Hector Houdini! Blonde Banshee Gears Up For Fight Against Keeley, Plus: Cougar Goes Ape

Hector Diaz, come out come out wherever you are? Hector’s no-show at the Democratic convention at Testo’s Restaurant Tuesday night left an eight to eight tie among delegates endorsing State Rep. Bob Keeley and his challenger, former City Councilwoman Auden Grogins. The tie required Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa to break the logjam. Mario selected Keeley, throwing the official endorsement to the incumbent.

What gives? Mario and Keeley have never been particularly close. Mario and Auden have never been particularly close. But Auden supported John Stafstrom for party leader in March while Keeley supported Testa. Mario decided to support the incumbent, a pledge he had made to Keeley in the event of a tie.

“I’m very excited,” Keeley told OIB after the vote. “You never know what’s gonna happen until you show up. The other side thought they had it and we pulled it off. After 30 years in politics, a lot of people came together.”

In the Twilight Zone that is Bridgeport politics, Keeley said, “I think Rod Serling paid Auden a visit.”

Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, says the twilight episode is not over. She’s gearing up for a fight, and will wage a primary. “I’m ready. Mario Testa broke the tie for Keeley. I’m sure voters will want to hear all about that.”

Grogins says in door-to-door campaigning voters have told her they’re ready for a change. Because Keeley’s legislative seat is located in a single town district, Grogins will need to secure signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in the district, or approximately 250 signatures. That should not be a problem.

For his part, Keeley says he plans announcements shortly regarding money coming into his district, including $1 million for a new firehouse in the West End.

Former City Council member from Black Rock Pat Crossin, a Grogins supporter, was all fired up Tuesday night. “The machine voted for Keeley!”

Yes, city politics is a strange act, particularly since Keeley has long been a maverick pol. Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach was ripping mad at Diaz, whose support for Grogins, Roach said, was promised weeks ago. Well, Hector apparently changed his mind. Call him Hector Houdini.

In other endorsement action, City Councilman Carlos Silva won the endorsement over incumbent State Rep. Chris Caruso, as did Lydia Martinez over incumbent State Rep. Andres Ayala. Caruso is no stranger to primaries, nor Ayala. City Councilman Ezequiel Santiago won the endorsement to replace retiring State Rep. Felipe Reinoso. Longtime party regular Chico Rivera is vowing to wage a primary.

“I’m ready to go,” said Chico. “Let’s get it on.”

Cougar Whips It Good Downtown

Hey, everyone, don’t forget starting Thursday might at Baldwin Plaza, and going throughout the summer, the Downtown Community Council will be sponsoring outdoor movies, music, performance art, video installations, barbecuing, bocce and random artistic acts meant to, according to organizer Keith Cougar Rodgerson, disrupt Downtown’s catatonia every Thursday night between 6-10pm. Malcolm Tent will perform the acoustic songs of Devo. Whip It Good! A low budget feature, Ape — it’s supposed to be a Korean ripoff of King Kong – will be shown. No word whether Godzilla will show to create havoc.

Bring On The Mounties!

Michele Mount, Bridgeport’s legislative liaison, is hoping she’ll become part of the legislative body next January that she has ably jawboned on behalf of the city. Mount received the endorsement Tuesday night as the Democratic candidate for the 112th General Assembly district occupied by Republican State Rep. DebraLee Hovey. The district covers Monroe and southern Newtown.

Mount, who will resign her city position at the end of May to campaign, is the second key advisor to Mayor Bill Finch that will leave city service in his first six months. The other, Rina Bakalar, left the city to join the government staff of Congressman Christopher Shays. Mount’s father Carl Ajello served as Connecticut’s attorney general from 1974-82. See excerpt from Mount’s acceptance speech below:

Have you noticed that the word “change” has spread like wild fire through our vernacular? That’s because the word change has become the new word for hope.

I feel I can safely say that no one is happy with current state of our economy… no one wants our property taxes to continue to rise… or to see our children get short changed on their education. I’ve heard this quote by Benjamin Franklin many times, — The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and expect different results. I say to you my neighbors, we need different results and we need them now. That is why it is imperative to change the way we operate this state, change the level of accountability to the people and to the change the downhill course we are headed on. Change is hope.

As legislators we must be accountable to the people we represent. The very definition of public servant is to “serve the public.” I will bring a new accountability and fresh energy to Hartford on behalf of the 112th.

I know the toll that our unfair system of property tax is taking on every citizen in Connecticut and our area is no different. We must find long-term, creative solutions to make our towns less reliant on our already overly burdened tax payers. I will focus my efforts on the education and safety of our children… and leaving behind a world with clean air and open spaces. I also know that we need to take care of each other. We need to give tax relief to those who can no longer afford to live in the homes where they have lived for generations.

We have been complacent long enough. In the past 2 years we have watched our state go from a $263 million dollar surplus to a $80 million dollar deficit.

1) It is unacceptable that we have settled for a 38 cent return on every dollar we send to Hartford.

2) It is unacceptable that the state is shifting its responsibility to educate our children onto property tax payers.

3) It is unacceptable that we have to choose between new lab equipment at our high school or repairing our roads.

4) And it is unacceptable to point fingers without offering solutions. We need everyone working together to be effective, one voice is an empty monologue, many voices working in unison is a chorus for change.

My father once said, everyone has a different opinion, that’s why they line the horses up and make them run around the track. In politics everyone has policy differences, different approaches and styles, but the mark of a person’s character is how they deal with those differences. In order to find the best solutions, you must really listen with an open mind to what everyone is saying. Even if you can’t come to a complete agreement, people will respect you for trying, for listening and often times that leads to future collaboration and mutually satisfying results.

Good schools, lower property taxes, and safe neighborhoods are not Republican or Democratic, they goals shared by all. They are the real issues that should be priorities and they need to be addressed now. Connecticut must change its reliance on property taxes, fund our schools, stop creating unfunded mandates that drain the resources of our towns and our taxpayers’ budgets. Connecticut must stream line its government and we must enable our towns to begin working together to find solutions to rising costs that all towns share and that threatens everyone’s quality of life. 



  1. Pat “Double” Crossin who was Joe Ganim’s water boy for the “Annuity Bowl” talks about the machine. What would Grogins be saying if she hadn’t blown the endorsement.
    Aren’t Roach, Crossin and Grogins part of the mob that gave us Joe Ganim, John Fabrizi and now Bill Finch? Gee! Where was the mayor tonight in support of Grogins? Keeley will be aligning Grogins with Finch. A friend of mine once said it all depends on whose Ox is being Gored!
    Only in Bridgeport!

  2. So much for the idea that Mario didn’t want primaries. In the end Hector Diaz may have done the blonde banshee a favor. Now Bob Keeley is the candidate of the tired machine.

  3. Certainly no big surprise that Mario broke the tie. That deal was cut in stone in reward for the Keeley’s supporting Mario for town chair. Auden in her proxy vote supported John Stafstrom. I think Auden was hurt by Danny playing games and stacking his deck and dealing from the bottom of the deck with replacement of the woman, who was on town committee but not part of that state rep. district. Audie’s a fighter but I think she should cut her losses. Equally telling is the fact that several of Danny’s town committee members didn’t show to vote personally against Keeley opting to give Danny their proxy.

  4. I guess Mario read my “comment” before the meeting and said “I’ll show Filardi that I have balls”. So on with the show Mario. Caruso will show you who really is boss.

  5. So there we have it. Long time outsider and crusader against the “machine” Auden Grogins, aided by those two other “outsiders” Pat Crossin and Danny Roach, is going to take on politcal insider and machine candidate Bob Keeley. I guess the Grogins people will be calling Caruso and asking for his help in breaking the machine.

    Auden Grogins – reform candidate and crusader against the machine. Unbelievable!!!

  6. To all my friends and foes I gave kudos to WONDERING before LENNIE gave us this new heading but it’s on there look back it’s near the end!!! I also gave idea about PAOLETTO changing his vote!!! Just too tired to rewrite all of it!!! Hope WONDERING could answer my question!!! ???

  7. Ok, so Auden Grogins didn’t support Mario, Danny Roach (the King Maker) threw his support behind Mario. Shouldn’t Mario have rewarded Danny Roach and made his dream of delivering Grogins an endorsement a reality?

    I remember the discussion when I met with Roach regarding his T.C. slate back in January. “I have all the people needed, I cant’ take anyone out, I have Hector Diaz ‘pause’ he doesn’t work like he should, parties too much.” I guess Hector was Partying the night before Danny! Why would someone announce their support for Keeley here at OIB and don’t show up to officially throw his support behind the candidate. Hey keeley, don’t tell me Hector found a Pair of round Trip tickets to Puerto Rico. Hector could have given me the proxy and I would have supported Keeley and avoided having keeley be tied to Mario.
    Auden would not have gotten my support due to her anti-small merchant agenda while Chairwoman of the Ordinance Committee (food venders and sidewalk merchants) while I served with her. She was one of Ganim’s Sweet 16 at the Council. Good luck Keleey and see you in November. GO REPUBLICANS!!!


    The Republicans while hold their convention tonight 05/21
    at 7:00 P.M. There are rumors of Andres Ayala getting a Republican cross endorsement (long shot) in the 128th. Watch out Lydia!
    In the event that I manage to get the Republican endorsement for the 130th. Dist. State Rep., It will be a technicall cross-endorsement. See you in November and Remember, “Use your Brain Vote McCain.”

  9. Let me see if I get this. Andres Ayala is one of the more highgly regarded new members of the legislature and the town committee dumps him for someone who was generally MIA. Kind of explains how Bridgeport ended up with one of the worst, least effective, legislative delegations. OIB.

  10. Joel Hater; Paoletto was a little miffed at himself for not running for the seat I guess it was like buyer’s remorse. Just before the meeting started Paoletto and Curwen learned the majority of the eligible delegates from the 138th were voting for Silva. District leader Martha Santiago spoke to Paoletto and he then decided to go with Silva. Paoletto also spoke with Silva. Curwen came along for the ride.
    Members of the 138th never heard from Caruso.

  11. It looks like the Almighty chair will be chalking up losses like John Stafstrom did. Lydia is a fat fraud and will lose to Ayala, Silva will have a tough fight on his hands and Chico is going to need someone to door knock with a defibrillator at his side. Keely is a nice man who has no clue. All he is good for is voting yes and getting hand jobs from the Dominican girls in the North End of Hartford.

  12. Joel: Roach reluctently threw his support to Testa after 5 rounds of voting. He also was meeting with Finch during a recess. When roach returned from that meeting in the parking lot he tried to get an adjornment(SP). Roach new at this point that he was looing 2 of his votes to Mario and the contest was over.
    Dont forgett the deal that Roach had with Mario which was who ever had the least amount of delegates would support the one with the most delegates. That deal was broken by Roach ( not supposed to go 5 rounds). Pay back is a bitch

  13. Some interesting sidelights from last night. Seeing Pat Crossin again I though he was gone but Roach has away of reseurrecting the dead. Everyone should watch their back.
    Ezequiel Santiago getting up in front of the TC and announcing he is his own man and will show it when he goes to Hartford.
    Ezequiel who are you kidding you are the product of your stepfathers greed. You have 3 months on the council; what have you learned? Nothing.
    The only winner in the 130th is Robles, the losers are the people in the 130th. How much does one person need? Wife, daughter and stepson work for the city. Mitch is a sheriff he has taken all three Justice of the Peace positions. Every dog has its day. Americo Santiago is happy for the moment playing piss boy for Mitch but that romance cannot last forever as Santiago S. has too big of an ego. Once he gets his son’s council position the war will start. BTW no guarantee council will vote to seat Santiago Sr.

  14. Santiago Sr. does not want to be on the Council. He is only back to help his son and a few other folks. That’s it. Don’t go jumping to conclusions Bo.. I mean Wondering.

  15. JBR et al

    You seem to be a big fan of Keeley. Please tell me in words a six year old can understand just what has he accomplished in all of the year’s that he has been involved in politics. I am especially interested in what he has influenced that has contributed to the betterment of the public and, of course, less interested in that which has contributed to his own self interests. BTW, the thing that worries me most about the Grogins/Keeley primary is that one of them could win.

  16. Yahooy

    Your question:

    Please tell me in words a six year old can understand just what has he accomplished in all of the year’s that he has been involved in politics.

    The answer:

    Collected a pay check and benefits.

  17. Trojan Horse. Nic etry but BO is not close. So in trying to ID me try something else. A friendly bet that Santiago Jr. resigns from the council and Santiago Sr tries to take his seat.

  18. Yahooy and Former City Official:

    In Bridgeport, politics is all about electability. Capability, the fundmental requirement for accomplishment by most objective measures, is almost completely ignored.

    If you’re electable, it doesn’t matter if your capable or not. Any evidence of accomplishment or capabilities developed outside of politics is not what the machine rewards. It’s a self-serving, internally focused process/culture with goals that have little to do with the public good. Unfortunately, the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

  19. Yahooy – Just a quick note as I am heading out the door an will be out of town for a week or two. At the very least Keeley chairs an important committee which has and will continue to bring money into the city. Perhaps more importantly, Keeley has a close working relationship with the Speaker (who could very well be our next governor) and the rest of the Democratic leadership. How do you think these people are going to treat the person who knocks him out? What kind of committee assignments and what kind of inflluence do you think Grogins will have – damn little influence and marginal committee assignments at best, in my opinion.

    More on this when I get back in town.

  20. JBR et al

    Thanks. Enjoy your trip. While you’re away, maybe you can think of a real answer to my question. I asked what he has accomplished. You told me where he sits and who his friends are.

    It appears from what I have seen and read, that the boy is an empty shirt. Black Rock is in trouble. It’s either Keeley or Grogins. What a mess.

    Maybe Anna and I could move to The Liberty Rock permanently.

    Oh, BTW…..This weeks Philistine of the Week is Mario Testa simple because he is a jerk.

  21. yahooy – OK for starters $500.000 for Ellsworth Field. I’ll do my homework and give you specifics on other stuff when I get back. But the real reason I’m supporting Keeley is because he had the courage to support Caruso last summer. Now, I believe Bob is a much better candidate than Grogins but even if they were relatively equal, I would still be with Keeley. The way I learned it, you stick with those who were there for you when it counted and last summer Bob was there for us.

    Now I’m really out of here. Thanks for the good wishes.

  22. This Week’s TV Listing
    Without A Trace
    “Hector Takes A Hike”
    An affable, ambitious Puerto Rican politician comes up missing while traveling to an important political meeting. Is foul play at hand or simply is his hands into foul play? Starring Freddie Prinze, Jr. as the charming former state representative who is contemplating a comeback.

  23. Trojan Horse “Santiago Sr. does not want to be on the Council. He is only back to help his son and a few other folks”
    Anyone who knows Americo knows when it comes to helping people, he always helps himself first. And if he is not a candidate for the City Council it is because he has another angle at work. Beware of Romans bearing gifts.

  24. Grin Reaper

    Jimmy Smits is going to be playing Americo Santiago on tonight’s episode of Law and Order. This episodic adventure of spying intrigue will be directed by Bridgeport’s own Richard Dobbs. The title for tonights show is: “Roman Hands and Rushin’ Fingers!”.

    Smits character is loosely based on Santiago’s history of being a double agent who is never afraid to pull the trigger.

    I’m torn between two lovers tonight. Law and Order or Boston Legal.

  25. I want to know what is going on with Mario supporting challengers for the 130th. Isn’t he supposed to be with the endorsed candidate?
    You guys don’t know shit about Americo Santiago. He doesn’t even want to be in Bridgeport… Why should he be thinking about the city council, when he can be in Puerto Rico enjoying the good life? Are you afraid to just approach the man and ask him if he is interested in any political jobs, position or whatever?
    Now, when it comes to the so called kid, you all have a surprise coming. He is going to win this election on his own merits. No because his father is here or Mitch is the district leader. Just wait and see!

  26. Didn’t Clint also star in Every Which but Lose?


    You and Anna should skip “The Rock” and spend your holiday weekend up in Seymour and do little. I hear they have several short stay love shacks up there. Their slogans are “In by Nine Out by Nine-Ten!” and feature an all you can eat buffet.


  27. Hmmm… Where should I begin. The only reason Lydia wants to go to Hartford is because she is done “Swallowing” Tito’s load here in Bridgeport. She is still calling him a drug dealer and a loser behind his back. She also called Santa a “Lambe Ojo” of Mario. I guess those folks are tight. NOT!

    So what if Americo has his own angle. Do you really think that all 90 TC members are loyal and out for the best interests of the City?? I think not. Everyone has their own angle and agenda.

    Hector’s Mole was the proxy for the TC meeting, but it never made it.

  28. Enforcer; Testa did back the incumbent by breaking th tie. What did you want him to do. If Americo could be in PR why did he spend the winter here ? If he was approached and asked those questions would he tell the truth I think not. I suppose the kid got the greeters job on his own along with the Special Projects Coordinators job on his own. I am sure that he won the council seat on his own. Yeah Right. There is nothing wrong with a father or step father trying to help his kids but when is enough, enough. Three months on the council and in all likely hood he will win state rep but he will be eaten alive in Hartford.

  29. Wondering – “Ezequiel who are you kidding you are the product of your step fathers greed. You have 3 months on the council what have you learned nothing.”

    Ezequiel has his father’s DNA thus his political ambition and the impact of being raised in the environment of his step-father. 3 months on the council and he has a new job out of the public’s scrutiny and a raise. That should make both his father and step-father proud.

    The Enforcer – “He (AS) doesn’t even want to be in Bridgeport.”
    What in God’s name then is he doing here? Hard time?
    “He can be in Puerto Rico enjoying the good life?”
    If he does not want to be here and could be enjoying life in Puerto Rico, why the hell is he here? You make no sense.
    “Ask him if he is interested in any political jobs, position or whatever.”
    You claim to know Americo and you claim to believe what he tells you?
    This sounds more like something from Space Cowboy or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  30. Why does Grin Reaper respond right after Wondering?? Do I smell a double handle??

    Eazy-E Santiago would have accomplished more in 6 months as a councilman than those who have been on the council for Eons.

    What is Mario” I can’t deliver anything, but a nice plate of Pasta Fagiol” Testa going to do when all of his State Rep candidates get rear ended with a Sandpaper Condom??

    Did anybody hear Danny Roach say this to Mario?? Il rimborso è una femmina

  31. I heard some very upsetting news out of tonight’s Public Safety meeting. One of the most honorable and stand-up citizens in the city got disrespected by the council because the Town Chair wanted someone other than him on the Police Commission. The good Reverend Simon Castillo has served the city under many capacities for over 40 years. Word on the street is Mario Testa didn’t want him on the Commission so he lined up his votes to table it. Shame Shame Shame.

    Mr. Silva, when you go door-knocking over at Lakewood Forest make sure you tell them you are endorsed by Mario.

    Mr. Keeley, make sure you tell them the same when you walk in Black Rock. Have fun Canvassing with Bob Walsh knowing in the back of your head that Mario broke the tie for your endorsement, Mr. Walsh.

    Lydia is fat so she won’t be walking. Have fun over on the East Side. Ask Johnny Fabs who has the half eights and 8 balls with the least cut.

    Lennie, keep up the good work on the blog. I hope you have a Blog awards show at the Klein or Someplace in Bridgeport.

    Chico should coast to victory with Coviello and Piesner at his side. The voter is more likely to call the cops when they arrive at the door than give them a positive ID.

  32. Keeley is backed by the Machine. It is a different day today. With oil at $130 a barrell and the state scrambling to cover the budget, we need some real leadership. Forget all of that “entitlement” crap. Keeley was backed by the Machine. Why do we need this empty suit candidate? We don’t. Say what you want about Auden, but, she is a smart and talented individual. Say what you want, but, travel to Hartford yourself and see how few people respect Keeley. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to see how empty his suit really is. I totally believe in this “amazing” political year – with record voters – that Auden will prevail. Nobody is anxious to back an empty suit, let alone machine backed candidate. Now, all we need to do is to see how many worthless press releases and post cards we get from Keeley attempting to justify his pathetic existence. Sorry if you believe that I am terse in my comments, but, I work hard and don’t like anyone with a “no show” job like Mr. Keeley.

  33. Bob Keeley looks like Homer Simpson. If they ever do a live action movie they should hire him. Hell you can film it in Black Rock.

    I would like to conduct a poll. Who would look real attractive after a night of drinking yourself under the table??

    a) Santa Ayala
    b) Elaine Pivirotto
    c) Noel Furie
    d) Johanna Dorgan
    f) Dennis Murphy

  34. I wonder if he counted those pieces with his little nub at the end of his finger.

    I would like to challenge Joel to a paper table football game.

    Joel. Se lo esta mamando al los blancos republicanos ahora?
    Tu no eres un Boricua tu eres un Cabron y mantengase fuera del el districto 130.

  35. Angelo: The reverend Castillo unfortunately in politics. His name was given to the mayor by none other than John Stafstrom. This was an attempted end-run by the mayor’s office to slap the town chair in the face. Normally the district leaders and the town chair have input in commission seats. That was not done in the case of the 3 candidates put up for the police commission. Castillo had a seat on the Fire Commission why attempt to move him now when there is a long list of candidates for the police commission? Could it be the title of reverend he carries?
    Angelo you must mean that Mario broke the tie for Keeley over Grogins and not for Walsh.
    Befor you hold a pity party for Grogins look at her record. City Council did nothing. Board of ED kept up the runaway spending that is still on going. Volunteered to defend two stone-cold killers in the murder and rape of a mother and her 2 daughters. Most of all this attempt to get to Hartford is her way of being able to lobby for her long-desired wish to become a judge.
    One more question: if Grogins got the nomination the other night would she be a machine-backed candidate?

  36. If Chris Caruso and Bob Keeley’s claim to fame and accomplishment are the grants for the Barnum Museum and Ellsworth field and a slew of smaller grants sprinkled here and there, then Bridgeport is in more trouble than I thought. The small grants are fine in the short term and those that received the grants are no doubt grateful. However, it is the large economic development and infrastructure grants that Bridgeport needs and has not received. Just look at New Haven, Stamford and Hartford’s gravy train. They have gotten millions and millions from Hartford. Why? They have effective delegations that deliver the bacon, the chops and the filet mignon. For example, GE MONEY invested $25 million at the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority last August for Bridgeport-only projects. That ticked off the other cities because Bridgeport got something just for us. Where is the $25 million in grant money that is needed to match that investment to make the five deals in the downtown work? If that grant money doesn’t materialize, those deals will not work and my bet is that CHFA will open that money up to the rest of the state stating that Bridgeport can’t deliver the projects and the resources. Raise your expectations, Bridgeport! We need much more help from Hartford than we have been getting and the erratic and abrasive behaviors of our delegation are not delivering for this city. We need change and real leadership. This is much more important than who ticked off whom at the DTC. Bridgeport needs respect in Hartford and it is up to our delegation to earn it. It is up to Bridgeport to elect really effective leaders to send to Hartford.

    Did you ever wonder why the Education Cost Sharing Formula favors Hartford and New Haven and screws Bridgeport big time? It’s called Tom Ritter, Martin Looney, Bill Dyson and delegations that know how to get things done. Bridgeport needs that kind of leadership caliber in Hartford.

  37. By the way, we also need a full-time Director of the Downtown Special Services District so the downtown will grow with the right mix of retail uses. Bridgeport needs a full time director that spends ALL of his or her time working to make the downtown thrive. Take a look at what the New Haven, Bridgeport, and now the Hartford Special Service Districts are doing. They are doing great things each and every day. Again, Bridgeport takes a back seat with a poor-performing DSSD. If Bridgeport does get a grant for the downtown, will that appear to benefit the guy that is being paid by the DSSD who also serves as the Chair of the bonding subcommittee? That perception of an unethical relationship should stop. Bridgeport needs someone to fight for Bridgeport’s downtown full time. Bridgeport also needs a delegation that fights for Bridgeport’s resources full time. The present situation is not working.

  38. Yahooy

    For someone that believes that “corruption is the only issue”…well, you seem to be blogging a whole lot about the “unimportant” issues.

  39. Trojan Horse, you say some pretty nasty things about just about everyone. You sound like a real hateful person and by the way – are you all that? It’s people like you that make most people want to stop writing on the blog.

  40. The Reverend Simon Castillo is one of the few people in the Latino Community who for many years has been working behind the scene to make things better. I and my Family, especially my late mother, deeply appreciate what the Helping hand Center did for my late brother Jimmy Gonzalez and many other like him. Castillo has done more for the down and out in Bridgeport than Mario Testa could ever do. I heard about the tabling of his commissionship hearing and it is obvious that Castillo is being targeted due to his ties to the Finch administration.
    Mario needs to allow the Council to function free from interferance from the Party. If Mario doesn’t like how individual Council member vote, then handle the issue when party nominations are in effect. I don’t see any elected officials telling Mario Testa/o how to make and cook his meatballs.

  41. Former City Official asked:

    “Did Joel get his thirty pieces of silver from the GOP?”

    Yes, former. I am in the process of polishing the silver pieces.


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