit to the city as a result. In my era there were 12,000 people running around down there. I took MBA courses at night after commuting from my work in NYC. Since there was no available parking on campus, the university provided shuttle buses to and from the RR station.

    The influences of the Unification Church don’t seem to be fostered in the classrooms. Maybe they are. I don’t know. But as long as Moon has control, this alum won’t be supporting him.

  14. Joel: What’s the matter now, you want to go after my wife and make this personal? Have at it. You still don’t know shit. The restaurant and apartments passed because they met the standards of the law and zoning. Christ you just can’t stop can you? Find another crusade.

  15. Update on UB. It is now a fully accredited INDEPENDENT university. The Moonie mortgages are no longer in control. The Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) is now financing various upgrades on campus. When CHEFA finances a university it means their financial statements and projections are very strong. UB is now part of the Connecticut Conference of Independent Universities–sitting side-by-side with Wesleyan, University of New Haven, University of Hartford and the like. UB just released a report that analyzes the economic spin-off from all they do–it exceeds $300 million. This is a substantial employer; a substantial partner dedicated to the success of its institution and that of Bridgeport. The UB grads should get in touch with the new VP of Development, Mary-Jane Foster (a UB grad) and figure out how they can help. Put that Moonie stuff to rest, please. It is a chapter that is long past closed. UB is one of Bridgeport’s shining stars!

  16. countdown,
    I agree. I did two years at HCC and am going to UB this Fall. I had three other options: CCSU, SCSU or Sacred Heart, but I chose UB. The price was cheaper and I liked the quality of the education and the atmosphere was great when I went to visit.

    1. Will you be signing up for one of those mass marriage ceremonies, then? I hear “Reverend” Moon fancies himself a great matchmaker. Perhaps he has a toothless hick lined up just for you.

  17. UB may not be Yale, but it’s an integral part of the history, and arguably the future, of Bridgeport.

    As an alumnus (although not as distinguished as Yahooy), I can vouch for the value of the curriculum and the superior quality of the teaching. For a local kid who couldn’t afford to go elsewhere, it paved the way for advanced degrees from Fairfield University and Columbia Business School. And it opened the door to a business career with some of America’s most competitive and respected corporations.

    So when I hear of someone bashing UB, I have to believe they do so out of ignorance. Ignorance of what the school is contributing … to the city and to the students. And ignorance of how to leverage the RESOURCE it represents for bringing vitality and growth back to Bridgeport.

  18. Bruce Hubler,
    You got that right. This was a cheap school with good education and I plan to finish my two years there. It gets me mad when they are bashing this great school.

  19. Wasn’t Mary Jane Foster the one who organized the Bill Finch defense fund fundraiser to pay for his defense against the lawsuit filed by Chris Caruso? Didn’t Ms. Foster raise in excess of $80,000 and help Finch pay the entire balance of his debt and if that wasn’t enough Bill got to keep $40,000 and deposited it in a PAC account out of town? This is how she is repaid?
    Now that’s “chopping” the two hands that feeds you.

  20. I can excuse anyone who showed concern 12 or so years ago when the Unification church took over UB. People did not know what to expect and the reputation of the church was of concern to many with different beliefs particularly those with close ties to the University. But now? The jury is in. There have been no problems of inappropriate influence or other acts at any time at UB. Why the Mayor can not move on and accept that UB provides great benefit to the City, accept that UB is on the way back, accept that as Mayor you represent all residents even those with different beliefs than you is beyond comprehension. The references he made in the news article today are wrong, immature and unprofessional. The Mayor should apologize to UB and to city residents for not being able to control himself. He should reflect on what is best for the City and begin a dialogue with UB. He may find by opening his mind up on this, that everyone benefits. I would hate to think that he is so committed to a position from years back that he can’t admit that he was wrong. Do the right thing Mayor and support your city and your local University.

  21. No excuse for Finch’s UB bashing. There has been no evidence of moonies or brainwashing or any of the accusations that Finch made back in the ’80s. He should take a walk through that campus and see the improvements, new buildings, soccer fields, dorms etc. It is really quite impressive. They are a cornerstone of the south end. And they have done their part for our students. Finch should find out how many Central, Harding and Bassick students have been given full scholarships to UB. I’m sorry, I have given him every benefit of the doubt. He is a jerk. He is his own worst enemy.

  22. *** UB is part of Bpt & should be supported by the local government as well as Bpt residents. Its location in Seaside Park makes it a small college worth helping, protecting & overall backing in its plans to become a better educational institute in CT. *** But please let’s not advertise that Yahooy claimed to have had a free class there back in the roaring ’20s! ***

  23. *** He who laughs last, laughs best! *** Like sands through the hourglass … so are the Days of Our Lives. *** What goes around, comes around. You reap what you’ve sowed. *** What you see is what you get! *** Blood in Blood out! ***

    1. At the risk of feeling the wrath of Mojo, I just have to correct this one:

      “You reap what you sow.” It’s a biblical reference meaning you get what’s coming to you.

      I have no idea who or what he is talking about but I had to correct the spelling.

  24. I sent Councilman Daniel Martinez an e-mail requesting some clarification regarding the fees paid by the BPRDP committee and participants. As usual, Danny responded to my e-mail and provided the below information. I hope that this makes Andy Fardy a.k.a. town committee feel better.

    Re: Waiver of PR parade city fees


    I am not a fan of blogs where people hide behind a screen name.

    It is my understanding that the fees were negotiated with each parade to help cover some of the costs. None of the parades have paid the full costs incurred to the city. Also, none of them should have had their fees waived. They all are suppose to be paying something.

    As for the PR Parade, $5,000 was paid by the organization and $7,500 was raised from various donors. So, in total 12,500 was paid towards the city’s costs for Police and Public Facilities.

    It should also be noted that the City’s Health Department and Police Dept rake in a few thousand every year in vendor fees and licenses due to the PR Parade.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  25. Joel; I have no problem with fair treatment for all. I agree with Danny Martinez. My original post concerned the dinner that was held out of town; I brought it up as a topic of conversation. If the places in Bridgeport that can handle a large crowd like the one that attended the dinner were previously booked then I understand.
    Just as an aside I wish we had more council people like Danny Martinez. I have watched him at several committee meetings and at the council and he is well informed and well spoken. He does his homework.

    1. *** T/C, once again your overall need to be right without attention to factual detail has preceded itself. An omen when dealing with politics and general city business! *** However experience is always the best teacher. ***


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